On Diversion and More Diversion (or, BenghaziGATE, Stupid!)


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While Rome Burns — President Distracts, Generals Play, Americans Pay

And America is “on a path to its fifth straight $1 trillion-plus deficit.”

The Economy, Jobs, Fiscal Cliff, 2nd Amendment Attacks, Stolen Elections, Collectivism Run Rampant, and yet, More and More Empty Chairs… Stupid!

Of course, “Stupid” doesn’t refer to YOU… rather those who really believe these “affairs” are the real story… not YOU! We all know how RARE these affairs are!

To continue this fun little circus, for real fun, how about let’s check the e-mails of the POTUS, all Congresspersons, and all reporters? Now wouldn’t that be fun? Who will cast the first stone from their glass house? It ain’t the Clinton “did not have sexual relations with that woman” story… It’s Benghazi!

When the mainstream news jumps all over story B and avoids story A… watch the other hand… where’s the real story? Story A! What is story A? Benghazi. Obama. Traitorous dereliction of duty. MSM conspiring with the White House to divert, cover-up, and deny the story to save the election.

For weeks — and even to today — the MSM has avoided story A — the Benghazi, Obama, Commander in Chief, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence of our forces and Ambassador, story. They blamed the horrendous mutilation, beheading, and rape of American heroes and an Ambassador in Benghazi, on American free-speech of all things. Shift blame AND attack a foundational American principle — free speech — via a clear, proven lie by the Obama administration, his staff, and the press — that Benghazi was the result of a single video.

But look how fast… how completely… how amazingly dogged they are about a story of affairs of select military officials — to distract from the real story. The MSM is really getting good at Hitler-esque, Third Reich propaganda, aren’t they? Goebbels would be so proud.

What is the real reason these military officers are being skewered from our oh so saintly nation? Opposition to a collectivist take-over of America? Will the “investigation” get to the real story, or will it stay focused on ratings garnering sexual affairs stories? Will it get to the bottom of why Obama denied military support to the four who were slaughtered by (the supposedly eradicated) Islamist terrorists? We will see. Don’t count on it.

And now, more affairs!(1) Isn’t this fun?

D.M. Chaney (C) 2012

(1) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/13/top-us-commander-in-afghanistan-gen-john-allen-under-investigation-for-alleged/

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  • What do we have to do to get the MSM to do their jobs? Actually, investigate, pester, follow, question, dig and dig even deeper? Are all the media owners really a part of the One World Soros Globalization effort? They’ve betrayed us but thank goodness you and many other website journalists and bloggers have picked up the mantle.

    • Thank you for your question, Ann. It’s a good one.

      First, the primary answer is, interestingly enough, a free-market one — if we boycott these outlets, they will suffer economically. Regardless their ideologies, they cannot continue to operate without advertiser revenue. This economic impact will not change their core ideology, but may impact their ability to influence as broadly as they are today. And that influence is falling rapidly. Boycotting is the best way to do what we are able to force factual news reporting. However, as long as there is a market for their propaganda, they will provide it. Americans who accept the “progressive” narrative, and who watch these channels, are at cause in enabling MSM propaganda.

      Second, to truly impact these organizations long term, we need to understand the underlying motives behind their propaganda. There are multiple forces at work in shaping our media, their narratives, and the public’s evolving responses to same. Suffice it to say that the core ideology is collectivist and it is driven from multiple motives — power, greed, inordinate jealousy and competition, and, let us not forget, pure evil. The handful of companies that own the major media outlets are aligned with an global governance agenda — via long-established “progressive” and other movements. There is a de-facto agreement between these progressive organizations, entertainment, unions, and yes, even some church organizations, that individual liberty and free-market economics, as well as our other most important founding principles, are best if replaced by collectivism. We can only attack this virus with truth… education of all with regards to their real M.O. and the devastation the realization of same will bring to America and the rest of the world.

      Third, yes, George Soros is a key contributor to all things anti-American, anti-freedom… from media to NGOs focused on globalist causes from “climate change” to anti-2nd Amendment legislation.. and progressive organizations like Media Matters, which influences the media.

      Yet, we have power as long as we are able, as you point out, to fight evil with the truth.

      Thank you for your comment and sharing the truth with others. The truth will not only set us free, it will keep us free if we objectively learn and retain it.

  • Bullit

    I M P E A C H O B A M A then, do a complete and thorough investigation of this administration. Seize their computers, confiscate all of their emails and try them for treason based upon their dereliction of duty, fraud, thievery, redistribution of American tax-payers hard earned money to bundlers, re-count the vote and all the while hold the entire administration on house arrest. Then go through every one of their financial records, stock and investment portfolios, ahhh, just think how the media would bail when they are under investigation as well. OK, I’ll wake up. I forget sometimes that we are no longer in Kansas anymore . . . .