Obama’s Secrecy Over Transparency Cost Charity 5 Million Dollars

Jan Morgan

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Obama is determined to hide the TRUTH about his past from the American people at the expense of 5 million dollars to some poor struggling charity…

Donald Trump offered 5 million dollars to Obama’s favorite charity in exchange for the release of his college and passport records..
Of course, as expected the reaction from the media was disdain and ridicule of Trump for making such an offer.. and once again, Obama gets a free ride from negative news coverage. While the media may not like Trump’s approach, I think he is perfectly justified in asking a sitting president to be transparent about his background.

Speaking of transparency, the bias of the media has never been more blatant and transparent than it is now. This situation has substantiated that bias once again. It was just a few months ago that the media made a huge deal over a rumored story involving Romney cutting a kid’s hair back when he was a teenager.

Whatever is in those college records and passport history, must be extremely controversial for Obama to spend so much money to keep it hidden and now deny a charity 5 million bucks during tough economic times. I thought Obama was in to this redistributing the wealth concept, yet he turns down five million dollars from the top one percent?

It turns out the man who promised transparency, is actually the most untransparent President in history.. I hope people remember this when they go to the polls.

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  • commanderus

    The people that support him, and the media, won’t remember, or care. They are mesmerized by this overblown faker. Promised transparency, then sealed his records. He ha diddled, twittled, and bamboozeled this country and the people for 10 years, or more. And will keep doing it, because he is the media darling. If Nixon had the support this man has, he never would have had to resign his Presidency, and would have been called ” Mr. Wonderful”.

  • LDMartin1959

    Barry the 0’s favorite charity is himself and at present he has the keys to the U.S. Government piggy bank. So why does he need a measly 5mil from the Trump?

  • James

    What does the Liberals see in this dispicable man? Blatant lies about everything from military , jobs, economy, energy, administration coverups, dishonesty, disregard for illegals from any countries, job shipping, higher taxes for all, higher medical costs, robbing SSecurity, uncontrolled national debt, lowered morals, Putting our best ally Israel on the backburner, . it all spells a scary future for the US and many more problems ,

  • He ( Obummer) should be asked about his gay escapades in Chicago bath houses, cicaaaine etc. and if they, those stories are true! How about his Communists ties and friends like Farracon or whatever the Muslim racist is named!
    All of Obummer’s friends are communists or affiliated in some way and have set America up for his takeover and distatorship and rule in his second term. Just as he has been using executive privilage for almost all his actions into lwamaking! Why isn’t the media exposing these things? I mean many millions now know there is a Global Progressive Socialist agenda wihtin our government and Obummer has intended on America. He has made 47 million American’s and illegal imigrants dependent on welfare and food stamps, on him!
    I just pray America is wide eyed and aware what is happening right in front of our eyes and it is not going to get any better!
    “Just Saying”

    • ohaha

      Good report Joe. Love the TRUTH. JUST SAYIN!!!

  • I don’t understand why you folks pick on Obama like this. He has already paid millions to keep his information secret and hide his past. No telling what that crappy photoshopped copy of his birth certificate cost him. Besides Hawaii promised us he is a US citizen, so what if they can’t produce the original birth certificate, so what if he has a copy of a birth certificate that there is no original to. Maybe if Trump upped his offer to $10,000,000 we could maybe read one of Obama’s editorials while he was the editor of The Harvard Law Review that one has ever seen. Does it matter, Obama has done his job. America is now the third world nation Obama wanted it to be, right down to the UN monitoring our election. Obama has done all of this for you, embrace him, worship him, cry out his name in hopes he will look into your eyes. Oh god I can’t do this anymore I just threw up in my mouth. I was trying to sound like the usual kool-aid gulping libtard but I just don’t have it in me.

    • Well put

    • ohaha

      Good reply Brent. As i read you threw up in your mouth, my brain threw up and i had vomit in my mouth and had to spit it out. TOO FUNNY.

  • Gloria

    Charity is not a word in Obama’s
    vocabulary…….or on his tax return. He’s a taker not a giver. Maybe if Trump offered the money to Michelle for a shopping spree, he might get a response.

    • big ken

      she would be like my ex, take the money and run