Prosperity or Disaster – We Need to Choose


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Clearly, America is divided. This division has to do with decisions… decisions made in arrogance — where we do not see our own inadequacies but only see the inadequacies of others; or decisions made in humility — where we are thankful for every blessing we’ve been given and realize we can lose these blessings at any moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

When we choose our leaders… do we choose them from a position of weakness and through a lens of arrogance? Or, do we choose them from a position of strength and a lens of humility, considering the impact of our decisions upon others, our nation, our future, and our children’s future?

Tuesday’s election indicates an arrogance in America that defies reality. We choose leaders who have factually and completely failed, who have denied our founding principles, who have rejected fiscal responsibility, who have enabled our enemies, who have shunned our allies, and who have rejected our nation’s Judeo/Christian heritage. We have chosen leaders who promise us what we know we do not deserve. We sow to the wind.

Where do you see us in this cycle? What will you do to individually return to humility and good decisions from a position of strength?

Together, as a nation, we can work to restore prosperity. It will take us all to change… not the “system”, not the “leader”, but ourselves. As when we think in humility and from a resulting position of strength, we will select leaders who align with principles of prosperity.

David M Chaney (C) 2012

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  • Joe

    Mr. Chaney,

    Unfortunately, the choice has already been made. The change you speak of will take generations before it comes about and will only happen when we allow God back in our lives, see what’s really important in life and look out for our brothers and not just ourselves.

  • Disaster.