No Guns= No Business

Jan Morgan

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The shooting in Portland reminded me that I had just visited a mall recently and taken a photo on my cell phone of a “no guns” sign at the entrance of the mall.

As a concealed carry permit holder, it angered me that logic does not play a role in the decision of businesses that post these signs. Do they really think that these crazy mass murderer types are going to look at those signs and turn around and leave with their guns?

No. The only people who pay attention to and abide by those signs are law abiding citizens who had to pass strict written tests, marksmanship tests, and extensive background checks, then follow up tests to get their permits renewed. These are the kinds of people who could actually stop a mass murderer from shooting more people by taking him down with a single shot.

Do these business owners and anti-gun fools really think that eliminating semi-automatic rifles and guns is going to stop criminals and thugs from obtaining them? Has making drugs illegal stopped people from obtaining and abusing drugs?

The fact is, if malls and businesses did not post those ridiculous “no guns” signs on their businesses, people with tested marksmanship skills WOULD BE IN A POSITION TO SAVE LIVES.

I was so excited recently to see the owners of Chicken Express welcomed concealed carry patrons by posting a sign on their business that said as much and offered free food if you show your CCW permit.

No. Those “no guns allowed” signs will not stop the dangerous people with guns from entering your business and murdering people. Those signs however, WILL LEAVE ALL OF YOUR LAW ABIDING PATRONS DEFENSELESS and make them walking targets for the bad guys.

The TRUTH is…. YOUR “no guns allowed” signs LEAD TO MORE DEATHS of innocent people.
Anti-gun business owners: Sleep on that one.

For the rest of you fine legal gun carrying Americans, I suggest you visit this website

Print off some of these cards. Hand them out to businesses where you see the “no guns” signs.

Send a clear message of your own. “NO GUNS = NO BUSINESS”

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  • Jeff Brodhead

    No Guns == Undefended Sheeple!

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    “Has making drugs illegal stopped people from obtaining and abusing drugs?”

    VERY GOOD POINT!!! but I’m sure liberals will defend this somehow…

  • CL Spencer

    the business has a metal detector and an armed guard at the door, I carry

    • Rebecca

      I don’t look for a sign so if I didnt see it, I didn’t see it. I haven’t walked past one on purpose with my gun but I’ve turned around and not gone into the establishment.

      • I wonder if not seeing the sign gets you out of trouble if you get caught.. lol

  • Hot Rod

    It was a Gun Free Zone in the Movie theater where the guy shot up the theater, duh!

    • Metal

      That theater shooting was why I changed my carry piece from a .S&W 380 to a G27.40 or SA XDS 45ACP

    • yep

  • My father joined with many other retired Law enforcement Officers in the ’90s to lobby congress, who then passed legislation allowing all retired Law enforcement Officers in good standing to carry their weapons concealed anywhere in the USA with no permit whatsoever – EXCEPT where ever a posted sign prohibited the carrying of weapons. So stupid signs such as these also keep out the very people we would otherwise count on for help.

  • David Johnson

    We could tear a page out of the liberal playbook and make up our own principal of law. If you refuse to allow people means to protect themselves in your establishment, you are liable for providing protection as effective as was denied. This would make “no weapon” business directly liable for injuries sustained by acts of violence on the premises.

    • Graywolf12

      Post your idea all over the net, and try to start a movement to make it a law in states as the feds will fight it all the way. I comment in many areas, so I’ll pass your idea on.

  • Rebecca

    No Gun signs is like saying hey over here, defenseless people. The last 3 public place shottings have been in No Guns allowed areas. You would think they would get a clue and pull down their stupid signs before their businesses become the latest mass murder suicide location in the news.

  • Kris

    My wife and I came across a similar sign at a local buffalo wing place in our hometown. We turned around and ate elsewhere. No guns= no business from us!

  • Gun-free zones are massacre magnets: Columbine High School, Virginia Tech University, Fort Hood Jihad, Luby’s Cafe in Texas. See the story of a survivor of the Luby’s Cafe massacre, who could have saved her parents but lost both because she was forced to leave her gun in the car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9NDnqS5h9k

    • I love this video.. have played it often.

      • Teachers could have stopped the shooter in Connecticut this morning, but were prevented from doing so by the “massacre magnet” law known as “gun-free zone”. If this had happened in Israel, the outcome would have been different.

  • Gun owner and carrier

    Although, surprisingly, there is some logic in your comments, one must think of those carriers who aren’t quite as accurate a shot as your purport yourself to be. It might take them a couple shots to zero in on the assailant and I dread thinking of where those “warm up” shots might end up – in an innocent bystander perhaps? Another carrier might mistakenly see the first carrier as assailant and take an innocent carrier down with one shot (or a couple shots if the second also needs warming up). See where this is going? If everyone is armed, back to Wild West days.

    • Robert Martin

      A couple of stray warm-up shots, or dozens more bullets from the assailant? Don’t give me that Wild West crap, the Wild West wasn’t even as Wild West as you make it out to be!

    • You obviously need to learn how to handle your firearm. People that can shoot don’t need “warm up shots” Now I’m worried that you will be the one to protect innocent people in a confrontation. Scary thought!

    • Rev. Wayne N. Hill Sr.

      Actually, IF you check the actual history, “Wild” west was more peaceful then any current major city, and more peaceful especially then the OUT RIGHT GUNS BANNED Murder Capital of U.S. Washington DC andeven Out Right Ban STATE(IL) and CITY CHICAGO! As far as warm up shots? Yes it would be tragic if an innocent were hit by a stray bullet or even mistake! However, which is better? Three people wounded by errant good guys fire or 18 innocents killed until miscreant runs out of ammo or takes himself out! As the gunner’s saying goes: “When SECONDS COUNT, the police are only MINUTES AWAY!” That’s why it’s called SELF-DEFENSE..

  • Robert Martin

    If I feel the need to carry, I do so. No permit, no “No Guns” BS, none of that. I was put on this earth to survive, not acquiesce to the whims of other people, most certainly any people in an imagined position of authority that I didn’t grant. Guess what? I’ll survive.

  • Philip Zepp

    Boycott all businesses who ban guns

    • doing that already Zepper.

      • Philip Zepp

        Me too! I keep track of all the businesses who support Islam and the Muslim terrorists

  • John-VA

    I found business cards on Zazzle.com that say the same thing. Every time I see 1 of those, I walk in & hand the management a card.

  • jag57

    I don’t believe there should be any gun free killing zones, anywhere.

  • Ray.

    I have noticed that all the places that has had shooting
    recently have been placed that do not allow Canceled Carry. This has me
    thinking the shooters pick these places just for that reason. So by posting the
    no CCW signs they are inviting these types of shootings to happen at their
    places. So does this make the people that post these signs partly responsible for
    the shootings? I think we all wish that none of these shooting ever took place.
    But if I had a business in a mall I would be looking at why it keeps happing in
    places like a mall or a theater and how I could make it safe for my customers.
    One way I see is take the no CCW signs down.

  • Richard Krall

    I’m a law abiding citizen but when it comes to these stupid no gun signs I just ignore them. I look at it this way, I have my CCW, I carry concealed, no one knows I have my gun with me anyway unless something would happen that I’d need to pull it to defend myself or others, then I doubt very much someone is going to complain I had my gun after I take down some killer in the mall and here in PA if my shirt would happen to flip open and show a little pistol all they can do is ask me to leave, if I say no, they can call the police, When the police show up they will ask me politely to leave, I can still say no and then they will issue me a citation for misdimenor treaspassing. I’d rather take a chance at getting charged with treaspassing then take the chance of something happening where I might need my gun and not have it.