The Question Socialists Never Answer

Jan Morgan

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CARTOON CAPTION: (Obama) “Liberty, Freedom, and Independence are over-rated.. I’d rather have FREE STUFF.”
(His Bubba buddy) “By the way, WHO PAYS FOR ALL THIS STUFF”

As I look back at the election results and the sheer numbers of the American population who clearly voted for Obama because of the “free stuff”, I wonder how many of those people ever stop to think, WHO PAYS FOR ALL OF THIS?

Are millions of people in this country really that clueless regarding the mathematics of Socialism or is it that they simply don’t care? Neither is acceptable of a population of people who live in a country with a history of exceptionalism.

What is even more disconcerting is the number of so-called highly educated people who voted for Obama and his Socialist/Marxist agenda. Surely these people are capable of doing the math?

Socialism DOES NOT WORK. It has been a colossal failure throughout history for every country that has tried it. What makes Americans think it will work here?
Ask the people of Greece how well Socialism works.

I do not know with certainty what the future holds but this I do know: There is still a large population of intelligent, hard-working, Americans, republicans and democrats, who do not want America to be anything other than a Constitutional Republic. These people, myself included, will not back down and allow these foolish ant-american enemies of the Republic to destroy her.
We will continue to expose the TRUTH to the American people and will will fight for the full restoration of our Republic.

TRUTH is our greatest weapon.

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  • Drew McPheeters

    Silly girl. The evil rich and big companies pay for it all…

    • Rick

      You are right the rich pay for it by increasing the price that is charged for the goods and services they they sell to the middle class and poor. That makes you wrong the middle class and the poor pay for it with a higher cost of living.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong, but for the same reason, you cannot “raise taxes on corporations”, because any such tax increase is passed on, by necessity, to the end user, in the form of higher prices and less value for the dollar. So when leftists talk about raising taxes on those evil corporations, what that does is to make normal working people POORER. Of course they don’t say it like that.

    • yup…it’s the re-play of the old story “the Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs”.

  • good points. You’ve hit on almost every aspect I could think of. I guess sadly, the days of the pride of working for a living and providing for ones family are over. We have become a lazy society Jan. But my dad and I constantly speak on this subject and we are both students of bible prophecy on the other hand. I have studied for 12+ years on that subject and can say it will only get worse as time goes on.That is an entirely different subject matter related to this anyway..

    • thanks for doing your part Christopher and for your input here..

  • Ron A.

    I honestly believe that most Americans believe that the money tree never runs out as far as the government supplying them with whatever they want or need. Either that or they feel that it’s someone else’s problem. The citizens of this country stopped taking responsibility a long time ago, this election just proved it. We couldn’t even get our (conservative) voters to get off their fat asses to go to the polls. I guess they assumed that you and I voting would be enough to move Obama out of office.

    • LynnW.

      Ron, I believe it wouldn’t have made any difference because the Obama machine was out to win at any cost. We all know how corrupt the administration is, and they encouraged voter fraud all across the country. We couldn’t bring Obama down through election, but I believe he will be brought down another way. Go back and watch the movie ‘The Firm’ starring Tom Cruise then you will understand what I am talking about.

    • Ron, I believe many folks simply think the government can print more money at no cost to our economy.

  • Danny

    These people don’t care as long as they are supported. Their morals are that we owe them a living because their great great great grandfather was a slave. They will never change

    • you may be correct Danny in saying they don’t care..

  • They do not teach true economics in school. Know several High School Graduates that have no idea what the Constitution or Bill of Rights even represent. They can not even say the preamble. The education system is letting us down and it has nothing to do with more money. It comes down to what they teach and how they teach. How much money does it really cost when the lessons come straight off the internet?

    • That is why we need to take it into our own hands and as parent inoculate our kids to the liberal agenda and make them watch dogs instead of zombies. When I realized my older son was leaning a little to far to left in his thinking I took it upon myself to make sure his younger brother was armed and informed and now keeps me posted on their little tricks. I am working on the older one slowly but surly. He told me I was uninformed and couldn’t even answer me what is the first amendment. I cannot believe how many people I have asked do not have any idea what the 10th amendment was and what it has to do with the States. Co workers friends family. It truly amazes me how lazy the electorate has become. I thought it was our duty as citizens to know this stuff. I was taught in High School 30 years ago. We need to come up with a interactive fun learning Civics program for Free make it a FB Game to get them interested. Think outside of the box but until we get more people old and young educated in Civics and the Founders experiment and what Freedom really means because they have never known different. Maybe a new game show that takes their freedom away like Survivor but a different way explaining it so they will understand that choices have consequent.

      • Juli- I agree… this is something I talk about often in my speeches… taking responsibility for the education of our children. That is a critical step to turning this sinking ship around,

        • Thanks Jan for all you do. My son told me one time that he was the Captain of his own ship and I told him great that is a good thing but remember I am your Admiral and as a Mom it is my job to steer you in the right direction. I will not go down with the sinking ship. I am a survivor not a victim. As a wise man said there are no victims only volunteers.

