Where We Go From Here

Jan Morgan

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So …

Now What?

What happened in America last night was an indictment on our Republican Party, our generation, and the integrity of America’s people as a whole.

The Republican Party MUST take last night’s results as a defining slap for being out of touch with real world America. (Not finger pointing here, just stating that we must examine the outcome and face reality)

My message to the establishment Republican party is, “Wake up, Shape up, and Re-organize.” (By the way, a heart-felt thanks to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for giving it their best shot.)

As revolting as last night was, the results gave me a more clear understanding of what we are up against now and how we must proceed from here.

First, we must not give up.

Second, we must not bail.

Now, more than ever, we must STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK.

This is not a call for an armed revolution. At least, not yet…. However, not arming yourself and preparing at this stage, if you have not already done so, would be irresponsible and foolish.

I am calling for brain power, creativity, and more grass roots aggressive involvement with like minded people. We must continue to educate our people on the issues, the consequences of complacency, ride our elected representatives in the House and Senate with the sharpest of spurs, force change in the Republican party by getting involved or joining The Tea Party and finally, evaluate our enemy.

The first rule of war is “KNOW YOUR ENEMY.” How well do we know the enemy within that is growing by the day? I am not speaking of Barack Obama. He is only a tool of the enemy. I am referring to a growing population of people within our country who elected him and fit into one of the following categories:

1) entitlement mentality (the “what’s in it for me” group)
2) racists (blacks who vote based on race)
3) college educated liberal elitists who are clueless ( degrees minus common sense)
4) marxists who have clear intentions to destroy liberty (they are here, have been for a long time)
5) devout islamists who are reproducing at an alarming rate and adhere to a methodical civilization jihad directive by the muslim brotherhood for the destruction of America from within.
6) people within our own Republican party who refuse to face reality

So, where do we go from here?


We must do everything humanly possible to stop Barack Obama from fundamentally changing our nation.

We must aggressively stand up and fight for America’s founding principles: free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government.

We turn our attention back to Congress, to fight the battles that most certainly lie ahead.

We want:

* No tax increases
* Repeal Obamacare
* A balanced budget
* No more raising the debt ceiling
* Less regulation of small businesses
* Immigration reform
* We ABSOLUTELY MUST BE VIGILANT about defending any efforts to attack our 2nd Amendment. It is our last line of defense against tyranny. Remember, in the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments after being disarmed. We must stand strong against any further efforts to restrict or disarm the American people.

That is a good starting list.

Consistent determination, creativity, and strategy is what we need now.

At this turning point in America’s history, lets remember the spirit of the Founders who never gave up the fight. Find that fighting spirit within yourself and join me as we face an enemy that is formidable yet not invincible. We’ve taken a hit. We lost a battle, but not the war!

Let us learn from our mistakes.

Now, let’s get back to work and continue the fight.

Round two … ARE YOU WITH ME?

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  • Stephanie Brown

    I agree 100% Jan, but will honestly say as a single working mom it is difficult to keep track of what is going on in Congress. Is there a reliable source that can help me? Perhaps some of the other “new warriors” would benefit from specific information as well. Thanks for all you do; you’re an inspiration.

    • Stephanie… thanks for your input.. and I understand your position.. If you just check out my website and facebook walls, connect with the fine patriots there, you will see posts from all of us with links to the most relevant news of the day..

  • John

    Describing Oblunder as a “tool” of the enemy is aptly said. You’re correct in assessment and I appreciate your tenacity. We are on the same side, and please forgive the backhanded comment about tools. We must face the fact that the topical view from all over the world is changing before our very eyes; and beg the pardons of our founding fathers for allowing this change.

    Personally, I still believe that the “PC” revolution and giving a trophy to EVERYONE has instilled this sense of entitlement. Heaven help us.

    • Hilary

      I agree. I call it “AYSO Syndrom.” You get a trophy for showing up. Unfortunately, the world is still a Darwinian, highly competitive place. If we Americans don’t stop seeing competition as evil, we’re doomed to be a third-world country.

    • thanks John..

  • Gary B.

