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I am not sure what is more revolting today… the socialists slaves who re-elected Obama last night or the bolting Conservatives today with the defeatist attitude screaming, America is dead.. it’s over”
What happened to that part of the phrase “Home of the Brave?”

So I ask you cowards who say today that “America is dead”.. “the war is lost”…. “time to run for the mountains”
What is your solution? .. duck and hide??.. run for the hills? REALLY???
Look at what our Founders were up against… Study your history..

Surely when they were cold, starved, out numbered and out armed, the future must have looked as bleak for them then as it does many of us now … but… DID THEY CALL IT QUITS AND YELL SURRENDER?? NOOOOO!

To all you defeatists out there: Take your gutless spirits and run for the hills..

We need courageous warriors on our side who will stand up and fight, even when the going gets tough.
We owe it to the generations before us, the soldiers who put their lives on the line fighting for liberty past and present, and we owe it to future generations.

So.. which are you? Socialist slave, Conservative Coward, or Determined Fighter?

Those of us out there on the front lines in the media war, putting it all on the line to get TRUTH to the American people in order to restore our Constitutional Republic, NEED DETERMINED FIGHTERS ON OUR SIDE COVERING OUR BACKS.. I don’t want to turn around in the midst of battle and discover that half the people on our side have given up and run for cover, trembling behind the rocks, wailing about the war is lost.
Geeze… I never expected so much defeat and cowardice from within the ranks..
It’s not over until it’s over. We are just beginning Round Two.. Are you with me??

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  • sandman

    Let’s get it on……………….

  • You are absolutely right!

  • Dave

    OK Jan thank You. You are right. we will fight another day. I wont run.

  • Gary B.

    Determined Fighter!

  • Kelly

    I guess I’m one of those people feeling really defeated today. But I would most certainly have your back. I’m just allowing myself one day to be defeated and miserable. Tomorrow will be different.

    • okay Kelly.. take your time… but.. do come back with a fighting spirit..

  • Tom in NH

    I have been wracking my brain all day trying to figure out what I can do besides post and share on FB and other social media. I know every little bit helps, but I have to admit it seems like a waste of time. Those who read tend to already agree. Those that don’t agree tend to block or unsubscribe. I need to be doing something more effective. Ideas?

    • We have worked our butts off, writing and talking to people. It doesn’t seem to have done any good. It’s hard to know where to go from here.

  • Gary B.

    BTW, Jan, the links from FB are NOT loading. You have to go to janmorganmedia.com and find the ‘article’ that was on FB! Like this one, click and NO Load…

  • RacingWithDietrich

    I love ya Jan but I guess I’m one of those “conservative cowards” because after last night, the fight has gone out of me. I won’t throw in the towel on my own principles but this country? I can’t reach some people. And that group of people is just multiplying. If feeling demoralized and defeated makes me a coward, help me understand what I can do differently.

    • I think that a day of mourning is okay. We have been on “full alert” since the last election four years ago, worked our butts off to change the House over two years ago, prodded pushed and put others into “conservative” mode at the expense sometimes of our own sanity, and really Jan, even God needed a day of rest! We will come back but let us alone this day…..

      • Mary Jo…. I did not come after those who are resting today.. I merely responded to those who “came after ” me on my walls and started all the whining about the war is over… time to head to the woods… give up.. etc..
        As I have clearly stated repeatedly, there is a definitive difference between resting and “giving up”, surrendering.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        I still very firmly believe that NOTHING will EVER be accomplished by “electing” another puppet for president–they’re too far gone and the shadow government is always present. This is going to be won at the more local/state levels if it’s to be won at all–oh, except for destroying the federal reserve. We have a huge task at hand getting Agenda 21/SD 21/ICLEI out of our local governing entities. They’re stealing this country out from under us and right before our eyes.

        • so true…agenda 21 will kill us all…..Americans MUST get a backbone and stand up to defend what we know as freedom!

      • sagebrush6

        Time to rethink our strategy and go for it.

    • Be of good cheer, for the bright spot is, leftists, or democrats, whichever way you choose to refer to them (personally I call them robotic morons), can’t defend their stance. If you try to talk to them, they run cause they can’t hold up cause all they have in their arsenal is what the lying MSM tells them. Therefore they’re missing half of the facts and therefore IGNORANT… Ignorance can be manipulated and torn down with brilliance and reverse-psychology, and moral fortitude. BUT we have to get these lazy christians, and hot air filled conservatives to get MAD AS HELL and stomp the front doors down on the White House, either legally or literally. But personally I’m sick of these selfish agendas overriding my country and the Constitution!! It’s time to start putting these piles of bile slithering from the rectum of Satan in their place!!

      • 7LibertyForAll

        It ain’t gonna work at the white house level; you’d be arrested, tazed, beaten, or shot before you get anywhere near that den of evil. Nullification, secession, fully-informed juries that WILL nullify, and Constitutional Sheriffs……..

      • Well said! Totally agree.

    • HG

      I agree with Racing… I have also tried reaching out, but have been accused of blocking them. Seems odd they are still afraid & so cowardly after winning that they have to try to shut down another point of view.

    • You are not alone. Many of expected that the younger generations would react to the truth about this administration and toss the traitors out of office. What many failed to realize is that the younger generations were not taught in any meaningful way the true history of our revolutionary war to throw off the bonds of England. They also have been raised ti believe that it is the governments job to intervene in their behalf and provide for them when in need. It is a huge disappintment to those of us that were raised in the 40s through the 60s. It’s a shame and we must mentor anyone that will listen. Volunteer to teach a section of American History and or Civics at elementary and middle schools with emphasis on the meaning of the Constitution.

    • Cindy Duensing

      God is not finished!!!!!!! Just be patient!!!!

    • 7LibertyForAll

      They DO seem to be multiplying, don’t they? It gets more and more appalling by the day. I’m figuring that the zombies, who “voted” for ovomit and then watched him selected by the paid-off electoral college, are probably feeling pretty vindicated and powerful in their Marxist beliefs–that’s kind of scary.

  • DisgustedConservative

    It is not enough to say it, you have to physically STAND UP and voice your opinion. You have to have the guts for confrontation. We can do this as a group. No one is asking you stand alone on a corner. Let’s join an activist group and let our leaders and opposition know we will not be treaded upon!

  • Frank H

    The 2014 Mid-terms. Historically they don’t go well for the incumbents party. Think of how it was in the wink of an eye that we went from the 2010 midterms to the 2012 presidential elections. 2014 will be here before you know it. We need to find good candidates to gain more seats in the house and to go after the Senate. People will get fed up with the Democratic senate again…and we will have Harry Reid to thank for that.

    • frank, we have some good candidates waiting in the wings.. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, … etc… youth is a good thing..

      • Archie

        Jan, Please remember that obobo is not a natural born citizen and neither is Marco Rubio. I hope we will not push him for POTUSA when we have been complaining about this illegal occupant of the whitehouse.
        Rubio was born in 1971 to parents who were not American citizens. His folks became citizens in 1975 making him a naturalized citizen, not natural born.

  • VAMom

    I’m bookmarking this to read another day. Right now I’m just too sad. But I’ll be back….

    • Its okay VA Mom… take some time.. I understand… but please, do recover and come back fighting … we need ya!

  • There is confusion, apathy and disillusion all over today. However…I will not stop, looking researching and finding truth. I am damaged by this I will admit that, but I have not quit. I dont know how to quit. So going forward, I see using caution and know who the ranks entail. Know the people around you. I have found several covert (liberal) types in my friends ranks…They were the first to rub salt in the wound. They will not have that opportunity again. Keep in mind that some do not have the fortitude to endure…I am not one of them. You will see me on here from time to time…I was one of the first subscribers to this page…I wont be leaving anytime soon…

    • Thanks Frank… I don’t know how to quit either..

  • Jan, we seriously have to entertain the idea of a guerrilla war (which can take many forms), revolution or partition/secession (ala Czech Republic & Slovakia). We now have a sizeable portion of the population that has about as much in common with real Americans as they do with space aliens (and I’m NOT just talking about the “moochers” either).
    Conservatives have been fighting a defensive war since FDR brought the communist model into our Federal government in the 1930s – it is time we go on the OFFENSE.
    I for one will NOT concede to the forces of socialism/communism. I’m 64, and never did I in my worst nightmares think I’d live out my later years in a country that I barely recognize any more. I will continue to fight and even ramp up my efforts – these are the cards I’ve been dealt to play, and I will play them all the way to the end of the game (or at least as long as I’m around here). General Washington & the other Founding Fathers would expect nothing less of any of us.

    • I too don’t recognize this country any more. I’m 63 Viet Nam Vet and disgusted with what they are doing to our country. I’m educating my children who are adults and I’m starting on my grandchildren two of which voted for Obamination. I too will ramp up my efforts to educate family and friends. We must all fight the good fight. We will never, never , never give up or give in. The last few years when I began to get depressed and discouraged I’d watch the movie “The Patriot” and I’d get recharged and my faith in the cause of freedom would be restored. We must all find our inner patriot and continue to fight the good fight.
      So yes, Jan we got your back.

  • R Miller

    Difference here Jan is the founding fathers had a nation behind them, it’s obvious that’s no longer the case. Am I a coward, a defeatist? nope, I’m a realist, the takers are winning

    • Jeff Brodhead

      The Founders did not have a Nation behind them. The Founders were considered “traitors” by many.

      • thanks Jeff.

        • Jeff Brodhead

          Where the Founders started with an ephemeral king, we have NO SUCH CREATURE! (including that Brit-bugger Barry Soetoro!)

          Most Americans have NO clue that We the People ARE the Sovereigns, the source of ALL powers in the hands of governments. Some powers were conditionally delegated and MANY (all) others have been extorted from us.

          We the People made the Nation States sovereign, in relationship to each other, but NOT in relationship to We the People. The Several States, with the powers delegated by We the People, created the United States of America and delegated powers to it, but NONE which were not first delegated by We the People.

          As the U.S. Government has wandered… no, purposely marched FAR outside the bounds of the Constitution of the United States of America for many decades, it is far past time that We the People withdraw the delegated powers until We the People can restart the U.S. Government according to the Constitution.


          • 7LibertyForAll

            Jeff, I’d argue (if I was an arguing person šŸ˜‰ ) that we’ve had a virtual king for at least the past 4 years. I always referred to GW as King George and I don’t believe that I was too far off.

      • 7LibertyForAll

        Yep, they represented a very definite minority, although I don’t think their situation was as dire as our is. Top to bottom in this country, at all levels, in every bureaucracy, agency, it’s utter evil.

    • The “Founding Fathers” had less of a Nation behind them than we do now. Most of the US were British Loyalists or Pacifists wishing to appease the Crown. Only 40-45% supported the “Revolution”. Much the same number as we have now.

