Restaurant Refuses Romney… Big Mistake.

Jan Morgan

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A Mexican Food Restaurant is now feeling the financial effects of a nasty decision NOT to allow Romney and his team to eat there.

An acclaimed Denver restaurant that told Mitt Romney to lunch elsewhere is facing some backlash.

After the GOP presidential candidate chose Chipotle for a lunch drop-by yesterday, the Mexican fast food chain got a lot of glory in the press after a Romney posing with staffers went viral.
Then, as it turns out the chain eatery was a fallback.
Now the family-owned restaurant is paying a big price after a Westword blog post reported on its refusal to host the candidate.
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  • Shermer

    Had they refuse to serve Obama, they’d be praised all day long, right?

    • There would have been no praise at all,instead they would had discrimination charges railed against them,and a boycott by many liberals both black and white…

      • Shermer

        Have you already forgotten the Virginia bakery owner who became a national hero for refusing to serve Joe Biden?

        • Amazing Larry

          And he STILL is a hero.

          • Shermer

            Did I miss all of the discrimination charges and boycotts that Arthur tells us would have happened?

        • Ort

          Shermwr: and rightly so. Biden is a complete azz hat and an egregious liar. Let’s move on.

    • Ort

      Shermer: and rightly so. Obama is a complete piece of subversive crap. Let’s move on.

      • Shermer

        Indeed. But where are all those discrimination charges? Perhaps when Arthur comes back he can enlighten us…

  • Cyndi

    I say we boycott mexican restaurants. That are harboring so many illegals and taking jobs from Americans and now they refuse to feed our next president?

    • Joel

      Right. In that case, boycott the Arab restaurants for harboring terrorists. The places that harbor the most illegals are usually construction companies. Doesnt stop people from remodeling their kitchens though..

  • This article is confusing. The restaurant that refused them is not the Mexican restaurant. The Mexican restaurant was the “fallback” restaurant that served them and their business increased. The “Family Owned” restaurant was Rosa Linda and refused them suffering a loss of business not just the business they refused but from the community.

  • nancy

    Yes, we should boycott all Mexican restaurants if they don’t want our business.

  • Now i guess the restaurant will have to start offering 2 for 1 to get the customers back in. Next time they’ll learn to stay out of politics and stick to the business of making money.