Petraeus Resigns as CIA Director- Timing and Excuse, I’M NOT BUYING IT.

Jan Morgan

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CIA Director David Petraeus today submitted his letter of resignation to President Obama.
The move was announced in a statement by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.
The excuse he has cited is an extra-marital affair.
I’m not buying it.
The timing just before some of the the most serious Congressional hearings of our time, (the Benghazi hearings) next week, is more than intriguing.

Who is going to replace him in the hearings? It seems to me that he should still be forced to appear and provide information that he would have provided had he still been Director of National Intelligence.

hmmmm… I am sure there will be much more on this story in the days ahead… and I am not talking about his affair.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/09/petraeus-resigns-as-cia-director/#ixzz2Bl4kh31q

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  • Lon Downs

    …It looks like the General would rather face his Wife’s wrath, than that of the American people, once the Truth comes out!…(If ever)…

  • I am not buying it either. I think that some REALLY stinks here!!! Just like a lot of stuff, with this administration, lately. I agree…he should still have to show-up to the hearings. He was in place when it all came down.

  • Bruce Long

    Another one falls on his sword. Let’s get him out of the way real quick so maybe he won’t have to testify. Oh to be a fly on the wall!

    • booch221

      Well, you have the brain of a fly…
      But you’re in good company on this webiste.

      • Hawk

        No one invited you so why are you here?

      • Funny… everyone calls conservatives names and throw out insults. Yet we don’t troll leftist websites and insult them…

        • kc54

          it’s called blatant hypocrisy! And THEY are the loving/peaceful/ tolerant, right?!! Look at the huge difference of the OWS PIGS and how they left places where they had slithered; in total shambles and nastiness. Then look at the Tea Party groups and how they left their gatherings; cleaner than when they arrived. Just like the pro-life groups versus the baby killers; they are peaceful and prayer-like. Baby-killing groups? Vulgar and crude, attacking people holding signs, spraying them with bug sprays, etc. Fortunately, these idiots were arrested; someone got a pic. of them using the bug spray.

  • rightsman

    Because Patraeus reigned, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to testify. If I work for the bank and embezzle money, then resign, that does not preclude me from being prosecute, or testifying at trial. Peace, Robert Walker

    • rick

      actually it would…you don’t have to testify against yourself ,even your wife is excluded. therefore your example does not apply…. nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself,

  • I said weeks ago that he would never testify, that he would put a bullet through his head first. I’m willing to bet his wife went along with this “story” to get him out of there.

    • HockeyplayerX

      Damn shame he didn’t take the bullet.

  • John

    Um, it seems that Petraeus’ wife, Holly, who also works in the Obama administration, for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking it well. You would think her resignation or at least a leave of absence while she tries to save her marriage would be in order. I don’t believe it for a minute. I sense Obama approved of his separation from the CIA in lieu of his testimony on the Benghazi farce which was scheduled for next week.

    But, I’m sure the media will sweep it under the rug, not make a big deal about it and the Obama administration will once again skate by unscathed. Is there no trench this administration won’t wallow in to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions?

    This is one American citizen who is disgusted and ashamed to be represented by this administration.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/09/petraeus-resigns-as-cia-director/#ixzz2BlErf6kr

    • booch221

      Faux News is nothing but lies. They spent eight years as the W Bush administration apologists.

      911? Not our fault, blame it on Clinton.
      Iraq war? We didn’t cook the intelligence. Mission Accomplished!
      Torture? The United States of America does NOT torture!
      Outing a CIA agent? The White House had nothing to do with it!
      2008 financial collapse? Blame it on Obama, who took office in 2009…
      and on and on.

      • HockeyplayerX

        The people that planned 911 were in the country, and TRAINED during the Clinton administration. Iraq War…see UNSCR 687,1441, and AUMF. It had NOTHING to do with so-called “cooked intelligence”. Toture…if you really care about torture, please look up what the Vietnamese did to our troops. Absolve your messiah if you feel the need to. I think I will blame it all on space aliens!!! YAAAY!! …Idiot.

      • Lucifer

        What an Idiot.

      • 1 media outlet supports t

  • I guess it is best to endure a divorce that endure water boarding at
    Gitmo for arming Al-Qaeda to overthrow the Syrian government.

  • Patraeus will not testify to Congress next week….Big time coverup.

  • kc54

    I smell a skunk! in fact.. “it,” I believe, is another cover-up. How convenient!! I think he would rather have the country think he has had an affair (I mean, after all…many of them have done this themselves) so–a badge of honor for them? They think this extramarital hanky-panky is okay and acceptable. So…what would it hurt him? He and his wife probably agreed beforehand and got the ok from the commandant-in-chief ..a way to escape the probe. He was ready to retire anyway. He should fulfill his duty, his military obligation to follow through.