    I’m with you in more than one way! Gotta stop this administration NOW before it turns into another ‘Greece’! Same problem over there, yet no one has learned a thing…

  • I’m with you all the way Jan…All the way.

    • Good to know Willie.. thanks so much!

  • DisgustedConservative

    I am looking for an activist group to get in the face of the liberals and their organizations like Planned Parenthood. We must get LOUD. We MUST swamp our conservative legislators and tell them to NOT BACK DOWN from this pretender.

    • Disgusted… let me know when you find them..

    • Jim

      Tea Party is my option and I just joined them.

  • Charlie

    Jan, agree with you. We must stay focus on the things we need to change.

  • Yeah I’m armed with a leather strap and a rock because that’s all I can afford, well the rock anyway. =/

    • Remember: David slayed Goliath with just a leather strap and a rock. πŸ™‚

  • Hilary

    Hey Jan. I just want to offer an neutral, respectful, observation on yesterday. I voted Libertarian because I can’t support the many aspects of the Republican platform that are driven by religion and imposing those planks on people who are not religious. I would love to come back, but until the GOP gets back to the basics of personal liberty and responsibility, I can’t. Signed with great respect: a hopeful future Republican.

    • Joe in Las Vegas

      Bravo!!! Well said…A true dose of reality.

  • I am with you also

  • pat

    Wholeheartedly agree with all you have said. so disheartened right now, though. If we the people don’t see the abject dismal moral corruption in Washington, what hope is there? SOCIALISM IS NOT COMING, IT IS HERE.



    • Me

      Speak for yourself

    • Maybe I’m one of the few that feel this way, but my vote is for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. If a candidate actually believes in these core American principles, then everything else will fall into place. Too many people want to apply band-aid solutions without resolving the root problem. Restrict government to those functions that can’t be executed by the private sector (which is very little), and free-enterprise will carry the day.

    • Jared

      Let’s see…idiot, troll, or complete moron, this guy. Turn your caps lock off, and learn how to spell “difference,” you indoctrinated Marxist twit. Why the hell don’t you hop on the way-back machine and go back and visit your boyfriend, Carter? We sure as hell don’t want you here.

      • Joe in Las Vegas

        That is a pretty sad comment Jared…Instead of slurs why not try reason…This is what we have become…walk lock step with our party and belittle anyone with a different view….

  • Larry

    I’m with you, things must get better…

  • matt Burdette

    I’m with you Jan! Getting in touch with the local Tea Party people as we speak.

  • Daniel

    I’m with you..this is not right..if Obama is president that makes me a minority because he is not my leader nor my president..he repersents something different its not god it’s not me and its not USA…I’m always ready to fight back for what my fathers before me worked so hard to get

  • hell yea he needs to be assinated and be treated like the ambassador and staff went through unseal his hiding documents and get the balls to impeach and imprison him for treason being a traitor and kick that bitch of a wife he has in that ugly looking face she has

    • Joe in Las Vegas

      Are you drunk or just nuts? If you are going to argue a point then at least put one sentence together so we can all figure out what the heck you are talking about.

