The Smartest People in the Room by Sandy Stringfellow (guest columnist)

Those whom stayed home – thus indirectly allowing the massive voter fraud to occur – have spoken: “We won’t get fooled again,” they said with righteous indignation. In fact, they fooled themselves.

Call me a “Mitt”-picker if you will, but the most significant question for many conservatives during the 2012 elections revolved around whether or not Mitt was a fighter. I must regretfully inform, this combative quality never materialized; in spite of a spirited defense of Mitt’s hand to hand combat bona fides by conservative media. Not to demean them; it’s a position they were forced into by the Republican establishment, as were the rest of conservatives capable of objective analysis.

For clarity, one need only compare Mitt to a real fighter: Governor Sarah Palin, the one person whom the GOP establishment worked with stunningly exceptional dedication and ferocity to destroy. As with defeating King Barry, they failed. Today Gov. Palin looks prescient in her admonitions to Republican party elites.

As for King Barry, he was treated by team Romney with kid gloves reminiscent of John McCain’s politically correct behavior towards this nemesis of freedom during his own 2008 campaign. If not for the out-spoken defense of conservatism from Gov. Palin – much to the chagrin of Steve Schmidt, McCain’s campaign manager – the McCain defeat would have been far more embarrassing. That regrettable experience of McCain’s unconditional surrender to political correctness has come back to haunt America today.

I saw a bit of the fighter during the primaries against our own conservatives – damage produced more from an expensive and very dirty negative ad campaign than from Mitt himself – and a bit in Mitt during the first debate. After that, does anyone recall Mitt looking, sounding, and acting like someone willing to put it all on the line in a philosophical sense during the most important election in our lifetimes? Mitt was incapable of taking the proverbial “kill shot,” even if his political life depended on it. Regarding the 2012 elections, however, considerably more was at stake.

Does anyone recall a sense of urgency being projected at any time? Warnings about the eminent demise of our country? About where we are headed, and why? Any attempt to bring truth to light regarding the Benghazi mission murders? Any articulation of conservatism that sprung from the heart – as opposed to mild-mannered establishment Pabulum – or reiteration of a record in defense of conservatism?

No, I don’t think so; at least, I certainly didn’t. I saw a smiling, happy Mitt describing King Barry as a “nice guy.” I saw a detached Mitt trying to “look” presidential; an aloof, vague, laid-back establishment product: the very embodiment of that most feared by a conservative base. I saw Mitt pandering to female voters; to racial minorities. Nobody out-pander’s Democrats, and no true conservative would play that game.

Why is this? Did Mitt not see the eminent peril to liberty? I’m not sure he did. Unlike the vast majority of Americans, Mitt is protected by a sheltered environment and won’t be overly affected by the destructive wrath King Barry is now free to unleash on America during this, his – hopefully final – reign, as if the last four years haven’t been difficult and destructive enough. The damnable history of establishmentarian republicanism is simple and verifiable: go along to get along.

The fundamental transformation of America has been accepted by the Republican establishment; an exclamation point of collusion with an enemy of our republic in the name of bi-partisanship. John “Laurel” Boehner could barely contain his anxious enthusiasm to place his cheeks in the air for King Barry; the most pathetic and disgusting example of political capitulation I’ve seen to date from a national Republican “leader, ” and there have been many of those in the running for “first place” in the contest.

For God’s sake, Speaker Laurel; we’re talking about the survival of our Constitutional Republic! Have you no shame? Never mind, it was a rhetorical question with which to illuminate your utter lack or morality and character.

I never voted for Mitt – my last choice – because I thought he would be a strong fighter for the American people; I voted for Mitt because he was the candidate rammed down the collective throats of conservatives by an out of touch, establishmentarian, white-shoes, country-clubbing, inside -the-beltway collection of RINO elitist blue blood political operatives and crony capitalists whom not only don’t subscribe to conservative ideals, values, and principles, but actually resent and condescend to conservatives and conservatism. We’re just too dog-gone impractical and inflexible, with unreasonable expectations.

History has revealed, for example, how much Bush 41 detested Reagan and the contempt with which he viewed this brilliant man and his conservative philosophy and policies. Bush 41 – as with all the Bush clan – is a Progressive-lite, defining by example what is referred to as the “establishment” in a long tradition of “Rockefeller Republicans;” the true definition of those whom would call themselves “moderate.”

Why did three million conservatives stay home this election? It was because they thought their vote was inconsequential. It was because they accepted the premise that without a fighter – someone with the guts to contest a uniquely unprecedented display of corruption in a national election, for example – wiling to “go the distance” with King Barry, then it wouldn’t really matter.

