Spiking the “S” Word


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Looks like Spike Lee–that half-pint angry, wealthy, privileged, anti-Semitic Holocaust-belittling, anti-white raging racist–is being shuffled back to the Hollywood plantation by a wealthy, privileged, exploitative cracker … and ole Spikey boy has a problem with that.

Must be that Spike forgot that it was Africans who propagated and profited from slave trade for hundreds of years before we crackers ever came around. Perhaps he forgot that when the total U.S. population was only 34 million, almost 750,000, both black and white, died in the Civil War to free slaves. Their deaths are made to be inconsequential by the incessant decades-long “America done me wrong” whining.

Slavery is only a contentious issue to those who do not want to look at the truth. Whites, blacks, and Indians were slaves. Many Irish were sold by the British as slaves at the same time that blacks were being sold as slaves. The British finally ended the practice in 1833. The last of the Irish slaves were brought to America in 1798 after an Irish rebellion. The institution of slavery is horrible but blacks have not suffered it more than any other race of people. Their only claim to fame on the issue, within the U.S., is that they were to last to be freed. At the time of their freedom, however, a former black slave would not have found it hard to find and meet a former white slave that had gained their freedom within both of their lifetimes.

Let go of the slavery of the past, Spikey boy. Concern yourself with the slavery of the present—a manifestation sown for decades by the Democratic Party. Why don’t you and other liberal black wealthy Americans STFU already and redistribute your money into the ghettos and slums in which so many of your black brothers and sisters live all across the country—dumbed down and dependent JUST LIKE the Dems like ‘em. Better yet … why don’t you and all the wealthy black actors and recording artists pull up stakes from behind your gated communities and move into those ghettos and slums to do some experiential hands-on example-setting and give back to your community? I’m sure you can get plenty of deserted land real cheap in the urban blights in the blue states, perhaps starting with a nice penthouse apartment building right next door to the Obamaphone lady.

And from now on, Spike, mind if I call you by your real name? Shelton. I like it SO much better. It’s so … sooooo … what’s the word I’m looking for? … white.

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  • Spike,your movies suck and so do you,this is why you have to be so hateful and racist,because you failed!

  • Here we go again with lies being told about Africans who profited from the enslavment of the Mother Contintent. Stand your gounds brother Spike. Love U!!!!!!!!!!

    • MandaLynne

      They are not lies. There are many eye-witness accounts to the fact that blacks in Africa kidnapped other blacks and sold them as slaves to Europeans.


      Dr. Alexander Falconbridge served as the surgeon aboard a number of slave ships that plied their trade between the West African coast and the Caribbean in the late 1700s. He described his experiences in a popular book published in 1788. He became active in the Anti-Slavery Society and was appointed Governor of a colony established for freed slaves on the coast of modern-day Sierra Leone. His service was brief as he died in 1788 shortly after his appointment. We join his story as he describes the process through which the native African loses his freedom:

      “During my stay on the coast of Africa, I was an eye-witness of the following transaction: a black trader invited a Negro, who resided a lit­tle way up the country, to come and see him. After the entertainment was over, the trader proposed to his guest, to treat him with a sight of one of the ships lying in the river. The unsuspicious countryman read­ily consented, and accompanied the trader in a canoe to the side of the ship, which he viewed with pleasure and astonishment. While he was thus employed, some black traders on board, who appeared to be in the secret, leaped into the canoe, seized the unfortunate man, and dragging him into the ship, immediately sold him.”

    • Bobbie, not sure you want the truth. Consider the Roman and Greek history, both held each other throughout history as SLAVES. The Egyptians held slaves as well, many of those came from inside the content of Africa. Don’t be misled as to what we all know to be the truth, do your on research. The truth of what we have done to each other is there….but you have to read and study different accounts. Writers of our history also like today had an agenda, read both sides, the truth lies in the middle. There is enough blame, guilt, and shame to go around.

  • concernedcititzen

    Actually, Bobbie, those are not lies. Historical accounts, dating to 1864, show that most slaves came from lands of West Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea. Most of them were traded from chiefs such as Accra, who traded his own people for gunpowder and various supplies. It’s history – read it.