      • jim i’m with you , and pardon me if i posted this already. (i forgot to log in), we have to keep up the good fight. the socialist/communist experiment has been tried and failed before. we need to make sure that the people we elect will make sure they are protecting our rights or we need to find the ones that will. i think the days of the silent majority are over. the only thing that is going to get attention is for us to show our vigilant disaproval of where our country is heading! and why’ll i’m at at it, i like the idea of electoral college but think it needs to be tweeked in that instead of the total of the state getting the nod that each county of each state is counted. if you look at the results from last night the whole country was red except for the urban areas of takers not makers. we can’t keep running to the suburbs and thinking we are safe. we are outnumbered by the hand out crowd!

        • thanks for your input Buddy.. I agree with you on the electoral college…

          • Tell me Jan what kind of solution to the electoral college will work? If we go to a straight popular vote the urban areas still dominate the outcome. One thing that might help would be to pass a law that prohibits anyone on public assistance the right to vote. That way the benefactors of the dole can not continue to vote themselves cell phones, internet, etc. If you want to vote again get off the dole. What are your ideas?

      • exactly, Jim

      • They also lacked instant communication that we have. Coordination and communication was on horseback. If you think of the popular vote and the area that omney won vs Obama we already have an advantage.

    • R Mateling

      Wrong, they did not have a nation behind them they had at best 1/3 of the population of 13 colonies and a rag tag continental congress that could not keep them supplied. Washington was defeated more than he won and yet he never gave up. So to must we. i agree a time to morn is fine and winter may iust have to be spent in Valley Forge with short rasions and cold nights but come spring like the General and his army it will be time to rise up and smash the enenmy. Get in shape patriots, get off the sofa, load your musket and meet at Valley Forge. “Never give up”

    • yes.. the takers are winning … so bolt and run..
      AS for me.. I choose to stand up and fight …
      to each his own.

    • Cindy Duensing

      Be patient!!!!!! It’s gonna be fun when all you know what breaks loose!!!! Never give up! God’s not done yet!!!!!

  • Frank H

    And paraphrase Admiral David Glasgow Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay…”Damn the liberals and full speed ahead..”

    • Gideion Soldier

      Amen my fellow Soldier !

    • LOL… love it Frank!! thanks for making me smile!

  • Uhm, excuse me but just because things did not go the way that you wanted them to go, who are you to call others cowards? You may have the ear of many but everyone in this country has a right to their own beliefs and to vote as they please and frankly you show ignorance by basically saying that people are wrong for their decision and how dare you?

  • Loyd the worried

    It seems to me that We the people of the United Sates of America need to rise up and exercise our Constitutional Rights. It clearly states. If your Government does not work for you and it does not work for the people. It gives us reason to take America back. Why has not anyone in America stood up and fought for our rights? This means we have the right to turn our back on the ones that are lying to our faces. I think the whole Nation needs to go back and read the Constitution. If you don`t understand what you are reading, Get someone to explain it to you. It does not say we have to elect another President or another congress. It says we can take our Country back. Maybe I need an explanation to where I can understand it I’m reading in to it wrong.

    • Barefoot

      the problem is, the military is ideally suited to take the country back — & the military leadership is committing daily treason. They swore an oath to the Constitution & have not kept that oath, The military are the perfect leaders for us ordinary people with guns, guts & a heart full of love for our country but no militia experience…. without organizers we are only a collection of individual pawns, easily knocked off one at a time. We need our military to do what they swore they’d do. A coup, non-violent at first but forceful if necessary… that’d be ideal.

      • Barefoot, armed americans are the largest military in the world… join a militia.

  • Loyd the worried

    And also Jan. If you want the Republican party to rise again, Please see to it Jeb Bush is not on the next ballot. I will never vote another Bush in as President or Vice-President.

  • When black voters use skin color and undeserved handouts as a basis for their vote, it is time for white taxpayers to fight back and “punish their enemies”. Some Americans are going to lose their life savings over this election. They played by the rules all of their lives and everything they’ve sweated and toiled for is about to disappear. We are Greece now. Enjoy the end game. It won’t be pretty.

    • Guest

      Thats the kind of negativity we dont need.Your last 3 statements

    • We are NOT Greece

      • CCB

        Not Yet but on the way if things don’t change.

    • Sarge

      You sound just like one of the cowards Jan is talking about. The US is nothing like any other nation in the world. We are the minutemen whose first shot was heard around the world. Instead of using the race card, it is time for us to dig our foxholes and start defending our country from the socialist, neo-Nazi, unAmerican, and pseudo-American attitudes that are bringing a dark cloud over the most enthusiastic, example setting, front running, most powerful society in the world. It is time the patriots draw the line and go on the offensive and take our nation back and restore the principles of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and redeclare our Independence. Like one of the great naval patriots said, “Surrender? Hell! I have just begun to fight.”

      • love your spirit Sarge.. thanks and you are the kind of patriot I want fighting by my side!

    • Sarge

      You sound just like one of the cowards Jan is talking about. The US is nothing like any other nation in the world. We are the minutemen whose first shot was heard around the world. Instead of using the race card, it is time for us to dig our foxholes and start defending our country from the socialist, neo-Nazi, unAmerican, and pseudo-American attitudes that are bringing a dark cloud over the most enthusiastic, example setting, front running, and most powerful society in the world. It is time the patriots draw the line and go on the offensive and take our nation back and restore the principles of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and redeclare our Independence. Like one of the great naval patriots said, “Surrender? Hell! I have just begun to fight.”

    • No … it won’t be pretty.. but this is not the end game.. it is round two..

    • Now that you’ve had a little more time to think about what I said, hopefully you’ve also read about the rampant fraud in this election, most notably in SWING STATES. This IS the end game whether you want to acknowledge it or not. America’s ONLY chance is the removal of 0bama from office and the prosecution of anyone found complicit in this fraud. This piece of crap is laughing at white Americans who are quickly losing everything they worked all their lives for. Have you also read about what is going on in New York (of all places) where mostly white people in Staten Island and Belle Harbor are having their own little Katrina. Remember New Orleans and how George W. Bush was accused of being a racist for ignoring the blacks there? Remember the conspiracies where he was accused of commissioning the Army Corps of Engineers to dynamite the New Orleans levees? This was only a Category 1 Hurricane and more than two weeks later people are being told they won’t have heat and electricity until after Thanksgiving. So why the silence now? Because THIS IS REPARATIONS and anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on is in for a big surprise. This guy i going to circumvent the Congress and ram through all kinds of regulations that will make it impossible for white people to succeed and will hand out YOUR MONEY to people of color. 0bama is a racist and it’s really that simple. His wife is an even bigger racist. And YOU are going to continue to pay for her vacations. He will continue to print money making whatever you have left worthless. Four more years of this insanity WILL BE THE DEATH OF AMERICA. The mid-term elections will also be fixed. Our middle class is becoming extinct. The rich are laughing at 0bama because he will never get their money. The middle class picks up the tab for 0bama’s racist policies. And the underclasses don’t care where their handouts come from and it will continue to come from the middle class until there is NO MORE MIDDLE CLASS. For the very first time in American history, the next generation will inherit a less prosperous, less safe and less appealing country. So yes, this IS the endgame. Ignore it at your own peril.

  • Sure seems there a lot more “takers” than “makers” out there this morning. It is hard not to be discouraged.

    • I understand Bill… It is normal to feel discouraged… WE all have our days of discouragement… I am discouraged but not willing to give up.. not now.. not ever.

  • Yesterday’s battle might have been lost but the war is not over!!!! – DETERMINED FIGHTER!!!

  • Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition!

  • I answered a commenter who felt they might be a conservative coward with the following: I think that a day of mourning is okay. We have been on “full alert” since the last election four years ago, worked our butts off to change the House over two years ago, prodded pushed and put others into “conservative” mode at the expense sometimes of our own sanity, and really Jan, even God needed a day of rest! We will come back but let us alone this day….. Hopefully we can be forgiven. šŸ™‚

    • Larry R

      Thanks! I needed that and you are right we do need a break after a defeat in battle and it has been a battle. I have lost some family and some friends who deserted to the enemy and it hurts to loose loved ones. I’ve rested and I’m getting stronger. My mind knows the course I must take to defeat an enemy that dresses and looks just like me, an enemy who is no less deadly in their fight to destroy this great nation.

    • Mary Jo… as I stated earlier.. there is a difference between resting and quitting..
      I am referring to the whiners who have come out on social media today calling it quits, saying America is lost forever, the war is over.. etc.. I hate a quitter…

  • The first thing I am going to do everything in my power to stop the electoral vote. It is archaic and no longer needed. I need to find out how the actual vote went in each state, I think we are going to be shocked to see that just a few thousand votes would have made different results. Lastly I am going to join forces with those who are willing to work to make a third party possible again. We had over 20 people running for president. We need to do an end run around the media. I am tired of whiners. We need to organize to inform people.

  • stacie

    gee thanks…I always enjoy being kicked when i’m down. guess we’r not supposed to be of Human emotions. No allowing of licking our wounds…no allowing of time to reflect & sit quietly in God’s comfort & peace. I suppose that makes me a Coward..but only in Ur book.

    • I feel the same way. I needed today to reflect, cry , and be alone.

      • So… reflect, cry and be alone, but come back and join the fight when you have recovered

    • Stacie, there is a definitive difference between taking quiet time to lick your wounds and publicly proclaiming America is dead. We all have the same wounds from last night. Some of us return to battle quicker than others.. but I did not expect to see people in the ranks whining about the war being lost, and America being dead, time to duck and run crap.
      Take your time to recover from the hit… but do not come out publicly screaming time to give up..
      The true test of character is not how you respond in the good times.. It is how you handle and face the hits. Pull yourself up by your boot straps and come back fighting..

  • There is a Peaceful way to handle all of this before we start using lead ! Everyone must contact their Representative in Washington and tell them to support Bill H.C.R. 107 which is for Impeachment proceedings against Obama ! Let’s try this first, if it fails, then all Hell breaks loose !

  • Rich

    I am with you.

  • The Election is over but the problems are still here! Now is the time to take active steps in helping this Country and stop the whining. Write your representatives and Senators, tell them to work together to fix these problems by balancing the budget, etc. This division of Parties is what is destroying this nation. Tell them they work for you and not the Party they represent and to make things happen instead of stonewalling solutions! These would be our Congressional Representatives & 2 U.S. Senators. Yes many of them helped to create these problems. But now is the time to write them and help with suggestions on how to solve them. These Individuals who were elected represent our voice in Washington D.C. If we sit back & do nothing but complain then we are part of the problem. If we contact those who Represent us with ideas then we are part of the solution! I would rather be part of the solution then the problem! Example: If you would like gas prices to come down, Write your Elected Officials and tell them not to fund the E.P.A. Congress is the one who says which government Agencies they fund. If you do not like the T.S.A. tell them not to fund the T.S.A. use that money that they waste on them toward the deficit. These are just examples. The right of the People does not end with an election. We have to be proactive more so than lobbyists!

