Hollywood Fractures


About the author: As “America’s Leading Liberalologist,” Bill Finlay pokes fun at the liberal left while exposing the evil that undermines freedom and faith throughout America. He also provides common sense solutions to bring the United States back into the path of honor as “one nation under God, with liberty ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Conservative Hollywood stars are speaking out with courage and making a difference in the liberal stronghold of Hollywood.

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  • SnakeDoctor

    We must speak out! What has happened to Americans? We use to stand up and be patriots without much pressure. Now someone can spit in your face and you will not even flinch. Patriots it’s time to stand up for America and spread this word like wild fire. Just how much more can you take? Most have had a belly full. Washington has given us the Royal Finger. God Bless America, again!!