Obama-bots Threaten Riots if Romney Wins

Jan Morgan

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Obama supporters are a special breed of people. The more I learn about them, the more I dislike them and everything they represent in the form of a threat to my country. They usually fit in one of two catagories: educated yet clueless or mindless, useful idiots. Today, I want to talk about the mindless, useful idiots with voting rights who are tweeting threats.

They profess to be the tolerant and compassionate Americans, yet many of them are the most intolerant and violent citizens in this country.

They want something for nothing.

They come from a background of entitlement mentality. They feel we OWE them something, that somehow, somewhere along the way, they have been oppressed, mistreated, or neglected.

After last week’s debate, they suddenly realize their source of entitlements may be at risk of losing his job to a man who believes in putting Americans back to work instead of a welfare existence.

I am relatively certain most of those Obama lovers are not mentally capable of comprehending much of the conversation that took place in the debate, but they are bright enough to sense fear among the ranking democrats who are in the know. They are smart enough to know the difference between winning and losing. They are sore losers and now are resorting to threats in order to keep their food stamp President in office.
Their threats do not frighten those of us on the right. The threats only confirm what most of us already know about the kind of people who support Obama. They represent the worst of America, all that is wrong with this fine country, and why someone like Barack Obama ever made it to a position of power in the first place.

No, their threats will have the opposite impact on Conservatives. It will prompt more of us to get out and vote to make sure we send a powerful message to the leeches of America.
They had no idea who they are messing with with they tweet their juvenile, pathetic tweets.
Take a look at some of their tweeted threats, then make sure you are registered to vote. Lets give them a reason to follow through. Lets get the Food Stamp President out of our White House and elect a man who will create an environment where business will flourish. Perhaps if these fools had to work for a living, they wouldn’t have time to sit around and tweet about riots, much less actually follow through with the threats.

John Kramer

“I Hope The USA Is Well Aware That If In The Event This Character Romney Wins The Election, The People Will Start A Country Wide Riot!”


“If Romney Is Elected President…..Niggas Will Riot. I Promise.”

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“If Romney became President and took away welfare Downtown Cincinnati would become a riot.”

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  • Fortunately for conservatives; the liberals (commie-pinko-progressives) are all anti-gun and are not well armed at all. Most will wind up “…bringing a knife to a gun fight.” Not anxious for this to actually happen, but I am prepared.

  • The comedy is the potential rioters forget which side supports the 2nd Amendment. Typical liberals bring sticks and rocks to a gun fight.

    • crawfishsclaw

      Don’t worry. They will have plenty of guns. None of them will be LEGALLY owned of course, but they will have them. Some might even be traceable to Fast & Furious or Operation Castaway.

      • true..

      • ExNoZtoTheY

        I was going to say… THEIR guns are all of ours that were stolen in home invasions and robberies.

      • I thought of writing Obama and telling him as a gun enthusiast and a tax payer I would like a really nice expensive gun too, but im not a criminal so they wouldnt give me one.

    • my thoughts exactly Gary..

    • Obama has no plans for gun control. Research it yourself and do not listen to this author. Republicans are sheep and you are one of them. Baa, I pity you.

      • Bill

        Hmmm….So Jamie Johns are you that ignorant? Obama has no plans for gun control..you’re head is buried in the sand…if Obama gets ONE more Supreme Court Justice we’ll lose the 2nd amendment. There are already TWO that somehow believe that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to civilians. Furthermore it was announced on the news TODAY that Obama plans to add a “Violence Tax” to firearms….meaning honest law abiding citizens (remember felons can’t legally buy guns) will be charged a “VIOLENCE” tax if they choose to purchase a firearm….what the heck….???? Why do you practice what you preach…do some research….oh and NOBODY on this site believes waht you said nor do they believe Jan is a liar, as you stated on another thread. They just believe you’re a moron and they pity you and feel sorry for you. Have a nice day.