  • Robert Myatt

    Neither, future ex patriot and political refugee very soon living in Asia, at least I got to see the very best times in America when I was a child !

  • Now is the “Summer of our discontent”.

    Even as we toil in the field of souls, loving and preaching Equality, Liberty and Truth, those brothers and sisters whom we believed to be of kindred spirit have run away and hidden their lamp of truth under a bushel. They seek to not to offend their neighbor rather than hold to their principles, and through this very act, insult their Cause, their Nation and their Creator.

    We as a People must have the courage of our convictions and of our faith. We must know that God is in control. We KNOW his plan and yet we tremble in fear and some run seeking a respite and reprieve which they will not find during this tribulation to come.

    We have one hope – one purpose. If we will walk UPRIGHT in truth and deal FORTHRIGHT with our neighbors and RIGHTLY educate our young, bringing up them in the way they should go, we will see the MIGHT of our God (YHWH), Savior (Jeshua) and His Spirit heal our land.

    We already have His promise, ours is now but to act in FAITH that all is in the proper place and time for His works to manifest themselves:

    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 – New International Version (NIV)

    Why do we worry? Why do we fret? Why do we tarry with fear and regret? We already know how this all ends – and it is Glorious my friends.

  • Just need some time to take this all in then I will be strong to fight. So for today, I am a coward.

  • Teresa

    Yeah, I don’t feel so hot today but this puts it into perspective for me! Hearing so many people bawling around or yelling nonsense gets on my nerves. Thanks Jan for bringing this girl back in line!

  • I’ll admit I felt the pain of defeat last night, and mourned the loss of my beloved country. This morning I woke with a renewed fighting spirit. It’s up to us to fight and regain our America. When some of the libtards wake up after they miss the freedoms which they took for granted, we will have a popular base. Time to buckle down, ride out the tough times ahead, and emerge victorious on the other side. How many other patriots are with me?

  • There is no rest for the wicked…we sleep …they creep…We have allowed this by being apathetic. Maryjo…the time for mourning is when the battle is over. I have to agree I was damaged as I said earlier, but…William B is correct. I am not far behind in age…I have known for a while that creeps were gaining ground…I (still) have no support from my local representatives(they are 80% Democrat in my state). While there is some truth that I see here. The other side is hoping we stop and mourn and lick wounds and so on. I dont see happy DAZE for a long time coming…But only patriots and Americans (real Americans) can recover part of what we have lost, and admittedly let them take. Jan is a catalyst…and anyone who knows chemistry requires both a catalyst and a BASE(substrate) to make change…Jan Great Job!

  • Gary L. Hatch

    My guess for much of the anguish and or Cut and Run attitude by so many, is that it has been a very long four years, very long. And we pretty much set ourselves up for disappointment in this election by resting all of our hopes and dreams on Governor Mitt Romney winning this election, for us, in our battle against tyranny, evil and corruption. So when it all fell apart last night, and we realized Barack Obama had been given four more years, our hearts were broken and, our dreams crushed at the thought of what lies ahead, and what this man has in store for us. We have allowed ourselves to become a nation of soft hearted souless cowards, unwilling to engage the enemy before us in any kind of confrontation, be it physical, vocal or patriotic. It is within these confines, that people (and I must confess I am also one of them too) have lost their way, lost their moral compass, their patriotic compass, their ability to see beyond the immediate, thus panic sinks in, and we have the reaction as you have just described, going on and at play. Now is the time to take two steps back, take a big deep breath and, regroup. Regroup and consider the big picture, ignoring the immediate one we face now. I know this is far easier said than done, and I can only imagine now, going through this, just how painfully difficult, it truly must have been for our forefathers, in a time far more primitive, far more extreme and harsh, than what we face now. I respect you Jan, for who you are, what you stand for, and, your willingness to verbally slap us in the face when it is needed to be done. Thank you, thank you for your patriotism, your leadership, and so much much more! It is people such as you, we need to carry the torch of freedom to light the way for all to see and realize. Again, thank you and God Bless!

    • Thanks for your loyalty and words of encouragement… love your spirit!

  • Jan, honey, at the moment i feel very much like a target. Like so many of your readers i think i just need a day or two….i need to decide if i should keep that target on my back (putting my son on the line in the process) or stay vocal. I’m a veteran, i’m a patriot, i want to fight for my God, my flag, for my nation, but all the hollow words of “patriots” ring hollow in my ears today.


    Fire the Karl Roves. Excommunicate RINOs like Graham, Collins, Snowe, etc. Run conservative candidates. Stop being nice – hire Ann Coulter as a speech writer. And apologize to no one. Ever.

    • Archie

      I agree Pete ‘cept for the part about Ann Coulter. She backed Chris Christie in the primary and we know he is anything but a conservative. I would much prefer allowing NEWT to lead the charge and the speechwriting.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Anne Coulter, seriously???

  • U post and call u have every rep in u district on speed dial sign every petition then u copy and u send to u rep agin

  • Karen McCaa

    Hooray Jan! I’m so sick of people “giving in” and talking about the hope of working together. I hope the Rep. controlled Congress gives BO and his minions “hell”………. pure H E L L!! Don’t let up or give in to their unreasonable demands and extravagant spending! The administration is going to keep pushing until “We the people” have the backbone to stop it!

  • Still strong in Dallas

    Our struggle has been going on since before I was born (54 years young). As a vet, I made the CHOICE to put my butt on the line. As a Christian and American, I will never give up the country I love.

    • thank you for your service to our country.. and for never giving up…

  • Peggy Birkner

    Last night I went to bed stunned, knowing our very freedom took another strong hit. Sleep seem to elude me for most of the night. Today, my emotions have ran the gamut of anger, incredulity, depression and finally this evening settling on optimism and a strong determination. No Jan, I am not a socialist slave or conservative coward, I have been in this fight for the last seven years. But today, I, like most people who have been working our butts off, needed a day to mourn.

    • Peggy… we are all sad and mourning… I understand that but I did not like the whining and doom and gloom giving up run for the hills comments that were appearing on my pages and all over social media from conservatives today.. My article was in response to those comments..

  • Kathryn

    Conservatives will rise again….let them have a day to mourn the loss. It’s unfair to call them cowards. We are a strong bunch and will not tolerate the decline of our country. We may have lost an election but we did not lose our love for this country.

  • Michael

    thanks Jan–you have given me hope again!

  • Rebecca

    I think right at the moment I’m just looking for a gun show.

  • matt

    Confederate rebel.

  • Ammo1

    I am a determined fighter and I will cover your six. I spent 20 years on active duty and 2 years in combat zones. I have too much invested in this country to leave her when she needs me the most. Yes, today I am disillusioned, depressed and sad for what has happened to this country. But, I have seen the people of this great country face adversity before and they have always rose to the occasion. I will be there fighting the good fight.

  • Dutch Moorehart

    Using an old quote Dam the torpedos full speed ahead!

  • Lucy Zastrow

    Im with you. I stand and fight.

  • The problem her Jan, where you are completely totally wrong in your current methods – is that those same Founders understood that in order to create a nation under THOSE circumstances they had to kill enough people, destroy enough property, and harass enough commerce to make their enemies give up.

    First they had to declare war … bloody war.

    Not a war of words, but, a war THAT WAS BEGAN USING METHODS THAT EVERY PERSON ALIVE TODAY WOULD RECOGNIZE AS TERRORISM and which took years to become the formal resistance of an actual military confronting another.

    This is the real choice before us.

    Unfortunately for us – one thing Washington and Company did NOT face was a massively wealthy entrenched aristocracy composed of their own former allies … the cash-flushed and property-endowed members of the RINO side of the Republican Party – people like the Bushes, the Cheney’s, the McCain’s, oh so many retired and active duty senior military, even folks like Romney and Ryan who would be the first to turn us over to Obama’s DHS if we decided to go beyond wasting our efforts at decades of tilting at the windmills of the Liberal bastions in DC and NYC and actually follow in the Founders real bloody footsteps..

    I know these people. My brother is Reince Prebus’ law-partner and trust me I have been informed of what will be brought to bear upon me and us should we eschew the path of peaceful resistance and working within “the system”.

    This is why I figure we can’t win. We will be stabbed in the back by the very people that we have looked to for leadership and few of any of you are truly willing to face the fact that the volume of blood that we would have to spill in order to “return our country” will make the death toll of all our wars of the past look like a minor case of “workplace violence” in comparison..

  • Son_of_Taz

    Rather than a revolution or partition as another suggested, let us find conservative friendly states where we can begin to build a majority and start voting out the rinos and leftists. New Hampshire used to be a good conservative state, but has turned very blue, thanks to the tens of thousands of Massholes that moved there and started electing politicians that promise them handouts. I once considered moving to NH, but as of today, it would be no different than Mass, where I live now.

    I’m not throwing in the towel, because I will learn to adapt. I’m closing my small e-commerce business at years’ end and have started seeking a business that I can run as cash only. In the e-commerce world, every transaction is recorded – and taxable. In the real world, cash is king and untraceable. With 16,000 new IRS agents coming on board next year, this is the defense.

    We have been dealt a bad hand, but we must not give it up. I know many older folks may not have the energy for a protracted fight, but fight we must. The GOP has got to change, and with defeat of Romney, it opens the doors for Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and so many more younger people. It won’t hurt that the new GOP will have more ethnic diversity (I do hate the expression but it’s accurate).

    When they try to come for our guns, we march on Washington, millions strong, all carrying our guns. If people are being harassed by the IRS, we march on the IRS and demand they stop. The media may try to ignore us but we will fight them.

    I don’t want to leave a banana republic to my kids. I want them to have the same opportunities I’ve had and more. We must toss out the socialists and start getting more citizens involved.

    We can do this. We are conservative.

    • love your fighting spirit.. thanks for your input!

      • Son_of_Taz

        Thanks Jan. I viewed your film about the IRS raids on Youtube yesterday and it is frightening. When Obummercare is implemented, there will be 16,000 more IRS agents. God help us all.

        The 2nd Amendment is coming under attack again. Today Dianne Feinstein has announced her intention to file for re-imposition of the assault gun ban. We can’t let them get away with this. Do you think a huge march of armed patriots on DC would be possible, or am I just dreaming? Would you be interested in helping organize such a march?