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    Let me preface this by saying I voted for Mitt Romney (I support Ron Paul) but the problem is so obvious and I have been saying it all along. The Republican party is out of touch with reality. Mitt had it right in a way when he said 47% don’t pay taxes but as stupid as he is he doesn’t understand that without part of that 47% he stood no chance in hell of winning. The fact is as I see it that probably half of our population shouldn’t pay taxes and the other half should pay less. The problem is not who pays and how much but the problem is that government cannot learn to live within a budget. The obvious solution to this is to have a flat tax of 15% or so on people making over $50000 and to have no tax on those making less. Let’s not penalize corporations doing business here with excessive taxes either. But let us penalize these corporations for doing business overseas by taxing them more heavily. We must face the reality that the days of protecting business interests overseas are coming to an end. If a corporation wants to do business overseas then let them worry about their security. Let’s think about closing military bases around the world unless the hosting country foots the bill and bringing these great young men and women home and building bases here and putting them where they are really needed (along our borders). If we do this we will create so many more jobs here with the infrastructure needed for these new bases. We will combat the real problem that we face along with our borders. THE FACT IS WE CAN REACH ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY FROM OUR COUNTRY IN A MATTER OF HOURS IF THE NEED ARISES. Find a candidate that thinks along these lines and you will guarantee his election. What does this all mean? Smaller Government…Isn’t that what we all want? The Federal Government will have to learn to live with a budget as they will know what amount will be coming in. The other thing we need to do is abolish the Fed. THE FACT IS THAT THE DOLLAR HAS LOST 90% OF ITS VALUE SINCE THE INCEPTION OF THE FED. Does this sound like they have been doing a great job? Wake up America and lets have a real revolution of sorts. Lets find a viable 3rd party candidate who will stand up for us and protect our Constitution. REMEMBER THIS ONE THING: THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ONE JOB AND THAT IS TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS….EXCUSE ME FOR NOW BUT I HAVE TO GO OUT and practice my SHOOTING ….GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Jan, I don’t think the republican party will ever mount a victory against the Democrats. With SOOOO many on food stamps and welfare and other social help don’t want to lose that and will vote democrat so as to feel safe in keeping that… also, be careful, obama may under the NDAA target you. please be safe Jan we all love ya girl.

    • Christopher… thanks for the warning.. but.. I am already a target.. have been for some time..
      and.. you are correct .. it is hard to beat Santa Clause.. πŸ™‚ but.. we will find a way.

  • The problem today is No One trusts the candidates. They need to find people that we can relate to not feel that we are voting for the least of the two evils. That goes for all parties.

  • What struck me about this election was how the liberals have found that if they run a black socialist for president, he or she will have the votes to get elected over and over again. It won’t matter how crooked they are, how shady their past is, or how squeaky clean the conservative opponent is, all they need to do is play the race card and hate the rich to get elected. Look at Marion Barry. I think we have reached that tipping point and they know it.

    • @thomas, I don’t think race is the issue; The problems we face today exist because the people who WORK for a living are outnumbered by those who VOTE for a living.

      • All great ideas but making them a reality is now an uphill battle. We should have started when we held the House and the Senate. Here in Texas we passed the voter ID law but Obama tied it up in court keeping out of operation until after the election. What was he afraid of, a fair election? Thanks for doing your part in Ohio. Too bad the state didn’t follow the way we hoped it would but soon we will give it another shot at a conservative victory.

    • Thomas, you hit the nail squarely on the head. Blacks will always vote for a black Democrat who promises handouts (actually this is “back door” reparations that we’re seeing). The super wealthy go along with this because let’s face it, who hates the white middle class most? The lower class blacks who say “misery wants company” and the elite rich who want to keep their elite club for themselves without admitting the “nouveau riche” who manage to climb from the middle class. The rich are much smarter than 0bama and their money is safe from him. Even if government was able to confiscate all the money the rich has, it will run the federal government for EIGHT WEEKS. So this “tax the rich” and this “fair share” is nothing but a diversion. It is the middle class that will continue to suffer under this president. I predict 10% unemployment in the very near future and lots of violent black on white crime. They feel empowered by this racist president and think they can get away with murder. As for 0bama, he is basically a stupid (but street smart) person. He is enjoying the good life in that big White House sticking it to whitey. His wife will continue going on the lavish vacations and eating the gourmet meals. His kids will continue to attend the best private schools. And even his squatter mother in law will live rent free for four more years. Blacks now have their meal ticket for four more years as well. And in 2016, some up and coming young black racist will fill 0bama’s shoes and stick it to whitey all over again. By that time, blacks will multiply like rabbits and America will be one big slum.

