America: Land of Opportunity or Sanctuary of Security?


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In watching news shows the last few days, it’s incredible to me how the race can even be this close. What’s even more embarrassing is that, even in the wake of the largest presidential scandal since Watergate (Benghazigate), half of my fellow Americans still support an un-vetted ideological technocrat who has brought this country to its knees.

What that speaks to is a rapidly changing American demographic and the profound impact that illegal immigration has had on erasing our heritage and reshaping our culture and principles.
We are no longer the land of opportunity, but a sanctuary of security – a land of social security that is, doled out by a bureaucratic despot who is quelling our desire for independence while single-handedly providing the syringe of entitlement addiction.

Barack Obama is a globalist, not a nationalist. He has no more love, honor and respect for our country than I have for Mao Tse-Tung. Yet a majority of Americans bereft of knowledge of American history and Constitutional Law continue to be star struck by a glib-tongued pacifist who views America as little more than a rank and file nation devoid of nationalism, exceptionalism and supremacy.

This election is not about the economy, nor is it about foreign policy, a war on women, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals or any of the other nugatory political issues and talking points. No, this election is about our American identity – our values, our principles, our priorities and where our nation ranks in the pecking order of world respect.

The implication of Tuesday’s presidential election far transcends typical political partisanship. Americans are faced with a crisis of conscience, a crisis of identity, a crisis of culture and most important of all – a crisis of “Constitutional Conviction.”

Should Barack Obama win reelection on Tuesday, it will be the most pivotal moment in America’s young 225 year history as a Constitutional Republic. It would send a clear message that the American people have consciously chosen to reject our founding principles, reject our American heritage, reject our national pride, and reject freedom and liberty in favor of statism and tyranny.
It’s your choice America, choose wisely.

Kevin A. Lehmann

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  • Katharine

    Great article, Kevin….We’ll know who wins tomorrow night.

  • Richard Gregory

    It’s not all that close. The LNM along with corrupt Pollsters are misleading us in an attempt to sway the election or in their inability to differentiate their personal values from the truth. I am not sure which. Have faith in the American electorate, even given the results of 2008. 2010 should predict 2012.

  • Dave O.

    I find it incredible that so many citizens are turning their backs on our heritage and the values that made our country so strong and provided the liberty and freedom we’ve enjoyed over the years. Our U.S. Constitution is being abused by an administation of which I question their collective love of our country. It’s more like love of power. It amazes me that Obama has such a following but it appears they buy votes with free stuff and convince their ilk through the MSM that conservative thinking is entirely wrong. I hope there are enough of us to begin putting our country back on the right track tomorrow when we cast our votes.

  • Bryan Varner

    I hope Americans are not as stupid as I suspect and vote for Oblammer!If so then we can pound the final nail in America’s coffin!Vote with your brain,vote to restore our constitutional rights!Or become slaves of the government!

  • I think the MSM is purposely misrepresenting the polls so they can cry foul a voter fraud if doughead wins. But I have said many years that America is changing from one that people came here to be a part of and now people come here to change America to what fits them which makes it not the one I grew up in and don’t want for my grandkids.