Rampant INjustice

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

This is a pre-release promo for a full length documentary that will be released Wednesday, October 31st at 5pm.
The full documentary will detail the unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raids occurring in America by the Justice Department and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.
These raids involve not only the business owners under investigation for a white collar offense, but all of the employees who work for them but are not accused of any crime or under any type of investigation..
The full length documentary IS NOT about the guilt or innocence of the business owners.. It is about abuse of power… the unconstitutional para-military tactics being used by these federal agencies.

Be sure to stay tuned for the full length documentary to be released October 31st..5pm

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  • Wow Jan that is very scary that the Feds think they can get away with that!

  • Jan fan

    I was not raided – but – My bank account was seized in Dec. 2000 – I have been fighting and have lawyers representing me – 12 years later – I am still waiting – My lawyers say they are finally paying off their clients – and my turn is nearing – They had to threaten to Garnish the IRS – and short of a Supreme court Hearing – they are paying

  • thank you Jan.

    • you bet Cas… thanks for the encouragement

  • It is time to put an end to the Nazi feds. The police state has to go. This is not America. No longer the land of the free, Our rights have been trampled by the Federal Government and all of our congressmen sit and let it happen. Holder needs to be impeached and tried for treason.

    • I agree Kent..

    • Kent, you are absolutely right. But, not only Holder, but we need to get rid of Obama(who protects Holder). If Obama and all those who are his Cronies are not Stopped – I do believe these things will get worse. And yes, our Congressmen do sit back and let it happen. And we, as Americans, have done the same thing: until we have such a large Gov. that is totally out of control and think it is their jobs to tell us what to do: While it (still can) be a Gov. Of the People, By the People, and For the People: As it should be.

  • Brava, Jan! Excellent. Kudos!

    • look for the full length tomorrow David..

  • Charles Woodurn

    Wow ! I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Good work!

  • Jordan

    Cant wait to see it!

  • Holder and his cronies right up to the wanna be king of the world (Obama) will all be looking for employment after next tuesday. Its time we become America again and show the Marxist in the White House we have had enough.

  • Dale

    Wonderful Trailer, Jan. Can’t wait for the full documentary. I hope it wakes a lot of people up to just how out of control this government is.

    • stay tuned Dale! The full documenary is out today at 5

  • Lonewolf

    Jan, Thank you for getting the truth out there. Will look forward to watching the rest at 5pm!!

  • Byron Bonds

    hurricane cannot wash away the shame of the Obama administration or its
    negligence in allowing Americans to die in a foreign country when it
    was preventable. Please share every Benghazi Coverup story you can
    find, Google has dozens of them by career intelligence/defense experts, until the Facebook media becomes so overwhelming the
    administration admits the arrogance that caused it and the politics that
    made it lethal to four American citizens who deserved better from
    Obama. Please share this every day until the election is over and we
    have a Commander in Chief worthy of the title.

  • Test runs to see what they can get away with. Kind of like the “Ruby Ridge” & “Koresh Waco Compound” massacres @ the hands of the Fed.

  • bartmansan

    Great job on this. Thank you Jan for sharing.

  • Actually I feel the pain. I had an audit 5 yrs ago and paid them 30 grand the IRS said I owed ( I did pay my taxes every quarter.) My new tax preparer is an ex IRS supervisor which has helped, however Obama and Holder must be getting desperate for funds that they resorted into looking in the trash for people to shake down. The IRS came to my home 5 months ago not my business and wanted to inquire about money thats still owed, I told them that they need to keep better records that I full filled the so called obligation 5yrs pryer. The agent new my tax preparer and smiled after hearing my story, she sent me a letter the next week saying they will drop it until notified otherwise.

  • Paul

    I have one Question, in how many of these raids were there criminal convictions? It does matter rather or not a criminal act was committed. If in fact people are committing a crime the only way to catch them is by surprise and white collar or otherwise where there is a crime there can be weapons and violence. I think that when you break the law there comes a time when you get caught and once caught you should be prosecuted.

    • Paul, the fact that you are willing to throw away the Constitutional rights our founders died for is very troublesome. The are legal ways to conduct an investigation as well as an undercover investigation..
      To violate the constitutional rights of americans who have not been proven guilty of a crime IS THIRD WOLD POLICE STATE GESTAPO tactics… If you do not know what that is, I suggest you read a little history.. or just look at the way the police state operates in third world countries like iraq and iran. ..
      In the cases I covered, eight months have passed and the irs gave one of the businesses a clean record… the other is still on hold… In addition, most of the employees whose rights were violated, have nothing to do with the paperwork of the management in these companies.

