Blind Support, Blatant Racism

Jan Morgan

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It’s been 4 years with a black president and a black head of the DOJ.. blacks continue to decline on employment rolls and grow on the food stamp rolls, yet.. black people overwhelmingly voted for Obama again in this election.
I pulled this graphic from a website called “African Americans for Obama”…
The site, by it’s own admission is racist. Everything on it is about what Obama either has done or will do for the black community. (again race based focus)
Black people overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

I wonder…. what would have happened, what would the media say… what would the black community do if there were national websites called “WHITE Americans for Romney”… the WHITE Chamber of Commerce.. Miss WHITE America.. or instead of the NAACP, there was an organization called the National Association for the Advancement of WHITE PEOPLE…
Would those organizations be labled “racist” and discredited? Of course they would because there is a double standard in America.
Political Correctness has allowed it and now we pay for it.

I say, ANY ORGANIZATION that uses race as a basis or foundation of its mission IS RACIST.
As I write this, a Fox News anchor mentioned that the racial divide in America is growing and the level of anger on both sides has increased significantly since Obama’s election in 2008.

YES it has and that divide will continue to grow as Americans wake up from their politially correct stupor and discover for themselves what it feels like to be a victim of reverse discrimminaton.
Been there done that and expect to see much more of it. Brace yourselves.. The worst is yet to come.

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  • howard

    is not about being raciste its about he has not got us on track he is the anty christ he will doom us all

  • So true Jan but a lot of whites are ignoring what is going on around them. I guess they will wake up when something really bad happens to them. The media sure doesnt report on this either.
    And the blacks will see how their president has used and betrayed them but by then it will be too late.

    • news flash the natives arent getting done any

      better hes doing us worse than any white man did

  • Jan, what do you know about the indictment handed down by a Grand Jury against Obummer in Florida on October 30th? Everything I can find says it’s true, yet there is NO media coverage, and as of yet, nothing else has been done EXCEPT the indictment.

    Frankly, I’d like to see him indicted in more states, including Texas, then impeached, removed from office and put in jail. The actual charges are against both him and Bozo Biden in that they gave classified information about our military to an enemy of the United States that led to the deaths of some members of Navy SEAL team 6, and classified information about war plans that are in conjunction with our ALLY, Israel.

    You have anything else on this?

    • Rodger

      Ocala Fl

  • Jimmy

    There are still some black conservatives and black tea party groups who worked trying to inform other blacks that Obama does not have their best interest at heart. He’s merely used their lack of understanding to further his agenda. With the layoffs, business closures that have been announced due to his reelection I hope it won’t take long for the rest of the blacks to wake up and see what is happening that they’ve helped create.

    • Jimmy- Havn’t you seen what happens to those conservative Blacks in the media?
      They are vilified- called Uncle Tom, sell out, race traitor.
      And yet they persevere.
      Bill Cosby, Thomas Soweel, and a little guy named Emery McClenndon. You can find him on Facebook.
      All good MEN, regardless of the amount of melanin in their skin. They all speak the truth. The truth many Blacks refuse to hear.

    • Rodger

      agree. we need to keep leaders in the forefront of black and hispanic heritage. Appeal to all who have values and goals that are based on conservative values. I am white,my daughter in law is black and she has had my love for almost ten years. I want my grandkids to be Americans only not identified by a race.

    • annenms

      “lack of understanding” – isn’t that the definition of ignorance?

  • Jan I grew up in the late 60’s early 70’s and said back then that the black/ brown power T shirt was racist .If would have worn a White power T shirt. I would have been kicked out of school at that time

  • Keith

    Wow Jan you are absolutely right and nailed the head on the coffin. I feel the same way ” about what you have just posted. I always wondered if “white” organizations spoke out or had a white history month they would be shot down. It is a double standard and there is no stopping it at all. It will get worse with no end in sight and will always be this divided country of color. I walked into an all black church on a bet from a black friend that i would not be able to sit through the mass. I am Catholic, I walked in to this church walked as far up as I could to find a space I could sit in. It seemed as if everything stopped looked at me and was quiet. I stood back up, said loudly, is this a house of GOD, then I have come to pray and spend time with him. I felt so out of place but stuck through it.

    Keep doing what you do Jan and be the voice that we need.

  • Jan, I completely agree w/ you….except for calling it “reverse” discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination, whether it’s against blacks, Jews, whites, etc…

    • Racism is not a COLOR it is an adopted attitude of self- indulgence in my opinion. We are all supposed to be a nation under GOD and a CONSTITUTION that is being altered to a type of Anarchy. to me.

    • Thanks for this media to allow my opinion.

    • The term “Reverse Racism” is racist in itself, it presumes the ‘white man’ is racist without question.

  • Pat Puckett

    She is sooo right. I have been asking for years why we can’t have a “White Miss America” contest. They had a Black Miss America contest..I expect the next civil war will be between the races..

  • Bruce

    Just looked for that web site (“African Americans for Obama”) and found this interesting…

    “Notice: This domain name expired on 11/04/12 and is pending renewal or deletion”

    Looks like after the election it is no longer needed, they got what they wanted, the use of the African Americans.