  • susieq754

    Until they plant my feet 6 foot under I will always be a fighter. I spent the last four years on FB and other comment pages, twitter, etc. drawing attention to each and everything I could research and prove.I started with his appointees and their socialist and communist ties. I lost what I would call people who were friends who voted for him. I tried hard to convince them with the research I found, but they were ignorant and his star appeal and what people think is his good nature locked them in. Until we demand justice, we will keep getting just what we are getting. It was looking up when Beck was on Fox and people were starting to follow Breithart and getting Jan out there to others we know. Maybe we became to confident too soon and needed to fight harder.

    • ‘thanks for your years of fighting and I appreciate your spirit!

  • Lon Downs

    …The first thing a friend of mine in Florida posted on my FB wall last night was “We are Doomed!!”…she was inconsolable!!..I was MAD!!…that we had been beaten by the “Hand Out Crowd” and the “Cultural Guilt Crowd”…Sure, it knocked the wind out of me too, to realize that 60 Million people in America agree with this guy’s Ideology, apparently!! At 64, I don’t get up as quick as I used to, but I DO! get up, and so will most other Conservatives!…at least we kept our Republican Senators here in Nebraska, so all was not lost!…You still have four more years of MY! support, Jan!!…Ever ON!!….:)

  • When there is a government boot on your neck, it is of little consequence as to whether it is a right or a left. The American public had a chance this election to make a real change and chose to go with the typical ‘2 horse race with both horses having the same owner’. There is too much cowardace in the huge majority to go back to the type of freedom Ron Paul talks about. I don’t agree with everything, but the man has a 30 year track record that shows 10,000% more honesty and integrity than pretty much any other politician I can think of. Until we suffer enough, we will shy away from true freedom. We do NOT have true freedom today. Some of us may be rebellious slaves of the system, but we are still slaves as we accept government benefits and privlidges instead of standing up and excersing our rights. Major changes need to be made. I will continue my 20 year struggle to educate people as to what the principles of freedom are. It gets tough. I have lost friends and relationships. I would ask you this: In an insane world, would a sane man be adjucated insane? Are you of the typical right or left in politics and think Ron Paul is crazy?

  • Jayson E. Contino

    Jan the fight has just begun. To add salt in wound I am in a major battle with son’s school they are not shoving Islam down my son’s throat I sent you the email from his teacher. I will never ever ever give up. Yes I am ready for civil war the south will rise again along with others that choose to follow. This was more salt in wound even if I died in battle I fought for my kids, the constitution which I hold dear to my heart, you as a great leader, and all the patriots here in the US of A OORAH!!!!!

  • American Patriot First

    The enemy is inside the perimeter. They have been there for decades, creating inroads through our children no less. They have no shame, morals or dignity. They are card carrying communists, socialist, marxists, anarchists and progressives – and they are proud of it. They are jihadist sympathizers and have teamed up with the muslim brotherhood in order to destroy this country (miserable house) from within. I will NOT back down and I will NEVER submit!

    • Lon Downs

      …A very accurate description of the type of people we are facing, Kathryn!…They are not only proud of it,..they are FLAUNTING it!…in our faces!!…Using our own election process to get within our Government, from the local level, all the way up and to the Top!!…I also have been sharing Jan’s message, along with Wild Bill’s on the Net for the last 4 years, until I was blue in the face!!…We have more work to do for sure!!…

    • Thanks American Patriot First! I love your spirit and your insight..

  • Malcolm Weston

    Our Constitution is divinely inspired, and is worth all the blood, sweat, and tears to preserve. Let’s fight on and on and on however long it takes. We will win.

  • bartmansan

    I’m still ‘Catching my Breath’ so to speak. I feel as though I just got punched in the gut and had the breath knocked out of me.

    We lost a battle, NOT the war.

    Place me in the ‘Determined Fighter’ column. Thanks Jan.

  • Steve Roth

    Joshua 1:9 NIV

    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

  • blair downey

    im a determined fighter!!!!!!!

  • My name is Michael Nephew,and I am a determined fighter.I took an oath in 1983 to protect this country from all enemies,both foreign and domestic.My oath still holds true today.We may have lost the battle on election day,BUT we have not lost the war.

  • I love you Jan, but I’m pretty pissed by your comment. I’ve been fighting this war, this battle since 1968. I haven’t quit yet. I’ve been involved in political campaigns, worked for Republican Local campaign headquarters in one fashion or another since Carter. This crap didn’t start with Obama. Many of us are battle weary from MANY BATTLE YEARS. We fought most of these same battles during the Nixon years, the Carter years, the Clinton Years and both the Bush Administrations before we got to Obama,

    W Bush and the REPUBLICANS spent money like drunken sailors in a whore house during their 8 years in office. We fought through the ridiculous McCain campaign and fought on. Hoping that after one 4 year catastrophy we would be able to turn it around. We had Republicans stabbing us in the back by voting in the NDAA ( which sets up the powers of a dictator if he simply wants to become one.) REALLY, our own people stabbed us in the back, BUT WE STILL KEPT FIGHTING FOR THEM. This is the first time in my life that I felt like I needed to fear my own government. Then John Roberts betrays us with his ridiculous vote on Obamacare.
    Another thing, Jan, you have the ears of people. As a career journalist, you have access to people who can make a difference. Most of us “ordinary folks” don’t. Hell, you can’t even email your congressman without them filtering you into oblivion. I’m really sorry that we aren’t all cheery, Ohrah assertive today. Damn sorry we “let you down” ,Damn sorry we don’t measure up to YOUR standards.

    And, just a question here, has ANYTHING GOTTEN BETTER in the United States in the last 50 years? Not since I’ve been alive that’s for damn sure. We’ve watched the country we love, respect, fight for and support, go down a sewer, and after 40 years, you’ll bed our pardon if we want to take a couple of days to mourn our losses. So, If you think we are cowards, you can kiss my ass. I will be back in the fight by next week, but I’m going to take a little R&R for a few days to mourn the loss of this election.

    • Guess you can tell Sean Hannity to kiss your ass as well. He just said the same thing on Fox News that I said in my article.
      By the way, the people who let me down are not the folks who are discouraged or sad today.. I get discouraged and sad..
      No.. the people who let me down today are the folks who are out there saying the war is over, America is lost forever.. There is no way to recover from this.. run for the hills.. etc..
      I am no quitter…
      I have no sympathy for quitters..
      There is a definitive difference between resting and calling it quits.. Apparently you either did not read my article or you did not properly comprehend my message.
      I appreciate your hard work all these years.. take some down time and come back fighting.. We need you..

  • sunnyday

    How many of you are up for a challenge? My conservative friends and I spent a good deal of time on the roller coaster of emotions you are all feeling as well. At some point though, we started talking honestly about what went wrong. Not to complain, but to correct it going forward. To get to the root of whatever problems that as everyday citizens we can successfully address. As citizens, there is not a lot to be done in the short term that will have a direct impact on candidates aside from staying in their faces and holding them accountable for their actions. HOWEVER… liberal media’s partiality, lies, and news creating came up many times. So we decided we that the root that supports them is advertisers. Thanksgiving and all of the sales that retailers depend on to carry them across the finish line is coming. If we can successfully mount a reverse of Chick Fil A, and bombard the retailers’ social media accounts, with the same message, “we will not shop with you until you stop advertising with NBC< CBS<ABC<CNN etc. " We would do this from the Wednesday before until the Monday after, and then stay home. Don't go to the mall, the box stores. Home brew your beer, Buy Christmas gifts from local mom and pops. The small businesses most likely to suffer the most with another 4 years. We are in the process of creating a FB group for this (Can't think of a good name). We need help with social media, spreading the word, and any conservative media contacts that can help. As a friend so aptly pointed out today. (Open stereotype) We are the "rich" ones, the capitalists, the greedy". By definition, that makes us the ones going to work today with disposable income to spend. Can we go one holiday season without the retail hype? For the greater good? Can we let those media outlets know that the almost 50% of voters that voted against their candidate will not tolerate their lies and omissions any longer? It will blow up in our faces if it is not carried out correctly, be we saw how one brief comment by Mike Huckabee on his show illustrated clearly that our values are clear and true and will be respected. If you are interested in joining FB group, message me at sunnyday0328 @ yahoo. I will add you to the group. If you don't want a part of the group, but want to participate in sharing the news, message me as well. Thanks all!

  • I to went to bed stunned ,but now I’m ready to take my country back. Never give up,never surrender.God bless America and the people who defend her!!!!!

  • sunnyday

    How many of you are up for a challenge? My conservative friends and I spent a good deal of time on the roller coaster of emotions you are all feeling as well. At some point though, we started talking honestly about what went wrong. Not to complain, but to correct it going forward. To get to the root of whatever problems that as everyday citizens we can successfully address. As citizens, there is not a lot to be done in the short term that will have a direct impact on candidates aside from staying in their faces and holding them accountable for their actions. HOWEVER… liberal media’s partiality, lies, and news creating came up many times. So we decided we that the root that supports them is advertisers. Thanksgiving and all of the sales that retailers depend on to carry them across the finish line is coming. If we can successfully mount a reverse of Chick Fil A, and bombard the retailers’ social media accounts, with the same message, “we will not shop with you until you stop advertising with NBC CBS ABC CNN etc. ” We would do this from the Wednesday before until the Monday after, and then stay home. Don’t go to the mall, the box stores. Home brew your beer, Buy Christmas gifts from local mom and pops. The small businesses most likely to suffer the most with another 4 years. We are in the process of creating a FB group for this (Can’t think of a good name). We need help with social media, spreading the word, and any conservative media contacts that can help. As a friend so aptly pointed out today. (Open stereotype) We are the “rich” ones, the capitalists, the greedy”. By definition, that makes us the ones going to work today with disposable income to spend. Can we go one holiday season without the retail hype? For the greater good? Can we let those media outlets know that the almost 50% of voters that voted against their candidate will not tolerate their lies and omissions any longer? It will blow up in our faces if it is not carried out correctly, be we saw how one brief comment by Mike Huckabee on his show illustrated clearly that our values are clear and true and will be respected. If you are interested in joining FB group, message me at sunnyday0328 @ yahoo. I will add you to the group. If you don’t want a part of the group, but want to participate in sharing the news, message me as well. Thanks all!

  • Dennis Rippentrop

    How about we start with finding candidates who are totally ready to take over a mess and improve it..candidates who will win because of there records, respect for our nation, and us all of us !!

    • Michael Snider

      Just keep on dreaming. Wake up. It’s over šŸ™

      • Dennis Rippentrop

        Election 2012 is over I know !..seeking A good ready candidate for 2016 is not out of reason..One who is locked loaded and ready !

