Marine Chained to Bed in Mexico Prison

Nightmare in Mexico: Friends, family call for the release of ex-Marine jailed in Mexico after trying to declare an antique shotgun.

Jon Hammar was en route to Costa Rica for a surfing trip when he cleared the gun with U.S. customs and was told he could do the same in Mexico. Four months later, he’s still behind bars in a notorious prison and is ‘losing hope.’

Jon Hammer, who survived dangerous patrols in Iraq and Afghanistan is now “chained to a bed” in a notorious Mexican prison after a road trip to Costa Rica went terribly wrong, his friends and family say.
A chorus of supporters are calling on the Mexican government to release Jon Hammar, 27, who was jailed in August for carrying an antique shotgun that he believed could be legally registered in Mexico.

Hammar, of Palmetto Bay, Fla., was headed to Costa Rica for a surfing trip to try and recover from post-traumatic stress after four years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“The only time Hammar is not losing his mind is when he’s on the water,” fellow Marine veteran Ian McDonough, who was arrested with Hammar during the August incident but later released by Mexican authorities, told McClatchy newspapers.

Hammar and McDonough had stocked up a used Winnebago with surfboards and camping supplies and had just crossed the border from Brownsville, Texas into Matamoros, Mexico, where they were detained.
Hammar had registered the shotgun, a Sear & Roebuck model that once belonged to his great-grandfather, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on the U.S. side of the border.

After being told by U.S. agents the shotgun posed no problem and could be reigstered in Mexico, Hammar and McDonough crossed the border, tried to declare the weapon, and found themselves separated and behind bars.
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  • Obama where are you?????? See it is time for our President to make a call to Mexico and explain how we are going to shut down the mail to Mexico for 1 month and the prisoner would be released ASAP no checks back from USA means many hungry mexicans….

  • Scott

    Where is OBAMA? He’s on vacation, lying to the country and letting Americans be captured, tortured and killed. THAT’S where the POS is. Along with his butt ugly “wife.”

  • Our spineless President won’t do anything for him because he’s just another white man.

    • white boy magic

      shut the fuck up

    • hussein never fails to spout off when it is a black professor(“stupid cops”), or the guy that attacked Zimmerman, but let it be a white Marine and the silence is deafening.

  • Red-Eye Jackson

    There are no ex marines! Once a marine, always a marine! We need to go get him NOW!

  • marineh2ominer

    Just further proof that Mexico is a dicatorship rulede by a tyrant they pretend to elect , just like the Union of the Socialist States of America .

  • baffled

    While no fan of Oblama, how can we complain about the lack of personal responsibility by those freeloaders who steal from American taxpayers to get their Obamaphones, Obamacare and Obamastamps yet see this as a government failure? Presumably this soldier was familiar with traveling to foreign countries as well as guns and gun laws. I hope he gets out soon (with our without the help from the State Department) but this is squarely on his shoulders. It took me all of 20 seconds on Yahoo to find this: –> http://tijuana.usconsulate.gov/tijuana/warning.html

    • Newhon63

      Ummmmm…. Need to read the story in it’s entirety. This Marine had the weapon, he told the Customs Agents there about the weapon. They measured it, weighed it and told him that he had to fill out a form, then told him it would be okay. All he had to do was show the customs agents on the Mexican side. 5 hours after he got to the Mexican side he was arrested. His parents received a phone call wanting 1,800 dollars be wired Western Union or they would kill their son. the parents said they didn’t who to wire the money to. The person on the other end said they would call back with an account number to wire the money to. The parents called the U.S. Consulte and told them what happened. The Consulte arranged for him to be moved to solitary (if there is such a thing at that jail). They were shaking down the parents. We need to tell Mexico to release this Marine or there is going to be problems they will not be able to handle.

  • tlmaker

    Obama or Hillary. Here’s your chance to prove you care about the men and women in the military. Do I hear crickets?!!

  • tlmaker

    To be fair. When a Mexican comes across the boarder, buys guns (thanks ATF) and crosses back into Mexico we read or hear nothing about that problem either.

  • Jan…. I think we need to do a one for one prisoner exchange. We give the Mexican government Barack Hamas Obama in exchange for a Military hero, and just to seal the deal we can give the Mexican government $10 million dollars personally delivered by Hillary Clinton. If they want, they can keep Hillary too!!!!

  • Orrie

    This is a prime example of proof that our government does not care for Americans. To let this United States Marine to be held captive in a Mexican prison for 4 months without so much as a word from our Congressmen is also a travesty. A word to the every American. Stay out of Mexico!

  • Why didn’t the mexican’s make any arrest’s when eric holder and crew were sending gun’s across the border.This situation is just so damned stupid. Go into mexico and take him out.”O” sent men in to get that scumbag bin laden.I guess that this Marine is not important to him politically so he is just stuck ass…

  • tired of obama’s crap

    If it’s the US Custom’s fault, then they should be the one’s taking the punishment. Obama… you’re pissing a lot of Americans off!!!! Why?? Because YOU are NOT doing anything about this or anything else for that matter. You’re taking Americans tax dollars and spending it on whatever…. not what the Americans need. You are not for US…. you are for other countries….

  • Newhon63

    The program, Hannity,on FoxNews, says they have a petition to sign on his site for this Marine. We have to put pressure on Obama and his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to do their job. After all, this is what our Secretary of State is supposed to be doing, right? I mean I know they will not be serving tea and sweet cakes in this situation, but is is that what Clinton needs in order to do her job?

    • Conservativesniper

      Petition? bwhaahhahaha who the hell is it going to be addressed to, Shorty guzman or some other narcoboss? Mexicans are cowards, all of them. If they had courage they’d annihilate every single corrupt official in the country.But they run away, like the cowards they are, to El Norte. They can get the weapons they need from Eric Holder and his boss.

  • Chris

    I wish that a seal team would slip over there in the darkness and rescue this guy

  • Conservativesniper

    This devildog thinks it is time for the Corps to go to the Halls of Montezuma one more time to bring this leatherneck home. One battalion and a sufficient amount of air cover should do the trick.

  • maybe it is time we send a few more marines down ther if they like thems so well. Only this time better armed and on a rescue mission

  • The issue is not law or Obama it’s greed. Put together enough money to bribe the Mexican authorities and this young man will be free. So, how do we raise the money? That’s the question.