This Is It….

Jan Morgan

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Folks.. This is it… Regardless of how this election turns out, it will be a turning point for our country.
America will either continue its transformation into a Socialist nation (Obama’s hope and change ) or we will turn back to the spirit of the Founders and begin returning our country to the Constitutional Republic she was meant to be.
This is a time for greatness, for big change, and for action — not more idle words.
Romney has promised that from day one of his presidency, he will restore common sense to Washington by cutting wasteful spending and putting us on a path toward a balanced budget.

He has promised to lead us out of this economic crisis by implementing pro-growth policies that will create 12 million new jobs.

This sounds like real hope and change to me. If you have not voted, please take the time to do so. Your vote counts. Not voting today for Romney is a vote for Obama. A vote for Obama is a vote against America.
That is as simple as I can put it.
Vote, then PRAY for our country and a positive outcome in this election.

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  • I have to admit that between the malfunctioning voting machines and the Democratic policy of “Vote early. Vote often.” that I am a little concerned.

  • I think you have this wrong. Either we will head towards socialism at a dizzying pace or we will continue heading in that direction at a slightly slower pace. Romney is still a big government person who ignores the Constitution and wants to ignore our civil rights, spend our money, impose his own medical plan, engage in war with other countries who pose no threat to us. I agree he is probably better than Obama, but only very slightly better!

    • Jim, you have an interesting viewpoint but no big business person is a big government person. They all want the government to get out of the way of businesses and to stop overregulating and interfering with the market. Most of Romney’s actions as governor of Massachusetts that appear to support big government were taken in support of that definately Democratic state’s residents’ beliefs. In other words, even though he was a Republican governor, he was looking out for the desires of the people and working across party lines to ensure that the majority of Massachusetts citizens got what they wanted from their governor. The entire reason that the Republican party chose Romney as its candidate is because he is willing and able to work across party lines to ensure that everyone is heard, bringing this country back together. Even though I agree more ideologically speaking with Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, I voted for Mitt Romney because he has the most chance of success. Since the only way the far right (whose ideals most closely match my own) can win is through extreme upheaval, the best possible choice for America is a compromise that will look after the interests of both sides, even if not in exactly the way that I want. In order to reunite this country, the left and the right need to find a common ground upon which to stand.

    • Archie

      I agree Jim. This isn’t Monday morning quarterbacking but a view I’ve had from the start. Romney lost, we the people lost and this nation lost. The republicans seem to be determined to lose national elections by letting people such as Karl Rowe be spokepersons. He cost us elections in 2008, 2010 and this year he jumped on Todd Akin with both feet. With people like him on our side we darn sure don’t need enemies.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Right you are, Jim. Both mittens and ovomit were/are cut from the same treasonous piece of cloth. Those who don’t see this are still deeply slumbering and hoping and wishing for something that can never be……

  • John Armstrong

    After a 10 days of travel through the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan there were two things I noticed. 1) I saw tons of yard Romney yard signs 2) I only saw one Obama bumper sticker in Ann Arbor, MI and no yard signs anywhere.

    Given the heavy union influence in Michigan and Ohio, I was surprised to see the absence of Obama yard signs and bumper stickers in those two states. The reason escapes me why those who so staunchly support Obama in those states do not have those things on their vehicles and in their yards.

    The only thing I can imagine is that maybe the support for Obama has not materialized as hoped by the Democratic party and people don’t want to show support for another candidate and admit they made a mistake in 2008.

    Does anyone have a logical explanation for the lack of Obama signs and stickers in these states?

    It’s my hope that Romney has swayed many to his point of view and brought Democrats to their senses. Of is asking a Democrat to come to his senses to much to ask?

  • CHinOhio

    You nailed that last sentence to a tee. That’s what it will boil down to. Pray, and your words will be heard by the one who is truly in control.

  • Woody Hornsby

    You are a very bright spot in the politically dark days we have endured over the last four years. If you are ever in the vicinity of Alpharetta Georgia, please come by and visit me at Woody’s Meat and Sausage Company! We would love to see you!

  • Ken H.

    Jan –
    I love you! Keep up the fight, and keep up the prayers, because we need both!
    God bless you!

  • It is 10:40 pm here in Arizona and the polls have closed on the East coast. I am seeing the Obama is being projected as the winner and my wife is reminding me every 5 minutes of another area that voter for him. I am wondering if we should look at the actual voting procedure and the fact that we actually do not elect a president. We elect an electoral college and they elect the president. So technically a president could win the popular vote and still lose the election. Voice of the people? ha

  • 7LibertyForAll

    It really doesn’t matter what the people want or don’t want in an election…….the electoral college does what it is paid to do, just as the voting machines tally how they’re programmed to tally.