FEMA Isn’t Coming


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It seemed unreal. They were in complete denial. This is the USA. This can’t be happening thought the young couple as they huddled on the couch together in their Bronx apartment. Hurricane Sandy was on the way. In the wee hours of the morning they heard yelling outside. They looked in horror to see wave after wave of water flooding the streets below. They had no idea if they would survive the night. They didn’t think it could get any worse. Then, the power went out. Sandy was making her claim on the city.

As dawn broke on Day-1 the couple realized the utter devastation of their neighborhood. There was no power. No buses or subways were working. The streets were flooded. Many cars were flooded or floated away. Their own parking basement was flooded along with all the cars. They had heard on the radio that FEMA resources were staging supplies for the survivors at a local elementary school. They walked 12 blocks to get there . They waited 6 hours. FEMA never came. They made their way back to the apartment. They had little food. The electric stove was useless. They spent the night dining on soda crackers, Mayo and soda.

On Day 2 the locals were talking excitedly about a FEMA convoy bringing supplies. They had no idea that Mayor Bloomberg had turned it back because it was escorted by Army National Guard. Those troops were armed. Bloomberg wanted only armed police on the streets. The police were already overwhelmed. The supplies went to a warehouse. FEMA didn’t come.

The events of this crisis did not sit well with this Author. This is not the America of our Forefathers. Many Citizens continue to feel that the government OWES them everything. The self- reliance and ‘Pioneer Spirit’ that we once had seemed to be gone. Urban Americans had gone feral. Like wild dogs, they begin to prey upon each other almost immediately. People had no preparations. They had no water. They were forced into scavenging from dumpsters for survival food. FEMA never came.

Where was the American ingenuity and enterprise we are famous for all over the world? Are people so lazy and dependant on government hand outs that they no longer take any responsibility for their own welfare or that of their families? FEMA isn’t coming. Whatever happens to you is on YOUR shoulders.

If this young couple had just taken a few simple preparations, they would have been fine. That would mean taking personal responsibility. What could they do? Let me count the ways;

1. Don’t be there. If you are warned that the Storm of the Century is coming, get out of the area for a few days.

2. Have a 72 hour or Bug-Out Bag. Have it packed with stuff you are going to need for each person. Check list of what to pack are on the Red Cross web site at www.redcross.org and all over the internet. The important thing is to HAVE ONE. Two is better. One in your car and one in your house would be optimal.

3. Have a PLAN. PANIC is not a plan. Storms, earthquakes and fires happen all the time. Know how you are going to evacuate. Know where to go. Have a communications plan if you get separated. Assume there will be no power or cell phone service. Out of state phone and cell lines will likely not be so busy. Have an out of state contact that you can relay messages through.

4. Be American! This is not France or Pakistan. Cowboy up! Americans step up and help each other. We don’t prey upon each other. That is going to mean that we take responsibility for our own welfare. We might have to help take care of our neighbors too. Make preparations BEFORE the next emergency.

Some people got caught flat footed this time. Get ready for the next one. Take care of yourselves and your families. FEMA isn’t coming.

Dennis Kennedy is Director of the Counterterrorism Institute of America based in Utah. He is a former police Officer and Army Special Forces Weapons NCO. He can be contacted at the web site at www.combat-terror.com or on Facebook.

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  • I agree with this…especially #1. They were told days in advance that Sandy was coming, but still chose to stay. If they had been prepared…less people would have been in so much trouble. You know, the thing that gets me is that they thought the government was going to come. That hasn’t been the track record. Even if the government says that they have everything in place…it still takes FOREVER.

    Another thing that bothers me is…they still sing the praises of the President and even voted him in again. Yet, all he has done was go there for some photo ops.

    Another thing that bothers me about this whole thing is Bloomberg. That guy is a REAL PIECE OF WORK!!! He didn’t want the National Guard there…cause they were armed – GET REAL. Then he WAS going to go on with the marathon…when his city was in turmoil. He only canceled…because we were upset with him. He is an IDIOT.

  • Saltporkdoc

    But I thought the government was the answer to all our needs…at least according to the liberal hogwash. Remember, be careful what you wish for, you MAY get it!
    Welcome to Amerika [sic].

  • marineh2ominer

    Everybody north of the Maryland re-elected Barak Obamass , I feel NOTHING for them and hope the suffering lasts for as long as that ass is in office . I am not usually that bitter but that was our country at stake and now we have lost if , America is dead , long live the united Socialist States of America , and SUFFER .

    • wmgill

      No one President can distroy the country without help from Congress, which unfortunately he has. 🙁

  • RonA.

    I take exception to the statement that everybody North of Maryland votes for Obama. I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and for Romney in the Presidential election. I Live in New Jersey and my Go-Bag contains everything me and my family will need for at least 72 hours including food, water and everything necessary to live in the wild for extended periods of time. Along side the Go-Bag is my safe which contains an AR-15 with EOTECH holographic sights and magnifier with combat sights for when the batteries run out on the EOTECH, a Kimber 1911 .45 and about 3000 rounds of ammo. In addition I have six other firearms to chose from if I need to take them as well. When the storm hit, if I had to hunker down I had 50 gallons of water, 15 lbs of white rice and a multitude of various dry non perishable foods, and enough batteries to last six months. In addition, my vehicles were fully fueled including a motorcycle for if the fuel became an issue long term. I also had 17 gallons of fuel on standby and a hand pump.

