Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

As I climb in my comfortable bed to slumber in peace, I give thanks to God for YOU.
Because of your SACRIFICE, I live in a nation where I am free to pursue my dreams.
Because of your COURAGE, I may proudly proclaim America, home of the brave and free!
Because of your UNDEFEATED STRENGTH, I live fearing no enemy.
I will NEVER take it for granted.

I APOLOGIZE for the actions of our elected government, for YOU are MORE NOBLE than the government you serve.

YOU are the epitome of the spirit that made America a superpower!

There is no greater sacrifice than that of a man who lays down his life for his fellow man.
I do not take your sacrifice for granted and I will NEVER FORGET!

Though I do not serve in the military, I vow to do everything within my power to stand up and fight here at home for the liberty you so courageously fought to preserve.
I humbly offer my heartfelt, eternal gratitude.

God Bless YOU and God Bless America! – (c) 2012 JAN MORGAN

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  • As a Marine veteran. I appreciate YOUR appreciation of our service. Governments change, but as long as we as American Patriots refuse to knuckle under and obey, we will remain the great shining city on the hill that the great President Reagan described. Thank You Jan for believeing in us and inspiring us.

  • John V.Rigdon

    Thank you Jan Morgan, Patriot. It is an honor to fight for the Truth with You. I am a Veteran, from the one we lost. You ALSO are a veteran. You have seen both sides of the battlefield. “The Pen is mightier than the sword”. You know this very well. I took an oath that did NOT stop with a piece of paper telling me my duty was done. “Protect the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. So help me God.” For some, when they took their uniform off it was done. For others, it made us realize the war would be for live. United we Stand, Divided we Fall! I am honored also for your sharing your articles. Hit ’em hard and HIT ’em often!

  • mike from nam

    As a veteran of times long passed
    I want to thank YOU!!!

  • As a veteran, I think that’s all we ever want to know. That what we do or did means something. That it’s appreciated. Thank you, Jan, for this message and all that you do on the homefront.

  • unclefester

    Thanks Jan, as a retired NCO with 23 years of service I thank you for remembering us as after Viet Nam, we were a bit short changed by the government and most people. Glad that todays recent vets are being treated better!

  • Matt Littlefield

    Thanks Jan.

  • Thank you Jan. I am a Vietnam vet and appreciate all you are doing. I pray that God richly blesses you and your family.

  • Obama administration wouldn’t even count the votes of these brave men, I know I did not take a mortar shell for our government to be like it is today.