Sorry, Opey … this is NOT a Muslim “Mayberry” Town


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Hidden in the picturesque Catskills Mountains, in Hancock, NY, siting on more than 80 acres of land, surrounded by trees, rolling hills, lakes and, most importantly, armed guards that protect it, is a city within a city. Its Islamic leaders call it “The Town of Islamberg.” Located at 2732 Roods Creek Road, Hancock, NY, the Town of Islamberg is more like a country within a country.

It’s an Islamic community, located about 3 hours from New York City. It has set itself up as its own city-state, with its own laws, its own government (its own mayor, deputy mayor and 5 town council members; government departments of “Land and Development,” “Finance,” “Education” and even a “Medical Services” department), as well as its own military. The Islamic council members are not elected, of course. They are self-appointed demagogues who rule their community with the iron fist of Islamic law. There is no Sheriff Andy, no Barney Fife, no Aunt Bee in this town.

The group behind this initiative is an organization called Muslims of the Americas (MOA)—an organization, by the way, that was once listed as a terrorist organization by the United States Department of State. The group’s founder, Sheik Gilani, fashions himself as a direct descendent of Muhammad. He was the man to whom Wall Street journalist Danny Pearl was on his way to meet in Lahore, Pakistan on January 22, 2002, hunting for al Qaeda connections, when he was abducted and slaughtered by an Islamic extremist.

MOA has nearly three-dozen villages, camps and Islamic compounds scattered around the United States, all of varying sizes and population, in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, California and Tennessee. But this camp in Hancock, which also serves as their headquarters, is the first to be so brazen to set up its own Islamic government. And the one thing they all have in common: This is where everyone–-men, women and children–-prepare for Jihad against America. So, please join me in taking a moment to thank those millions of ass holes that voted for an administration that will NO DOUBT welcome more and more Towns of Islambergs and Islamvilles all over the country with open arms.

Want to know just a wee bit more (you can get more detail from the link provided below) about the MOA thinks and preaches about Jews? Just a snippet: “Jews are an example of human Satans. In the U.S. there are now thousands of temples where Satan is worshipped.”

How ‘bout a small sampling of what they think of Christians? “By having put their god on a crucifix as opposed to executing Satan, they not only have blasphemed against the Wisdom and Judgment of God Almighty, but reduced Him to a role of subservience to Satan.”

America? “America is no longer the home of the free and the land of the brave. The constitution and the Bill of Rights are just pieces of paper that don’t mean a damn thing anymore, unless you are white and an anti-Muslim hatemonger of course.”

Violence? “We must put a stop to the violence and aggression against our peoples by force if necessary. We must work with each other and collectively refuse to accept the injustice and aggression of the West and its protégé, Israel.”

Naive American citizens of all faiths, government officials and of course our media obviously embrace this crap. I guess the desire to be known as a bridge-builder is more important than confronting extremism, and the fear of being called Islamaphobic is more important than protecting our culture and national security.

Here’s what the course of action should be:

First, how ‘bout we freeze their assets, and take their property. We then have our military empty these camps and towns and peacefully escort them all out of this country and back to their 7th century cave dwelling lifestyles, and then put the names of every man, woman and child on a no-fly list.

Second, if they refuse to leave peacefully, we air-strike first and then bulldoze their compounds.

This is America. We are Americans. We cannot allow this to continue on American soil. People who come here, who live here, must do so because they want to be American. We cannot co-exist in America with people who do not want to be American.

Osama bin Laden went through so much trouble, time, training and expense to bomb and terrorize, America into submission. And little did he know that all he had to do was buy property in America and start forming his own Islamic government. Apparently, it’s as simple as that. The guy wasn’t too bright after all, now, was he?

Islamic Compounds in America are Training for Jihad

Jamia Tajaliyyah Azam Qadria Islamberg – 2732 Roods Creek Road, Hancock, NY

Holy Islamville, SC – 742 Islamville Way, York, SC

Muslims of the Americas – their words about Jews, Christians, Gays, America, Violence

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  • docreid

    Kill em all…..let allah sort em out…..

  • 7LibertyForAll

    Gee, I wonder what right was present when the Americans at Waco and Ruby Ridge were decimated by our treasonous government? There sure was no tiptoeing around about destroying THEM.

  • Game Over

    If these were white people, they would have been arrested and shut down a long time ago.
    If they were white, they would have been labeled as terrorists, racist, militant criminals.

  • True American

    And New York is Allowing this shit to happen???

  • I am surprised that Texas allows them to be in that state…Hmm

    • Game Over

      You probably live under a rock but for your information Texas isn’t a communist country. Texas has rules and laws like any other state. As long as they are playing by the rules then they can’t be touched.

    • molly way


  • TrueConservative

    lol. Wow. What a horrible article and such strong bias. I’m very against extremists of Islam, but if they are not breaking actual laws, they should be protected under OUR CONSTITUTION. “Seize their assets and kick them out” Its funny how our freedoms and amendments go out the window when we disagree with something.

    • Game Over

      You are correct and that’s exactly why nothing has been done yet, but there is good reason to worry and keep an eye on them. Their leader is a terrorist and that’s really the only reason anyone needs.

    • Ah, we’re at war against a political movement that wants to destroy us. Period. Get it?

    • LarryInIowa

      Makes me think of the German American Bund of the 1930’s. Supported by Hitler to subvert America.

  • todd

    I think we should have some tours that visit this beautiful town. Lets see maybe all aboard a F-16 ?

  • Watch Dog

    an accidental droid bomb drop would be fine or a fine ride in that F-16 would be okay.Let’s not let our guard down ! The enemy is amongst US!

  • Their leader is a terrorist. Arrest them now!

  • Rick Harper

    Well, mind blown again. Law enforcement knows about it and does nothing.


  • Hancock NY is not far from my home town, and right up the road from my best friend. I will be up there next week, and will be sure to have some serious discussions with family and friends about this. I do not understand how our government allows this to take place in our country. If we could label them a cult you know the atf would be attacking their compounds in a heart beat. They are worse than a cult.

  • Just so everyone knows, Lori’s article had 11 hundred hits this morning. There were some technical issues with sharing it and in the process of fixing the problem, it erased all of the likes on her article. So …. you can add 11 hundred to the number of likes in the left hand corner of this article.. Great work Lori!

  • How is this even legal?


    Burn that whole village of ragheads down!—They are jhadists who want to kill us and impose their own sharia law–Kill all of the cockroaches!