Romney Leaves Europe and the Middle East Shaking in their Shoes

Jan Morgan

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President Barack Obama’s poor performance in the first U.S. election debate provoked uneasiness in European capitals today, where hopes are mostly, if unofficially, pinned on his securing a second term.

While a lot can change before the November 6 vote, and Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney will go head to head twice more before then, polling conducted immediately after the debate showed Romney came out overwhelmingly on top.

A flash poll by CNN showed 67 percent of viewers thought Romney had ‘won’, with just 25 percent for Obama. Intrade, an online prediction market, cut Obama’s re-election prospects from 74 percent to 66 percent.
In Europe, where leaders and finance officials have worked closely with the Obama administration over the past 2-1/2 years trying to resolve the euro area debt crisis, there was particular consternation at Romney’s singling out of deficit-ridden Spain as a poorly administered economy.

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  • They’re “shaking”?!___Typical Left Wingers. They’re truly afraid of what’s good for them and everyone else.

  • ezekiel22

    If I was to guess it probably has to do with another loan guarantee by the US to the EEC in effect propping up the weak ecanomies there. Obama has already said yes and they are afraid Romney will say no.

  • Sagebrush6

    I would sure like to see a breakdown of all our tax money our government is currently giving to ALL of the foreign countries by country.

  • Holy hell? What do these people expect from a real American Man. He is going to start fixing this fustercluck we call an economy and they are scared shitless that he isn’t going to play their monetary games. Oh well.