It’s About RICE, Not RACE!


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With his administration having done LITTLE to protect an ambassador who for some time prior to 9/11/12 had repeatedly warned that he was in trouble, and having done NOTHING whatsoever to rescue two Navy Seals, completely abandoning them to die in a long, bloody battle, Obama did EVERYTHING he could to protect himself politically after the Benghazi carnage.

That ‘everything’ included sending UN Ambassador Susan Rice out into the media maelstrom to repeat something for which there was NEVER any evidence, but for which a narrative had to be created. It was she, and she alone, who put HERSELF in the limelight when she acceded to that White House request to peddle a false story to cover administration culpability in the murder of American citizens.

We keep hearing how brilliant she is, how educated she is, what degrees she has, etc. So, she’s a very, very intelligent woman who likely knew perfectly well that she was possibly misleading the American people. With her vast knowledge, intelligence and experience, it is expected of her to seek additional information from the State Department before she goes on the Sunday talk shows.

Why didn’t she ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton why SHE wasn’t willing to represent the administration? Why didn’t she ask State Department security official Charlene Lamb what happened? Both Clinton and Lamb followed those Benghazi events in real time; THEY KNEW THE TRUTH.

Why didn’t she ask Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. James Clapper why THEY weren’t willing to represent the administration? A woman of her education and intelligence SURELY had to have known something was wrong when the administration came to her.

That is fair, and has nothing at all to do with her race or gender. The fact is: She didn’t want to. She wanted to be the point person, she wanted the face time, and without hesitation answered the emergency “screen test” call to provide cover because she hungers for higher office.

As night follows day, so does the charge of racism leveled by Democrats following any Republican criticism of a black American, facts be damned. Once upon a time it was patriotism that was the last refuge of a scoundrel. Now the charge of racism is the refuge of a Democrat too lazy to do his or her homework, or too dishonest to acknowledge the truth.

If Democrats are angry about the predicament that Rice finds herself in, they should put the blame where it belongs: on the man who used her to try to save himself, and who then flew off to Las Vegas after the attack to raise money for his presidential campaign. No doubt he was so devastated and broken with grief about the assassinations of our diplomats, he figured a little partying in Vegas would cheer him up.

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  • Archie

    Because she is a bootlicker and hasn’t an orginal thought in her head. Just following the yellow brick road paved by the islamunist in the whitehouse.

  • Obama and his Blood Thirsty Muslim Sympathizing Adminatration is more Concerned with negative international public relations impacts than protecting Americans.
    The Democrats have blood on their hands and they are licking their boney crooked fingers clean just like Fast and Furious..
    America needs real Leadership to Settle Issues; Produce Definitive Results Decisively and with Authority!

  • loriboxer

    Not only does her ‘present’ stint in the administration disqualify her for Secretary of State, but her past does as well. For those who may not have seen this, released by Brietbart two days ago, please read. There’s much there that you probably didn’t know about or perhaps just forgot about:

    Top Ten Reasons to Oppose Susan Rice

  • The corruption in the Obama administration is like a desease. It infects everyone who comes in contact with it. Rice, who is supposed to be an intelligent person has allowed herself to become part of the sickness. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the distance these people will go to cover for Obama.

    • Larry

      I could be wrong but i believe Obama told her what to say, he changed the talking points. If so i hope he pays for throwing others under the bus. We know all well how everything is always the other persons fault. The Socialist and Narcissist