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Millions of Americans will sit down tomorrow to a decorated table filled with turkey and all the trimmings to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll watch football, have some laughs, enjoy conversation with our friends and loved ones, drink and eat too much. But, as every year, there will be way too many other homes around the nation with an empty seat at the dining room table where once sat a husband, father, brother, sister, son or daughter, neighbor or friend—a United States warrior. Tomorrow that empty seat will be a reminder of a courageous American hero who gave his or her life for this country, and this year that also includes four Americans left to fend for themselves, abandoned by their country.

At Thanksgiving, Americans must be thankful for the heroes that volunteer to fight 365 days of the year all across the world so that the rest of us can be free, and the families that they leave behind, separated for long durations, and worrying about their loved ones every minute of every day. Say a prayer tomorrow for those families with the empty seats at their tables, and thank them for their sacrifice to this country. Thanksgiving is not about eating or getting a jump on holiday shopping. It’s about giving thanks to God for all of His blessings—and if ever there was a blessing … it’s our troops.

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    Thank so much for protect us ! #TroopThanks