  • Michael Snider

    Jan sadly it’s over. The only way to save our rights, Country, and Constitution is with a very bloodly revolution. Obama and most in DC are flat out guilty of treason, and we do we say? Oh we have to change it by voting these people out. Sorry it ain’t going to happen. Gary Johnson should have been in the debates and the GOP refused to allow it, the GOP did not want Ron Paul and did everything it could (with the medias help) to discredit him as much as possible, when that didn’t work the GOP threw him under the bus. Big money runs DC, we have no voice. To fix that blood must be spilled. But not enough people have the balls or will. Our once great country and constitution is now a thing of the past. It is over šŸ™

    • Chin up buddy! Brush the dust off and get that thumb out of your mouth.

      Yes, the GOP screwed themselves. I’m not sure if this was an intentional throwing of the Election or if they are just the ignorant. Ron Paul is out but the Revolution is alive.

      This Revolution can be a peaceful one if we simply start opening our mouths and standing up to this tyranny. I am leaning towards the election went as planned by the establishment. Our country is under attack and we need all hands on deck! If we choose to lay down, then it’s over.

      This battle can be won, but we need to rally the minds of others. I myself choose Liberty and will fight. It doesn’t have to be a bloody revolution. This may be the best thing that could have happened, since people will have no choice but to wake up.

      Romney may have slowed things down a bit, but he basically supported everything that Obama does. I am sure that you already know that. I say this because you talk of Ron Paul and Gary Jones.

      I have seen no evidence that Jan or any of the other writers that post here are more than Republicans blinded by the 2 party left and right paradigm. They believe that the fractional reserve system is still the answer, and can’t see how it’s being used to bankrupt our country.

      They still believe that we need to police the world and fight these unnecessary wars. They believe that the TSA and NSA are in place for our protection not to acclimatize us to slowly give up our privacy and liberties.

      They still don’t believe that the FEMA camps are in place, that the NDAA can and will be used to re-educate the ones that disagree with the government. Those that refuse to be re educated will be disposed of. The population will be slowly killed off. Those that voted for Obama will not be immune.

      The New World Order is no longer a theory, it will now accelerate with Agenda 21 guidelines. You hear the Democrats and Republican political leaders talking about the NWO and it goes way back.

      So we can either crank this Information War up a notch or we can lay down and hope that they don’t find us. They haven’t won but all their stakes are in. They know that once they are exposed and the people wake up it’s over for them.

      So what’s it going to be? You gonna crawl under a rock or act like you have a pair. I choose Liberty myself!

  • Laura Stricklen

    Last night I was simply stunned. I couldn’t believe that so many people had been so very blind. And today has been a sad day for me, I’ll admit. But I am STILL an American!!! This is still my country and I will continue to fight for it until the day that God does the fighting for us. Seriously, the possibilities of impeachment & possible grounds for it, have already crossed my mind. I wouldn’t worry too much yet, Jan. I know a lot of people who feel the same way I do. So many are battle scarred. But they will bind up their wounds & pick up the fight again. And I’m trusting you’ll still be here to help us keep up with the truth!

  • Sarge

    Jan, in my opinion, we need to clean out both houses of congress, and find some people who have integrity to represent the people and the sacred documents of our founding fathers. Originally, both houses of congress were citizen representatives who did not get paid, much like some states have on the state level. I know this dates me, but we need some “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” types. We do not need to be isolationists, but we need to back off the foreign aid business and repair the internal structure of this nation. The problem with foreign aid is that we start out with skinny friends and after a few years we have fat enemies. It is time for a clean slate and a fresh start. Meanwhile, this minuteman is not going any where. President Eisenhower, ye that is how old I am, said, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Peace.”

  • Glazed Roasted Nuts

    Sure I had high hopes, but I don’t feel defeated.
    The main reason we didn’t win is because of a religious issue. Too bad that so many people would fear such a thing…it’s at least better then Muslim.
    But that’s OK, the people will learn…unfortunately we’ll have to wait another four years, but we will prevail. We can only hope and pray that peer pressure and our team in Washington can help keep things in line!

  • Sarge

    Jan, in my opinion, we need to clean out both houses of congress, and find some people who have integrity to represent the people and the sacred documents of our founding fathers. Originally, both houses of congress were citizen representatives who did not get paid, much like some states have on the state level. I know this dates me, but we need some “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” types. We do not need to be isolationists, but we need to back off the foreign aid business and repair the internal structure of this nation. The problem with foreign aid is that we start out with skinny friends and after a few years we have fat enemies. It is time for a clean slate and a fresh start. Meanwhile, this minuteman is not going any where. President Eisenhower, yes that is how old I am, said, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Peace.”

  • kim

    If the bread basket of America, the makers of this nation would band together,we could starve out the takers relatively quickly. My husband and I are looking for people who have the same mindset as us in our area. We need to organize, get ready to fight for what we believe in. I will not go quietly

  • Steve A

    Agreed. So, what do we do now? Friends of mine in California are saying let Democrats do whatever they want (they control the government here, Governor, Senate, House, mayors, etc.) without contesting it. The Republican Party in California has been a $#%^&#$!& DISASTER for years, and now we’re facing a Democrat Super Majority. I’m seriously pissed now, and looking for something to do. But what? That’s the $6 million question.

  • What we have to understand and combat with how to counter the give me attitude of the liberal Dems, not all dems, I know some of those who are just as unhappy with the way their party has gone socialist. So how do we have a philosphy that attracts people who have been indoctrinated with this every thing you want mentality. Also how much of our core values do we have to we have to compromise in order to garner the votes needed. I don’t have the answers, at least not right now. OK how far off base am I, am I getting close to the problem or am I lite years away. By the way did anyone catch Mr Tingle last nite saying that he was thankful for the storm Sandy for helping re-elect Obama , where’s the outrage, CRICKETS

  • R Mateling

    Never give up! Feel sorry for yourself today and then get back in there on the marrow. Leave your bumper sticker on the car or truck, wear you R pin for a while. Stock your pantry Load your guns, teach your children how to shoot and read US history. DO NOT leaver US history up to the socialist educational system. Read the Constitution. Prepare to be active, present at muster and ready to FIGHT! Our nation needs every one of us now more than ever. OH and by the way, Senetors, Congressmen and Presidents, men and women put their pants on just like you do. They work for us we do not exist to work for them. Call the buggers and tell them what you think. Rise up and press on. It will be worth it.

  • Michael madden

    The south will rise again!!!!!

  • Jan; When I woke up this morning I was one of those defeatists. Sick to my gut, kicked in the head and at a loss, for how to feel about the country I enlisted in the Army to serve, years ago. As I have had time to reflect, I am embarrased…. by my attitude… My resolve, should be strengthened, and it will! Now is the time for us AMERICAN’S to stand tall, as did my Father and his brothers, and not let their service to this great country go disrespected, or marginalized by a battle defeat. We have not lost our country, only our direction, and a good Navigator can steer us back to the riught course. It’s on NOW!!! Let’s get this Country back on track to the mighty, respected nation she was! Jeff

  • Fed UP!

    What fight are we talking about here? The one we just went through in the last four years? You mean the one where our president was not challenged for his birth certificate? The one where he was not impeached? The one where he was not tried for treason? The one where even the more conservative Fox News didn’t really go after him? The one where his citizenship was not challenged even though he claimed foreign citizenship when he went to college? The one where he was allowed to appoint people to positions and they were empowered to do things that our Constitution wouldn’t allow? The one where every darn time he made a move that was unconstitutional all that our conservative congressmen could do was talk about it? Say they were “agin it?” But did nothing? Fight? That’s why we just lost. There’s been no fight. There’s barely been an uproar. The Tea Party saved the House from doom but that’s about it. We talked about it on FB, and that’s about it. There’s been a few little skirmishes that were dismissed as little or nothing. Ask how you can help? Answer? Support us with money. Send some – you see nothing for it. You wonder if it just went in someone’s pocket. We just lost because the vast majority of conservative people did nothing. Our only weapon was the vote. I cast mine, and it was for Romney, but it was more a vote against Obama, than a vote for a real hero – there wasn’t one in the race. Well. I believe this battle can only be won by the states getting into the battle. I saw a few state governments with some gumption, so there’s hope, but they should have refused to put his name on the ballot. The states that went for Romney need to rebel and say they’ve had enough, and take back the state’s rights that were stolen by force from the federal government. Brave? Cowardice? There’s been very little action so far as I can see – just talk. You want to change the way things are – you have to demand it – you have to make something happen. We do NOT have to have armed conflict to do it, just pressure from the states. Come on conservative America. Come on conservative States – tell ’em they can run the rest of the country how they want to, but as for us, we’ll stick by the Constitution and run our states like they were meant to be. Probably said some impossible stuff, but darn, it felt good to get it off my chest. Oh, and Jan, I remain hopeful and ready to go.

  • NO WAY am I quitting. We may have lost a battle yesterday, but we learned a boatload about the enemy within. With this newfound knowledge I am Locked and Loaded. Let rumble!

  • Robert Paulson

    We not only need to be strong we need to be smart. We complain about the other side and their lack of intelligence and determination for success. How is this fight is over? We are the smarter and hard working side, right? We are successful in life for a reason. This is just another challenge we face. We treat it like ever other major issue we have dealt with in life. We come up with a strategy. We grit our teeth. We dig in. We enact a strategy. Modify the strategy when necessary. And WIN! Nobody is going to out work me on my mission to success. Nobody is going to stop me from being successful except myself. I WILL NEVER QUIT! You are the same way! We are smart enough to learn from our failed battle(s). So lets learn from them. If we need to take a day, take a day or two. I get that. Get the feelings out. Then lets plan. We need to hit them in the pocket books. Take away the money. Stop being so nice. They are our enemies. Treat them as such. How do we do this? I am sure there are lots of ways. We need to start small communities under the radar. Which I am sure they are out there. But we need to bring them together in a quite way. There will be traitors in these groups. Need to plan for that. We can do this. I always look at this issue like most family units I am aware of. For most families that I know there are only a few people in that family unit that take care of most of the brothers, sisters, mother and father. At least that has been the case with my family and families of my friends. Seems like only 10% want to do all the work and the other 90% want to be taken care of. Why would we think Americans in whole are different. But when I wake up I know I have more determination and desire than the other 90%. For me it just makes it easier for me to be successful. So we need to figure out how to take our determination and desire as True Americans and get OUR country back to the way the founding fathers meant for it to be. In my younger years I use to be like them. Always had my hand out. Wanting to know why I did not have things. Thought everyone owed me, including family and friends. Then one day I woke up and decided that was not working for me. So I changed my strategy. I started working hard while not working a job. I taught myself a skill. Then educated myself because I could not afford college. I started at the bottom in my field. Now I am a published author in my field. At the top of my field. I want nothing from anyone. If we give up now we have truly lost. Some of us will fight and be willing to shed blood. Others may be willing to hold the home front. We all can’t go to the front lines. But we need to plan and determine what is going to work. Obviously what we did last did not.

