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Watching Bob Costas’s anti-2nd Amendment rant last night reminded me of the quote:
“Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

In a segment about 90 seconds long, Costas paraphrased and quoted extensively from a piece by Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock. Perhaps the most ridiculous quote was “If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Both Costas and Whitlock are entitled to their misguided opinions, but should people be subjected to an anti-gun lecture in the middle of a football game?
Even more outrageous than that is the fact that much of the information Costas spewed in his rant was wrong.

What Costas and Whitlock fail to comprehend is that people don’t have to have a gun to commit suicide. A gun did not kill Jovan Belcher. He killed himself. Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill people.

Costas, quoting Whitlock, said, “handguns do not enhance our safety.”
On the contrary, Costas and Whitlock need to know that last year, GUNS were used in a self defense manner to SAVE THE LIVES of over 2 million people. In many of those cases, the gun owner never had to pull the trigger and shoot anyone. Simply pulling a gun stopped the attacker.

You have to wonder why people like Costas and Whitlock think that more gun control laws will magically make guns disappear? Have laws against illegal drugs made them disappear from use in this country?
Using Costas and Whitlocks’s argument, perhaps we should make cell phones illegal too since texting and driving has resulted in countless fatal car accidents.
For that matter, we could just eliminate cars too.

It amazes me that every time some fool uses a gun irresponsibly, all the remaining fools step up and demand guns be taken away from responsible gun owners. To HELL with the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Apparently Costas and Whitlock didn’t give that much thought. It is obvious neither have done any research on the matter, otherwise they would see the foolishness in their position.

Should anyone have connections with either Mr. Costas or Whitlock, perhaps you could educate them a bit by sharing the following information:
* Cities and states in this country that have the most strict gun control laws, also have the highest crime rates. Cities and states in this country that have the least restrictive gun control laws have lower crime rates.

* According to the FBI, an average of 2 thousand times a day, 750 thousand times a year, guns are pulled by citizens to save lives..

*90 million gun owners with over 300 million guns killed no one last year.

* LAWS DO NOT STOP CRIMINALS FROM GETTING GUNS. CRIMINALS, THUGS, AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL ALWAYS BE ARMED. Gun control laws only affect law abiding citizens as they are the only ones who abide by the laws. DUH.

* In the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED. Gun Control has never been about guns.. it is about CONTROL. Our Founding Fathers knew this which is why they gave us the 2nd Amendment….

If Costas and Whitlock don’t like guns, they don’t have to own them. Their position that the rest of us should be restricted from owning them is un-American. Shame on them.
I would hate to be the wife of girlfriend of either of these wusses who apparently believe if someone breaks into their homes, the police will get there in time to save them (sorry, but that one makes me laugh out loud) or that they can perhaps hide or talk their way out of an attack.

Hopefully, the women in their lives, (if there are any) are smart enough to arm themselves and take personal responsibility for their own safety. Just think, if Belcher’s wife or mother had been armed when Belcher came barreling in with a gun, at least two of them might still be alive today.

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  • Isn’t it his 1st Amendment right to say what he wants to say? Aren’t we here to protect all rights? Let him make a fool of himself but lets not stoop to their level and push for firings. That’s not what we’re fighting for, right?

    • Jeff, if you read the lead in to my article, you would have seen my position on your question. Yes he is entitled to his opinion but he should be fired for stating wrong information as if it were factual or he should have to appear on national television and retract the wrong information he stated about guns.

      • If someone sold me a product which took my money on false truths then that’s fraud and someone can’t claim to be protected under the 1st Amendment. Telling lies is protected until someone is a victim from that particular lie. I understand your stance but just wanted to explain mine. You’re a great patriot! Keep up the great work!

        • BTW, I read your article before I commented. I should have clarified my statement a little better:)

    • Football is for entertainment, not a political platform. Church and state are separated, right? Football is a religion and it’s followers are religious. The definition of religious is ” relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity” sounds like football to me!! –leave politics out of it!!

      • Well I would agree that sports are for entertainment, but before we bother telling morons like Costas to stop making it political, we need to tell our Government the same thing.
        Can anyone tell me why my employees (Congress) waste time and money holding hearings on anything that isn’t directly in their job description?
        (Which, if memory serves me, is the running of our Government, like let’s say passing a budget and not steroid use by athletes.)

      • CHinOhio

        If football is a religion, someone is off the deep end. Don’t get me wrong, I love football, and am a very big fan. But I can easily separate that from my religious stance.