That’s not my opinion, but I believe it was the opinion of many in the Republican Party frustrated and disgusted to the point of nausea with how the primary unfolded, as well as with Romney’s pitiful past performance in being a practicing conservative as was advertised by the establishmentarians. Perhaps there may have even been a hint of “kamikaze pilot” displayed in the attitude of a conservative base:

“We’ll show you ivy tower dwellers a thing or two. Think you’ve got this election in the bag? Think you’re the smartest people in the room? Watch this! We’ll stay home and accept our Constitutional Republic being washed away before our eyes just for the sake of illustrating our wrath and proving you wrong! You are all just a bunch of arrogant, corrupt, elitist snobs drunk with power; power accumulated by screwing us—We the People!”

Mitt couldn’t articulate conservatism on any level but for reciting a few over-rehearsed talking points, because he is not a conservative; Mitt never was a conservative. Mitt is a moderate; a Progressive-lite. Moderates don’t beat liberals. It takes the rock-ribbed conservatism of a principled conservative such as President Ronald Reagan or Gov. Sarah Palin to defeat liberals. It takes a fighter willing to defend that sacred and most precious jewel of liberty entrusted to us to protect; one that so many other great American patriots have fought – and died – to defend and preserve.

Mitt’s not a fighter. Mitt’s not a conservative. Those whom stayed home – thus indirectly allowing the massive voter fraud to occur – have spoken: “We won’t get fooled again,” they said with righteous indignation. In fact, they fooled themselves.

Not unlike liberals, they are ruled by their emotions rather than fact, reason, logic, and provable history. They were far too clever by half, and now America will pay the price. Whether the collapse of America is a tragedy or “commie”-tragedy is ultimately irrelevant in the final analysis; what is relevant is the pain and suffering that will ensue for so many hard-working Americans: brought to them courtesy of the Republican establishment elites…the smartest people in the room.

(This article was written by guest columnist Sandy STringfellow. Sandy Stringfellow is a research writer and musician interested in history, economics, and politics. His work is published in Canada Free Press, Right On! weekly, The Bold Pursuit, US for Palin, Florida Political Press, and other websites.
A fifth generation Floridian, Sandy was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida.
From an early age he developed a fascination with music, eventually playing in local bands.
Sandy continued to write as he made his living in the fields of commercial carpentry and retail sales. In 2001 he established a home studio, where he records his songs. His music is available at SandyStringfellow.com
Sandy can be reached via his musician page on Facebook.

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  • It seems to me Mitt was a fraud. He was just there to make it look like someone was actually challenging oblahblah.

  • Joe

    Sorry Jan, but no matter whether Mitt (or any other politician) was conservative enough or not, it’s my firm belief that the real enemy of what was our constitutional republic was the American people themselves. Over the years, we have allowed ourselves to get lazy, fat, soft and stupid. We’ve become Godless, immoral, apathetic, and uneducated. As a result, we have fallen to the gimme game our career politicians have fed us. Just as long as we get “free” stuff from the government, we’re happy enough to let them do all the thinking for us. No one cares to study history (or anything else for that matter) or make themselves politically aware. If you don’t believe any of this, then I’ll appeal to your professional instincts and ask that you look at the average Nielson chart and see what people are watching to see what’s of interest to them. I think how we choose to spend our free time tells us a lot about ourselves. When you see that the average person is most interested in shows about “Idols”, celebrities, “reality” or mindless talk shows that offer little more than fluff or gossip or how much of the media’s resources are spent on reporting about “celebrities”, you get a picture that is not very flattering of the average American intellect.

    Many conservative talk hosts complained about how Obama spent so much time on shows such as these or similar venues instead of doing his job, but the fact is he was going where the audience was. He was just building his base. Even if his message were to resonate with a majority of voters, Romney caught on too little and way too late. No one watches the Sunday news programs or 60 Minutes or McNiel/Lehrer or any media providing “serious” news. Consequently, we have no serious journalists or outlets left. There are no more professionals like Edward R. Murrows because they don’t garner share. Drudge and Brietbart do seem to make an effort, but they are basically preaching to the conservative choir and that choir is apparently now in the minority.

    When Homeland Security stated the greatest threat to national security was right wing extremist groups, when Judge Roberts came out with his ruling on Obamacare (thereby undoing the constitution), when the federal government of the United States forces Christian organizations to act against the very core of their beliefs by paying for abortions and contraceptives for their employees and, finally, when the Benghazi attack failed to generate the outrage one would expect, I knew we were done as a country. And it’s our own fault: There is no outcry for justice. In fact, now everyone is more concerned with the “affair” Petreous was involved with which will lead to a complete white-washing of the fact that the office of the President of the United States along with the Department of State merely chose to watch, instead of act, as our consulate was attacked, over run and 4 Americans died when intelligence clearly showed a need for better resources to be in place before the attack and assets were available at the time of attack that would probably have saved at least 2 of those lives lost. All to maintain the false narrative of the wonderful “Arab Spring”. Yes, the mainstream media is pushing the narratives the White house wants, but if they saw any kind of backlash from the public, they would adjust accordingly, but there is no backlash and there is no public outcry to congress for accountability on these things because the American people just don’t care.