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    To all of you good people who call for an assassination of our elected leader shame on you. You obviously do not believe in the democratic process of voting. Instead of crying and moaning about it why not work harder to find a viable candidate who will represent all Americans and not one who walks lock step with either party. I am a realist: Abortion is here to stay and gay rights is too. I don’t need to agree with it or not agree with it, but I do know it will be here forever. For those of you who are anti abortion go out and offer to adopt all babies no matter what race or how they were conceived. If not SHUT THE HECK UP. The fact is that people make mistakes and or life comes at them harder than you or I and we have no right to tell them what to do. If they want to do drugs than so be it…if they want to abort babies than so be it. If you believe in God then have faith in your God to dole out the punishment. For all of you so called believers remember God has a plan and have faith in God to do what is needed. In other words SHUT THE HECK UP! Now let’s all go out and make some real changes and find a viable candidate that represents America and what America is all about. FREEDOM AND FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Stop making it impossible for a possibly good candidate to win because he has to walk lock step with the Religious idiots that want to take away freedoms from people (They are sounding a little like Democrats).

    • Joe… I do not know of anyone who has called for the assasination of the President of the United States… Don’t know where you got that.

      • oops.. I just saw the comment from someone on this page you were referring to calling for the assasination… I have deleted the comment..
        I refuse to allow those kinds of comments on my site.

    • Who called for an assassination? I just scanned all the comments and you are the only one to even bring that up. Why would anyone, no matter how upset they are, call for the assassination of our Commander in Chief? Why would you even say that? ” You think it’s easy to adopt an American new born? THERE IS A WAITING LIST!!! We don’t have issues finding parents for newborns. Why do you think some parents have gone as far as China to find a baby to adopt. Read some statistical information on abortions before you say something so stupid. Roe vs wade isn’t going anywhere, but sucking a third trimester babies brain out through it’s skull shouldn’t be an option. I was adopted, my birth mother was a hero, she didn’t take the easy way out.

  • D_Dood

    I’m pretty disheartened now, I don’t see a way out for 20 or more years. Obamacare is the law of the land. It will be almost impossible to get rid of it now. If you go to England, they say they cannot imagine not having ‘free’ health care, as bad as it is. Obama and the dem senate will give away the farm over the next 2 years. IMHO the US has just become a 3rd world country. It is going to take a major upheaval to shake things up. The only bright spot I see is that either high inflation and/or a recession is likely in the next several years, and the republicans will not be in charge. But the GOP as it is now is done. They have reached the height of stupidity and arrogance to think that they could disenfranchise the Ron Paul supporters and the Tea Party folks and win. I’ll keep fighting. I’ll stand with you. But it ain’t gonna be easy or fast.

  • Robert Martin

    Job one: repeal Obamacare. We don’t have unlimited time to deal with this, once it’s in, it’s in forever. Call your congressman, tell him to stand together with House Republicans – NO bills are passed until the Senate passes the House’s repeal bill and the president signs it. NO BILLS! Not even fiscal cliff bills. Put the pressure on, nothing they fail to pass will be nearly as painful as having to go to Washington to repeal it and Congress ourselves. DEMAND OBEDIENCE from your government!

    • It most certainly is not here forever. It can be replaces as easily as it was implemented. We need to make sure that no bill can become law without being read cover to cover and understood. they are supposed to work for us, lets make sure they remember that. if obamacare is so great, then thats what they get too, no exemptions.

  • Hell yes Im with you!

  • Saltporkdoc

    Jan, you read not just my mind, but my heart. I saw so many wasted opportunities to connect with “the people” by the Republican Party during the run up to and actual campaign. I was heartsick.
    The only thing I would add to your list of wants is constitutionalism, in all forms.

  • That which doesn’t kill me, only makes me pissed off

  • David

    I agree 100%. Amen.