  • Jerry

    I don’t just blame Holder, I blame each individual who took part in the raid. Just following orders is not an excuse, it wasn’t for the Germans and it isn’t now. I have seen many police officers and others in power take pleasure in these type of actions. It’s time for this to stop, and all who took part be prosecuted. No excuses!

  • nick caruso

    I sent a copy to my congressmsn, no doubt I wont get a reply, I tried to send a copy to my 2 senstors but it wouldnt get through, mike crapo, & jim risch. Idaho

  • Kristi Burnett

    Can’t wait to see the full version! It dumbfounds me that our government is getting away with terrorizing innocent, hardworking employees of our country!

  • John

    They have been doing things like this for decades, just no one cared because it was the “war on drugs”, or raids on rural people with marginal views (white supremacy, survivalists, etc).This is the roosters coming home to roost, people allowed it for other reasons, now it has expanded. The DEA, the ATF, and a few other agencies are known for brutish thug-like tactics. Check-points, civil asset forfeiture, loss of 4th amendment rights, patriot act, etc,etc,etc. Little late to start complaining now, don’t you think?

  • David

    It’s 7:19 here in Ohio…can’t find the uploaded video!
    Looking forward to seeing it!

  • DavidG

    Thanks for the update!
    Can’t wait to see the full version.

  • Where can we see the documentary Jan?

  • This is totally out of line. We the people should not have to put up with any type of Injustice to small business. I for one am appalled that these peoples rights were violated. We can vote these tyrants out of office between now and Nov. 6th and maybe some of this nonsense may be partially corrected.It’s time we vote in some new Congress members that will read the US Consititution and use it for a guide and not vote for something to take away our rights as citizens here at home. Many do not speak up for fear of ruffling the feathers of the Eagle.

  • I am an American TEA Party Patriot, I know what it’s like when a government that you love becomes a defiant, out-of-control dictatorship that disrespects your rights under the Constitution.
    That is why my fellow Americans and I have formed this Party of the TEA a Party of tens of millions of Americans that will not hesitate to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.
    Now is your chance to Defend Freedom, Defeat Obama, Vote Tuesday November 6th and RID America of Islamic Sympathizers
    We the People approve this message

  • WOOW!! Of course we all knew this was happening right under our nose.
    Arm and team up, Morgans army is born and on it’s way to DC.
    I swore a long time ago that I would take the bullet for the freedom of young patriots in this country as mine and your children.

  • I for the life of me,,do not understand why people will not stand up for there right’s..I like many other’s that have been to war for OUR country watch and wonder why,,NO one will stand up to thease people..on the back of my truck it state’s { AM NOT~NEVER HAVE BEEN~NEVER WILL BE~~POLITICALLY CORRECT OR A DAMNED LIBERAL } I get a lot of horn’s honking and thumb’s up,,all the time..Why can’t other people do something this simple ??let your voice be heard,,Don’t hide it !!.I am so tired of hearing how much the liberal’s hate our CONSTITUTION !! they want it’s protection for them,,BUT not for anyone else..they want to keep there money,,but take our’s,,all of U.S. that work so hard for what we have,,and they say give it to the Lazy Good For Nothing’s,,that never have had to work in there live’s.. Will send in there NAZI troop’s to raid your home for no reason,,no warrent’s { FIZA LAW }… thing’s have got to change !!!

  • They did that here in Monte Vista. They also, took all the merchandise to pay what she owed and that included those that had things on consignment. She kept asking what did they needed but they wouldn’t contact her to tell her. She had left message after messages.

  • Aliekins

    If Obama gets re-elected, I believe these things will only get worse. The dictator will rise up!

  • Don’t these agent weather they are Justice dept or irs agents don’t they all take an oath before putting on a badge?

  • Steve E

    I just viewed and read something posted under related articles about somebody named Charlotte Bunch; I ‘m baffled why she’s there because she comes off as a typical lefty feminist; Jan, since you are a good, strong, conservative feminist, why did you post that? What am I missing? Thanks.

  • kelly

    It is time to go to


    Your group has your back. Check it out.

    Your county sheriff is you last big defense. Get him on board.
    To do nothing invites more of the same.

  • What a crock! Not one report in the local newspapers or TV. More right wing nut propaganda! Shame on all of you!

  • Jan, this video mentions that the news of this supposed raid was “on TV” (7:30), and that “news accounts of this big raid hit the airwaves” (12:20). Yet there’s no record of such a raid in any news stores that I can find, anywhere, nor any record of litigation related to such a raid. [Note: those time stamps are to version 1 of the video.]