    • Folks you are forgetting that a month after “OUR” americans were killed, the General came forward and said that the CIA was NOT the agency that told them to stand down… So that would then just leave a few folks. Hillary or Obama…. Do you think for one second Obama lwet Hillary make that call? HELL NO!!!! This all lays with the MUSLIM in Chief…. Folks in the Muslim Brotherhoods charter they have said… if you want to destroy american, you need to do it from within. What better place than the White House. Do your research…. Not born in Hawaii, Social Security # from Conn… he’s never lived in Conn. Birth certificate and military registration card are fabricated. $5.5 trillion in debt under his belt and Trillions more coming. In the past days, MANY compaines are announcing hugh layoffs becuase he was reelected and they won’t be able to afford the new taxes and benifits. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE… You better stock up on food and supplies while you can. Look at the LACK of help for the Easy coast after Sandy. And Bush was ridiculed of Katrina. AS YOU KIDDING ME???? I could go on… I report you decide!!!!

      • Finally, someone who agrees with me! Obama is the most evil man in sheep’s clothing we have ever seen. And his supporters are SOOO oblivious and blind to who and what Obama REALLY is! How can we get them to open their eyes and see what is right in front of them?

        • kc54

          Finally, “someone who agrees with you??” where have you been hanging out, Catherine? : ) He is all the above and more. He is a master puppeteer and has ’em snookered and hooked; I never voted for the damn fool, but what amazes me is– even after all the ruination he has done to our beloved country, and the latest info. on Bengazi attack and the outrage it stirred…people STILL voted for him! Much fraud and cheating going is how he won. Lock-n-load, my fellow Americans.

          • booch221

            Ooooooh! Lock-n-load!
            Do you have a little pee-pee?

          • Hawk

            booch you have nothing intelligent to say so crawl back into your hole and be quiet.

          • kc54

            We have to…agains those of you who will be coming to our door trying to STEAL from us when everything shuts down. And I know how to use it…and WILL! You are CLASSLESS.you little moron-peon,

  • Mr. Incredible

    Is this Denmark? Because something smells rotten here.

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    I’m not buying it either Jan. Listening to Newstalk radio they suggested that Petraeus has some inside info on the Benghazi deal…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he is found in the near future ala-Ken Lay

  • Lon Downs

    …I would like to make one other observation about this,…apparently, we have a large section of America that has not only lowered the standards of our Presidency,..but also our Generals!!…My question is…giving Patraeus’ position as a General and head of the CIA,..is WHEN?? did he ever find TIME! for an illicit Affair??…Geez!!

    • booch221

      The standards of the presidency hit its lowest point in the George W Bush administration? That’s why the Republicans have air brushed him out of history.

      If Jeb Bush is the GOP nominee in 2016, do you think they’ll let W attend the convention? He’s been banned from the last two. LOL!

  • Damon Burro

    I think they should take him to court — not for anything having to do with Benghazi, but for the affair!!! Funny, it seems like a few years back ‘we’ wanted someone to resign for having an affair, now resigning for having an affair is a cover up.

  • If EVERYONE would have done some serious investigating and read all about what this man has done, Obama NEVER would have been reelected! The trouble is, most people are watching the WRONG news channels. ABC, NBC and CBS can no longer be trusted because they are in Obama’s pocket and are not allowed to keep us informed of the TRUTH! How frightening that the sheeple out number those of us who DO investigate and the ignorant are deciding our future.

    • booch221

      Oh ya, if you want the truth watch Faux News:


      • kc54

        …and if you’re into FAIRY-tales (and even the kind who flit and prance around) watch the OPINION alphabet channels…you’ll be amused.

    • You are so right. The scary part is hardly anyone knows what this man is capable of.

  • doug

    we have a lowlife, bottomfeeding, thieving, dirtbag, con artist in the white house who has been sleeping with his “boytoy”, reggie love now for years right in front of his money sucking “wife”???, and david petraeus is big news???

    here’s a soldier who’s away from his wife for months at a time and he shacks up on some battlefield and “it’s big news” to this lowlife liberal media, WTF ?????

    • booch221

      Bush left the White House in 2009.

  • I`m sure a lot of people would think I`m some crackpot, conspiracy theorist, so be it. I heard about 2 weeks ago that one of Obamas personal Secret Service agents committed suicide, (also over a supposed affair), That was it. I heard it once on FOX, no one else even mentioned it. What did that man see or hear, just days before the election, that would cause his death. I don`t think I will ever be convinced that this election wasn`t rigged. Couple hundred thousand extra votes here or there in critical states………

    • kc54

      oh sure it was rigged. they would have done anything to keep this commie thief in the white house/black house. Remember all the ones who died and disappeared serving with clinton?? when you know too much…you’re outa there! and no, i do not think you are a conspiracy theorist at all. we are in deep doo.

