So… Let’s Get This Straight.. LOL!

Jan Morgan

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A doctor who is running for Illinois Senate makes a brutal statement about OBAMACARE!

“So let me get this straight. We are going to be gifted with a health care plan that we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that’s broke.”
– Dr. Barbara Bellar, Army major, physician, lawyer, college professor and current senatorial candidate for District 18, Illinois
If I lived in Illinois, she would have my vote!



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  • VERY sick of the bashing smokers get! I despise obama, but STOP BASHING SMOKERS!

    • Richard L. Ghue

      I just quit 4 months ago after a 27 year love hate relationship with the cigarettes. I feel like I’m 18 years old and could keep 3 wives happy. Do yourself a favor. I haven’t felt this alive in years.

    • Marbee, my then 5-year old son told a friend of mine who was smoking at the time, “You shouldn’t do that!” She replied, “I know, it’s not good for me.” Him, “No, it makes you stink!” Out of the mouth of babes!

  • It’s Illnois…you don’t have to live there to vote or even be alive

  • Jeffrey Hiner

    I agree, we shouldn’t have goverment funded health care for any! Anyone who wants to opt out should be able to do so. I also believe if you choose to opt out you should have absolutely no availabilty to health care at our hospitals, clinics or doctors offices if you can’t pay up front. you get cancer, Oh well! You are in a serious accident without adaquate inurance, oh well. you choose Insurance and health care or no insurance and no health care! Any other way screws those of us who are responsible enough to have insurance!

  • Michelle.1124

    this is absolutely hilarious and on the point!

  • George

    I think the reference to smoking here was just a direct poke at Obama and will take it in stride. However I do agree that I too am sick and tired of the treatment of smoker as second class citizens. Smokers do have the right to smoke if they wish to do so. It still is legal to do so, even many are trying to ban that also. As for the rest of her speech, it was right on the money The government has stolen several billions of dollars from Social Security and Medicare which is not funded by the government at all. We the people have funded it for many many years. It is our money that they have stolen and we want it back.