Today’s NEW Excuse by the Obama Camp for his Debate Disaster

Jan Morgan

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First, it was the stress of the Denver atmosphere… Then it was “Romney is a liar”… Today, the Obama excuse for his poor debate performance is, “he was too polite to Romney”…
Every day… a new excuse…
Give me a break… Here is a novel idea Mr. President: How about taking personal responsibility for your debate loss by telling the truth.. YOU WERE WOEFULLY, INADEQUATELY PREPARED to defend a term of failed policies and broken promises. All that while facing a formidable opponent who brought TRUTH to the table.

Here are a few comments from Obama during a recent interview on the matter:
“What happened in the debate? Everybody wants to know,” radio host Tom Joyner asked Obama. “Was that some kind of genius strategy to rope-a-dope him in?”

The president ducked the Muhammad Ali comparison but said “I think it’s fair to say I was just too polite” and promised to be more combative at the second and third debates, to be held October 16 and October 22. “We’re going to take it to him.”

“By next week I think a lot of the hand wringing will be complete because we’re going to go ahead and win this thing,” Obama said.

Obama tried to explain away his subdued performance in the debate.
“You know, it’s hard to sometimes just keep on saying ‘what you’re saying isn’t true,'” he said.”It gets repetitive.”
“But, you know, the good news is, is that’s just the first one,” the president said. “And, you know, I think it’s fair to say that we will see a little more activity at the next one.”

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  • I hope Romney punches him in his purple lipped Muslim puker!

  • Virgil Ferguson

    A speaker who constantly says “you know” before making a statement is trying to convince himself that he knows what he is about to say.

    • emma

      yes, these guys are just puppets, and it annoys me, the economy is not getting fix. The FFT guy is predicting Obama to get in, he is very accurate and here is his latest video => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ac4LnNrVtic

  • sweets

    I thought saying “UH” for 52 minutes was a sign of being inarticulate. I don’t think Obama’s actions were in the least “polite”.

    • Poor Obama, didn’t have his telepromter to tell him what to say

  • CherylinMassachusetts

    You can be polite & knowledgeable.Romney was both.Hope to see polite & knowledgeable in upcoming debates from both. Don’t want attacks. BTW I’d rather have a former bishop and successful businessman as president than a former community organizer.

  • Wall street has its two parties, it’s time we the people had our own!

    We the people do not elect the POTUS, the Electoral College does.

    It won’t matter who you vote for, it will be business as usual, just the money going into a different pocket

    If you watch this http://youtu.be/IWDJEc92d38 you will have to agree that we need our own party.

    I encourage everyone to change their party affiliation to INDEPENDENT, We need to make all parties earn our votes.

    Imagine if all the RED and BLUE States all turned GOLD and SILVER(real money feels soooo different and keeps its value).

    READ THE CONSTITUTION AGAIN!(if you don’t have a copy, google it) Only it and the wisdom of our forefathers can save us.

    Sgt. Mac – USMC – Vietvet – I served so YOU could be FREE! Financial terrorism is not freedom, It makes us ALL SLAVES.

    If you agree, help me POST THIS.

    Please help me make this go viral!

    COPY & PASTE EVERYWHERE! You don’t need my permission.

    • Well Leslie McCreary, I was initially going to vote for Ron Paul, but the ONE person initially vested in running against as an Independent (Ron Paul) GAVE UP! Even after, lets’ see…..HOW MANY attempts? WHY? Well, Gary Johnson is NO Ron Paul!

      • Well Elijah,
        They say quitters never win and winners never quit.
        Gary Johnson is a winner!
        It only takes 18 key States with 50%+1 to put Gary Johnson in the WH.
        YES WE CAN!

        • DJM2142

          A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama

        • Agreed that a vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. Any 3rd party candidate should be taking advantage of this time to get soe name recognition, a la Gary Johnson, and then keep in front of every camera he can for the next 4 years. That is the ONLY way a 3rd party candidate will ever have a chance. And if Romney rocks it with the economy, it will be another 4 years, 2020, before a 3rd party stands a snowball’s chance in Hades of being elected. If Obama wins, we will already be living in Hades

  • OBOZO is praying to Allya to help him with the next two debates .

  • If Obama wins we are a screwed nation

  • Anyone want to bet that the next debate will either be Obama acting like a jerk and flat out calling Romney a liar repeatedly OR it will be a repeat of the last debate because this person (I won’t call him a man, because he’s not, really) doesn’t really have a record to run on, except one that is garbage. Anyone at all willing to take this bet?

    • Foreign policy will be part of the next one and Obama’s foreign policy has obviously not only failed but resulted in four dead American diplomats. Romney is going to rip him a new orifice.

  • More excuses from a loser.He was shown to be what he is;shallow,not knowledgeable about the economy and poorly prepared,showing a poor work ethic.

  • At this point, Jan, I’m actually more interested in his (and his followers) excuses for getting four people killed in Benghazi.

  • Tom from Tampa

    I believe the reason was he was out of league, I am looking forward to the next two debates as it will continue to expose President Obama’s lack of leadership.