    I was living large and never sat on line at a gas station, never ran out of fuel, and never wanted for anything. I have a true understanding of what is at stake when the shit hits the fan and I am trained how to use my firearms if the need presents itself. Not everybody in the NYC area has their heads up their asses.

    • HockeyplayerX

      Good man. Do yourself a HUGE favor if you haven’t yet. Get a water filter…a GOOD one. I recommend the Katadyn Pocket. It’s pricey, but 13,000 gallons on one cartridge…not bad. Also, made completely of metal…no cheap plastic fittings. Good luck to you patriot.

      • Thank you

      • RonA.

        Thank you very much for the suggestion, I’ll look into it.

    • You’ve got to be one out of 100,000.

    • Mike

      you’re a role model, that’s for sure! I’m disappointed on the readiness of the population of NY/NJ and everyone else affected. Sure some aspects of this you can’t help but offer sympathy/help as homes were totally wrecked, but the lady bitching she didn’t have anything for her family and bitching about the FEMA meals–she deserves it. “what am I supposed to do with these”. EAT THEM YOU JERK! Right on RonA!

  • these people should remember this the next election that comes up they elected this idiot now they have to deal with his stupidity come on do ya really think these guardsmen are going to come in blasting their guns just because they have them thats just utter nonsense as are the policies of this ultra wealthy lunatic he is another one that beggs to be recalled and even possibly put in a straight jacket and locked up in a rubber room,now as for these hurricanes yes it is very important to have a plan in place I know these folks in the northeast are not used to these things but us in the gulf coast are used to hurricanes and tornados,I didn’t have much of a plan in place either until a tornado dropped a 75 foot red oak on my house I have a plan now all I can say is you just have to learn from it and deal with it blaming people won’t help and its very apparent that this bloomberg guy hasen’t got a clue and never will now if his house was torn to shreds he might get some idea of what people go through in these things but my feelings are that he’ll just lease a penthouse suite and pay other folks to deal with it

  • HockeyplayerX

    If you, as an American citizen, are relying on the federal government to help you for any reason, you deserve what you get. Understand that this government no functions for the people…it functions for the furtherment of the “ruling class” that exalted themselves above the “common man”. When liberals slandered George W. Bush because of FEMA’s failures after Katrina, I tried to point out to them that there had been several disasters before Katrina, and before Bush, that FEMA had failed at. Hurricane Floyd is a prime example…it has been over 10 years, and I still know people that have never gotten the money that FEMA promised them. You put your faith in a corrupted system…and you deserve what you get. Personally, I think it couldn’t happen to better bunch. May God have mercy on you, because I sure as hell won’t.

  • sassy95324

    Most of the article I agree with, people should have left before the storm hit. As far as stocking up beforehand, many of the houses with either flooded or just plain blown away. Afraid stockpiling would have gone the same way.

    • That’s the reason for 72 hour go bags – you can survive the initial 3 days!!!

    • wmgill

      If people had left before the storm and took their go bag with them then their suppilies would not have been lost in the storm, rather they would have used them after the storm.

  • Did they believe that anything had been learned from Katrina? Do they not realize that the federal government continues to prove inefficient? I haven’t read the articles, but it’s suggested that the charitable group MOMS is way ahead of Red Cross in feeding the needy. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, why should anyone else?

  • bsolestis

    Here’s one thing you forgot, Mr. Kennedy: well before the crisis, get RID of all the STUPID anti-gouging laws. They do nothing penalize suppliers for offering critical supplies where/when they’re most needed. When you’ll actually be arrested, fined and possibly jailed for daring to offer supplies at anything higher than the price it was before the crisis, of COURSE you’re going to sit right on your living room couch and let the government handle it.

    No one deserves a disaster, but IMO anyone who supports anti-gouging laws deserves what the people in NJ and NY are going through now, from gas rationing to anything else that’s in short supply.

  • wmgill

    I have been through 3 hurricanes. Hugo in SC, Andrew and Katrinain in La. (What can I say I prefer living close to the coast) Made it through by getting out well before the storm. You have days notice that its coming if you stay you get hurt. Never depend on the Feds for anything. They will let you down every time then tax you for their failure. It is the individuals responsibility to take care of themselves and their families, not the government’s. The only this the government can or will do is help clean up the mess afterward. That can take weeks, months or even years. Till then your own your own. I feel for the people who were hit by this storm, I know how it is to lose everthing. But you have to pull YOURSELF up and move on.

  • we are loss in american ,the greates nation inthe world are leader ship has a lot to be desired . hope we do’T FALL TO A THRID NATION .YOUNG PEOPLE NEED WORK ,FAMILY IN NEED. FOR WORK NO WELFARE.

  • Robert Moulds

    At first one would think Dennis is xenophobic wing nut the cowboy is out place in a urbanized world even a gay one with chocolate pudding. Still avoiding storms makes sense like say blizzard the occur in the winter and not fighting among ourselves. True this is not the old west and liberals like myself should be thankful. Their is no reason to fight among ourselves like the people in defeated country like 1945 or failed state today. Hopefully FEMA will do better but don’t count on it.