Americans Choose Socialism


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While there may be legitimate isolated incidents of voter fraud during the presidential campaign, I doubt it amounts to more than 3 million votes.

The fact is, the majority of Americans chose bigger government, more regulation, more entitlements, higher taxes, less freedom, less liberty, less sovereignty, and less opportunity.

The allure of socialism is extremely attractive and very addictive. And although history points to it’s end-of-the-road devastating consequences – because the current generation of Americans are by and large devoid of historical context – it looks, sounds, and feels pretty damn good.

And why shouldn’t it?

Besides the occasional coverage of riots and uprisings in countries like Greece and Spain, as far as younger Americans are concerned, Europeans look pretty content.

Sure, young Americans may hear the usual talking points:

> Eventually running out of other peoples money
> The devastating consequences
> Forced austerity measures
> Government intrusion
> Lack of private ownership
> High taxes
> Yada, yada, yada . . .

But that’s not what they’re witnessing.

In fact, because of social media sites and the internet, more and more young Americans are interacting with and even forging genuine friendships with young Europeans who, by and large, are pretty happy.

Hell, why wouldn’t they be?

Daily siestas, upwards of 12 weeks a year vacation, sick days, universal healthcare, national holidays, public pot smoking, legal prostitution, openly gay soirees, and government paid retirement.

And if you run out of money or find your ass in a sling, you just call on America to bail your butt out.

How in the hell is democracy, free market capitalism, individual responsibility, and hard work supposed to compete with that?

It can’t.

And until Americans personally experience the devastating consequences of statism and socialism, it will continue to grow and influence more and more of the electorate . . .

With no end in sight.

In fact, I venture to say that within 20 years, America will have rejected free markets, free enterprise, and capitalism in favor of and in full agreement with socialist principles.

Why? Because most Americans with any historical context and heartfelt patriotic pride and appreciation for what this country used to stand for will be dead of old age.

But what will still be here?

The only institution that can guarantee the implementation of socialism in the United States . . . The Federal Reserve.

That is, until the rest of the world calls in their markers.

How long can the charade go on?

Probably a lot longer than anyone can predict.

Sixteen trillion dollars in debt would have been unthinkable, not to mention, unconscionable only ten years ago. Now it’s just a drop in the bucket? Americans have become immune and unaffected by it.

And why not?

There have been no repercussions – no blowback as a result of all the oniomania.

If there were ever a valid retort for the old cliche’ “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” it’s . . .

“No Daddy, but it grows on printing presses.”

We’ve been on the road to perdition for a lot longer than most Americans even know. Definitely since Nixon removed the dollar from the gold standard, and arguably since FDR’s “New Deal” in 1933. Some would even harken it to the Woodrow Wilson era twenty years before that.

Regardless of its genesis, it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the Day of Reckoning will arrive.

Far be it for me to prognosticate when that time will come, but I venture to say that’s it’s much longer into the future than any economist can predict.

Debt and deficits aren’t the concern. If the Fed runs out of ink or paper – that’s when it will be time to worry.

So what if a loaf of bread may cost a hundred bucks? We don’t need the carbs anyway 🙂

Kevin A. Lehmann

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  • Uhm I read in 2008 election there were 1.8 million dead people votes. This doesn’t even account for Acorns double ballots. Easily there is more than 3 million votes in fraud let alone votes taken away from Romney votes. Easily.

  • Son_of_Taz

    As painful as it may be, a severe depression with high unemployment, over 25%, might be the cure for this awful turn of events. When the supply of iPads, iPhones and Red Bull runs out, these idiots might just get the message.

  • Richard Behlmer Jr.

    Jan u r wrong, the American people didn’t choose socialism over capitalism, the American people didn’t like the message the republican party was putting out in public, they ignored the minorities and the women, the message from Romney was distorted, he said he would not raise taxes on anyone, then he said he would raise taxes on the top 1%, then he said he would repeal obamacare, then he said he would keep parts of obamacare, then he said he would defund planned parenthood, then he said he would keep funding planed parenthood, Romney’s message was distorted, he flip flpped on issues, that’s why he lost.

