America’s Financial Crisis is all Fun and Games to Carney

White House press secretary Jay Carney thinks our nations financial disaster is all fun and games.
Yesterday he refused to elaborate on President Barack Obama’s plans to wage a grassroots campaign regarding Obama’s message on the so-called fiscal cliff.

“It would RUIN THE FUN if I gave you all the details now,” Carney said.

Party leaders only have a few weeks to come up with a solution in order to avoid more than $600 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases scheduled to occur on Jan. 1, 2013.

The Congressional Budget Office has warned that going over the cliff could trigger another economic recession.

Just after his re-election, Obama met with the leaders of labor unions and other left-wing groups to discuss the fiscal cliff negotiations. (Don’t you just love his choice of close circle buddies?)

These left-wing groups have urged the president to ignore calls for deficit reduction through spending cuts and entitlement reform, arguing that the fiscal cliff be resolved only through tax increases on the wealthy and additional deficit-financed spending.

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  • Jan this is because they have no plan other than raising taxes and it will be everywhere and on anything they can tax instead of cutting government waste and lowering government pay and benefits for public unions. They should really look at the pay and benefits on politicians who are the worst at giving themselves raises and get paid for life after serving only1 term in office.

  • Eric Coddington

    I am done with the whole matter of Integrity in our Government . If they can not get the job done it is up to Citizens to relieve them of their duties! Obama is starting his plan with the U.N. to disarm American’s. He murdered Ambassador Stevens, in Benghazi and you

    bet it as I said was a test! If I can murder him and help the enemy and lie to the U.N. and American people oh and hold up my religion card so I do not have to speak about this matter!

    We as Americans should have fasted and wept over Ambassador Chris Stevens. Instead most people say who. The people who come over for Citizenship have to learn more about America than Americans them self have to know! It is heading to a time once Americans are disarmed by the U.N. as Obama desires. That you make a comment about some one in Washington and in the morning found dead for your efforts. So why not allow people here to have Citizen ship at least they appreciate it and know what it means to have these freedoms. Obama wants that to end, and not share in the religious freedoms, but control your every move and wipe out your freedom.

    You can bet I am not a man who judges by skin color. The white folks many I am white do not hire black folks still because they are black. Stupid though because color of skin should not matter. Then complain they have a higher number asking food help by the ones who do not hire them. So we have a mess easy to take care of , but allowing a bunch of people call you the Messiah and say nothing well some thing is wrong!

    Enough about the obvious We the People no longer run America. King Obama who replaced King Bush, who King Clinton and etc, this was never to be folks.

    So hey stop fighting each other and realize we now have gone back 100% to having a King not a President and all Republicans and Democrats are afraid to say what is on their minds and hearts.

    So great job people every one who judges based on skin color, that is 100% stupid. I can say that it is not like that with every one, but be careful with some one over your home hate toward others based on color. I used my race but before God we all know every race has in it narrow minded people who judge based on color or skin!
    We are going to see enemy at our shores ;like never before and because we fight each other and are self centered, and demand from our government what it can not afford. So
    you thought your vote did not matter. You thought not shedding the hate of your fellow Americans would not matter! You thought not standing by your elected officials did not matter it matters it is important.
    Keep hiding in your homes windows curtained up real good and be afraid of people who actually are nice given a chance.The only thing that has ever made America great is God and his Son who has forgiven those who seek him and his face through Christ. If We toss out God we are taking down His backing of every American who fights for freedom and with every effort to stand against hate! Why do people complain lots about
    what we see going on at the White House. Do you want to be under a man who has a plan to destroy our foundation. Martin Luther King Jr. funny enough came up as a man who wanted US to drive forward in being different from the rest of the world when I did a search on Google under men who fought for our Constitutional Rights for All this man was on of the leaders. Billy Graham also as a leader with faith in God wanting US to all wake up your America is being taking right under your noise. We elected a President who sees US as infidels and does not respect our founding faith, but he can believe what he wants it is America who you put into office running to NATO to get every American disarmed and you can see the real Obama then folks. Your free this and that how ever will be gone your chance to get with others and make with your leaders change will be gone!
    Stop saying God bless America and hate your neighbor. Stop saying you support Veterans when you will not weep for your Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens, or
    Air Force Veteran Sean Smith, Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods former Navy Seals. Obama and Rev. Martin Luther King would not be friends and do not share the same values. Obama does not believe what Martin Luther King Jr. stands for which is our founding views and beliefs Our Constitution Our 2nd Amendment he seeks to destroy!
    Time to really know what he really believes before it really does not matter. No more lies
    who are you and what do you really stand for Mr. Obama !

  • tax increases on the wealthy will not make as much as a pimple sized dent in the deficit ,the only way to reduce this mess is through spending cuts ,cutting payments to these rogue nations that these morons like to give our money to so much,the UN needs to stop getting our tax dollars and be sent packing to somewhere they are needed,this business of giving to illegals has got to stop deport these people and if they desire to return then let them do it the legal way obamacare needs to be trashed we absoultely cannot afford to implement this giant burden on the taxpayers its costs are just way too high for too little results,these politicians need to put these party lines to the wayside for once and sit down and figure this mess out ASAP,as for starting another recession I didn’t know the last one ended so what are they all so worried about that for they need to figure out how to stop this one whats for certain is continuing on this destructive path of this giveaway government has got to stop,if the ones who cannot get with the program then its time to remove them from office

  • i can only say,,, if you are rich you will be punished,.. jan?