When a Little Red Wagon Says It All….


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  • I wish the politicians would stop referring to Social Security and Medicare as entitlements.
    Social Security and Medicare is money (funded by me) which the government has taken out of each paycheck for 39 years (since 1973). This is my money, I earned it!
    Social Security and Medicare are not entitlements!!
    They only become entitlements when people who are receiving my money, did nothing to earn it.
    Seems Social Security and Medicare are government Ponzi schemes. So why is Bernie Madoff in jail? If politicians don’t fix Social Security and Medicare, I want my money back!!

    • i know a so called minister that chose not to pay S.S.but now gets to draw from gov.why is this allowed? for 30 years didn’t pay..can people do this?

  • JediKnight

    @facebook-1754559802:disqus You’re getting way more out of both of those than you’re paying in. The first recipient ever put in 75 cents and got a check for $15. That’s huge! Hence why they’re called entitlements. If it was earning interest and paying dividends, everyone would be trying to pay more into it. Since it’s not and it’s being treated like a piggy bank by the govt, lots of us want out, no matter how much we’ve paid in. Your response is exactly why it hasn’t been fixed or privatized “It’s my money!”.

    • The gov should have invested the money that they took from people & let it grow & there would have been no problem.Instead they used it like it was theres!

  • I agree with Rick; I have been paying into this system against my will for 30+ years and have been fighting my entire life to keep my head above water. If I survive to 65+ I would hope to get at least some of this so called investment back. I don’t see what the big problem is here, put limitations on welfare and all the freebie handouts, make them pass drug tests before receiving anything and kick out the illigal alliens. Start slowly reducing government jobs (way too many politicians) like do we really need all those police officers out on the freeway harrasing people on their way to work? No, cameras could do that for a lot cheaper and it takes the “God” power out of morons hands… It seems a little bizarre that people can kill innocent babies yet the prisons are overcrowded with people that threaten our lives and we pay to keep them alive??? Really,,, people “WAKE UP”

    • Johnny Redblood Esq.

      I understand how you feel, and agree that you should be upset, but there’s two things about your post that i wanted to respectfully mention… the cops harassing people are city or state police officers, as opposed to federal cops (agents). They try to get money for their city if they’re local cops, and if they’re state troopers, they try to issue tickets to people from other states (as they’re told to) to bring wealth from the other states into their own. The prisons are overcrowded because of nonviolent drug offenders, not dangerous people. Of course many prisoners are dangerous (no argument here), but simple probation would work best for the majority of people behind bars. The prison system has lobbyists too, and they encourage that policies be made which lead to people ending up behind bars, even unnecessarily so, because the more prisoners they get, the more funding they get. It’s stupid. Please don’t blame (most of) the prisoners or a political party for these troubles; blame the opportunists and lobbyists. I also don’t have a problem with with the person getting a couple hundred bucks per month for necessities, so long as they get a job that pays $1,100 a month (full time federal minimum wage), nearly as much as the business owner hiring twice as many employees as he needs so they’re part-timers to avoid giving them benefits. In short: 1.) dick cops are typically working for their city or state, and 2.) prisons are overcrowded b/c of (arguably) bad policies.

      No need for me to wake up, already up and moving.

      Last thing: where are people killing babies?! they should go to jail for killing a newborn!

  • Pat Puckett

    The whole idea of Social Security was for us and our employers to pay into a plan that the government would manage and invest for us. It was only to be used for future collection by the people that paid into it..But of course, the government used the money for other things, therefore not having anything to invest..But they still have to honor the payment when it comes time for the people to collect, therefore they must take the money from other funds..
    I hate to think of how they could butcher a government run health care plan..

    • They probably won’t just butcher it , they’re going to kill it. It NEVER occurs to THEM that they could get by on LESS INCOME does it? only the poor people have no choice!

  • Evil Ed

    Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements!! They have been forced on us all most of our lives. I was told that I would have to pay S.S. taxes when I got my first job cleaning offices at the age of 16 in 1960 and my employers and I have paid into it and Medicare every since. I was never able to opt out and when I turned 65 I was forced onto Medicare and still need to buy a supplemental policy for $160.00 a month. Now I am afraid we will loose this option when Obamacare goes into full force

  • Jan, not sure if you caught halftime of the cowboys, eagles game tonight. Bob Costas, in all his media glory, decided to use the suicide of the chiefs player today, as a chance to denounce the 2nd amendment in an outright bash against people’s rights to own guns. His statement “I believe if he didn’t have the ability to own a gun, his girlfriend and himself would be alive.”- sent chills up my spine. I was appalled that he chose this moment during a sporting event to throw political winds to the masses. sad.