    • thanks for your input… planning is a good thing..

  • We cannot settle for what happened last night…we have to press for impeachment based on a myriad of illegal movements and legislations he has pulled off and his illegality regarding his identity and fraudulent occupation of the highest position in the land. This man must be taken down legally, and put behind bars or sent back to his native country… Kenya and keep him there and then run the muslims out of America…Black Jack Pershing did it, and we have to follow suit… The have to learn that we will put a thousand extremist muslims in the ground if we have to, but they’re not taking my country, even with Obozo furnishing them weapons…they have to be taken out.

  • David Domengis

    We need to be careful with social media. It can be used against us. It would be easy for the enemy to make a list. Sure we say “I will fight then”. But that is not smart. We need to be prepared and organized so when the fight comes our way or we take the fight to them it is a surprise. Never under estimate the enemy.

    • David.. lol.. I have been on the enemies “list” for several years… I consider it an honor to be working my way to the top of that list with my latest documentary.

  • I am angry that there are so many stupid people in my country that this worthless man could gain re-election after all of the anti-American things he did over the last four years. Stop fighting? Never!!!!!!

  • Got your back, Jan. Yeah, I was down this morning, but driving to work I noticed that the sun had risen, trucks were hauling cargo, kids were going to school, and this is still the best country to be in.

  • old patriot

    It may be time to succeed ………..I would rather die in battle than starve standing in line……

  • It has nothing to do with being a coward. It is just recognizing reality. Yes, we have to fight back, but contemplating the depths of immorality and the level of mental slavery that must be combatted, and the extent of tynannical thought that permeates all of our institutions, is somewhat depressing. Especially right after the election. But we will stand up and speak our principles and ideas after a short breather. If only we can get Republicans (especially elected ones) to accept the founding principles of America without feeling embarrassed we will do much better.

  • Conservative coward, I guess. This is over. We lost. I served 20 years in the military defending these morons from all enemies. Problem is, they are the enemy. Unless we start a hot civil war, the fight is over. Does anyone have the stomach to start shooting at other Americans? That’s the only fix there is for this mess.

  • jcabauatan

    I have been knocked down…. but I won’t stay down I’m in the fight all the way to the end…

  • Greg

    We lost a contest, but we are not defeated.

  • There has been one civil war in American history and all it did was cause a lot of bloodshed. And the whole root of that civil war was slavery.

    I theorize that history is in the works of repeating itself. Because we the people are about to become slaves to our government’s debt. And with that said, we are looking toward a grim future of losing our freedoms and being forced into the United Nations’ “Agenda 21” which will allow them to control everything and bring about the one world government as prophesied in scriptures.

    Those who are cowards will run but will not be able to hide for long, and those who have the courage to fight will be fighting a losing battle, because our government is packed with military advantage and with the UN’s “Peace Troops” backing them, it will be a losing battle.

    With all that said, we are left with two choices. Believe that God will not forsake us and those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God will be saved from the end times, or draw your weapons and fight with little chance of defeating the enemy.

    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

  • Okay, I felt like hell for a day- time to shake it off, suck it up and drive on. I didn’t spend 23 years in the US Army to walk away from my oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” because of one lousy election. We aren’t at a point were we need to take up arms yet, but it is becoming a real possibility that must be considered. To the millions of vets out there I say- we swore an oath to the constitution, not to the president, and that oath does not have an expiration date. If you continue to draw breath, you are obligated to uphold your oath.

  • wvwill

    Jan you are correct. What conservatives need to do is regroup and I mean really regroup if you live in California, New York or any other liberal stronghold it is time to pick up and move to a state that supports your conservative ideals. If the 3.6 million people who voted for Romney left California and relocated to a red state the electoral votes would follow, and actually make the conservative vote count. Plus it would make it alot easier to exercise your second ammendment right.

  • Bonecrusher

    To all you crazy assed “wanna fight” people……You obviously have never had a shot fired at you in anger.It sucks on so many levels…….It’s not a video game and it isn’t romantic……We will pick up arms when our government goes rogue or we find an international law enforced within our borders…or …of course BEFORE we give up our guns…That is a sure sign of the other following…….not until then……..Work within the system as long as the system works…the way it is supposed to..not the way we wish it would. My opinion….no more UN pats on the head…period…We have caved to them for years yet have never gained one single thing…..The UN and our pacifying leaders leg humping them are our worst threat….why? Cause NO ONE pays attention until it’s done…..Why would they do it when America never gains anything? Think about it…..America is not big enough for them, we just don’t matter.Pay attention!.

  • Dave

    First of all Jan, I cannot believe your title. Which are you? I realize you are trying to stir the base, but you do not know me or my energy. So I am insulted by your lead. And no, you do not do all the work as “The Media on the front line”. Some of us are in the field doing counter measures. As for me, I believe the Republican Party is sounding a death knell. The times have changed and for what I can see, the old rich white guy party is dying. I am a life long Alaskan that went through the party of Joe Vogler. So I am aware of the times and the fight. The time is for change and a Libertarian or Tea Party type strength is needed.

  • Rick-softballdad1995

    I think like many on here i have found myself utterly shocked and dismayed by what has happened and full of unbelief with the people who voted for him ! And the sad thing is they have no educated reason as to why they did!!! At least they cant give me one! Just kinda feels like ive been punched in the gut and its gonna take a couple days to get over it and get the wind back in me to get going again! This will only make me more determined and give me more fight! I never quit and never give up.

  • Okay, I felt like hell for a day- time to shake it off, suck it up and drive on. I didn’t spend 23 years in the US Army to walk away from my oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” because of one lousy election. We aren’t at a point were we need to take up arms yet, but it is becoming a real possibility that must be considered but it must be a last resort. I agree with Bonecrusher- you do not want to get into a firefight unless it’s your last resort. To the millions of vets out there I say- we swore an oath to the constitution, not to the president, and that oath does not have an expiration date. If you continue to draw breath, you are obligated to uphold your oath.

  • Determined Fighter !

  • teacher10258

    I’m absolutely with you. We need to stand strong shoulder to shoulder and defeat the Progressive Liberal destruction of the Constitution.

  • HG

    I am being blocked from posting comments on Facebook now after linking your articles and several others’ in regards to Socialism vs Capitalism. Kinda becoming very scary from where I am sitting. Thanks for starting this site so we have a place to go!

  • Tr

    just sad feel like I need a hug , or whiskey whatever.

  • I am a determined fighter

  • Dave O.

    Winners never quit and quiters never win. I am a veteran who just happens to believe that our country is worth the fight so I am not giving up!

  • I was born with the Constitution,I’ll die for it!!!

  • I’m relatively new to the political game but I don’t hear anyone talking about the voting process. It seems to me that Americans did step up but the electorate dictated due to population? Wouldnt it be a good idea to address this first so we can get an more accurate voting tally. Or is this it?

  • Chris

    Jan, I think we should move to the Texas side and join the petition for Texas to suceed.Its going to hurt though because Im a huge Razorback fan lol.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    Nope, with ovomit’s “election”, nothing is over…….it’s just more of the same treason (that we would have gotten from mittens) and destruction of this country and its people. Nullification, secession and whatever else people can dream up have to be the order of the day. Even mocking and ridiculing the treasonous public servants has its place. We cannot ever back down–at least those who have some brain cells left. Truly, it isn’t over until it’s OVER.

    LIBERTY for all, restoration of all that made this country great: real education, self-reliance, inventiveness, kindness, charity toward others, truthfulness, honor, integrity…..all out of the hands of a treasonous, gluttonous, viperous, evil government malignancy!!!……..

  • ArmyWife1993

    DETERMINED FIGHTERS in my family! We are going to fight the good fight and not let a spirit of fear come upon us. Thanks, Jan. You have us really pumped up now!

  • I’m with you! For reasone too numerous for my weary but STILL STANDING SPIRIT to list right now!

  • Eric Garland

    Jan some may be reeling, a few may be cowering, but I believe that our American spirit is not dead or defeated. We as patriots have been knocked down before only to come together stronger and more determined than before. We will take this country back. Voices such as yours continue to remind us what makes this counrty great. God bless you for all you do.
    I for one am proud to stand with you!

  • Long time Patriot

    I for one will not give up the fight!! The fat lady has not sung yet. As Yogi Berra used to say: “It ain’t over until its over”. I will stand tall for Jesus and our Constitution. I have no fear, because all they can do is kill the body. My spirit belongs to God and it will stay that way. I am a Vietnam vet whatever is coming down the road is allowed by God and He turns all things to the good. Praise Him always and trust in Him for all your needs. He knows ahead of time what our needs are and if we ask, seek and knock, we will receive. We must also, make disciples for Jesus. We are to go into the world and proclaim God’s love for us through Jesus. We, also, must tell people that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus. Without Him, we are condemned to Hell for eternity.
    May our gracious Father protect us and guide us in all we do and say!
    In Jesus’ precious name. Amen

  • There is not one party that can say they have contributed to the demise of our United States. We are in the shape we are in not because the of the left or the right but because we have allowed terrorists to infiltrate our government.

    We need to take out a broom and do a little sweeping.

    We also need to hold PAST government officials accountable for their actions against the American people and take away their lifetime paychecks they get when they provided service which did not protect and serve the American people.

  • SoCal III%

    III% LMFAO Give up? We’re just getting started ladies, mourne for the status of our current intellectual and political climate; wipe the tear and strap up your boots, we’re just beginning.

  • So, what’s the plan, Jan?

  • Ryan DiMeo

    Jan, do not despair, we’ve got your back. Even here in the heart of liberal California, there are plenty of us ready to stand and fight.

