So.. How Did the Election Results Hit You?

Jan Morgan

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Here are a few responses from Contributors to Jan Morgan Media. Read, and feel free to share with us your post election thoughts.

“The majority of American people collectively decided to join Barack Obama in not only pissing on the Constitution last night, but defecating on the graves of every patriotic American who ever died for this country. My apologies to the families, friends and relatives of those who perished on 9/11 and all the military heroes who shed their blood, only to be betrayed by their fellow Americans Nov 6, 2012.”- Kevin Lehmann

“My only comment tonight is it is very clear we as a nation cannot think our way out of a wet paper bag. Oh and, hunker down for a long winter. A very, very long collectivist winter. Tomorrow I’ll start re-designing CEO coaching materials for “sustainable low performance”, or, how to apply all worst practices learned from other businesses in collectivist countries. Oh… wait… those only worked because there was an America who gave them all their manufacturing. Who will we go to to give us their slave labor jobs? No one. Way to cluster-f–k yourself fellow Americans. Smooth.”- David Chaney

And… from Wild Bill- Damn the Torpedoes!

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  • Joyce Joe

    I’m with you. http://www.johntwo24-25.net I’m available for speaking too. Alinsky got him re-elected and no one gets it! The networks between Obama for America/Organize for America and all the other “grassroots” was thicker than a 7 year hairball in the drain! I’m gonna keep saying this – if your church has any sort of social justice that is involved in any sort of “progressive” community organizing–you are part of the problem! Every church you visit, you need to check the bulletin and write a polite letter to the pastor, and the congregation. You’ll probably be booed and hissed, but we’re gonna have to take it to get the truth out! THEN we need to learn how they pin-point organize for the campaign right down to the last minute, calling and knocking…we can do it just like them. They did NOT invent door knocking. They just perfected the machinery on the computers, and we’ve got geeks who can do that too. DAY ONE: BEGIN!

  • Jeanne B

    no wonder it turned out this way, I go in to vote but received 2 mail in ballots in my name.. I turned them in when I went in to the poll place to vote.. what if I sent them in? 3 votes for one person? HMM how many others got 3 ways to vote? I can’t trust the Gov, and now am fearful of the next 4 years and what is is store for us in th future.after the four years, what will be left? I might not be here but my great grand kids and my great great grand son is growing up in this United States Of America…. what is to become of him?

  • Randall M.

    Speachless to say the least. What is next I am no longer sure. The coming wave of socialism and hate is very big. Bigger than most can believe. I’ve never been one to give up and do not intend to now, yet it does look grim when over 50% near 50% of the population freely chooses to become a socialist state the end is near. It is said the darkest hour is the hour before the dawn would this be such an hour. The market crashed today cfitizens look for more of the sqame stock up, load up and get ready. The battle for the soul of the nation has begun. “Never give up.”

  • We The People are ECSTATIC to re-elect President Obama for a second term. We’re not going back to failed Bush policies we are moving forward into a bright future.

    • and you are a pos hippie freak,go smoke some dope loser!!!

  • I think I’m still in shock.

    Shock at the stupidity of the voters, stupidity of choosing ‘free stuff’ over ‘freedom’, that the Ron Paul supporters would actually throw away their votes or not vote at all rather than at least grudgingly supporting the GOP over Obama, in essence voting FOR Obama.

    Shocked that Obama and his minions were again so blatantly committing election fraud and will probably AGAIN get away with it.

    And sad, sad that our once great nation has become a nation of fools who believe whatever the powers that be say without question……….

  • I’m sitting here, pissed as hell, out of work, out of money to put gas in my car so that I can look for work, no health insurance, and wondering what is going to happen when I refuse to have the rfid chip implanted into my hand, forehead, ass, or where ever it’s intended to be implanted for ease of scanning. Without it, does it mean I won’t be able to acquire food (notice I didn’t say buy…without a job, it’s hard to get money), or qnything else I need to continue my life? I really do not see anything coming but the termination of our constitution as we know it today, BO will figureo out a way to run for a third term or even have himself designed as the Supreme Ruler. Our dollar is going to devalue to the point where no other country is going to want to use it as a means of trading. Times are going to get REAL crappy!!!

  • Your sacred American vote just became unsacred on Nov 6 2012.
    Think about it.