  • Rafe Hubert

    What lies, bobbie cornett? Africans did enslave other Africans, and sold many into the trans-Atlantic slave markets. In fact, the Harvard Chair of African and African American Studies – Henry Louis Gates – has stated that “without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.” (Wikipedia) I can agree that slavery may be viewed as a black holocaust, but it was to a large degree self-inflicted. I will also add that American blacks should count themselves lucky that their ancestors’ suffering made possible the lives of ease and privilege they enjoy today.

  • wallyflower12

    Many comments left here leave much to be desired!! I have many questions for those of you that are slamming this article….
    Mainly…>>>>>>why are we, the present generation, being constantly and ruthlessly punished for something that 3, 4 even 5 generations before us did??? >>>>>>>>?????
    I was not living back then, neither were my parents or even grandparents! My father, grandfathers, etc owned businesses where they actively encouraged minors, including blacks & hispanics, to apply and actively employed them! EMPLOYED!!! Meaning they were paid for their work…they were not in any way slaves or tied to union agreement or other binding agreement either!

    • halfbreed

      It’s an excuse to be Racist, bigoted, angry, and generally blame everything that has gone wrong in your life on people who feel guilty about everything and take it.

  • darryl

    Whites did not enslave blacks without blacks…..too slow to catch them.

    • williamunknown

      not really too slow. it was considered way too dangerous for whites to venture inside of africa. a few cities were formed on the coast but mostly they existed only to resupply the ships. slaves were brought to these cities by other black african tribes and then sold to the cities. these slaves were then sold to the ship captains who then transported them across the ocean and sold them in america. however, it was considered suicidal to venture inland. at the time many of the black african tribes were quite strong, quite warlike, and utterly willing to attack any who crossed through their lands.

      • traitorhater

        It’s a good thing for most blacks that their distant ancestors were fortunate enough to get caught and shipped over here. Otherwise they would be living in a stick, leaves and mud hut scratching for larvea and bugs to be able to exist upon since the people haven’t advanced in intelligence. Instead they are getting free food cards, medical and a check from us to live on while our forefathers gave their lives freeing them from a plantation.

  • Kingswood

    I think giving this clown’s comments a forum, even one as small as this, still gives him too much credibility. He should simply be ignored.

  • dale

    Excellent response to Shelton’s racist comments. I often wondered why no one shares the real story about slavery when debating the liberal racists…..I’ve been sharing about whites, orientals and others being slaves in America as

    • loriboxer

      Thanks, Dale. Glad you enjoyed it. And, believe it or not, in the spirit of the season I actually held myself back from writing some things I could have!

  • Brian

    Spike Lee…the racist. He hates wealthy white people. He hates all white peoplw actually. You would think someone witb his influence among his people would try to be a positive figure and a leader. His prejudice and racial division he promotes is a sign of his true mentality and ignorance.

  • Typical ignorance Bobbie, you are the exact blind eyed Obamaniac this article tries to explain your wrong, the very first case of slavery in America, which incidentally made it legal to own slaves, was a black on black

  • Slavery is the past- a benchmark for how NOT to treat each other, NOT a club to bash White folks over the head with. I’m an American of the present; who fellowships with all Americans based upon principles & performance, NOT pigment and prejudice. Thank God we’re a land that corrected wrongs STILL practiced by many other nations today! That’s why i founded Americana Week, The Patriotic Alternative To Kwanzaa to unity U.S. in what helped U.S. this year to benefit U.S. in years to come! http://moveonup.ning.com/profiles/blogs/americana-week-patriotic-alternative-to-kwanzaa?xg_source=activity.

  • The slave trade in that area was started by the Arab Muslims. They made agreements with the chiefs and sold the unfortunate ones to the British. My ancestors were slaves,Irish slaves were sent to Australia much of the time because the British were expanding their territories and needed them for labor. Maybe I should bitch about that and collect from the government as the Irish ,among others, were used to build this country.Get over the slavery and racism chant. It has been abused enough. The issue is null and void. There is no excuse for any race to not succeed in our country.

  • LORI & JAN…………….YOU TWO ROCK!!!

  • halfbreed

    IMHO: It’s an excuse to be Racist, bigoted, angry, and generally blame
    everything that has gone wrong in your life on people who feel guilty
    about everything and take it. The White people as a whole need to step
    up and say stop, enough, no more, this happened long ago let it go. And
    stop blaming your ills on white people. If your life sucks that’s on
    you. Not Whitey! The Indigenous People here in America are not blaming
    white people, no they lay the blame exactly were it belongs on the US