  • There was RAMPANT vote suppression/intimidation on top of widespread voter fraud. Several districts in Ohio are reporting near 100% for obama …. that is mathematically impossible. When every other indicator had them about 50/50 that morning.

  • You don’t buy the whole rampant voter fraud thing then, Jan?

  • Eric Coddington

    Americans Choose Socialism I am very glad proud of this work Jan Morgan allows US
    to freely talk about Our Country. I do not disagree with Americans Choose Socialism. The part that concerned me years ago as a kid in high school I seen things about Jesus Christ and Founders of our country slowly being removed, and know to find the truth the text books of 2012 it will not be easy.

    When We The People the founders of America wrote the American Constitution We all mostly love and appreciate. Fighting off the grip around our necks by a King who like Obama is not concerned with what we think. As in those weeks that followed the Ink was still very fresh on Our Constitution now almost unreadable. We all now stand at cross roads in America as Americans, and We no longer can ride that old bus of freedom that was intrusted to US. All is not lost though and many of the fine Citizens of America voted based on a Media they see every day that is in no way fair in what it reports and says and Our People strongly soaked in Lies willingly. If they knew the Truth about the dangers of US all wanting to allow the USA Government to control a lot of what we see on T.V., and as We see in New York the danger of 100% Trust in Our Government to bring water, and food, and waive a stick and hook up their power. What they got was National Guard Armed leading the Food And Supplies. The Mayor said these guys are armed and turned them back Thank God. How ever Americans will act like fools and complain because they are not given first class treatment as Citizens! So I am sure that
    the weapons that National Guard Brought was to stop Mobs of Citizens demanding Our Rights spoiled hungry hurt sick and afraid people will do things not normally their way of doing things, and can be dangerous at times. Shame on US we have to all get back to work and all report income honestly all do our part doing our part and stop the dream of because I am a Citizen things will never be hard on me and mine. We need to better support our elected Senators and Governors and dig deep in our pockets and help them before it is to late folks.

    We tossed God and His Son out of text books, and sing God Bless America, and honor His Son at Christmas but the Baby grew up died on the Cross, and Blessed America with men and women Christians who gave US America and Trusted US to honor and respect that God that gave them victory, and they a Country. What profit will great medical policy, free food, and all the perks you get from America when most turned their backs on their Founders God and Son that gave them Integrity, honor, and a love for their neighbor, and a thankful heart every day not once a year to a God that has (had) richly blessed US. Citizens who lie have no honor, no integrity and now get great joy watching a General and or Generals and their unmarried girl friends talk about the joys of their affairs.

    We have become a people with out Morals and with out Integrity, and We 50% or more could care less about the fact We as a Nation are not really free and are a slave to our lust, and a shame to Our God. Those who say I am not ashamed of the Gospel Of Christ, ” but the Gospel of Christ is ashamed of US! Enjoy those who have sold your souls to give me, give me, I want, I want attitude. Follow the path to your temporary false happiness, and enjoy complaining like babies not willing to clean up your act love your neighbor as your self and fall on your face and say I have no integrity, lie, and only care about my self, and beg God to turn back his face to US , and forgive US.

    Go back to the only one thing worth any thing Integrity People. Together We are strong, but We hate and judge our neighbor and tossed out our God, and soon the Constitution

    that many do not even understand or care about may as well be lost, and right now is under attack while We enjoy watching men and women who have dishonored them selves and find joy in this have all you want while enemy with in make their final works and plans complete.
    I believe in the American People, but all of US need to soul search and go back to honor and Integrity as the Party will soon be over!

  • “Mr. Khrushchev said he will bury you.”

    Obama said, “carry on”.