  • I won’t call for assasination as some have. The very idea is self defeating. Not only does it hurt other law abiding citizens, it gives them access to new tools to tangle up those who want our country back. The founding fathers made the documents which we hold so dear, very flexible, something that can evolve off of our base freedoms and the government restrictions.
    We need to field a candidate that can really relate to life in the trenches, so to speak. Someone who has been looking for a job where few were to be had. A modest person who knows restraint.
    At this time I say he should still be a patriot. Do not campaign under the banner of any religion, being part of one or not should not matter. Demand justice for what has been swept under the carpet. Someone who will take the time to actually go to security meetings, who doesn’t think of this whole “President thing” as mostly vacation time.
    We do need to change and evolve, we need to start getting people more interested in being self reliant than being selfish. I saw so many who voted simply by virtue of race, or by way of wanting to continue the freebies they get. I know some who think Obama will provide for them by “giving” them free healthcare. I wish these people would read and understand the bill. Which brings me to another point. We must never allow another bill to be passed before it is READ AND UNDERSTOOD what the bill means.
    Don’t mess with our fundemental freedoms, they exist for you no matter what color, class or type of underwear you wear.
    America should protect our borders, keep the supply lines safe, and keep their hands out of our lives.
    I know if I were president, I would make sure all government employees who were exempted from Obamacare have to take it, there’s no option, they are publlic servants, they should get the same health care, follow the same laws, and have a median family income. They should NEVER vote for their own raises!
    We need to make sure they remember that they are supposed to be working for us!

  • Heaven’s Messenger 777

    It is indeed a sad day for America. The Youth of America have given up hope and dreams for a False Sense of Security and given up their Freedoms and will ultimately lose both. The Republican Party is unilaterally dead. Its lost its way. It lost conservatism. It cannot be reconstituted and reborn. Those who voted for 3rd party candidates lost the election for the RNC last night. Had those votes gone to Romney, we would be celebrating today. But that is not in the works anymore. The Libertarian dream of getting someone elected is also gone. The DNC is going back to the days of slavery under their own willful system of socialism and they deserve everything they are about to get. The Unions need to be broken up and dismembered. Those who believe they deserve Obummer’s hand outs and freebies as an “act of revenge” against white america for the issues of slavery long past gone need to be reminded that it was their own people who made them slaves to begin with. It was their people who sold their great grandfathers and grandmothers into slavery in Africa. If they want Socialism so bad … they need to look around the world at Socialist countries and see what those economies are doing and how those people are living and they will find themselves there shortly for bringing that abomination of desolation upon us here in America. I say we stand firm and tall and let the system implode on itself. Let those who want NANNY GOVT find themselves SLAVES of a SYSTEM that’s out of control. When it all falls apart, and it will in short order, we will be prepared to pick up the pieces and put it all back together the way it should be. Until then, we need to prepare and focus in a different way than that of our fathers of the last 60 years. We must appeal to everyone and not segment ourselves in society. The long and short of it is we must now RISE like the PHOENIX from the FLAMES and be stronger, quicker, more attentive, and able to overcome the 1/2 of America that wants to suck from the Government TiT !

  • Eagles55

    I would have to add a side note #3 young people who are not necessarily college educated but who are a huge block of democratic voters, they are clueless about everything political and have no concept how this country runs,nor do they care, but they vote in large numbers. This is the dumbing down of America Part II.

  • John Armstrong

    I want to remain optimistic here and say that I think things will turn out alright down the road. It may take a few years, but I think Americans are a tough, resilient bunch of folks; particularly the patriots. We’ll overcome the Obama obstacle and set things back on the right track down the road.

    It’s not my intent to sound like a bible-thumper here, but maybe this is one of God’s ways of telling this nation we need to get back on the right track and things are not all lost; they just seem that way for the time being. As a nation we have pulled back from our core beliefs this nation was founded. It’s not too late to change back ya know.

    So let’s organize a well thought out plan of attack on how we intend to take back our nation via the voting booth. Conservatives need to see where WE went wrong on the current issues and make adjustments for the future and then go for broke beginning in 2014 and beyond.

    Are ya up to it? Let’s do it and take back our nation!!!

  • Wareagle

    Of course, as an ancestor of The Chiricahua Apache, and a veteran, I am a warrior. A provider, protector, defender of my tribe. My tribe are the patriotic, decent people of the United States of America. Unable to find work, I am limited in available resources. I spread the word on facebook, laughingly losing many “friends ” My skills will be more valuable in the undesirable ” call to arms “. anyway, I am an ardent supporter, and will do what I can.