    No Jan, the only way to change direction now is to educate people to be better people and that will take generations. If it ever does happen it’s not going to until the music plays out and we’ve gone over the cliff. Right now, people see what is happening to the various European governments with their “enlightened” social ways and yet, we are still on course to emulate those very systems even though it’s obvious how it’s affecting us already. Something horrible our way cometh: Buffet, Paulson and Soros have already sold their US stock holdings and are buying gold, the top 2% of this country are selling off their assets before the Bush “tax cuts” end this year and companies are poised to make massive layoffs. The signs are all there screaming at us and yet, where is the outrage or even concern? There is none because the majority of the American people simply don’t care.

    The only thing left to do is pray. We’re going to go over the cliff and find ourselves in the control of others. After we’ve lost everything and have nothing else to lose, then, maybe, we’ll look back on how we got this way and think about changing but not before.

  • Pillow

    I agree with you Joe, just not the part about God. Idiocy and a lack of morals have little to do with whether or not a person attends Church on Sundays. I’m not religious at all. Neither is my family. Yet, my parents grew up in, and lived most of their lives, in the former USSR. They lived through everything: Rationing, deficits, corruption, lack of freedom, poverty, poor or nonexistant medical service, and hyper inflation after the USSR collapsed. They, like millions of others, learned how to survive. They are both highly educated individuals, and when my Dad came here in 1998, he had less than a thousand dollars in his pocket. Now, he earns over 100k per year working as an electrician. He worked as a coal miner, in power distribution, and various other occupations. In school, he was involved in numerous clubs, including comedy and theater. He appeared on television as a host as part of his involvement in KVN (a famous Russian improv club, which has it’s own TV show, and which many school students are part of). Both he and my mother, know how to work with their hands, how to cook, clean, and repair broken objects. My Mom is excellent at sowing. My Dad knows how fabricate things by hand if need be. He can repair most electrical appliances, assuming he can find parts. They don’t hire others to do home improvement projects for them. The list of skills goes on, and on, and on. Both parents served in the Soviet Military, as part of their mandatory draft, and so fired Kalashnikov’s and received a basic level of military training. These people are smart, educated, skilled immigrants, and the contrast between them and native Americans is sharp. Why is this so? Because in the former USSR, people were expected to learn these things. The reality was much different: People valued education, and the life of poverty demanded that they learn many skills that people in America haven’t had to learn since the great Depression. How many Americans even have a basic level of cooking skills? How many Americans even know how to fix basic everyday objects, such as clothes or furniture?

    Joe is right: Americans have become fat, slovenly, and stupid. In a society of abundance, where progressively less work is required to eek out a comfortable existence, people lose the parts of themselves that made humans the dominant race on this planet. All the worse parts of us-lazyness, complacency, indifference, inability to put off gratification-come to the surface. Is it any wonder that in such a country, the socialist ideas of redistribution of wealth (free stuff) are so appealing? It’s not. It had to happen sooner or later. It’s unfortunate that everything this great nations framers worked for, is being wiped out in the span of a few generations. All the blood spilled in preserving a free nation: wasted.

    No matter how wonderful the ideals of the enlightenment, they are worthless if nobody cares to read, understand, and take them to heart.

    My parents, their friends, and many other immigrants who escaped nightmarish conditions in former Soviet countries, to come here to the United States, who managed to set roots and prosper despite their former lives, are the real victims. They already lived through that BS once, and now it’s followed them here.

    As my Dad put it, jokingly, “Man all the communist propaganda really did work after all. All our lives, we were told that America is the heart of the capitalist devil, and in the end, after finally coming here we found that there’s just more of the same. The capitalism was a lie.”

    It’s absurd, honestly. One group of people, who lived through socialism, understand it and can spot even the faintest whiff of it at a moments notice, are insulted, laughed at, and ridiculed by the majority of people who never even saw Karl Marx’s book in person; let alone even read a single passage of it or experienced it’s failures.

    I just hope that once the rationing of care, the deficits, inflation, and rampant corruption truly take hold, that people will begin to understand. Sometimes, that’s the only way people can understand: No amount of words, only first hand experience.

  • I will say this in very easy terms for even Republicans to understand. There is a war on in the Republican party from the liberal wing and the conservative wing. The conservative wing is very socially conservative and therefore does not take lightly the positions on immigration,abortion and gay marriage. The liberal wing teeters on the Democratic edge and would indeed be “blessed” by the Conservatives if we voted for their candidate. See we are tired of getting a weak-kneed poll watching liberal turned instant conservative, for the next election. That is why the joke isn’t on us. The outcome of the Obama government will always be compared to conservative what-if outcomes. Republicans,too similar in party outlook as Dems anymore, have no possibility of this!