        • Daycare and feminism helped accelerate the death of the family. Letting complete strangers cultivate the minds of babies then sending them off to years of indoctrination. Family dinners? So little of them anymore. The me generation has killed our country and taken GOD out of what was once a normal life.

      • 60% of college seniors can’t find the Pacific Ocean on a map. i think- OF the other 40% it was probably10% just pointing to a blue area and getting it right by accident.

    • You’ve got that right David.

    • The education in this nation is on a decline because not enough parents are involved in the curriculum. PTA should be mandatory for all Americans who have children in school so that they can look at the curriculum and agree or disagree with how the students are being taught. Parents should be more involved in the curriculum that these teachers are presenting to the students. The problem is that not enough people are involved, and those who are obviously either don’t look at the curriculum, or they aren’t concerned enough about it, or they’re the ones choosing it.

      Also, teachers need better salary. Better salary promotes better teachers. Schools won’t want just anybody teaching in their classrooms. They will want fully qualified individuals who know how to properly treat children and who know how to deal with issues that children go through.

      And what’s with this medication era that we’ve entered into? If a child has an issue at school, the teachers are demanding that the parents take the child to a therapist / psychiatrist and get him / her on medication to deal with the issue?? Do you know what that tells me? It tells me that the teacher obviously doesn’t know how to work with children and therefore, shouldn’t be qualified to teach.

      I could go on for days about our education system. Our government is purposely draining our economy and dumbing down the American population so that they can pave the way for the UN’s agenda of creating a one world government. And the sad truth is that it is working. That’s all I have to say about that.

    • david,
      they teach i have 2 mommies or 2 daddies and that it’s normal.
      secualr humanism.
      they teach false self esteem as they fail english and math.
      I had to memorize the bill or rights in 9th grade. I still remember them.

  • The majority of those people could care less where that money comes from. They just want more. The monetary health of the nation small business and the complexities of freedom matter not to these parasites. Chicago teachers are the highest paid in the country and have the worst test scores and highest drop out rates in the country. Our socialist school system is more focused on teaching the greatness of homosexuality, collectivism than American history, math and science. I mean really we can’t even drug test welfare folks. Who are now in the third generation of feeding off the rest of us. Look at their condition why would they care. We all need to wake up and look at this rationally. I have a small business I for one will do everything I can to cut back in as many areas as possible. I intend to reduce my income in order to deprive this trash of as much of my hard work as possible. I will further divest myself of exactly what I don’t need. Employees is one and expansion is the other. I can still live well and do what I want without the tax burden. The biggest hypocrites are that little bastard that owns FACEBOOK, how about APPLE Computers, Bill Gates, Nancy Peliosi and so many others that are not paying their fare share. The middle class are the target not the rich and not the bottom feeding lazy parasites. Not to mention a bunch of spoiled brats attending college attaining worthless degrees in candle making.

    • some very good points … thanks for sharing.

  • Unfortunately, many believe that they have an inalienable right to be supported by the government. They see what was originated as a “hand-up” system as a “hand-out”… to which they are somehow entitled. What was once a means by which one could “survive” for a short time has become a lifestyle of “gimme my free stuff”.

  • Jan…Thanks to the NEA, and what IS taught in schools these days…”Truth is what ever you want it to be at “this point in time””!!!!!

  • Jim

    There will be a time where the government will try to intimidate people who stand up against tyranny. They will threaten our livelihoods, our faith, our health, our families future. It happened right before the Revolutionary War era……and it’s probably going to circle around again. We must stand firm. Whether homeless and taxed into poverty…we will stand. Whether demonized for our beliefs in a righteous God and the ideals of hard work and being able to fully enjoy the harvest from that work…..we will stand. Because we enough people stand together….we become a strong wall.

    • Joe

      Jim, it’s already started. If you’ll remember 1-2 years ago when Homeland Security declared the greatest national security threat is from home grown right-wing extremist groups and not AL-Qaeda. They’re prepping the field. They’re going to come after the guns next. First will be the re-instituting of the assault weapons ban, then they will come after the rest after the next nut goes and shoots up his school or mall or place of work.

    • already happening Jim.. You need to watch my latest documentary… “Rampant Injustice” on youtube.

  • This is a great article. I have a question that I ask educated liberals that has the same effect as Kryptonite had on Batman.

    The question is: What is the Law of Supply? If liberals answer this question honestly, they will say that this law is the reason everyone gets a paycheck. Private sector, public sector, welfare recipients, social security, Medicare, the military, etc.

    The Law of Supply requires, initially, that a private sector, non-government entity move a product or service to generate a profit (revenue-expenses). The expense are salaries, dividends, etc. It is the profit which is taxed so that government receives tax revenues to fund all government responsibilities.

    So the next time, you meet an educated liberal, ask them this question. Non-educated liberals (the majority of the Dem Party) will not know what you are talking about.

  • Lynn W.