    • Metal Law

      Regardless of his substance (which I disagree), what a magnificently horrible attempt at “journalism.” Whitlock’s article is nothing more than poetic aphorisms off the top of his head, with no facts or research, but as bad as that is, Costas just reading some other writer’s editorial on air as if it is news, and when it was such a thin and shallow (not to mention incorrect) piece to begin, what a sad shadow of journalism Costas is. And yet, what he does have down is inflecting his tone with the sanctimony of unquestioned wisdom, a truth so fundamental none should question him.

    • jhwalljr

      Wrong. He is a sports caster and a public personality. His job depends on objectivity and keeping his political opinions to himself. If he breaches that contract, then he is to be held accountable.


    This guy and the man he quoted are fools. Sorry but I call em as I see em.

    • you call them right Keith!

    • CHinOhio

      Can tell this is NOT Keith Olberman… LOL.

  • doyle white

    Well said! But I have never given a rat’s rear about anything costas has had to say!

    • Smart man, doyle!

    • Real American

      I always thought costas was ok, not good or great,just ok, but now, he’s in the idiot catagory and whitlock,he always been a few frys short of a complete happy meal. In all honesty,they as well any of the hollywood types I assume, actually think we really value their opinion………. WE DON’T at least I don’t, and most making comments here agree with me. Oh yeah,you see I don’t use a capital starting either of their names,its because I have no resspect for them no more than I will EVER call obama president, he will NEVER be my president, that goes for the real dumbass biden,what a freeking dufus!!!

  • Rick

    Whitlock is a known race-baiter and idiot. I thought Costas had more sense. I was wrong.

    • I had never heard of him before this story.

      • Unfortunately I have…he used to write idiot columns for the Kansas City Star..the one good thing that liberal rag did was dump Whitlock!

  • Arrows kill, as do knives, forks,water, fire, cars, hammers,and peoples’ hands, etc…Should we ban all these as well?

    • good points Susan

    • Archie

      I believe cars kills more than the rest combined so they have to go.

    • Kate

      Oop’s…forgot the booze, drugs, poison….let’s ban them all- good and bad- accidental and deliberate. *sheesh* talk about opening pandora’s box…..*lol*

      • Falls under the etc.. It’s mental illness that’s the problem. Today is a perfect example again. Then 2 days of knife attacks in China on up to 44 kids.

  • Equuslimits10

    The gun is just the object. Alone it wouldn’t kill a thing. But put a human behind it and it can kill many

  • Butch Garner

    Headline: “Man stabs girlfriend 54 times with fork”. Lets now ban forks. I know this is overly simplistic. Its a short way of making a point.

    • good one Butch

    • ruger gal in ky

      woman kills husband with shovel. look out home depot, all shovels will now be banned.

  • Metal Law

    Dear NBC:

    You must realize how insulting in so many ways Bob Costas’ halftime comments were endorsing Whitlock’s comments blaming this weekend’s murder on the “gun culture.” Of course, his tone makes it sound like he is simply conveying a civilized truth that no thinking person could argue with, but it is also a vicious insult to the millions of law abiding gun owners who understand the responsi
    bility that comes with the decision to own a gun. No, it does not make me more likely to be aggressive or combative, rather, it places an even higher responsibility for your conduct, because of the crime committed if you even touch your gun in a manner that’s threatening or a result of confrontational anger.

    To somehow paint us and our “culture” with the acts of a murderer is both an abrogation of personal responsibility and a vicious insult. The intimations of Whitlock’s endorsed column are that this was only turned to murder only because of a gun. But obviously whatever depraved rage that caused him to take a murderous action was still there. So is Whitlock (and Costas as his proxy) saying without the gun we would only have a woman beaten physically by the hands of a 250 lb linebacker? Is that somehow a more acceptable “culture”? And yes, without a gun it is more likely the player would be alive today, but the innocent victim would either be dead through physical means, or, admittedly, more likely “quietly” beaten in a way not brought to light to the law or the public, but still the victim of a vile and savage act. But perhaps what they are saying is that we would have a nice, quiet crime that doesn’t bother them or disrupt their football Sunday. This is an admittedly hidden layer of misogyny, but nonetheless disgustingly disturbing once you delve down.

  • Metal Law

    “They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it.” What a sad, sinking abrogation of personal responsibility. Oh, these guns take control like a magical talisman to make everything we are worse. If a gun makes you react that way there is something wrong with you. A gun makes me less likely to be in any argument, because I know the terrible ramifications from use of a gun, even if it’s the only option available. And does he think that all police officers are like this? If a gun makes you that way, why doesn’t it make all of them that way, more prone to argue with each other and shoot things up when it gets tense. Could it be that if you are responsible for yourself and your firearm you don’t react that way. The flaw is in the person.