    Is this a hoax? That’s what some blog commenters are saying, and that’s what it looks like to me. One blog commenter says he did a WestLaw search, and found no references at all to such a case.

    There are other news stories about Mountain Pure Water, John Stacks & Timothy Dudley, but nothing that I can find about an FBI raid. Searching the Internet for John Stacks and Timothy Dudley finds many political contributions (apparently all to Democrats), but nothing about an FBI raid.

    Nor is there anything in this video to indicate WHEN this raid supposedly happened, and there’s no reproduced footage from news coverage. There’s nothing to substantiate that it actually happened.

    Internet searches find other stories about Mountain Pure Water and its legal problems, but no mention of an FBI raid. Here are two stories:

    Contrast the complete lack of news coverage about this supposed “big raid” to the coverage of the unrelated Gibson Guitar raids, over banned tropical hardwoods, which were national news. Google reports 1.8 million hits if you search for THAT story:

    1. When did this FBI raid happen (if it really happened)?
    2. Where are the media stories, which the video claims covered the story?
    3. Where’s the litigation that surely would have resulted from it, and that triggered it?
    4. Who made this video?

    • Tom

      Pretty sad that she had responded to every post prior to this one that asks for proof. Typical fear mongering sensationalism (not journalism), because I am a fact cheker too; I can’t find anything that backs up her claims.

      I love that she uses words like gestapo, and when the feds are entering the building they are pounding on walls and such; talk about propoganda (oops, looks like I can use words that drum up visions of Nazi Germany too).

  • zonsb

    I know there is rampant Injustice. I’ve researched many instances of it. There are so many that there is a mountain of evidence proving there’s rampant injustice in government for more than a decade.

    What troubles me is that I and others can find no news-media reports or filing of lawsuits or court documents about the raid on Mountain Pure Water as stated n the video. As noted below in comment by Dave Burton (which I verified in the video at 7:30 and
    12:20) as reported in the video the alleged raid was “on TV” and that “news accounts of this big raid hit the airwaves”..

    Frankly, I find it hard to believe that John Stacks, owner of Mount Pure Water, would have agreed to participate in the making of the DOCUMENTARY if the raid never happened.

    About Jan Morgan: “Jan is an Associated Press Award Winning Veteran television investigative journalist, now turned citizen activist for the Conservative Movement.” http://janmorganmedia.com/about/#ixzz2HKN1lGoZ

    Not to imply that a liberal bias is any better or worse. The point is that
    objective reporting by an INVESTIGATIVE journalist and validation by documented
    EVIDENCE is what makes a documentary a DOCUMENTARY.

    As producer of the documentary it is paramount that Jan Morgan responds diligently to clarify the alleged documentation that makes the video a DOCUMENTARY.

  • turfdoctor2003

    I have tried to find one news report (newspaper or TV) about the Mountain Springs Water Company federal raid and come up dry (pardon the pun) even though one of the folks interviewed in the video mentions his wife seeing him on a news report,, what gives? Has the internet been total scrubbed?

    • RogerDane

      I have as well searched for any validation of this video. I know of the Gibson injunctions and ‘raid’ but not to the extent the re-enactment portrays. However I don’t doubt there are some in the IRS and other Agencies that will/would act in this manner. Of mild interest was this “hearsay” comment, “It was an IRS raid all over some documents they were looking for that
      had to do with a FEMA flood loan the owner got several years ago. Looks
      to be for his Dairy Farm and had nothing to do with Mountain Pure Water
      in LR. Guess he has since been cleared of everything.” I have not been able to vet that but it might seem plausible given FEMA’s failures.

      (Here is more background – http://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/54767/mountain-pure-fights-vendors-bank-former-plant-manager ; however it just details many banking issues and law suits)

      Here’s the Duncan information – but I agree, they may be guilty but does anyone need 20 to 50 armed agents more or less kicking down your doors? He was the Green Beret Vet. I don’t know, just for his service I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Gibson – (quoted)
      Gibson in Nashville was raided in November 2009, when agents seized a shipment of ebony from Madagascar. They were enforcing the Lacey Act, a century-old endangered species law that was amended in 2008 to include plants as well as animals. Gibson was implicated in wrongdoing but hasn’t been charged with anything. The U.S. Justice Department won’t comment about the case it’s
      preparing, but a court motion filed in June asserts Gibson’s Madagascar
      ebony was “contraband.” And then there was the Duncan Outdoors
      in Arkansas treated in a similar manner and went so far as to confiscate
      funds from their bank accounts. (end)

      Manner and methods go a long ways to mollifying issues and the Feds seem very heavy handed.