    It is sad, but it seems that we are rapidly becoming the ‘Divided’ States of America. One half believes they are entitled to all the freebies they can get, not working for anything, and not caring that someone, somewhere, has to pay the price – they just want their ‘free stuff,’ (that’s how Barack Obama got re-elected) and the other half wants fiscal responsibility – living within our means, using financial resources wisely and making sound, sensible, financial decisions, while working for a living to have the things we want and need. At this point, I don’t see any common ground, if there is any. The entitlement side of society just keeps wanting more and more free stuff without working for it (what’s mine is mine and I want all I can get of yours too so that you don’t have any more than I do. Socialism!), and the honest, hard-working side of society keeps working hard to pay for the freeloaders to have it. As long as we have a president and an administration who encourages and enables this entitlement mentality, we will continue down the wrong path, becoming more and more divided. America is at a dangerous place in history and I’m not sure what we can do to turn the tide other than a complete overhaul of our political system and government to allow us to get back to common-sense solutions for doing things the sensible way.

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    I’m leaning towards they simply do not care.

    They’re getting their “reparations” one way or another – and yes, I am serious.

  • They are morally lacking and lazy, disrespectful people! We as a nation are responsible for raising up the ungrateful masses. Reap what you sow! They now out number those of good moral and faith upbringing. It will all come crashing down soon.

  • Joe

    The truth is out already. The problem is no one cares. The unfortunate fact is you can jump up and down and scream all you want. No one is going to do anything about it. The die is cast: this country, as we knew it is done. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged is becoming reality before our very eyes. The takers have overtaking the makers.

    We will turn this around only after the destruction is complete and there is nothing left. Then we will know true hardship and fully realize what we’ve done. Then we will realize that it was throwing God out the window that lead to our moral decline that lead to our selfishness, our lazyness, our ignorance and our false pride. Then, and only then, will we be able to realize what’s important in life, what a family trully is and where a real education comes from which, of course, is the home. Then, after a few generations, maybe, we’ll start doing what needed to be done in the first place.

  • Archie

    Seems lots of layoffs now that the election is over. I have to wonder how many of these union members that voted for obobo are now losing their jobs?

  • Perky Pepper

    Why does everyone blame the president? I totally agree that the man has a hidden agenda and that his particular philosophy leaves much to be desired; however, he could not pass half the nonsence he has put before Congress if our locally elected officials had voted against his so called plans and stood united. We continuously put officials in office that have no backbone. They vote partly lines simply because it is easier than voting with intelligence and a sense of what is right. We as Americans need to stand up to these idiots (oh yes, folks, they are as much to blame as the president). We need to demand intelligent and honest representation in Congress. We need to stop voting party lines and start picking the lesser evils of the ones presented on election day.And, for all Americans that walk into the voting booth and simply pick all republicans or all democrats are as much to blame as the president. Take the time to get to know the candidates, take the time to research their backgrounds and core beliefs. Above all, take the time to push one button or another, regardless of party lines. As the saying goes, “you gotta clean up your own back yard before you complain about someone elses.”

    • Perky, I agree with much of what you say however, I do the president has done more than his fair share of damage on his own by bypassing Congress on issues that he did not have the constitutional right to do so.

    • Congress has systematically abdicated responsibility, and therefore power, for decades. With the legislative powers that have been sloughed off to the Executive Branch, I could, as Prez, straighten out this whole mess in 90 days. And that includes flushing out the PC elements in the Pentagon.

  • welaux1

    What worries me most are those socialists who not only don’t care who pays for “free stuff”, but who see redistribution as some sort of non-negotiable moral imperative. My town(sad to say) is cluttered with that kind of thinking.

  • lori

    They don’t care. Obviously nothing is free, someone is paying for it. As long as its not them, they just don’t care. Also was listing to AFR the other day, many immigrants come from oppression, places where the govt is taking care of them, when they come here they want and expect the same rather than working for it themselves. That’s how one dj explained it anyway. It was in reference to illegals and how despite all the amnesty they’ve been granted they still typically vote democratic because of all the entitlement democrats support to give them a good fresh start here.

  • Larry

    Our Society has become self-centered where people think more about Me Me Me instead of what is best for the’re Country…When we go Vote it should be Electing those that will work for the people and make our Country what it should be and once was..When we put people into Washington that wants to take from the wealthy and give to the poor our middle class will eventually disappear and leave us with the poor depending on the Gov…It appears this is what our President and Gov. has in mind, otherwise they would had done a better job of being in control with our money over the years…To them a million bucks is nothing since it is not coming out of the’re pocket, but for a poorer person a buck means a lot..Yes we have a lot of freeloaders that want something for nothing but i have to blame that on our Gov. for letting it happen…If they had done a better job on keeping illegals out of the country we would not be paying out the rear on them..Our Gov. supports those that have a full house with kids and that is being irresponsible on the’re part, but if our Gov. put the’re foot down and said no more from us, people would straighten the’re act up…Again i blame our Gov. for being to soft and letting it happen..

  • the plans are to amend/revoke Article XXII. i do not think enough states would ratify this step.