American Revolution 2…


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Massive voter fraud in the 2012 elections threatens to eliminate free and fair elections. Will armed revolution be necessary?

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  • Amazing Larry

    This is probably why Obuckethead is already talking more severe gun control…

  • SnakeDoctor

    Bill, I agree 100%. But how many Americans would give up their life for a vote. It’s time for ALL good men to come to the Aid of their Country. Revolution #2 is a likely action in the future if the Corrupt Washington Libtards don’t understand that We the People had had just about enough of this BarnYard Waste. Call everyone that has any power and the stones to get involved. Our votes were in vain in my opinion, and like Bill said if any vote should be counted it is the Military’s vote. Loosing the ballots twice…..give me a break.

  • not to mention they had UN observers here to supposedly make sure the election was fair

    • CHinOhio

      And the UN wants to come in and take over so we can be one big happy world family….. right! Kick the UN out of our country and let them go it on their own. Let someone else take a turn making sure of their security.

  • ItsOnlyMe

    Wild Bill should get back on his meds. Obama won the election and right wing babytalk will not change that. What? Your guy did not come through for you somit is time to get out the AK47

  • Debby

    @ItsOnlyMe; Get a life man, That ‘take your meds cliche’ is one of the most immature, stupidest remarks I’ve ever seen and it only spews out the pie-hole of ignorant people like you. I can’t fathom why you would take a serious topic and jabber nonsence. Go troll your own page, you clearly don’t enjoy this one.

  • Calling for armed revolution against the legitimate, majority-elected government of the United States is high treason, a capital offense. Congratulations! I’ve reported your video to the Secret Service.

  • Koko Gee

    It would’ve been funny if a 10 point wandered through the woods in the middle of his ah, ‘speech’. He could’ve grabbed his rifle and started blasting away. After all, it’s the only thing he’s good for.

    By the way Wild Bill Tough Guy…when the revolution goes down, you might want to invest in a no-spill sippee coffee cup. It’s tough to storm the gates when you’re holding a mug of coffee…