      • checker99

        Obama does not have gun control officially in his platform, but neither did his platform officially mention in 2008 that he would 1) Gift Trillions of taxpayer dollars to corporate executives, campaign donors and wall street; 2) Add 60% or $6 Trillion dollars to the Federal Debt – more than all past Presidents combined; 3) Grow the Food Stamp roles by 100%; 4) …

        Obama has a long history of favoring strict gun control in populous areas, and in fact the Justice Department was conspiring with the ATF to use Fast and Furious gun sales and shipments to Mexican drug cartels as proof that stricter gun control laws were needed in the US.

        Research it for yourself – do not believe what the liar in chief is telling you.

  • Getting my Sig Sauer this week! m/

  • Just like spoiled children, their parents bend over backward to support them and create little hateful brats, good for nothing. Win or lose there, will be riots anyway, look at what happens every time a sports team wins a championship. Riots, fires, and looting are on tap for any major event when you have angry shiftless people laying in wait.

    • Jason Johnson

      Put them to work cleaning city streets in exchange for their welfare benefits.

  • I guess they won’t have to worry about losing their jobs….

  • The mainstreams media, fans, and run of the mill democrats try to cover Barak Obama after the debate because… if Barak Obama lost the election, they will be branded as stupid? wow!

  • Don Smith

    Ignorance is a mentality I cannot tolerate. To be so dense and unteachable They won’t listen to reason. Blind faith in this man and his administration is utterly moronic. Let them riot. Chances are they will do more harm to themselves. reasonable people will stay out of the melee.

  • mountain man

    the fellows below already expressedmy sentiments. one armed conservative is good for at least fifty freeloaders.

    • yes mountain man… you got that right.

  • Let them riot! They only tear up their own neighborhoods anyway!

  • Mark_in_TX

    Let them riot. They usually just burn down their own neighborhoods. I don’t call it “riot”…I call it “urban redevelopment”. So, go ahead and riot. We’ll just build upscale condos on the burned out property.

    • Mark, I wish it was their own neighborhoods that would suffer.. Unfortunately, that is not always the case

      • Chris in NJ

        Not ALWAYS, but they are stupid enough that that’s what they most often do.

  • I heard alot of their tweets were deleted. Those words should lead to their arrest as Incite to riot is a charge. And that is actually what they are. doing! But we’re ready here!

  • Abe Lincoln

    This article and this site are complete garbage. You spew hateful rhetoric and pretend to have a clue. Fear mongering idiot.

    • crawfishsclaw

      Please provide one inaccurate statement from the article or one bit of hateful rhetoric from the person running this site or the writers of the articles she brings forth.

      Oh, silly me. I forgot that FACTS and the CONSTITUTION are considered hateful things to the extreme left.

    • If you had half a brain you would understand.

    • ezekiel22

      Reality and fear are two different things. Liberals are responsible for this mess and yet refurse to clean it up in part or whole. Time for you to change tunes.

  • It’s really a shame that the only thing these kind of people can think of resorting to if they lose is violence. They should know that the peace loving segment of our population won’t put up with their mindless actions and that we will stop them, with our own violence if necessary, the kind of violent force you use to kill a rabid animal!

  • I feel ALL of the comments…from both sides are pure blissful ignorance. If you all would spend more time seeking God about this election and pray for both candidates to change where they are corrupt at…yes, both of them have levels of it…then all of this lashing out, racism & threats will start to cease. if you know better…do better.

  • DJM2142

    Peace through superior firepower

  • One thing the Obama presidency has accomplished is to reveal liberal sycophants for what they are. No more pretense at tolerance. An iron fist pummeling freedom from the souls of American citizens who just want to get their jobs done and raise a family. Rioting, in this case, is the height of selfishness of the nanny state wards. They will most likely just whimper and moan about how it’s not fair if Romney wins. I doubt if many of these pontiffs of political pandering has the will to follow through on this threat. They will simply lie there, flaccid and unnoticed and wait for the next election cycle to come around so they can beat their chests again.

