Watchmen On The Walls

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

The warning is sounding, the enemy is in our camp! What will the American people do?

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  • I hear you Brother thanks for putting it out there. The people loved Darkness and shunned the light. We are entering a period of darkness unless we Repent and take action. Keep up your good work. We are with you

  • I posted this elsewhere on JMM, but believe it’s equally relevant here:
    It’s my firm belief that the real enemy of what was our constitutional republic was the American people themselves. Over the years, we have allowed ourselves to get lazy, fat, soft and stupid. We’ve become Godless, immoral, apathetic, and uneducated. As a result, we have fallen to the gimme game our career politicians have fed us. Just as long as we get “free” stuff from the government, we’re happy enough to let them do all the thinking for us. No one cares to study history (or anything else for that matter) or make themselves politically aware. If you don’t believe any of this, then I’ll appeal to your professional instincts and ask that you look at the average Nielson chart and see what people are watching to see what’s of interest to them. I think how we choose to spend our free time tells us a lot about ourselves. When you see that the average person is most interested in shows about “Idols”, celebrities, “reality” or mindless talk shows that offer little more than fluff or gossip or how much of the media’s resources are spent on reporting about “celebrities”, you get a picture that is not very flattering of the average American intellect.

    Many conservative talk hosts complained about how Obama spent so much time on shows such as these or similar venues instead of doing his job, but the fact is he was going where the audience was. He was just building his base. Even if his message were to resonate with a majority of voters, Romney caught on too little and way too late. No one watches the Sunday news programs or 60 Minutes or McNiel/Lehrer or any media providing “serious” news. Consequently, we have no serious journalists or outlets left. There are no more professionals like Edward R. Murrows because they don’t garner share. Drudge and Brietbart do seem to make an effort, but they are basically preaching to the conservative choir and that choir is apparently now in the minority.

    When Homeland Security stated the greatest threat to national security was right wing extremist groups, when Judge Roberts came out with his ruling on Obamacare (thereby undoing the constitution), when the federal government of the United States forces Christian organizations to act against the very core of their beliefs by paying for abortions and contraceptives for their employees and, finally, when the Benghazi attack failed to generate the outrage one would expect, I knew we were done as a country. And it’s our own fault: There is no outcry for justice. In fact, now everyone is more concerned with the “affair” Petreous was involved with which will lead to a complete white-washing of the fact that the office of the President of the United States along with the Department of State merely chose to watch, instead of act, as our consulate was attacked, over run and 4 Americans died when intelligence clearly showed a need for better resources to be in place before the attack and assets were available at the time of attack that would probably have saved at least 2 of those lives lost. All to maintain the false narrative of the wonderful “Arab Spring”. Yes, the mainstream media is pushing the narratives the White house wants, but if they saw any kind of backlash from the public, they would adjust accordingly, but there is no backlash and there is no public outcry to congress for accountability on these things because the American people just don’t care.

    The only way to change direction now is to educate people to be better people and that will take generations. If it ever does happen it’s not going to until the music plays out and we’ve gone over the cliff. Right now, people see what is happening to the various European governments with their “enlightened” social ways and yet, we are still on course to emulate those very systems even though it’s obvious how it’s affecting us already. Something horrible our way cometh: Buffet, Paulson and Soros have already sold their US stock holdings and are buying gold, the top 2% of this country are selling off their assets before the Bush “tax cuts” end this year and companies are poised to make massive layoffs. The signs are all there screaming at us and yet, where is the outrage or even concern? There is none because the majority of the American people simply don’t care.

    The only thing left to do is pray. We’re going to go over the cliff and find ourselves controlled by others and, quite possibly, other countries if we aren’t already. After we’ve lost everything and have nothing else to lose, then, maybe, we’ll look back on how we got this way and think about changing but not before.
    Some have remarked that religion has nothing to do with it. I strongly disagree. I wasn’t always the believer I am now, but even when I wasn’t, I recognized the value of a belief system grounded in a solid moral foundation. Without this, there is nothing to stop the slide or creep or whatever you want to call it to accepting that which is bad as good and vice versa such as we have today.
    With God all things are possible. Without, nothing is. He is the Light and the Truth and the ultimate teacher who showed us how we are supposed to live every day of our lives. An “Amen” in the temple every Sunday isn’t going to cut it. We’ve got to live it. We are seeing the results in action for moving away from Him.

  • Highly unlikely my comment will be posted since rarely do forums like this wish to hear anything other than total agreement. And yes there are radical liberal sites that do the same. I’m ex Army. And was once completely immersed in a way of life as espoused by the Billy Graham crusade.

    I’m going to wave the red flag of the fallacy of..the gays are coming to get you…business. Truth is..you’re surrounded by them right now. They clean your teeth, wear police badges, hand you your mail..and that is the spooky bit isn’t it. That you can guess, but you can’t really tell. Jews were easier to spot.

    When the government starts actual dialog making ALL religious observance illegal then I will pick up my shot gun…bought long before the recent election and take to the street. I’m an agnostic, but I will defend a Christian’s right to worship with my life. Because freedom IS worth fighting for. I highly doubt that the author of the above video would defend anything but his own personal beliefs.

    Bottom line…there will be no secession. First off, individual states cannot afford to maintain the current infrastructure. Things like..air traffic controllers, databases, emergency services…and all the military equipment in your state, including National Guard, is owned federally. If you think that soldiers are going to hop up and join you…or teachers or most of the Churches..like Lutheran, Presbyterian, and especially Catholic…I highly doubt it. They like their tax exempt status way too well. See, each state will have to raise as much money as it can if we abolish the Federal Government, in order to keep going. So…if you belong to a church..kiss tax exempt goodbye. Religious institutions get about 71 billion yearly tax exempt. What state government is going to pass that cherry up?

    So yes…raise the hue and cry of anarchy if this supposedly godless government prevails. Scare the daylights out of people who don’t really want to know otherwise.

    Read your bible folks…it does have the answers to all this. Not the guy in the video talking. Trust what you’ve been told…you will know not the day nor the hour…and that there are false prophets abounding that would play on your fears for money.