  • Butch Garner

    HEADLINE: “Man Murders Girlfriend. Stabs Her 54 Times With Fork”. Lets ban forks now.
    A murderer will murder. Gun or no gun.

  • Richard Ryder

    Gee, I wonder how many people have cut their wrists, jumped from buildings and taken overdoses? This guy is an idiot with his liberal views. If these things, like guns, did not exist then these deranged people or mentally ill people will still find a way to kill themselves and/or other people.

  • Well said Jan!

  • David


    If Abner Doubleday hadn’t invented baseball, the victim in this story would be alive today.

  • I have no problem with a person expressing their opinion–WHEN OFF THE CLOCK–when Costas is is working his job is to comment on the sports activity NOT give us his political views….

  • Mike11C

    I wonder if Bob Costas has any guns. One can only hope.

  • tonyfountains

    I am going out on a limb, but once again the math and these numbers are wrong….just sayin’….so don’t be scurred…….

  • JRO66

    OJ didn’t have a gun, Nicole is still dead. Costas is either dumb or thinks we are… I don’t think he’s dumb.

  • RickS

    If he didn’t have a gun, she would have suffered.

  • Saltporkdoc

    Another well written article! Sadly though, we continue to “preach to the choir” while liberals get to spew their vacuous and facetious “data” to all!

  • patriot guard

    If our current administration wasnt selling weapons to our enemies, 4 Americans in Benghazi would still be alive today….perhaps we should start there instead of trampling on OUR rights anymore…..

  • They will be wanting to borrow ours for protection when the time comes. Also I have read about people putting something around their neck hooking it to doornob and sitting down even walking in front of trains. You don’t need a gun to kill yourself, just determination. Enough of this blaming firearms for all the people that go off. There is another trigger that put this in motion.

  • Dave

    He was just being a good little employee reading the opinion of the communists that run NBC.

  • holtb306

    What an effing idiot!

  • holtb306

    We still drive automobiles don’t we.The sale and consumption of alcohol is still legal isn’t it. Ownership of a rock is legal isn’t it. Boxing and martial arts and so forth and so on. What idiots!

  • Come on costas…..guns dont kill people..people kill people. If he was so hell bent on killing his girlfriend and himself he would have done it with a knife if he didnt have a gun. Should we just take anyhing away from society that can be used as a weapon. There are many more deaths caused by criminal buttheads using throw away guns and illegal guns than there are regular people using there own guns. Just because you live in your protected little world think that your words are justified….PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Archie

    If handguns do not enhance our safety then why do police officers carry them? Why do soldiers carry them? Why does the IRS carry them? Why does the security team that protects Bob Costas carry them?
    I believe Whitlock as well as Costas have proven to be idiots. Left wing idiots.

  • I used my 12 gauge shotgun to try and put meat in the freezer this past week. I guess I’m just one of those gun-loving rednex. GTH Bob and take your pacifism with you

  • ATexasGirl10

    Bob Costas has commented on other things that have no place when he is a sports commentator. He needs to stick to what he was hired to do. I say he needs to be fired. Others have had to lose their jobs over diarerra of the mouth, why not Costas?

  • bayou66

    Cigarettes are chemical laden killing machines (once you light them) they have cost us billions of dollars in medical care, and millions of lives. They remain legal though they are far more deadly than handguns.

  • RedNeck Mike

    and we we didn’t have drugs, we would have no drug addicts. If we didn’t have sex, we would have no aid’s. If we didn’t have cars we would have no car wrecks…….

  • D

    you missed the point entirely. congrats.

  • Roy

    Jan, who can we mail or email to ask them to fire Bob Costas. Should we boycott NBC sports, or Sunday night football. What can we do to let them know we will not just sit back, and let someone who is totally uninformed spew this crap? Give us some links. please!

  • Dave

    Making sense of Costa and his ESPN boss is easy when you consider the re-election of Obama. Liberalism is taking over our country. Prepare as best you can. They will be coming after our Constitutional rights!

    • Dave

      My bad. NBC

  • Amos

    Whitlock said, “Handguns do not enhance our safety”. Well Mr. Whitlock I beg to differ!. I have been attacked by 7 young thugs at one time. If I had not been armed,at the time, I would not be typing this post right now. My gun saved my life. I didn’t even have to fire a shot. They knew I meant business and scattered. Guns DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, People kill people. Mr Costas, you are a FOOL in my eyes and mind, Keep your rants off the air and I do hope your are fired by your lame network.