  • I certainly hope you are NOT intending to head off on race issues and lower yourself to that level of a human being. Can’t folks see they are all part of just one RACE it is called the HUMAN RACE and grow up a bit. Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon or Cinnamon all depends on the flavor you like, but as humans does it actually matter? I don’t think so. Neither did Abe Lincoln we already had that civil war I don’t think we need a replay. Okay! We won’t like the results.

    • Larry Hicks

      @Marvin…you should do a little more research on your man Lincoln. He had zero concern for the blacks and really wasn’t anti-slavery. But I do agree with your sentiments on race.

    • Jan nor any other people commenting are racist or spreading hate. It’s about the double standard and racial divide spreading like wildfire since Obama was elected in 2008.

  • Obama won and it was NOT because of his color. He is mixed ya know 1/2 and 1/2. He won because of the free programs he is offering, but can’t pay for. No particular state decided he was going to be president the American people vited him in twice to be exact now. We as a nation must except that. I don’t like it, but in 4 years we can do it all again. lol He won’t be in the race. 🙂

    • annenms

      Marvin, I disagree. It was mostly because of his color. He does not accept his white color, only his black. I personally know blacks who are not racists but they are in the minority. I do not accept him as my president, only the resident of MY White House. I don’t accept any of his policies and as I am over 75 years of age, know that I will never be allowed to have the care younger people will have under ‘obummercare’. I know and accept that I will die because of that law. His arrogance and hatred of America will show up very soon, probably after he and his family return from their tax-payer funded vacation to Burma. Yes, I am angry that my country has allowed this to happen. And the worst is yet to come.

  • J Hill

    There is no such thing as reverse discrimination, only discrimination.

    • I think it should just be called hate, and shouldn’t be excepted or endorsed by any American.

    • Randall B

      So…equal opportunity employer..have to hire x number of black folks..so..sister shows up(1991) for a job interview, cannot hire her because she is not black..yet there were no black folks applying for the job..affirmative action is a racist thing-nkt the best person for the job-yet cracka did not get it because she was not black

  • armedandsafe

    I am a racist. Pure and simple. I favor the human race over all others.

  • Craig

    Of course all the black groups are racist. But you better get ready because it will be a long time before a republican sits in the WH. When you have the lazy takers, unions, and the diehard Libs common sense and conservative principles don’t have a chance. They are well over 50%.

  • I haven’t been able to get rid of that thought since they called the election results Jan. Throughout my 8-year personal research on Obama, which included hearing all of the racist statements he has on record, I say reverse discrimination is going to be elevated to “extreme” measures, and with arrogance and intended malice.

  • KJV Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    KJV Mark 12:30-31

    30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

    31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

    In other words LOVE not HATE others as you would do to yourself. The wages of HATE is DEATH, when it is done on earth it is certain to bring death. Now unless your insane and want to die I wouldn’t spread it around. Nothing good every comes from it.
    And if your a Christian – it means spreading it will open the gates of hell for you when you leave this earth. GOD and Jesus make that plainly clear.

    • HockeyplayerX

      Sometimes I wonder…would it be better to die here on Earth, in shame and disgrace…and go on to paradise, or would it be better to take a stand and face the consequences later? I just don’t think that any god I want to worship would condemn me for doing what is right.

  • Scott

    Jan, I follow many Black/African American individuals/groups on FB to learn more about their perspective. Just this morning I thought the same thing you just wrote. What it I had a page called Positive White Stories, Blue White Dogs, White-American Defender, etc. It would not go well in the media.

    • HockeyplayerX

      You’d be lumped in with groups like National Alliance and Storm Front. Welcome to the New America…you are the new n****r.

  • Steven

    Jan, you speak the truth, and your brave to say it!

    • annenms

      Steven, I feel sure you meant to say “you’re brave”. And you are right, Jan is brave and we need to continue to support her. She speaks the truth that we are only thinking.

  • Reverse discrimination is also a politically “incorrect” term. Discrimination is discrimination. No matter how you call it, there is racial hate in America. The only way to combat this divide is to acknowledge it’s existence and all come together to fight it. I have friends of all races, and look at each of them as human, not color. What I don’t like and will not allow in my life, is ignorant people. Ignorance of other’s cultures is what’s wrong with this Nation. This country is supposed to be strong due to our differences, but the democratic party has swooped in, and exsposed what America has become. Tuesday was a SAD day for America. i pray for our country. For my part, I will build my business in Alternative Energy, and pray i can employ as many people as I can, with great take home pay. I will do my best to help out this economy, and employ knowledgable people of all races. Let’s all do our part to show the democrats, that thier plan to divide and destroy America is going to fail. We can get past the ignorance, and be a great nation once agian. This country was founded on Christain principles, and I’ll fight till my dying breath to let my light shine in this darkness. We will not let the Muslim’s of this world, destroy our Constitution, that our for-father’s sacrificed so much to give our country birth. Educating the masses is our only hope!!!