  • Stefan

    Starve the cities, their the ones that voted for socialism. Stop doing buisness in them. Let them eat their foodstamps

  • Joe

    Jan, unfortunately, the electorate has spoken and the truth is that the
    majority of Americans WANT to be subservient to a government that
    “gives” them everything and takes care of everything for them, including
    their thinking. We are reaping what was sown beginning in the ’30’s and
    expanded on a wholesale level in the ’60’s and after. People want the
    government we now have and the type of society we are getting simply
    because they are too lazy to think for or otherwise educate themselves
    or their loved ones. We are also where we are because God – and
    therefore morality – has taken a back seat (if any seat at all) to
    selfishness, instant gratification and pleasure. What was bad is now
    good and what was good is now bad. Everyone denies their culpability in
    any wrongdoing because no one wants to be accountable. There is a reason
    Obama preferred appearing on mindless gossip talk and comedy shows
    instead of doing his job and that’s because that’s what the American
    people were paying attention to. He was building his base. To deliver
    your message, you must go where the people are. Even if there were some
    semblance of objective journalism or news left in this country, no one
    would care to read or watch because they’re too busy caring about what
    the latest Kardasian wardrobe malfunction was or who is going to be the
    next “Idol” or what the latest celebrity sex video looked like. If you
    doubt this, simply look at the lack of public outrage/response to the
    Benghazi tragedy even though Fox covered it pretty thoroughly. The fact
    that Fox is one of the most watched of the nation’s media outlets and
    the lack of response proves my point. Most of those exposed to the story
    just don’t care. In contrast, Watergate didn’t kill anyone and yet,
    Richard Nixon was thrown out of office in relatively short order and in
    disgrace. If that doesn’t convince you, then look at the simple facts
    that the current occupant of the White house never had a real job, only
    served a short time in the Senate where he only voted “present” most of
    the time, spent 20 years listening to a “reverend” who hates this
    country, never actually proved his citizenship (no, I’m not a “birther”
    but you try getting a clearance for a job using the same kind of
    credentials-good luck with that), hangs out with convicted and
    unapologetic terrorists and was raised by communists and yet, no one
    cared. He was never vetted and the public and press only cared that he
    was black and a change from Bush. Add to this Judge Robert’s ruling that
    the Affordable Health Care Act is a tax which allows taxation without
    representation which now makes our constitution moot and that the AHCA
    begins the process of transforming us from a constitutional republic to a
    centralized socialist government and the writing is loud and clear: our
    once great nation is now marked to be relegated to the pages of
    history. Not enough people care. Free speech is now considered only that
    which is approved by the left and again, no one cares. This
    administration will now seek to grant amnesty to some 12 million illegal
    (oops…that’s one of those non-freedom-of-speech terms isn’t it?)
    aliens to further build the left’s base. With Obama’s re-election,
    changing any of these things is now, unfortunately, impossible and will
    not happen. Period. No, to change what is happening, you would have to
    re-raise the last two generations of people, re-educate them and instil a
    sense of moral understanding which does not exist. Trying to do that
    starting now will be generations in the doing. Change will only happen
    after the government runs out of money from those who’s “fair share”
    they wish to re-distribute and society as we’ve known it falls apart as
    it is now bound to do. Secession by states with the means to survive on
    their own (like Texas) has been suggested, but this will, undoubtedly,
    lead to armed struggle. They’ve already thought about this. Remember,
    Homeland Security’s Janet Nepalitano announced 2 years ago that the
    greatest threat to national security is right wing extremist groups-not
    AL-Qeida. The government we have will now rely, more than ever, upon
    those states that have to give to those people who don’t (the ones that
    just voted Obama back in). They will not willingly allow those states
    and their resources to simply leave. For this to happen, you need states
    with enough of a willing populace that understands what secession will
    entail and still have the will to do it. Either way, the union will fall
    and, as the union goes, so does the world since ours is still the
    largest economy on the planet and the world’s business revolves around
    it. As the Joni Mitchell song says: “Don’t it always seem as though you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?!” We’re about to find out. Change will come then for sure but not before.
    I’m no defeatist or conservative coward Jan, but the hard facts are out
    in the open now: the train is heavy, rolling down hill and the engineer
    is dead at the switch. It’s not going to stop before it crashes. The
    re-makers (destroyers) of this country have the numbers re. gravity and
    momentum on their side. I wish to God I was wrong, but we just don’t
    seem to have anything to stop the train before it crashes unless you can
    find a miracle to change the average person in this country, it just
    isn’t going to happen. If anyone has a plan that can undo these facts,
    I’m all ears and willing. I know what would definitely work, but no one
    wants to hear it these days (which is why we are where we are in the
    first place) bring back God.

  • It ain’t over til it’s over!


  • Jan — I’ve just had the chance to sit down and read this short column. I think you know me (just from the few years on Facebook) well enough to know that I am a Constitutional Conservative, and I shrink from no battle. And while I hate to say this, I saw this coming every step of the way.

    I hoped against hope that Romney could win, but there were too many “Conservatives” and Libertarians/Paulbots (demographics indicate about 3 million) that sat home and didn’t vote. Why? Well, apparently they wanted to “teach the Republican Establishment a lesson.” No doubt, the Establishment had a lesson to learn about how to “dance with the one who brung ’em.” But Conservatives could have taught that lesson AFTER winning the most important election since 1860. Instead, they either failed to grasp the gravity of the circumstances facing our Republic, or they wanted the Republic to collapse into chaos. In either case, they are just as culpable in the re-election of Barack Obama as are those “Takers” that were bused en mass to the polls.

    The question now before us is not, “do we give up?” The question is, “how do we keep fighting?” Another question is, “what exactly do we fight for?”

    I have believed since not very long after Obama first took office in 2009 that the nation had two elections to turn around the tidal wave of “transformation” that the Marxist in the White House was foisting upon us. After 150 years of Federal Centralization and 100+ years of Progressivism, it was (and remains) my conviction that the Obama Regime is the final piece of the puzzle the perverts our once great Constitutional Republic into some form of Socialist/Marxist dictatorship. While it may be called a “democracy,” it will be so in name only, as when the government gives away money to 50% + 1, they win every vote. This is the reason our Founders HATED Democracy, and gave us a Republic.

    Personally, after nearly 30 years as a Conservative activist, as a once Republican Party executive committeeman, as a Reagan Conservative, having seen all that history, I am forced to conclude that the current Federal Government system as it exists in Washington, DC is irredeemable, irreparable. We as Patriots and Americans cannot vote our way out of this crisis any longer. It is corrupt and cannot be saved.

    In light of that realization, I believe I must work to extinguish the Washington, DC system as it exists now. The current Federal system is the enemy of Liberty, and in fact now enslaves us — and with each passing day, with each borrowed dollar, enslaves each of us and our children, and our children’s grandchildren further. The Federal regime must END.

    How does that work? Do we replace the current regime with a totally new, completely Constitutional government that adhere to the letter and spirit of the Founding document — starting from scratch? Will we be forced to partition the nation (as William Henry Bowen suggested earlier in this thread)? And just HOW will we do that, because Washington DC will consider anyone who tries to escape their clutches as just one more escaped SLAVE. And any GROUP that attempts to withstand DC will be treated as insurrectionists.

    Well, Jan, that time has come. There are some beautiful buildings and some nice places in Washington, DC — but there is NOTHING sacred about the system housed there. It is the Constitution, the Principles of Liberty, Freedom, the rights of the States and of We The People that matter. We don’t NEED Washington DC, their system, their bureaucracy, their corruption, their divisions, and their tyranny — we must live free — or die. If that means living WITHOUT the DC Regime, so be it. Let the work begin.

    J. Dale Weaver

  • sagebrush6

    I say we get in there and fight. I for one have had enough of this gimme,gimme, gimme BS.

  • sagebrush6

    Subject: Civil War Coming?

    (Reuters) – The United States reversed policy on Wednesday and said it would
    back launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales as long as the talks
    operated by consensus, a stance critics said gave every nation a veto. The decision, announced in a statement
    released by the U.S. State Department, overturns the position of former
    President George W. Bush’s administration, which had opposed such a treaty on
    the grounds that national controls were better.

    Wednesday Obama Took the First Major Step in a Plan to Ban All Firearms in the
    United States. The Obama administration intends to force gun control and a
    complete ban on all weapons for US citizens through the signing of international
    treaties with foreign nations. By signing international treaties on gun
    control, the Obama administration can use the US State Department to bypass the
    normal legislative process in Congress. Once the US Government signs these
    international treaties, all US citizens will be subject to those gun laws
    created by foreign governments. These are laws that have been developed and
    promoted by organizations such as the United Nations and individuals such as
    George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. The laws are designed and intended to lead
    to the complete ban and confiscation of all firearms.

    Obama administration is attempting to use tactics and methods of gun control
    that will inflict major damage to our 2nd Amendment before US citizens even
    understand what has happened. Obama can appear before the public and tell them
    that he does not intend to pursue any legislation (in the United States) that
    will lead to new gun control laws, while cloaked in secrecy, his Secretary of
    State, Hillary Clinton is committing the US to international treaties and
    foreign gun control laws. Does that mean Obama is telling the truth?

    and the truth have never met. He is the most consummate liar there

    it means is that there will be no publicized gun control debates in the media
    or votes in Congress. We will wake up one morning and find that the United
    States has signed a treaty that prohibits firearm and ammunition manufacturers
    from selling to the public. We will wake up another morning and find that the
    US has signed a treaty that prohibits any transfer of firearm ownership. And
    then, we will wake up yet another morning and find that the US has signed a
    treaty that requires US citizens to deliver any firearm they own to the local
    government collection and destruction center or face imprisonment.

    is not a joke nor a false warning. As sure as government health care will be
    forced on us by the Obama administration through whatever means necessary, so
    will gun control.

    forward this message to others who may be concerned about the direction in
    which our country is headed.

    are being led like a lamb to the slaughter (Socialism/Dictatorship).

    • HockeyplayerX

      Might not be a terrible idea to call your local law enforcement agency and inform them of the recent break-in you had on your property that resulted in the theft of all of your firearms and ammunition. Make sure you get a copy of the police report.

  • Curtis D. Stone

    Well Jan; I have always said if you see me running it is just to get to a better spot to make a stand. And after the election on tuesday i heard they only won by 2 million votes. So i kind of figure the odds are about the same as they where back in 1836 when SANTA ANNA surrounded the ALAMO. They didn’t cut an run for the hills so why should we. I for one will never dishonor either myself or any who came before me by running away from a fight. Especially when what we saw on TUESDAY was just the opening barrage so to speak. No this is going to one long drawn out battle between right and wrong. And if it has to get bloody then so be it…

  • Never give up. Watch this video to see the effects of Obama care:

    You can’t rely on the feds to stop federal power. Period.

    Join here to help nullify Obama care in your state. We can still do this but
    we have to start locally.

    Read this, take action locally: http://bit.ly/PKkFFs

  • yes, I think it is time for true americans to show that they have a backbone to take our cou ntry back from the traitors, bankers and lawyers..

  • boccagalupe

    O.K. now, and just who is Jan Morgan that is calling names and calling for people to follow their leadership???We need some bonifides prior to our following her as if we’re a bunch of lemmings.

  • Indeed, this is OUR time, PROVIDED we don’t squander it. But before we can safeguard against that, we’ve got make sure we’ve correctly identified what’s put us on the precipice upon which America now teeters. Very few have. In fact, most don’t want to hear what it is that put us here and are more than happy to “stone” the messenger. Well here its, like it or not: The genesis of America’s problems is the humanistic (per the
    Preamble), antichristian (per Article 6), and polytheistic (per Amendment 1) U.S. Constitution.

