BREAKING NEWS: Iran Fires at U.S. Drone

Jan Morgan

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The White House has confirmed that a U.S. Drone on a classified misison over the Gulf, was shot at by an Iranian military plane.
The Pentagon says an Iranian military plane fired upon, but did not hit, an unarmed U.S. drone aircraft a week ago in what a spokesman said was international airspace over the Persian Gulf.

Pentagon press secretary George Little says the incident was disclosed Thursday.
Little said the drone aircraft was performing “routine surveillance” and was about 16 miles off the Iranian coast when an Iranian SU-25 warplane intercepted it and opened fire. He said it was the first time an unmanned U.S. aircraft was shot at in international airspace over the Gulf.
Little said the U.S. informed the Iranians that it would continue to conduct such surveillance flights in international airspace.

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  • Why don’t we go a step further and fire upon their SU-25?

  • shoot their ass out of the sky

  • Kenny Dice

    t’s a good thing I’m not in charge,those su-25’s would be toast by now.

  • Eagle

    No one seemed to mentioned that this happened on November 1st. We are finding out about this on November 8th! After the election…and only because there was a leak in the Whitehouse!

  • 7LibertyForAll

    We have no business harassing, spying upon, causing embargoes, and so forth. If this POS government would just mind its own damned business the rest of the world might eventually stop their righteous hatred of us. I am so sick of the saber-rattling, chest-beating, and attacks on everyone that we want something from or the central banks cannot yet own. EVERY war that’s been waged (declared or not) was caused by and funded by the effing central banks. When are we going to finally GET IT?