Unions Must Go

Jan Morgan

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What unions are doing in America today, not only to the companies but to the workers they supposedly represent, is unconscionable. It’s sad that a majority of their own members can’t or refuse to see that these unions are not truly on their side and in fact have done much to destroy capitalism. Unions have become the people they were originally formed to oppose.

Unions are a socialist concept. The whole concept of unions pits management against the workers.
The assumption is that management is an evil force whose sole purpose is the abuse of the worker.
While this may have been true in the early days of the industrial revolution, it is not as common today.

The union philosophy is predicated on the notion that everyone should be paid the same regardless of the quality of their work. Who wants to do a better job than someone who is getting paid the same amount for doing the same job poorly? Obviously, the quality of the product will suffer.

Unions now are big, powerful lobbies, whose sole purpose is to keep people who are not in the union from working, while demanding higher pay and benefits for those who are. They keep inadequate workers on the job, but do not reward the better workers. They create unnecessary jobs by dividing the labor of one person into the work of three. The man that turns on the lights, can not pick up the trash. The man that turns the bolts can not also put on a tire. They have driven the prices up on everything, while their ‘management’ gets fat on the pensions of the workers.

I believe there should be no unions in government, in the school system, or in professional sports. These people are not being abused by their employers. Bad workers should be fired, good workers should be given merit pay, and everyone should be entitled to work who is able to do the job, without having to join a union.

Protectivism doesn’t work in world economics and it doesn’t work in the job market. I believe the time for unions has come to an end.
I have always been of the mindset that if you don’t like your job or work conditions, then go work somewhere else. Forcing privately owned companies to do something they do not want or can not afford to do regarding wages and benefits, is UNAMERICAN.
If we do not address this issue, we will see more companies like the makers of Twinkie, fold and move their bases to other countries where labor is reasonable and profit is possible.

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  • Jan I will not eat a twinkee made in china

  • I am getting together with friends to see if we can but a pallet or 2 of Twinkies…In a couple of yrs we will be selling them for $200 a package…Going to be the new “Gold” standard.

  • MJM


    Some of what you state I agree with. However, your mindset; if you don’t like your work conditions, go somewhere else, is fine on paper, but not necessarily a practical solution. I’ve worked in health care for quite a while, and it has always been management vs the worker-union, or non union. So much more can be said.

    • I am 45 and have worked since I was 15yrs old. I have NEVER been out of work for more than 2 weeks…ever. If you have good work ethics, there is always a job available if you need one. It might not be your perfect job, but it is a job till a better one can be found…And I did say “found”, not “comes along”, or “falls in your lap”. You have to be looking for one. I recently moved from Texas to Colorado and it took me 9 days to find a good paying job. So yes, if you are not happy, you can find another job, you just have to work at it and make it happen.

  • Les

    Following the example of the PERFECT union. The Soviet Union.

  • Archie

    The unions are under the protection of the communist party USA, some call it the democratic party, and as long as they can call out the troops to vote for the left wingers we haven’t a chance to get rid of them. One would think that after the unions have sit bye and watched company after company leave these shores they would start kicking, but they haven’t. I have to assume the union leaders are being paid under the table by the foreigners who want this country brought to it’s knees or can they possibly be this stupid?
    GOD Bless the USA and pray for her survivial.

  • Son_of_Taz

    This has happened many times before and one would think the unions would get it. When an employer says they’re going to close down if an agreement isn’t reached, by now you’d think the unions would work with the employer. But, they decide half a loaf isn’t good enough and they end up with no loaf.

    Hostess may sell off their recipes and a new company will be formed that will be non-union. That would be the perfect scenario.

    This is a good example of what will happen when the money runs out. Is America watching this?

  • Gary

    I can say I was in 2 unions…..1 of which did not help me advance when I was doing what was required to do so…..another that actually cost me my job because of one of it’s “followers” and the rules the union put in force!!! Needless to say I am no fan of them and when I have interviewed for jobs and found they were union I refused the job even though it may have paid better than other offers!!! There is always an option…..I don’t see unions as a viable one!!! The second company has since gone under due to the union and it’s harsh practices to “value” the employee!! How much are they making now? Is their relationship with the company better?

  • Paul K

    I bet those 18,500 people really feel they stuck it to the man. Absolutely rediculous, there is more of this on the way.

  • John V. Rigdon

    I have said this very same thing. I have been FORCED to join Uniuns under protest to get a job or to keep one. As it is, there has been three of them. ALL three jobs have left me with the Union telling me “Sorry. Let us know when you get your next one”.
    There was a time when the Unions did help. The goal was SAFETY! It has evolved into, Organized Crime, Terroriss, Socialism and a threat to THE WORLD! I have turned down offers to join the Union on several jobs, because I have never needed “Protection” to keep it. This has been a very passionate Subject for me for MANY years.
    Thank You Jan. Spreading the TRUTH is a dirty DANGEROUS job. Patriots do it. We want everyone to know the Truth. It is too bad that it is becoming unacceptable.
    Keep on shouting. Until the Black Helicopters come. 😉

  • I saw this happen on T&P Railway years ago. I was a diesel Electrician helper, we had to call a machinist to unscrew 3 screws then we could check inside to see if everything was ok, then call the machinist to put the screws back in. This is rediculous

  • Net2dave

    I was in the Electrical Union in Pro Union Michigan, when I was promoted to Management the first thing I did was to offer the employees a better pay package with Merit increases and cost of living allowances with a 401K. They eventually voted the Unions out, and we prospered because the good employees prospered, the poor employees did not and simply moved on. Everyone was happy and productivity increased, this is the way it should be for a company!