  • John Galt

    I’m a little too disgusted Jan ! I was a registered Republican, but I’m a constitutional conservative. Having said that, I feel disenfranchised in the political system because the Republican establishment fights against constitutional conservatives like Ronald Reagan, Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachmann, Allen West…..the list goes on.
    I’ve held my nose and voted for moderates like McCain and Romney, but no more!
    We have some time to organize the Tea Party or maybe a party strictly devoted to the Constitution of the United States since no one is using it at this time.
    Reince Pribus has destroyed the Republican party and they won’t get my votes anymore!
    It took awhile to find an alternative to AARP (AMAC) and it may take some time to find an acceptable alternative to the Republican party, but I’ve been used by them once too often !
    I think the Republican party has committed suicide in this century and it’s time to find a party that isn’t ashamed of conservative values and will actually promote conservative values!

    • I understand your frustration John… hang in there and keep fighting..

  • Jim, none of this agenda is relevant and less we get a handle on the biased media. After the first failed debacle of a debate by Obama the media simply pushed him aside and said look asshole we’ll take it from here. FOXNews cannot carry the load alone. If we don’t find a way of countering the biased media, we can expect that we won’t see a Republican President for the next 20 years.

  • we are all with you jan! we need to make sure that washington hears us! let me know what i can do to help you.

  • blair downey

    i am so with you jan!!!

  • Michael Snider

    Jan big business picks who they allow us to vote for. 98% of those in office in DC are flat out guilty of treason, yet they are not on trial or hanging by the neck from a gallows. It’s over. There is only one way to restore the Constitution and that is a real revolution. That is not going to happen, to many people not winning to put it all on the line. I have written you before about this, get Judge N., you, Col. North, etc; as leaders and we might get enough people to pull off a coup (revolution) with the armed forces help of course. That is the only way to restore the Constitution. Otherwise our country and constitution died last night. πŸ™

  • TexasCorvette

    ..it’s impossible to sway voters to vote for you with facts and logic….if those voters have an illogical, emotional attachment to the other candidate. R/R won the battle of logic, but they were not able to break the emotional bond that many people have to Obama. Hence, they lost the war.

  • Skip Palmer

    I am with you as always Jan and have posted and asked my other friend’s to subscribe.. God bless my friend..

  • Reese

    One thing i’m sure of and that Obama is going to mess up badly and the time is now to develop better relations with Blacks and Latinos ! Someone said the Republican Party is dead, I say no,the Democratic Party died this election and they just don’t know it yet ! And let the world know that Jesus still lives in the USA ! We must continue to stand for what is right as seen through the eyes of God !

  • marlen

    I am with you!!! I say to others, dont despair, we may have lost this round, but the fight continues, Patriots truly need to stand up and join together and fight this evil in our government, country and religion.

  • I’m so depressed I can’t even eat. I just keep thinking, “How could this happen”. I’ve had some of the hardest years of my life these last 4 years, and to reward this looser with another 4 years. I need 24 more hours to get better and I’ll be back of the front lines with you. Obama will destroy this country so much in the next 4 years that we are sure to get a republican in next time. I just hope it won’t be too late.

  • I am with you. I am not ‘election weary’ I am angry, seething mad! These people, these illiterate, lazy, ignorant small people. They have sold out our Nation, our Constitution and the very future of their own children and for what? Food stamps and obama phones!

    May I humbly submit one more issue to your list of worthy issues? Voter registration reform, how can we expect to trust election results when we know with 100% certainty that certain folks have their thumb on the scale. The Nevada food service employee’s union registered 70,000 voters? please…..

  • And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign.

  • Lloyd
    I’m with you and have been fighting O for 4 years. I’m 87 years old and a WWII vet and tired. Not much I can do now but give moral support. Keep up the work and when and where I see that I can be useful I’ ll go for it.

  • Thib

    I’m with you, Jan Morgan!

  • The first step is to take away his main support, the Media. It’s time to quit watching the alphabets. Get your news from Fox or the internet. Quit watching their shows like 60 Minutes and Meet the Press. Even quit watching their programing, I watch tv shows the next day without commercials online. I won’t mention names but you can do a search I don’t wanna seem like a spammer. Stop taking your Newspaper if it’s a leftist rag, support the Conservative ones. No Time or other like magazines. It’s time to focus on them as a whole our Media has been too long against American values. It’s hard to give up what you enjoy, but under this Progressive thumb we have too or give up all we have at some point in the future

  • Jim

    We should not be giving up right now. Fact is that we need to refocus energies by making sure no moderate person gets a nomination next time around. If that happens, Tea Party will have to put their own candiate on the ballot.