      • booch221

        You lost the election–GET OVER IT!

        • Hawk

          No one lost the election, it was stolen.

        • kc54

          you poor TROLL…you are the loser, and those of your ilk. but hey…you voted once again for this FOOL who is a commie…and you’ll get what you deserve; but unfortunately, so will we, the good Americans who work hard to pay for he ENTITLEMENT mentality of those of you who sit on their a** all day with your hand out. your ignorance is astounding! America is no longer…it is becoming a third world, and one filled with fear and divisiveness…thanks to our RACIST president. store up, stock up, and suck up; it is going to be difficult times ahead. so…what did your “savior potus” do for you?

    • booch221

      You’re right. You’re are a crackpot, conspiracy theorist!
      But you have lots of company here…

      • Hawk

        booch go smoke another joint

  • HockeyplayerX

    There is a lot of talk about Benghazi, a lot of talk about a lot of things…but really, the time for words has passed. How many of your really believe that anything will come of this Benghazi situation? The Obama administration controls the DOJ, and the Senate, and the MEDIA. This will mean even less than Clinton’s so-called impeachment. Wake up conservatives!! We lost the political war boys and girls. The time has come either get going, or get your boots on.

    • booch221

      Sore losers?

      • booch, you are such a punk! You are everything thats wrong with America. Please get off this page, your stinking it up!!!

      • HockeyplayerX

        Hey, sore loser, bad winner…doesn’t matter. When we go off the fiscal cliff because your messiah won’t act like a real leader and back off on raising taxes, we are all going to be sore losers. Enjoy!

  • Archie

    This will get the proper burial as has most bad news out of DC. The media has the duct tape and plastic bag ready because this is a shovel ready job. Nothings going to done and any investigation by the house will drag on for a coupla years and it will be decided that it was no more than a ‘bump in the road’.

  • CHinOhio

    If he has been subpoenaed to be there, it doesn’t matter where he is working – he is required to attend. Now, of course, there could be reasons he would be “excused” – those are more interesting to me than the fact he is no longer head of the CIA.

  • Mick

    The cover up continues

  • booch221

    Did you get this worked up when the Bush administration outed a CIA agent?

    • HockeyplayerX

      No … because no one died because of it. Get bent.

  • Funny you should say that, my wife thinks along similar lines. I tend to agree.

  • One thing I will say in the general’s defense. On whichever one of my step daughter’s tours in Afghanistan that he was in command of the troops, morale was higher than usual and things got done. He was a good military leader and got results. Sorry to see this happen, the real mistake was in serving in Obama’s cabinet. Not saying he should have cheated on his wife, but it doesn’t have anything directly to do with us, the Bhengazi issue does. I think he is the fall guy.

    • kc54

      of course he is, just as hillary was when she said she “was to blame.” truth is…the buck stops with the potus. the affair is a cover-up, to take attention of bengazi. i truly do not believe he cheated, this is a ruse. and if he did have an affair..it has absolutely nothing to do with is ability to testify.

  • The Benghazi consulate controversy was a made up PROVEN Fox News myth designed to steal the election

  • Eric Coddington

    It is much more simple that it seems. Up against the ropes those at the Top plan on doing a cover up of their sins which are many! They will Kill Patraeus and then blame a dead man for Ordering the stand down, and what ever else. It is the way it is done ask Oliver North his Opinion. Triple all security every where on every thing, and for possible assault by cell that has been hiding for this very moment. It is enemy with in that now we must face while looking out for enemy with out. This issue is not about race, not about elections, not about Americans who love their Country it is about those who pretend to be Americans who pretend to love America who lie, and say what Americans like to hear. If you love America.

    Stop fighting each other till we see who among us is the real enemy. Secrete talks with our enemy the ones who made our civilians jump from burning buildings, and who want our Country and Our death. Let Washington do their job and stand by them they only want the Truth to be known and hate they have to do this investigation. If America has
    enemy with in and it does We need to know! The enemy will look like American and talk the words we all want to hear, but be sure the job will get done!

    Dem, Rep, Indep and so on the list goes. Americans are under attack and a two hour notice per rules of war will not be given, and because those that attack us have no honor they will seek to blame others! The enemy is in all ranks all areas, and in our military as recently shown months ago.Let the truth do it’s job and the facts do the talking. You will hear a fancy speech with fancy words, but remember the ones who have lied so much to our fellow Americans know how to say things that sound right and good, but their desire is to make US fight each other. Americans are of all race and all
    of us no matter the color of our skin we have the same goal we love our Country and want the best for it !