  • Mark

    I’m in a union because NY is not a right to work state. The night before the election I refused to answer the phone because caller ID said it was the hall and they wanted me to vote for Obama. I pay my dues because if I don’t pay my dues I don’t work. Just biding my time until retirement.

  • Try working for a politician like I do. You will be glad you have a union.

  • I was a union steward back when the union’s primary concern was the well-bveing of the workers.

    Today the union’s primary concern is the well-being of the union.

  • Unions purposly raise payrates and promote those increases as “fighting for the man” but the reality is they don’t care about the man and just want more money to sit in an office and collect that money. Fighting for every drop of money a company has to offer today and caring little or none when later the economics change for that company in the future. Union concesions seem to only come if the company is on the verge of shutdown.

  • Before you blame ” unions ” for this terrible loss ,let it be noted that many corporate officials in said Company were given ” Large ” salary increases and bonuses…tell the truth ! No this company should not have shut down ! In bad times everyone ( including union members ) should take cuts.. in good times profits should be shared…period ! This tragic result was either mismanaged corporation or terrible information given to workers …this should not have happen !!

    • yeah right AFGE local#2 didn’t give one rats behind when the government bosses broke the law with my being a disabled veteran. HOWEVER!, they had no problems taking my dues.

  • Conservative 2 You

    I have worked in the telecommunications field since I was in my 20’s. They were IBEW and CWA. Both states were right to work states, I woke up before I retired and now will not even take calls from them on election issues. I voted for Mitt Romney and I used my views to decide who was best. Unions have terrible people running them. I wouldn’t trust them in an outHouse with a muzzle on. They take your dues and give most of it to the Democrat Party and I was not happy about that. I sure will miss my Merita Bread and Twinkies. You fools that lost your jobs will be sorry you destroyed Hostess Company!

  • Conservative 2 You

    Love eating Twinkies while sighting in my AR.

  • Russ

    It is very sad to see businesses go to China because of High union wages and I don’t like seeing it. However, in the case of Twinkies, would anyone here honestly settle for a 25% to 30% wage cut which is what the company asked for in the new contract? For that much of a cut, I’m sure most of these people would rather go on unemployment and look for a different job at the wage offered.

    • They would still have a job though…unemployment is temporary..

  • I have been a member of two unions and both have never helped me on anything weather a layoff or a work complaint their time has long since gone these are nothing more than overpaid bullies send these greedy pigs packing once and forever better yet let them go and take up the plight of the workers in cuba or iran or even north korea they can all use union help

  • this crap has obama and his commie union buddies all over it,what these clown are up to now is this closing of plants will continue then the generous government will step in and take over these failing companies and guess what…….we soon have this soviet union mess all over again all thanks to these gullible idiots who voted for this trash I’ll bet these morons will be real pleased with themselves in a few months espically for believing in this serial liar and full blown communist all I can say is I hope you jerks are happy with yourselves enjoy your new jobs working for obama inc

  • Back in the early 70’s, I worked in Aerospace. The union that the aerospace workers were connected to was the same one from Detroit. It was the UAAW, United Auto and Aerospace Workers. The person I worked with made exactly the same amount as I did doing the same thing. But we were an open shop, so he belonged to the union and I didn’t. One payday his check is about 15.00 short, so he asked me about mine. No change in mine, but his envelope had a little note that basically said that the union coffers were getting low because of the strike in Detroit and we are going to take some of your money to refill the coffers. Let us just say that he was not pleased about getting stuck and when renewal time came around, he didn’t.

  • David Hiatt

    Jan, if ya get this comment, please check out this article. I am not an admirer of unions but this counters the blame on Unions. http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/11/16/1203151/why-unions-dont-shoulder-the-blame-for-hostesss-downfall/?mobile=nc

  • harleydude

    Yep, unions are evil. Companies and their owners at not. Sorry you people are not opening your eyes if you think this is the case. I have been in the Teamsters for 39 years. Have worked for the same company for 39 years. There are 2 other companies that provide the same service that mine does in the area. They are not union outfits. Their drivers make almost 1/2 of the wages and benifits we make. They have no health insurance and they are not offered a retirement package where the employer chips in a matching portion. But oh both these companies charge the same amount for products and services that we do. So where do you think that extra wage and benifit money that is not paid towards emplyee’s goes to? And by the way, I have worked with the same people for 39 years. The only turn over we have is when one retires. The other 2 companies? Constant turn over. Who would you want to do business with? A company that has employee’s with many years of experience or a company that has employee’s with months of experience? Your nuts if you think in this day and age workers are treated fairly. I see that every Monday thru Friday that they are not.

  • sagebrush6

    I worked for a company for a number of years that was a union house. When a contact time came around the union of course ask us how much we all wanted. We unanamously told the union we made plenty of money, we just wanted to up the pension money for retiring employees because we had a huge pension fund. They told us “no way in hell, they were going to fight for a big raise”

    That raise upped the dues which is what it was all about for the union. More dues, It’s all about dues and power for the unions. Nothing else. The part about YOU is just a cover to get the dues up.

    When a company dosen’t have to deal with a union, that money goes to more equipment and more jobs.
    And yes, there are some predator companies that wouldn’t give you a raise or a benefit if you put a gun to thier head. Move on to another job. You don’t have to stay there.

  • Thib

    Well said, Jan! Thank you.

  • George

    Unions cannot get anything without the opposing party agreeing to it. So quit blaming the unions for all the companies and the countries financial wows. Get it right people. Stop being brainwashed. Unions cannot do anything that is not agreed to. Unions have absolutly nothing to do with the twinkie debacle. The owners will walk away as fat as they have always been. The union people are walking away with nothing.