UNINSTALLING OBAMA….. ██████████████████▒ 99% Complete

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

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  • After “Election Day” (now there is a misnomer, it has become an entire month or more, that voting (CHEATING) is allowed) Barack Insane Osama has 74 days to take this Country DOWN!
    He will also be giving all his cronies a “Presidential Pardon”.
    Can you say “Fast and Furious”?

  • Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Obama and one of his closest friends, who was recently addressing other Obama senior staffers.
    “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. 
Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve.”
    Jarrett, who is considered the single-most influential person in Obama’s White House, says of her relationship with the President that the two think alike. “We have kind of a mind meld… what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”
    Jarrett’s alarming rant continued…
    “There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.”

    • MeMadMax

      This is why i’m not voting.

      Not to sound cynical, but I am a vet who is relatively young, very decorated(even at only 8 years service), with lots of leadership potential. Before I was discharged I was being groomed for the officer corp. I was also winning awards and achievements left and right, even when I was straight out of bootcamp(my command had to make up awards because I was so low in rank that I was “ineligible” for certain medals).

      Anyways, the DHS report on vets being included with the group of individuals labeled as “domestic terrorist” rings loud and true now as it did back in 2009, which makes me a walking target for this administration. I fear that if this president wins reelection that me and my family will have to go into hiding, not kidding. My wife doesn’t feel that way, but right now, she has few worries because I take care of her and the kids, while isolating them from issues that have a real danger to me.

    • She should be thrown into federal prison too then–preferably the same cell as her traitor-buddy.

  • jhowa

    well, after the re-election if it so happens, comes impeachment.

  • jonhenry78

    Uninstall fail: due to rigged voting machines; voter fraud (massive); non existant military absentee ballots…

  • payback time huh! they might just remember what happens when they stick their noses into a den of rattle snakes………they get their very long bad intentioned noses bit end of story

  • Now installing Obama 2.0. 🙂

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Jan, Is calling that thing in the photo “a stinking pile of barack” what you’d call ‘vulgarity’?

  • sagebrush6

    Jan, whatever you do, please do not stop publishing these articles. I send them to many people and they love your articles.