  • Fast Eddie

    White obama voters and Black obama voters = Dumb and Dumber

  • Vladimir

    I agree, Jan! But what is even worse – it’s a split in the Republican Party. Already there is talk of the office tea party. This is bad, but the party is in need of modernization. We have to give way to young and korrupirovannym people in Congress. And aggressive Republicans. The question of abortion is time to close – it’s the business of the women. And all the idiots go on about banning. And it’s time to forget about political correctness: it into the hands of the Communists and black.

    • HockeyplayerX

      No, the party is not in need of “moderation”. Absolutely not! “Moderation” just means caving in to the desires of the Democrats, the liberals, the so-called Progressives. What needs to be done is that WE, conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Patriots, white, black, whatever…need to finally UNITE against this Socialistic farce. I saw too many would-be Republican voters pissing their votes away on Gary Johnson, or not voting because Romney was a Mormon. None of that furthers our agenda…not at all. If you want unborn children murdered, then fine, got join the liberals…that is NOT our platform. If you want income redistribution…go join the liberals…that is NOT our platform. Suggesting that we abandon our moral beliefs in order to cater to some non-existent “center” is absurd. Understand this, and understand it well. There can be NO COMPROMISE. This is a war, a war against American values, a war against God, and a war against common decency. Which side are you on?

  • Chris Fostel

    I think the policies of “White” versus “Minority” should be language of the past. It is time to expose the blatant bias of the term “White.” We are a nation of minorities banded together for a common purpose. There is no “white” majority. How can I say that? The term “White” describes an arbitrary conglomeration of minorities who are not favored by current Federal entitlement laws. Some examples: Hispanics are 16% of the US population, they are favored over Anglo. ,But “Anglos” –people of English decent — are only 18% of the population. When do Hispanics become the new “White” and Anglos become a protected minority? At current population growth rates, it should be soon. People of Germanic decent are only 14% of the population. Why are Hispanics favored over Germanics? Why no protection for Germanics?

    The picture gets worse if you look at Sub Continental Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Russian, etc. All of these minorities have histories of eons of bloody conflicts. Why are they all these minorities grouped together to create a majority called “white” and then discriminated against by Federal law? The “problem” of illegal discrimination was created by the prosperous 1% who owned slaves more than 150 years ago and controlled hiring practices until 1964. All of the people who created this problem are now dead. Why do the 70% arbitrarily called “white” still have to pay the price for the sins of the now dead 1%?

    I have lived my entire life watching opportunities that could have been open to me taken from me and given to others because someone else’s’ ancestors did something bad to their ancestors. What did my ancestors have to do with this. Absolutely nothing. Its time to end the lie that there is a majority clled “white” and begin developing policies that level the playing field for EVERYONE to truly be equal.

  • Jan, I can’t begin to tell you how many programs on state public television I would come across before the election where there were always young black college students that were specifically saying that the primary reason they were voting for Barack was that he was black. The people moderating the discussions would try to evoke some semblance of conversation about the economy or social issues regarding the two party candidates but there seemed to be no interest in debating issues or general knowledge gathering for the students. It was ALL about having a black man as president. My wife and I were just mystified by the whole process.

  • HockeyplayerX

    I think it is extremely important for all of us to remember one thing: This is not about black vs. white…it is about blacks being EXPLOITED by the DNC, Obama himself included! The primary reason that the DNC chose Obama was because of the color of his skin. They knew, and rightly so, that putting a black man up for POTUS would automatically break the practical “tie” that existed prior to that. It worked in 2008, it worked again in 2012. We have a POTUS that was elected to office based upon the color of his skin. Isn’t that great? No…it isn’t, but about 50.01 % of the country thinks it is. So here we are. In the aftermath. And our prospects for the future don’t look very good. I hate to be the one to say it…but we lost the war…and it was because of race. Now we face the consequences. It is going to get bad boys and girls…bad.

  • I have researched AMERICAN HISTORY BACK as far as I could to see that HISTORY DOES REPEAT IT’S SELF. If you don’t know you can think you can expect a different result with the same stupid actions and we all know how that doesn’t work. PEOPLE have to KNOW to avoid this and it seems like they just don’t want to make the effort to find out. they are really selfish with their inconsiderate attitude of self indulgence.

  • All American

    Jan and everyone here is correct in some way about where we are, how we got here and where we are going. Fact is, all problems start at a source. Our ‘government’. They and I mean both sides, have no idea about our values and present situations. They are all in a world of their own. Not on our social security nor on our medical insurance. How could they know what is good? Get term limits, put them on our retirement system and hold them accountable. BTW, we would have a Republican president if the one the party put forward related to the hard working middle class.

  • I feel it is a shame that I didn’t have access to this media a LONG time ago. but I would like to point out THAT PREZ. Obama has divided this country and caused more RACISM just to manipulate all people of COLOR with DECEIT.I’m not an extremist and I KEEP an OPEN MIND to avoid discrimination for any REASON or ANYBODY.

  • sagebrush6

    I will have to agree with Jan 100%. I had a black person work for me one time and was a horrible employee. He told me, you can’t fire me, I’m black. I said wrong — YOUR FIRED ! He said you’ll pay for his. Took me to court and the prosecutor found out he had a habit of pulling this crap to get awards from businesses so he wouldn’t have to work. A scammer, as it were. He’s in jail.