  • Those that threaten riot are showing today’s kids what wonderful role models look like, for sure. They have so much hatred for their fellow man it’s a wonder they’ve survived for as long as they have. Why is it so hard for people to realize that a group of human beings that we should just try and get along in today’s World because time is growing short day by day hour by hour. As over population has taken place this World can’t take much more stretching to the limits without imploding. And no I’m not wanting to sound like a Pollyanna but only suggest that despite what our beliefs are in every sense of the word that we try and get along. For those who believe in the Big Guy who created all of us it’s called loving your brothers and sisters thru a common ground for those who don’t believe it’s called passing and repassing without violence,

  • ONLY stupid people think that way,,JUST like the WATT”S riot’s of the 60’s,,led by LIEberals,,if they can’t have it there way,,then burn it all down,,AND YOU KNOW the califorina liberal’s are pushing this thing forward..they will RUN and hide in there hidden get-a-way’s;;that way they wont get hurt,,and collect there insurance and blame it on everyone who voted aginest OBdogboy !!!! THAT’S there way;;;COWARD’S ALL OF THEM !!! never stand up and be a real MAN or WOMAN,,just get the STUPID to do there dirty work !!! I don’t know about YOU ?? I”M locked and loaded,,ARE you ? store away some food and water and lot’s of AMMO…

  • I’ll say if Romney don’t win we are a nation dream is to make this country a country that wo;; be either a socialist, communist, or dictator country that is what Obama is after. He does not give one dam about the American Citizen.. I hate to say it but I think anyone that votes for Obama is missing a great part of their brain. I don’t believe any person with any common sense at all would vote for Obama

    • Sagebrush6

      Keep talking like that and you won’t get your “free” obamaphone.

      • Take a Gander in Caracas and see the Hoogo socialist paradise…and the future of Obamunist America…where all the goons are armed to the teeth and shooting at each others in broad daylight!

        • In the real Obamunist Amerikkka, Treeboon Mahwtin would have been carrying a MAC11…(nothing wrong with that, except Jorge Zimmerman would have had to ride around in an armored Hummer…)

  • all the people I know are well armed and organized to protect their neighborhoods just in case the morons decide to take action!

  • J.D. Smith

    Goes to show their level of intelligence. Always wanting free stuff and throws a fit when they don’t get their way. Sounds like spoiled children to me..

  • Chris

    Jan, it’s not about conservative or liberal; right or left. It’s about simple Natural Selection. In the wild, only the strong, fit, and INDEPENDENT survive. The weak, infirm, or DEPENDENT always wind up as someone else’s appetizer or entree – period. Do the lions “take care of” the gazelles or zebras? NO!! Do grizzly bears “take care of” the salmon? NO!!! Hell, do herbivores “take care of” their grass, leaves and/or trees? NO!!!!

    And on the other side of the coin, when was the last time you saw a “million-Bambi March” in protest of the leopard’s “cruelty and barbarism?” How much food, money, or services has the local Field Mice Union been able to extort from the eagles and hawks?? What do you think a polar bear would do if a penguin tried to OCCUPY his fishing-hole???

    No sir, the way I see it all the debate and rhetoric in the world can’t change the basic facts of this situation. So why not spare the old blood pressure a bit, relax, and let Nature take its’ course? Let the morons thin themselves from the gene-pool; it’s inevitable, anyway…………

    • C in Columbus

      From another Chris – if you believe this is in ANY way realistic, you are far from awake, my friend. Natural selection only works if the strong are in the power seat.

      • Chris

        That’s precisely my point. Barry and the rest of the far-left crowd aren’t nearly as strong as most of us out here in “fly-over country” are. Ergo, they are subverting the Natural Order, and will continue to do so until we re-assert the PROPER balance again.

  • Joshua

    “I am relatively certain most of those Obama lovers are not mentally capable of comprehending much of the conversation that took place in the debate,…” This shows you’re not much of a journalist.. Just another, “brand them all because of a few” mentality.. I’m no democrat, but it’s nonsense like this that makes us look like the idiots..