    But this movement starts at the grassroots level and the young people HAVE to be part of it. This county is long overdue for a conservative swing. Don’t believe the liberals who are rejoicing today. Their time is not now. They can rejoice that they outsmarted us yes, but on principle I personally will NEVER give in to this insanity that’s taken over our nation. We already know what O’Bama will bring and the pain is only going to get worse for America the longer he is in office.

  • I am sick of this Republican crap. Do Americans really believe Republicans support American citizens? Republican’s are the reason our judicial system protects corporations over the American public. Ask Mitt Romney how many jobs he shipped overseas when he broke apart American corporations who provided jobs for Americans and shipped them overseas for cheap labor and cheaper sources for materials.

    Don’t get me wrong! I voted for him! Not because he is a shining light of honesty, integrity, morality or business intelligence but because at least he is an American.

    Let’s quit kidding ourselves though, Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, Constitutionalist or Conservatives don’t mean anything for Americans if greed, selfishness or world domination is what fuels the party. I want to be with a party that promotes our Constitution, being an American and living as an American in America. A party that supports God in our country and supports other countries who support God. A party who believes in the peaceful existence of all people in the world and only interferes where our beliefs and principals are threatened. Not a party who passes laws so corporations don’t have to worry about being sued for scams, poor work conditions or unethical and immoral business practices. Not a party who supports a war over false information and false events which lead to the war. Not a party who glosses over the truth to support their own agenda. Not a party who supports and creates crisis for profit.

    Name a party who has not contributed to the demise of the United States.

    Enough said!

    Wake up America! You think Jan Morgan and her precious Republican party could care less what happens to us?

    • crocket

      It sounds like you would support this group: http://www.constitutionparty.com/

    • You just accused Romney of half the Democrat party’s talking points. Maybe YOU need to wake up.

      “Not a party who supports a war over false information and false events which lead to the war.” False events?? 9/11 was real, you nut.

  • I will no doubt be banned from Jan’s web site for my comments but hey we live in America right?

  • Why hasn’t there been another 9/11?

    It was so easy the first time. You know just organize a bunch of people who hate the United States, get them into a country which they can’t communicate comfortably, have to learn how to fly planes (Not Cargo planes either, Cessna’s, commuter planes), endure surroundings which are foreign to them, hop on a plane undetected through security at an air port, pull out a box cutter on a plane full of passengers, storm the cock pit, gain control of the plane from experienced captains who are trained to never relinquish control of it, fly a massive plane which is totally different from a commuter plane into the largest American building in the U.S. which happens to totally destroy it just two months after it was purchased from an investor who ups the ante on terrorists insurance.

    Maybe the Islam culture has learned to except our American way of life?

    • crocket

      Maybe America is on its own self destruct path and they figured why bother and waste their money and time.

  • bill4802

    God will not be mocked. When you turn your back on God, bad things always happen. America is mocking God. New York was mocking God in a play on Broadway about 2 years ago. Did New York get a pay-back?????????

  • Support hemp and you will get more help just sayin. Tax it good revenue, and let people live their lives as they see fit. Even George Washington knew that. Increases the countries tax base to help pay off the debt, gets people out of prisons and helps them contribute to the cure instead of making them the problem. I love old Willie Nelson combine forces so to speak Jan. You want help, unite people don’t divide them, I do not hate blacks either, and I understand they voted to support Obama, but I know some did NOT as well. Leave color up to GOD we don’t choose our color.
    You know if you examine the debt clock you will see that only one state in our country is not spending greater then its revenue. That is Alaska! Debt held by each person in each state, well Idaho is doing a whole lot better job then the rest.
    However you will also notice the state with most votes is California, they also have the biggest debt. Seems if people really want to help this country they would look at the whole picture. Make hemp production, and marijuana law changes and stop wasting tax dollars fighting those issues.
    Many things that could be done to make this a better and more productive country, but dividing the nation and saying fellow Americans are our enemies isn’t the way. That just causes the same old stuff to continue and it doesn’t help our country to grow.
    You are correct about needing to be armed, and being involved with elected officals. The lobbyist are the biggest problem there, because they influence laws to benefit them and those they serve and that isn’t in the best interest of the average citizen most of the time.
    AARP is a prime example, and Obama himself cited them during this election cycle. AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP they say. I sure hope so, but greed is so distructive. Hating folks just keeps the wars going and is just as bad.
    So that is my feedback and I hope it helps. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  • Kris in Texas