    No one can argue that the framers failed to expressly establish the Constitution on Yahweh’s standards as found in His moral law. That alone doomed America to fall
    from His grace (see Deuteronomy 28). But, it’s worse. When actually tested by Yahweh’s immutable moral standard (His commandments, statutes, and judgments), there is hardly an article or amendment that, in some fashion, is not antithetical, if not hostile, to Yahweh’s morality.

    This is the cutting edge issue for saving America from the chasm she’s about to fall into. For the sake of yours and my posterity, join me in exposing and repenting of what amounts to our national idol. Begin by finding out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared with Yahweh’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11). Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/constitutionsurvey/constitutionsurvey.php and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective.”

  • Infidel141

    I’m in!!! You tell me how we cast the first stone without simply being called an active shooter…. I’ve got my stone in hand…

  • Calamity Jan

    Are you advocating revolution then? If not, then how do we fight? I voted and that did not work. What should I do next? Everyone is so ‘let’s go team’ but I have yet to hear HOW we should defeat this intrinsic evil which is taking over our country.

  • MCM

    Ok Jan, what is your plan? Are you taking on the mantel of George Washington?
    If not who will lead the cause? And while we are at it who will provide the Drones and Abrams Tanks and Aircraft Carriers to win the fight? The fight cannot be won through the current two party’s that everyone understands are corrupt to their core. So that rules out the ballot process. Plenty are willing to get down in the mud and blood if their is even a slight possibility of defeating the American Military complex. But that is’nt what you propose is it Jan. That’s not the fight your talking about. You might break a nail for heavens sake.
    The globalists who own the two parties own the Military Complex and the Central Banking system that is at the core of the corruption but you don’t want to go over the edge and admit any crazy conspiracy or anything would you. No the beast from Jekyl Island might slap you down. Besides you might have to admit much of what has worked to destroy America in the last 100 years has been sponsored by the so-called conservative Republican party. Things like the Federal Reserve and the IRS. How about W’s so-called Patriot Act? Or DHS and the TSA. Oh I’m certain you are all for those right?

    Pleeease! Tell us your Grand Plan to restore the Republic.

  • WesTexan

    I think it’s not so cut and dried as you put it. Today we live in a country our forefathers would not recognize. It’s been a slow, long slide to this point, and many simply do not see any hopeā€”real hopeā€”not the dope and chains advertized. Our country is paralyzed by the collectivism of unions, we are taxed to deathā€”literally, we are no longer safe in our homes or on the street due to the creeping police state that is steadily eroding our
    freedoms, and our healthcare has been co-opted by big government to the point that many Americans can only look forward to a death sentence by a government panel of bureaucrats. Our moneyā€”any wealth we have is being systematically destroyed by the Fed that has no interest in our freedom, liberty or pursuit of happiness. Education is in shambles because of federal government interference and, again, unions. ā€œNo child left behindā€ has resulted in dumbed down education and an almost complete abandonment of teaching the basic subjectsā€”or teaching anything other than preparing for the next government test.

    We have a man occupying our White House who has gone to great lengths to hide his identity and accomplishments, if any accomplishments exist. Half of the voters voted for this fraud president twice now. In four years he has managed to wreck what little was left of the Republic by burying us in unimaginable debt, socializing big businesses, and instigating or waging war against countries that we were not hither to at war with to further the cause of violent, radical Islam. He has aided politically and monetarily the lawless, evil jihadist murders. He is complicit in the murders of 200 Mexicans and several border patrol agents and an ICE agent through illegal gun running. He sat and watched
    without raising a hand to rescue Americans in our US Embassy who were requesting aid, but were subsequently tortured in the most horrible way and murdered. Soldiers were instructed not to defend themselves.

    This election year we were given the choice of the fraud president or a progressive Republican hand-picked by the Republican Establishment without any interest in what Americans wanted. Great amounts of time and money were spent demonizing or ignoring candidatesā€”decent human beings and conservative at heartā€”that were popular with the voters. Eventually the Establishment choice was shoved down our throats, and you are criticizing good Americans who could not stomach the force feeding.

    Since WWII (and even before that) our Constitutional Republic has slowly disappeared. No matter which party is in power, government continues to grow; debt continues to grow; inflation continues to destroy the dollar; and government regulation continues to expand and strangle business and employment. The police state is growing out of control. Neither party has done anything positive to address these problems because they, both parties, caused the problems, and their only concern now is to hold on to power. The Constitution is no longer of consequence; it only gets lip service. The monster is eating the hand that feeds it. The People are no longer in control. We are allā€”liberals, conservatives, libertariansā€”nothing more than slaves of the State.

  • AlwaysRight

    Go, Jan! Where do I sign up?

  • Praise the Lord I will not give up the fight. I am ready for the long haul no matter what it takes. I have my guns and ammunition ready to fight for my freedoms.

  • me

    well, when I clicked to read the rest of the story I expected to find a suggestion of a solution here- but no game plan to read…I’m not sure how we can fight this Hitleresque regime when they seem to have all of the weapons at their disposal and confiscate our money to get the job done. They’ve been getting ready to take over America for 14+ years. Then add to that the half of America who WAS too stupid to vote, also more than likely a GREAT number of false votes. I’d always wondered how Germany allowed their takeover to happen to them. We’re seeing it repeated here, modified, but we’re seeing it. So, unless God intervenes, I see nothing good coming ahead. The Bible talks about financial collapse and catastrophic things at the end of time. We may very well be there. Read your Bibles, pray and ask for strength to be ready. Your redemption draweth nigh.

  • jo

    I will not give up but I do feel we are rudderless facing an enormous coalition who have control of all the institutions from cradle to grave. We need a spokesman, not a mccain or romney but someone like Allen West or Rand Paul. We now have a dictator for President so that it is probably going to get quite nasty to try to recover at this point.

  • theodorej

    Jan … Thank you for a very straight forward call to unite…. The cowardice you speak of is not represented here on the web because we all know that whatever you post on the web is forever and available for perusing by all factions…. People of like mind need to meet on regular basis and get active in their respective local governments…. There will be need for attorneys,fund raisers and forward observers to report activity on a local level….. A means test of your local sheriff with respect to his political stature as it applies to the rule of law set forth by the constitution…. petitioning local elected officials and charging them with violations of constitutional law should be part of the agenda….

  • I am uncertain as to the best course of action at this point, but with enough fervant prayer, God will raise up the right leaders to take the right actions. I am with you Jan, no coward here, only a more determined and committed Christian patriot who wants his country back for the sake of his children and grandchildren, whatever the cost!

  • Eddie Di Biase

    Why do the so called informed people cry “WOLF” when the ruling class loses? Both Bush administrations set this fiasco in motion Obama is trying to stop the slide. The rich get richer and the hell with the middle class their to busy fighting amongest themselves to pull off a victory in the November election, WRONG. The Republican Prince that helped put many of the middle class on the unemployment lines making his 20 million a year and sending their jobs overseas LOST THE ELECTION.
    The big three, Ford, Chev, Chrysler all are in the black or on their way back to black, owe their corporate lives to Obama, and not the Republicans in the House.

    If we want to save SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE simply amend the Constitution that all elected officals and employees of the Federal and State Governments must retire on SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE, No more privileged treatment or benefits. When these people are directly effected by their decisions concerning SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE watch how fast the solutions will arise.

    I could go on but what is the use? The Republicans still control the House of Representstives. Do you really think the rich ruling class of our society will put country before self interest? Their track record over the past 4 years says NO.

    Do we have any political leaders of the same metal as those listed in the book, “PROFILES IN COURAGE” ?

    Where are our leaders that put COUNTRY before SELF? Since JFK was assassinated WHO?

  • HockeyplayerX

    One of the first things we, as conservatives, need to do is talk to a tax accountant. I don’t care what your income level is, you NEED to find as many ways around the coming tax increases as possible. You also need to find every way you can to avoid contributing money through your taxes to this system. Armed revolution is not an option folks. If you don’t believe me, take a little time and do some research. Our military is trained and equipped to kill people much better trained, organized, and equipped than any of us…and they do a hell of a job at it. No, instead, we have to understand what it is exactly that the government needs and wants from us. They need our money. They want our complacency. Get your assets offshore. If you have any money left in the stock market…get it out. If you have a business, and you employ workers…lay off as many as you can afford to lose. Take the money you are saving, and get it out of the country. They cannot afford to fund these Socialistic programs if we don’t provide the revenue for them to pay for them. We could not vote them out…so we starve them out.

  • Dear Jan:
    Obama and his henchmen have planned well for this moment. They have successfully nullified any true opposition in Congress, they’ve achieved dominance in a thoroughly corrupted federal judiciary and have behind them the executive branch, now armed with such enforcement power as could never have been imagined before. Likewise, virtually every institution that existed to defend and promote our liberties and morality has either been disabled, corrupted or turned to the side of evil. This process began a hundred years before Obama’s regime, but it now nears its culmination with him.
    All that’s necessary is for the economic collapse he’s carefully engendered to occur, granting him the necessary crisis to justify an iron hand. The collapse will, of course, be blamed on Republicans and capitalists and so promulgated by the media. When the first resistance breaks out, he will blame it on “reactionaries”, send in his federal police forces, confiscate all weapons and reduce the population (those still unconfined in detention camps) to absolute dependency on the government for their daily bread. The process will then be achieved.
    Only the loyal states, by declaring their sovereignty and acting in unison, can now stave this off. Obama needed only a year or so to bring this about. He’s just been handed that… and by foul, underhanded means. The “dry runs” have happened before our eyes under he and Clinton. Only by organized state resisitance can he now be stopped.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    Jan, I too am also a Vietnam vet. We lost a lot of good men over there that died for their country. I know that they would be ashamed to call this THEIR country now. This is NOT the same country they gave the ultimate sacrifice for. I don’t recognize this country anymore, and neither would they. It’s time to bring back America. I GOT YOUR BACK!!

  • october

    Thank you Jan for a great rallying cry!!

  • Gary

    …..”One nation. Under God. Indivisible. . With liberty and justice for all “

  • i’m ready for a fight it will get very bloody in my neighborhood if need be

  • A young American

    I would love to think that we could fight back too. however…how do you fight an adversary that is mighty, power hungry, has unlimited resources, military, drones, that are in bed with evil foreign countries who are willing to kill Americans, and will use all means necessary to achieve total dominance and complete inhalation of anyone who stands in there way?

  • John W

    There has never been a better time to be an American. As far as i’m concerned let us not let the future for generations bear the chains of slavery to a tyrannical government. Let us fight for the rights our founding fathers paid in blood and tears for. Let us take a place in history as the founders or our nation have taken. Let our children not know the price for which our generation will sure have to pay. Let us take arms! And earn the freedoms we inherited and be something they would be proud of. The grimmer the situation the more rewarding the cause will become. Bout time we paid our respect to the brave men and women who started it all