  • Sagebrush6

    Social Assistance Revision


    Since the Liberal Democrat
    voters are so insistent on supporting the masses of people ( ages 18-65) who
    either wish to not work, make too many
    bad choices in life or are illegal, I would like to suggest the following:


    1) Your Federal
    income tax form 1040 be revised. You
    designate whether you are a Democrat,

    Independent or Republican.


    2) If you check
    Democrat – an extra portion of your income
    ( a percentage to be decided by the IRS each year) goes to support all
    the those that you feel the need to
    support who chose not to work and
    collect welfare, get stoned, spend their cash cards in casino’s and strip clubs, etc. and
    the illegal’s that come into the country that you feel the need to support with free food
    stamps, free medical, free housing,
    collage funds, etc.

    . This the only contributions (by those checking
    the democrat box) that will go to support those not wishing to work and on social assistance including the
    illegal’s ( or undocumented immigrants as the democrat party like to call them). This is your mark of approval for this lifestyle.


    3) If you check
    Republican – your taxes will be considerably
    less because you feel this is wrong to pay
    taxes to support those people who contribute nothing to society except possibly
    support the drug cartel’s from Mexico ( or local dealers), drink way too much
    alcohol or simply continue to make too many bad choices in life. And of course those who think welfare is a
    way of life – for some, this is a 2ed or
    3rd generation of welfare recipients.


    4) If you check
    Independent – you have the choice as
    whether or not you choose to donate an extra portion of your income to the
    welfare fund and illegal immigrants lifestyle.
    It’s entirely up to you for this financial support.


    5) This of course does not include those whom are mentally
    or physically incapable of functioning on their own. We need to take care of those people
    regardless. They have no control over


    6) Retirees over the age of 65 that worked and paid SS will
    receive SS and therefore are not included here.


    I think this is something that should go to the people for a
    vote. Think about it.

    • Yeah, except we would suddenly have a nation of “Republicans”. We already know how the left exploits the system and the hypocrisy of their cause. They would quickly sacrifice their scruples to save a buck.

  • Rose Bell

    Just consider the backwardness & stupidity of the low class you’re dealing with. Their dim minds always turn to EVIL!

  • Jose_Who

    Wow! this article really opened my eyes, I have never read a more thorough and amazing load of SH*%t in my entire life.

  • Bruce Evans

    If he does win there will be civil unrest and civil war if he pulls off his other stuff

    • And intervention in that “Civil War” by other countries (or UN) that may or may not have a midset of equality and freedom such as the US does.
      Talk is easy and cheap. Are you ready to die and have your family die for your beliefs? Unless you have been raised with the mind set of ‘ME ONLY”, the death of one’s family should give one pause.

  • MMASeaDog

    A Keltec KSG is looking like a good idea these days for home protection……….

  • Cool they damage my property they will die, plain and simple

  • Cant wait for the riots…It will be better than the Obama beat down…

    They will happen in the ghetto…the homies will burn down their own houses(remember the :”BURN, BABY BURN”?) Who burned up? The rioters’ housing and all supporting infrastructures!

    But the best part will be that the democrat hippies and the white wiggers will join in the riot and the nazi racist blacks will turn on them and slaughter them all! LOOK FOR HAIRY HEADS ON SPIKES!!!

  • 1rdavidhummel2

    have NO FEAR..with this threat near…Have Gun, Will Travel, with a Lock and Load……. “DO NOT TREAD ON MY FREEDOM”, with your inability to adapt to the privilege provided by many, through the years of blood spilled on home and foriegn soil, by many a Military Servant since Our Nations inception…..And we NEED …”THANK GOD ABOVE”, for HIS PATIENCE and BLESSINGs , even as undeserving as many of us are.

  • Aaron

    And if they bring a gun, it’s probably stolen. Lol

  • bartmansan

    It’s LONG PAST time to take the liberals to the woodshed. We should have paddled their little behinds 30 – 40 years ago. OH WELL, you’re never too old to be taught a lesson.

  • You and all conservatives should know this is what George Soros wants to happen!

  • RogueAnt

    Burn downtown Cincinnati? And this is supposed to cause concern? Bring it on, I’m loacked and loaded.