    I feel that one of the biggest forces against anything conservative is the media. We, as a group, should not only stop watching the news and taking the newspapers, but we also need to email the news media to let them know they have lost another consumer and why. We also need to identify who is advertising during the news and email those companies to let them know we will not be purchasing their products as long as they support unfair coverage of the news.

  • ATexasGirl10

    Count Me In.

  • David

    It’s just as Rush said how do you compete with Santa clause? The democrats will adopt any deviante behavior or goupe if it means power for them. Don’t be supprised when they adopt the sex offender group. They are already going after the felons.

  • sagebrush6

    it’s now official — America has reached de Tocqueville’s tipping point: “A
    democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist
    until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public
    treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates
    promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a
    democracy always collapses over loose
    fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the
    world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” In short: The takers now
    outnumber (and so can outvote) the makers. And so, America’s decline has begun
    in earnest. Now begins the rejoicing of those around the world who have so long
    envied and resented our freedom and success.

  • The election results did not surprise me. Here is why… because we are out numbered.

    https://www.facebook.com/#!/GOP?fref=ts 1.1 million likes, https://www.facebook.com/#!/mittromney?fref=ts alittle over 12 million likes.
    https://www.facebook.com/#!/electdemocrats?fref=ts 1.3 million likes.
    https://www.facebook.com/#!/barackobama?fref=ts over 33 million likes.

    Next you have to realize McCain beat Romney in 2008 on our own ticket, and Obama beat McCain. Now in 2012 the republican party decided to ditch Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Gingrich etc. I knew this was dumb as heck, but oh well I stuck with you all and supported your candidate. He lost! Fair and square and I was not at all surprised. Are you???

    Be honest about it friggin dumbest darn thing I’ve seen in a heck of a long time. I voted Ron Paul in primary… he lost…. it sucked, but oh well. Life goes on, and honestly it isn’t that big of a deal. I still live in America and Freedom still rings, even if I don’t approve of the one clanging the bell for the next 4 years.
    We have to do better is all I can say, and I hope we do.

  • /intheGOP

    The GOP needs a good cleaning out and restructuring QUICKLY, if there is ever to be a credible GOP party. Looks like we got a good start with Akin and Mourdock gone! I cannot help but wonder if someone paid them to speak this lunacy! It was an easy out and they still get paid for life!!!! And, their lovely seats were “sold” to a democrat, hence, we sit in the same sewage for another 4 years. While I am pro-life, I have never been in the situation that would make me want to choose death for an unborn child. Yet, I do not want abortion to made illegal. If you can live with your decision, it is between you and G-d to sort out. Treat this decision as a business decision! I do not want to pay for abortions through my tax dollars, etc., so make it a non-profit and let those that agree with that decision, sponsor their own death panels. The old saying, “if you play you pay” were enforced, the players would get on board with paying. On the gay subject, I personally do not care who you are sharing your life with but you need to come up with your own term for marriage. It’s a heterosexual term and always will be. Yes, you can change Wiki but you cannot change reality, only your perception of reality. To the GOP’ers that have bizarre means of transforming them…let G-d sort it out. He’s MUCH bigger than any of us. If you don’t believe in G-d, then may your choices be made per the Golden Rule. If you do not agree with me, I truly don’t care! This is what freedom of speech and religion is all about and everyone should be on board to fight to keep them!

    Keep rocking the boat Jan Morgan! We need honesty in journalism!!