The Rain In Spain is Headed to Our Plains


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The Red Cross is out soliciting donations around Spain because people are beginning to starve there. Imagine. This is a country where just 4 short years ago, American politicians, including Obama, were pointing to Spain as the model for how to turn an economy around!

The reason why so many people in Spain are needing assistance is because of the ideology the majority of the Spanish have embraced over the decades. Spain (and Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece) are suffering the effects of what happens when individuals embrace the ideas of collectivism and elect politicians who put those ideas into action—such as their most recently departed President Don José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party), who served two terms. Gee, ya think there’s a connection between 8 years of socialism and the accelerated downfall it finds itself in today?

Spain is the case study for how collectivism fails even when its shrouded in ”democracy.” As Obama and others HOPE for Americans, Spain was on the forefront of the green economy movement and over the last decade has seen massive government intervention into every aspect of the economy. As I said above, 4 years ago, Obama and others held them up as a model. Today:

25% of children are living under the poverty level;

Old people now have their children and their grandchildren depending on their pensions.

Spain is in its second recession in three years, and has near 25% unemployment.

Spain is in very bad shape, and the reason why is simple. The people of Spain (and Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Greece), just as the growing number of dependent parasites in America, have traded liberty for “security” (i.e., free, guaranteed stuff paid for by everyone else) and now they have less and less of both. This is what happens when individuals forget they have a God-given right ONLY to their OWN life, liberty and property.

Government Made Disasters – Red Cross in Spain Taking Donations for Spaniards

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  • John V. Rigdon

    Another enlightening article from the HREAT Patriot Jan Morgan. MSM has no idea on what is important. Thank You. If the numbers, on unemployed people, were correct in the U.S. our numbers would be about the same(I figure it is ner 23%). But we have an election AND when benefits are exhausted, people are removed from thwe “Unemployment” rolls. Thank You again.

  • John V. Rigdon

    Sorry. Didn’t proof it. I meant Another enlightening article from the GREAT Patriot Jan Morgan.

  • Thatharleyguy

    Yeah right let me get out my checkbook…. NOT

  • moemoe11

    And the fact that lots of foreign nationals……mostly islamic……have infiltrated that nation.

  • living for free and still begging for more free stuff,cut them off and the strong and willing will survive!You can only help someone so much before its time for them to start helping their self!!!

  • The Kenyan offered us HOPE as his vehicle to the throne. He neglected to tell us that HOPE is an acronym. High Octane Poverty Enhancement.

  • Thib

    Thanks, Jan, for your work and the insight it provides.