  • If they do start something this November, This will show the need for government they need. They need support in obtaining extreem ideas that are not good for this country. We have seen this before. Money waisted for things that don’t work or is harmful to people. Whe have lived the green way of life so fast that the ideas are not thought out. When we need energy we have to make it yesterday. This type of work very seldom works because it is not thought out. This may go to show that we all need to be seperated. I think this would be an excellent idea for all of us to go back to the “Civial War” and start over. This would give both parties the right to prove themselves right or wrong. People with the best ways of life will obviousely survive and the other party will die out. This is a way rid ourselves of a population that is killing ideas that work.

  • Let them riot. I just got a Norinco SKS and 500 rounds of ammo. BOO YEAH!!

  • John V. Rigdon

    The mindset of these Kool-Aide Drinkers crack me up. THey don’t want people to have guns, they don’t want people to have their own mind, they want their Mullah in office(but are the ones that are going to be shot at by BOTH sides). Thank you Jan, GREAT Article.

  • Frank is right, they are to affraid of guns or being with out their same sex lover to prove anything. they will be in “pink” black and white together poisioning our enviroment. The enviromentalist will forget what they are supposed to be concerned about and they all will be jumping on top of each other. Should be a day for T.V, Facebook and popcorn.

  • crawfishsclaw

    Actually I expect violence to happen BEFORE the election. The Dems have a “Reichstag Fire Moment” waiting to happen so they can declare martial law and suspend the elections if it looks like they are gonna lose.

    • Actually, I believe that you may have the more correct take on what actionss may be taken in the event of a Republican victory. There are laws in place; camps and other facilities in place, and a large number of willing accomplises.

  • My take on all this, is idle threats, hoping to sway voters to their side. It is a pitiful position to take, trying to “armstrong” voters for your candidate. but unfortunately there are those with little self respect, and probably even less education persuing this course. I really doubt they are smart enough to coordinate a nation wide riot, but there might be some disorganized, sporadic events. Events that will probably only prove hurtful to those rioting, when they realize they’ve burned out their schools, businesses, places of worship and residence. It’s pitiful that they should be so dependant on a system, that they aren’t willing to work, merely hold out for freebies, yet they think they can muster the man power to riot, and make a difference….

  • Let them riot. They will only kill each other off. Conservatives are well-armed and will not hesitate to reduce the number of liberals in this country, one magazine at a time. Americans will not be bullied into electing a failure for a second term. let the inner-cities riot, the welfare expenditure is the only thing that we will lose!

  • Clifton

    They will more than likely complain to the police that we have guns and won’t let them throw their fire bombs into our houses. Poor baby’s or might I say poor dead baby’s if they come to my house.I didn’t survive Vietnam by running away.

  • I believe the tweets were misguided individuals trying to cause fear. Why shouldn’t i think the tweets came from Romney supporters trying to paint a hostile picture? The comments here have also shown the level of racism that continues in this country. I’m voting for Obama. We need someone who will defend the rights of all people.

  • chuck

    To be fair, there are a lot of people on the right that make stupid statements and threats, but when it comes to riots, the left is so much better at it because such a large portion can devote all their time to it because they don’t have to go to work or go look for work.

  • msladymb

    who cares if they leave let them all go to mexico and live off of that government who if I heard right, is richer than the US? any one else hear that,lazy people ,I have had four surgeries on my feet,six on my knees carpal tunnel on both hands,plate and six screws in my neck,and three spurs on my spine and I took a minumun wage job,I still have to work,,,just too many people want handouts,get off your asses and work ugh!!!!!

  • Mike

    I’m armed, trained, I shoot 3 gun competitions, I have a sh*tpile of ammo and I don’t tolerate people trying to burn down my home. Let ’em riot, it’s a easy way for the rest of us to thin out the herd of entitlement recipients. Also, let’s not forget Obummer was the gun and ammo salesman of the century, and it wasn’t his supporters buying up all the guns and ammo. So much was purchased that there were ammo shortages that took well over a year to resupply and gun makers are still filling back orders for AR15’s and other “military style black rifles.”