  • SnakeDoctor

    From what I heard tonight of Fox News with Bret Baier, Costas is catching lots of flack, and rightfully he should. Twitter him and tell him what’s on your mind….hopefully he will get the message.

  • Roy

    What happened to my question?

  • Earl Taylor

    Let’s look at why he want be fired…He works for NBC, he is a Democrat, he worships at the feet of Obama.,…

  • ruger girl

    i was inflamed when i listened to him confirm his stupidity and ignorance on national tv. too bad his mother didnt abort him (even tho im against abortion). hehehe. plus i heard a story today that some lady killed her husband with a shovel. i guess ole costas will come against the home depot now and want shovels banned. just sayin…………………..

  • Sid N Texas

    Bob!!! Have you ever heard of knives, forks, base ball bats, or even chain saws??? When someone is ready to commit murder, they will find a way. Get real Bob!!

  • Doug Dash

    By Costas’ logic, utensils and dinnerware should be banned as they make people fat, and cause deadly conditions in their bodies.

  • ezekiel22

    Costas can lament all the senseless gun deaths such as those he was speaking of and be perfectly justified. However during halftime? I am positive that his bosses knew what he was going to do and since it lines up with their agenda he was given the okay. It would not have bothered me so much though if he had of also stated how many lives guns have saved which by the way is a heck of a lot more.

  • Steve Jones

    I had a conversation with a 30 year old waitress the other day at a local cafe. She thinks guns should be confiscated, and everyone should have a sword. When I mentioned that criminals will always have guns, and it would not work well for her to have a sword at a gunfight, suddenly I was making fun of her, then I became racist for mentioning the fact. Perhaps Mr Costas has never been in a situation where being armed saved his life. If he had, his opinion would be much different. Then again, I wonder what his bonus was for bring his political opinion to a football game, and, if that bonus came from his government paid MSM bosses, or the government.

  • what needs to happen here is to make stupid leftwinged liberal commie sports/news commentators illegal rather than guns,guns have no brains of their own their owners do,those are the idiots that need to be checked on if that particular owner has a few loose screws well maybe they don’t need a gun,but do not make it a bad thing on us lawful gun owners because some clown looses it and kills somebody including himself,reguardless of how he killed these folks it don’t matter even if he didn’t have a gun if he wanted them dead he would have found another way to kill them,that is something else mr costas forgot to mention this has obama written all over it

  • I would like to personally invite these two boys to come take my gun. I won’t shoot them, I promise.

  • Yep. Fire the boob! A sportscaster is about the LAST person I’d turn to for deep political insights. Remember what happened to Jimmy the Greek?

  • Bob and NBC owe every gun owner an apology…..then Bob needs to be fired. His little talk helped me decide to join the NRA to fight idiots like him

    • Good for you Danny, you’ll REALLY see how many there are and also samples of the many that have saved their or another’s lives with a gun.

  • Zepp

    NBC (nothing but crap)

  • Philip Zepp

    NBC (nothing but crap)

  • Terry

    Bob Costas should stick to something he knows a little about…. like maybe plastic surgery! Then again, the quality of work he had done probably excludes him from any expertise in that area as well…….

  • TexasCorvette

    …when you’re telegenic, getting on TV doesn’t require having 2 brain cells to rub together. Just look at most of the television weather girls around The Country.

  • Steve E

    Thanks Bob, for destroying yet another icon I liked and looked up too. People who want guns to commit a crime will get one no matter what, you moron! EVER HEAR OF KNIVES, BOB??? Are really so stupid to believe if he didn’t have a gun that that guy and girl would still be alive? How many guns did the 9/11 hijackers use? NONE, THEY USED BOXCUTTERS, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! The KC guy would have just got a knife instead, as would your “boom-box” guys. Are you going to cite somebody, especially a woman, who kept themselves from being killed or injured with a gun? Yeah, right. Asshat.


    Whatever happened to the “Commentary” banner that used to be at the bottom of TV screens whenever some talking head voiced his opinion on a subject? Oh, that’s right. Its ALL commentary!

  • He won’t be fired. I have messaged everyone I can think of about this and have gotten exactly zero responses.

  • zonky

    o boy…Costas the long-held intellectual of sportscasting now revealed to be mainstream media hubris. And JW? He just likes to be a lightning rod. What really amazes me is neither of these fellows mentioned the influence of the football culture- just claiming our gun culture is responsible. HA! Let’s see… 15 yrs of significantly rewarding someone for rage & mayhem under the guise of ‘sport’, then blame the tool. The culprit is the actor’s brain, not his hand.

  • Kate

    Costas has done much charity work and should be recognized for that…. but I don’t like him any more. It’s people like him who keep America divided and hating.