OOPS! 5 States to be Hit Hardest by Obama Tax Hikes, VOTED OBAMA..

Families in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged New Jersey will face the highest tax increase as a percentage of their income – 6.82% or about $6,933 more in taxes — if Congress does not reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff tax issues during the lame-duck session, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation.

In its study of how the fiscal cliff would affect typical families in each state, the Tax Foundation reports that if the numerous tax provisions that are due to expire on Dec. 31 are not changed, a four-person family in New Jersey with a median income of $101,682 will see its taxes go up at a rate 6.82 percent of its income, which translates into about $6,933.

All five states with the top tax increases are “blue states,” which President Obama won in the 2012 presidential election. But so are four out of the bottom five states with the exception of Kansas.


Read more: http://nation.foxnews.com/tax-hikes/2012/11/23/study-top-5-states-be-hit-hardest-tax-increases-voted-obama#ixzz2D5pAqdQM

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  • NihongoGuy

    I would assume those in the northeast will be fine with this – as has been stated, they intentionally voted for this. No one can say they didn’t know what Obama wanted to do after four years of him.

    • sagebrush6

      Just waite until 2014 when even more taxes kick in. They will be screamin’ ! But I’m sure it was Bushes fault.

    • doc

      NOT everyone voted for this lieing SOB, only the dumbasses who would SUX his dick.

  • These are not “Obama tax hikes”. This fiscal cliff scenario was set up by Congress. Everyone will have to pay more in taxes if we are serious in solving our debt problem. We need a balanced approach of raising tax revenue, cutting spending and eliminating fraud and waste.

    • R. Brancatelli

      So federal spending gas NOTHING to do with it? Just taxes….really? I have bridge to sell you.

    • Dave

      Sequestration was put in place by Congress and was SIGNED (or kicked down the road) by Obama. It’s interesting how libs will credit Clinton with the Congressional feat of a balanced budget but will defer blame to Congress when, in fact, it was a triune pact.

      • And it’s interesting how cons will call President Obama “the food stamp President” when every penny of unemployment and food stamp money had to be approved and passed by the Republican House.

        • sagebrush6

          Wrong. You can thank Harry Reid and Pelosi for those hikes. That was part of the Democrat Farm Bill. Read it.

    • Gman

      John, You need to wake up and see things for what they are. I pay over 50% of my income on taxes, apparently that isn’t enough for you libtards! TAX, TAX, TAX… Enough is enough, we don’t have an income problem, we have a spending problem!

    • jay

      The key words here cutting spending. History has shown that spending has ALWAYS increased with higher taxes. Look it up. If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have $16 trillion in debt.

      • NortheastBob

        And spending went up for the past 30 years even though taxes went down. And the debt BALLOONED over the last 30 years while taxes went down. So you sure as hell don’t want to decrease taxes.

      • NortheastBob

        After reading your message again I can’t help but think you must live in CO or WA where pot was just legalized. Because 1980, US debt negligible. 1988 US debt over 3 trillion and growing ever since. Tax rates under reagan were much higher than they are right now. What you say is just not based on reality. Or perhaps you’re looking at one of those so called “unskewed” rates. Filled with math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?

    • USMC Veteran

      John, thinking like that is what got us in this mess in the first place, along with all the idiots who voted for Obama, not once but twice!

    • rhblommel

      Spoken as a true “progressive”, the democrats in Congress took its marching orders directly from the President, they would not let an agreement any longer through!!

  • I bet Connecticut is at the top of this list. Me and the rest of the Student Veterans, as soon as We graduate, are getting the hell out of Connecticut. My poor MIL is suffering as her husband passed away six months ago, and still no Survivor Benefits from the SSA. My husband and brother in law are in a daily fight to save the family business. And I’m scared that Obamacare is going to ruin my dreams of becoming a doctor. As for starting a family, I’m not too confident on that, as I don’t know what kind of world my children will grow up in. Lord Help Us All.

    • Obama care will limit how much you can make. I got the act from the Library of Congress. And they want to have a panel determine if a person needs surgery and when. I would change my major fast.

      • NortheastBob

        I smell a load of horse $#@& right here. What page of the document that you supposedly read talks about forming a a panel to determine salaries?

        • The comment said the panel was to determine if/when a person gets surgery not that a panel was going to determine salaries. Read much?

  • Yep, and to make matters even worse. I am hearing that FEMA will be requiring the hurricane victims to pay back the money they receive. Supposedly in the fine print.

    Former FEMA Inspector Exposes Federal Relief Money Trap and Disaster Atrocitieshttp://youtu.be/cxSyF1OlOJk

  • Mitchmoney

    Bullshit. For the millionth time – Obama has stated no tax increases for those making under $250k. If the Republicans hold the US hostage to protect the wealthy (those above $250k) – its the Republicans tax increase, not Obamas. Wake up

    • If we taxed only the wealthiest in this country, we might be able to fund this government juggernaut for MAYBE 30 days tops

      • If Obama was really going to “make the rich pay a little more” like he keeps saying, why hasn’t it happened? Has he paid “a little more” by way of example or did he use the same guidelines the other rich use (and loopholes)? Wake up, Obama is for the rich and greedy by the rich and greedy just like the rest of DC.

  • Mitchmoney

    Garbage. For the millionth time – Obama is committed to no tax increases for the VAST majority, those making under $250k. If the Republicans are not serious about responsibly reducing the deficit by taking back a tax break for the rich (given by Bush at a time of war) – than they will hold the US hostage and not agree to a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. At that point, tax increases that hurt the VAST majority of US citizens will be on the Republicans, not Obama.

    • Mitch, how do you think democrats FUND their social services agenda? by tax and spend methods. California is the worst.

  • sagebrush6

    Serves them right. Vote for Obama! Fools !

  • NortheastBob

    I live in the northeast, and as you might expect, I am somewhat liberal. But to be honest, I was kind of hoping Romney would get elected, because at it is, we already pay more taxes per capita than most red states. I’m tired of my northeast liberal tax dollars getting funneled to conservative states.

  • Amanda Day



  • SnakeDoctor

    Did anyone see Jamie Fox on the news callling “o” Lord and Savior? This is getting out of hand. Calling “o” the Messiah! God will punish this fool soon. Too many fools in California are like this. Don’t support any of them, no movie watching or DVD purchases. I will not support any of them. Count on it!