    Think about that before you try to riot and burn down my house. I don’t like violence but I will kill you and everyone like you without a millisecond of hesitation if you threaten my family or property.

  • Jibbering Nutball

    What a bunch of Jibbering Nutballs!. If Romney win, I funna put my
    dick in yo mouf okay? Tell ya boyieeeezz”.“Ima spin my dick round like a banjo
    and laugh milk out my nose okayeee? Tell ya boieeeezz” “Ima paint my dick up like a
    barber pole and squirt toof pase out my bunghole at yo motha OKAY OKAY
    OKAY?”“Ima wrap my dick up in chicken wire, set it on fire and roll it down a
    hill, okay? Tell yo boieeezz okayeee? OKAY aaahiieet?” Then Ima put my dick on a cow. Ima put my dick on a bus. Okay? okay? okay? Tell all ya boooooooyyyeeeeesss! Ima
    predick duh weather wiff my dick. Ima burn a hole in the ozone with my dick. Ima
    put my dick in a waffle iron. Ima put my dick in a wood chipper OKAY OKAY? OKAY?
    Aaaeeiite Wit Dat? Okay? IMA paint my dick like a barber pole and spin kangaroos on
    the tip of it in circles and set my balls on fire and catch armadillos in my
    bung-hole. Okay? OKay? I’m here every night wiff my dick wrapped in chicken wire
    and setting it on fire, okayyyy! okayyyyy! okayyyy! Tell all ya booooyyyeeeeezz! okayeeee? Aaaeeet wit dat?

  • Smitty

    Thats why I’m armed with lots of ammo.

  • Cha Cal

    Really?!?! We just finished cleaning up the post McCain loss riot damage…..

  • jokerb

    If these riots were to take place, just make sure that your up to date on your states self defense laws so you don’t go to jail or prison yourself. People seem to be taking this very lightly. I’m not black, nor white, and I’ve been caught in the middle of a riot years ago. It’s not an easy place to be or an easy place to try to get away from, when chaos is rearing it’s ugly head and everyone is a target…I would think that our Commander in Chief would step up and speak out against these would be rioters, but as usual, he’s too busy looking at himself in the mirror – mirror on the wall and pretending to care about anything or anyone but his own goals and desires to tear this country apart. A Martin Luther King he is NOT!

  • Jason Johnson

    This is further proof of why welfare recipients should be disenfranchised.

  • so much for compassion and who do the folks think they are calling racisists me thinks they have some serious mental problems

  • George

    Let’s take this one step at a time. First step is to get Obama out of office. Second step is to actually stop any rioters in their tracks, by force if needed ( if they really have the guts to riot). Third step is to replace several of the members of the supreme court who are intent of “making laws” instead of interperting the laws as the are now. If we get Obama out of office some of this “so called court” will retire anyway. Dear rioters, do not come to my neighborhood, we will protect it and you will not like the outcome.

  • It is so easy to make threats and say things as they do on a computer. This is America. It is not that I am against any one particular human being over another, but rather it is I am choosing liberty over communism. Freedom over tyranny. I am choosing life and not death. If we continue down the path we are going, we will lose not only our homes, our jobs, but our freedoms and much more. Obama has made war on American, and the American people. I am only responding to his direct tearing down of my country and your country. Obama must go. We must get our economy going, jobs created, and we absolutely have to believe in America, and build America back up. Obama and his communist/fascist friends have gone too far. If they don’t like what America is, I beg them to please leave here and go where you will be happy. Leave our country alone. Just leave and go elsewhere. This is our country, and you cannot have it the way you want it. You were not my choice as a president, nor are you my president, not with the way you continually talk down America and America’s excellence in so many ways. Obama must be voted out of office. God bless America and the American people. Romney/Ryan is our answer to building this country back. We need them at this time. The time is right, the time is now. Our liberty depends on it.

  • jacqueline polk

    If Romney wins through voter suppresssion he and the republicans deserve whatever they get.