  • ezekiel22

    Jann you are off base. The 2008 election was probably one of the most scripted elections in history. This election the most divisive and probably the most crooked. You yourself exemplify the attitude of the mainstream media. By poohpoing the voter fraud you give legitimacy to a system of election that can so easily be manioulated. From what I have read so far it was more than just a few incidents of fraud. You allow the progressive argument of angry white men upset at the results to hold sway. I am disappointed as you should not be so lazy on your reporting.
    Yes, it seems socialism has a firm hold on this country now. It has also done something that should have been foreseen. That is that there is no room for compromise left. There are no gray areas allowed and to give will mean a basic repudiation of a persons’ core values. We are real close to violence happening around us with nobody immune. Everyone of our cornerstone institutions has come under attack with even the military being circumspect. You and every other reader will have to state to themselves and others directly what it is they stand for.
    As an added note there are petitions going around to secede from the Union. What difference they may make is questionable but the choice to socialism has not been fully accepted yet. If the voter fraud that I have read about is true even if only by half then Barak is truly illegitimate.

  • Debra Bowers

    Jan, correct me if I’m wrong. But I am quite sure Kevin Lehman wrote the article.
    She may or may not agree 100% with everything that he wrote.
    I personally post and tweet articles that I don’t necessarily agree with.
    Y’all jump too fast!

  • W Steward

    You know I have set back and watched people point at each otherand accuse everyone of not taking a stand one way or the other. All I can ask is this what we are reduced to? FIghting and bickering among ourselves.Why have we alowed one man to have this knid of control over what I believe is the greatest nation in the world. We have states wanting to leaves this great union to allow one person or small group of people to have this kind of control is just wrong. Have we gotten so lazy that we are willing to set back and allow this to happen. Instead of everyone wanting to leave this great nation I suggest we stand together in the manner we are known for and request that the current adminstration resign and if they refuse then start preceedings to impeach them

  • Judy A Velsor

    Isolated incidents of voter fraud ? Which planet ?

  • Judy A Velsor

    they too will realize. . when too late. realizing then they did it to their own children and future.

  • Judy A Velsor

    Treachery and deceit is what you have now. They fall like dominoes.

  • Well Madam… it needs a bit more than phrases in order to get back to old strengths in that country.. Other countries had the same issues and they got only out of it with telling the people the truth, instead to make them believe that everything could be done without that anyone has to scarify a bit..There is no possibility to get the economy back on track without to increase taxes etc..Just a small example. In Germany they had that situation too but everyone knows how they are doing over there now. It has a good reason that in certain areas there are only 1% unemployment but everything has its price. 19% sales tax, $8.40/gallon gas, only 48% into the pocket from gross income but on the other hand, 30 days vacation, two weeks paid holidays, 6 weeks paid sick days, 35 hours/week work time etc and the infrastructure looks not like in a developing country either and this because the head of the country represent the needs of its people instead to try to lead them because the people know what to do, just need someone that release the paid tax money into the right direction in order to take care the needs of that nation…so of course I am wondering what you guys whining about? Do you really think the nation will get back where it belongs too, without that everyone takes over a part of responsibility? Sure the president might be not the best choice but the other guy wasn’t the best choice either. I never saw such arrogant candidate as Romney and I guess the most here saw it equal, otherwise, I guess he would have been elected… Well, this is a great nation but it will only reach improvement if it stays united. Its anyway not fair to say by some states that they want to tear apart, because the dept here belongs to all states but if they get out of the union, they get out of the responsibility for that common dept either and the states that would remain in the union would have to suffer for it alone….BTW, If you would research as it should be for a good jurnalist, instead just to arouse the
    people, you would point that this has nothing to do
    with socialism. Socialism was the goal Russia (The Soviet Union) had in mind, but this stage of politic was never reached on that planet.
    It never came to it that it goes future than communism, the stage before
    socialism, but ok, who can blame you. I saw you want to run for next president. Sure. Well, everyone is in some way an immigrant in that country, so means here is every culture united and if people would think a bit closer about it, they would know that you can’t make it right for everyone here since the background, mentality and expectations of them are totally different from each other but in case you could do that, they should call you God.

    • bern

      I don’t suppose you can think of one thing that Obam is wrong about, can you? I bet you have never caught his in a outright lie, have you? I bet you think all of the people he has allowed on disability, food stamps, etc. are really unable to work, right?
      You have a lot to learn.

    • MORON!

  • bern

    Ouotes – John Adams…2nd President of the US…
    … well worth reading…

    “Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom.”

    “But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

    “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

    “Statesmen may plan and speculate for liberty but it is religion and morality alone that can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”

    “A revolution of government is the strongest proof that can be given by a people of their virtue and good sense.”

    “Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

    “There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”

  • bern

    NOT ONE, I repeat, not one fraudulent vote should be counted. Any state or county or city having over .0005% fraud should not be allowed to cast their electoral votes nor allowed to sit any local office with fraud over that amount. I could fix the fraudulent vote problem real fast.

  • No, actually we didn’t choose Socialism. A portion of America chose socialism. Those of us picking up the tab, didn’t choose it. That’s garbage. The votes to turn this election may well reside in the illegitimate votes cast in liberal states where it is painfully obvious that we will not get honesty in elections. Like a lot of conservatives, i was pained to the core at the election results. I hate everything that Liberals stand for. And, after a time of reflection, I realized that this is not the first time that the United States faced almost this exact situation. Runaway spending, debt beyond belief, runaway government growth and interference in our lives. (Frankin Roosevelt’s New Deal) And, we came out of that nightmare as a country and overcame to become the world’s leader in manufacturing and technology. We faced down social ills like racism and segregation (championed by Democrats) and became a better country for it. Most of us didn’t live during those times, and our work ethic was different then, but that doesn’t mean we give up or give in. We need to fight those that want to make the USA the USSA. We’ve been fighting this battle for the last 100 years in this country, so this is nothing new. People who we don’t think are listening to what we are saying, are. We need to find them and educate them to reality. Let them know that what they think is the answer is simply a band-aid. There ARE blacks who are sick and tired of this administration and their empty promises, but they don’t think we are listening to them and their plight, so they refer to their default plan of action. We need to clean up the election process. We need crystal clear transparency at every polling place. We need poll watchers and judges that will stand their ground and not be intimidated. We need to walk and talk in black and brown neighborhoods. We need to educate them and OURSELVES on economics. We need to have answers to their questions as to why their lives aren’t better after 4 years of a Democratic President, because their lives are worse. WE need to do what Democrats do. Invest money, boots on the ground and gorilla warfare in the voting trenches EVERY ELECTION. We need to unseat entrenched Democrats who simply give out promises, but don’t walk the talk. We need to get into black and brown churches and fight hand to hand to understand that this is where the battle will be won. Our work has only just begun. Oh, and one more thing, WE DO NOT HAVE TO BECOME LIBERALS TO GET THE VOTE, AS SOME WOULD HAVE US BELIEVE. But we do need to listen the people who want help but don’t know where to get it.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    NYET! Americans did not chose Socialism. Amerikans did that!

  • I think there are going to be a lot of people very sorry they voted for Obama, he is out to completely destroy this country, Why should I bust my butt trying to make something out of myself and make 500,000 dollars a year if I’m going to have to give over half of it to the government to give those that had the same chance but did not take advantage of it and have never worked a day in their life. I don’t have all that many years left but I do feel for my kids and grandkids that will have to go through a taste of communism before it gets better. They will be giving over half their checks to Obama administration if they can find a job with the college education that they have. People need to talk to some people in Canada that have Nat’l Health Care as to how long they have to wait to see a doctor especially if you are past 65 years of age. Like Obama plan when they reach 65 let them die they takes one off of Social Security, one off of Medical Expense and it is a win win for communism