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Will American cops and military turn on American gun owners? Not with Oath Keepers standing in the gap.

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  • I been a member of Oathkeepers for 5 years .

    • jerry sweet

      your point?

  • Robert Martin

    It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t, although their help is always welcome. American gun owners outnumber armed government personnel 25 to 1. Not concerned.

  • marineh2ominer

    Wild Bill , everything you say is true to an extent , however , to be effective at least 75% of our military and law enforcement need to be part of oathkeepes , and the numbers are no where near that . furthermore there will always be some butt kissers who will do what they are told regardless of constitutionality , jsut as some in the army did in New Orleans .
    Just saying .

  • Texican74

    Most of the military will not bear arms against the citizens. When they see what is coming, they’ll leave the service and become armed citizens, again. Not so much confidence in law enforcement as so many are not concerned with my rights as they are for keeping their job and position of power. Too much arse kissing in law enforcement; local, state and federal. All in all I do not care; I’m already a domestic terrorist as defined by the DoJ and my country; so therefore I’m a freedom fighter.

    • ineedthetruth

      The military is not something you just leave because you disagree with a policy. When you join the military you actually give up some of your rights. One of those rights is to walk off the job and find other employment. You also give up the right to freedom of speech, because they will tell you what you can and can not say. They will allow you to own a private weapon, but it must be locked up in their armory and only used on their firing range if you live on base. It is a whole separate society with its own special rules and laws that would be illegal in the civillian world, but is totally accepted and practiced in the military. Don’t expect the military to walk out and suddenly be on your side if something happens.

  • As A retired office of the US Army I can assure you that you do not want to be on the wrong side of Obama. To understand this: ALL military men take an oath to obey the Commander in Chief in all things, particulary to obey lawful orders of the President. If…if…Obama ordered army to attack and kill you: they will do so. If one refuses to attack an kill they will court martial you for failure to obey lawful orders.

    • CheeseandRice

      Sounds like you voted for the POS as well.

    • Old Gringo

      The armed forces DO NOT have to obey an illegal or immoral directive. An order to fire on the citizenry would fall under those two examples. Perhaps YOU would follow the orders so given by that POS in the WH but I seriously doubt many others would do so.

      • Interesting. How do you define “legal order”? As I recall: First–it is an order from a superior Oficer or NonCom.

        Second, it violates some moral teaching or authority. Ergo, it must have some moral authority over the individual.

        Yes, if the President of the United States ordered the military to fire on tha American people, they will do so.

        Third: Who can or will have the authority to punish the President of issuing an illegal order?

        The Nurenberg Trials after WWII had a real problem with German Troops defending themselves by saying simply stating “I was just Following Orders.” We have the same problem today if we follow orders given from above.

        On a pratical level: 1. you would probably be shot. 2. the military has the edge in fire-power. My .45 pistol can’t even penetrate present military armor. 3. Appealing to the courts will be of no avail. Witness how the justices evade their duties to judge impartially, etc.

        Ramchman: I have an issue with my keyboard and big fingers. I am learning typing the hard way. We are, in theory, a nation of laws. In practical law enforcement you will find that the police pick and choose which law they will enforce. The Judges have the power to discharge any case presented. I could go on and on about biases in the law and there are lawyer who make a living off getting a defendant free of charges.

        The Army, right now, are busy questioning all officers if they would fire on Americans.

        CheeseandRice…No. I voted against him both times.

        Johnny Geetar…What would actually occur, I cannot say. At 80 years of age I would probably pull the trigger of my 45 pistor and take the conseuences. If I were 18 years old and wanted to live–I’d smile and beg for forgiveness. Dead Heros don’t fight another day.

        ineedthetruth. You have nailed it on the head. On practical ground, we all will peobably count the personal cost and bow our heads. By the way: Obama has stockpiled a great deal of ammunition: For what purpose? He wants a national police force to augment the military.

    • Ranchman

      An army officer? First of all, we don’t swear any allegiance to the commander-in-chief, just to the Constitution. We DO have to faithfully follow LEGAL orders of those above us in the chain-of-command, but every troop knows that we are legally responsible to DISOBEY any illegal or unethical order. And as far as the backing of 50% of the population, you’re neglecting to take into consideration the millions of illegal/fraudulent and foreign votes cast for the usurper in the people’s White House. We are still, for a time anyway, a nation of laws not of men. Most of the men and women in uniform despise this POTUS, why do you think tens of thousands of their absentee ballots were somehow “lost?”

      There are all kinds of holes in your theory. Not to mention that your spelling and grammar are atrocious, especially for an officer in the U.S. Military. Something just doesn’t seem right with your post…just sayin’.

      • Phlash19d

        Exactly right, Ranchman. Outstandingly put. Hooaahh.

    • Johnny Geetar

      Richard, that is complete and utter nonsense. We ALREADY ARE on the wrong side of Obama. What you suggest is we all bend over and TAKE it. Or, tread lightly so we don’t upset him! Candidly, I don’t CARE if he gets pissed off. It would definitely get messy, but he and his friends would have 100 MILLION pissed off gunowners to get through. Maybe YOU’RE scared of them, but you speak for yourself.
      You ever heard of a line in the sand? The second Amendment is IT! What would have become of us had our forefathers demonstrated the lack of backbone that you now advocate? If you’re former military, then you are familiar with recent 20th century history. 3 major confiscations at the hands of Hitler, Stalin, and Chairman Mao led to the biggest citizen slaughters of ALL time. Hitler killed around 14 million citizens. Stalin killed over 60 million, and our current winner, Chairman Mao is credited with killing over 70 MILLION dissidents. Maybe YOU trust Obama and his commie minions, but you speak for very few……… They ain’t taking $hit from me.

    • jerry sweet

      this Stooge doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

    • Phlash19d

      Richard Hogue, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, bub. I’m an Army vet, and I NEVER took an oath to the President. I took one to the USA, to defend my nation and its Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic (the terrorist-in-chief, his cronies, and those traitors’ supporters fall into both categories, by the way, since Hussein O. & his “Cabinet” clearly has muzzie terr sympathies and kisses their rectums regularly).

      I don’t think the majority of our military would EVER turn on their own countrymen. If any of them did, it would most likely be libtards, and military academy grads from our military’s OFFICER CORPS, perhaps such as Mr. Hogue here.

      Now, as far as civvie police go; I’m sorry to say that I have been given good reason over the past twenty-plus years to question just what sort of character and patriotism they possess anymore. It seems too many police departments and officers these days are self-absorbed, SPECOPS commando wannabes with Napoleon Complexes. The Michigan State Police, for example, have consistently gone against and roadblocked pro-gun policies posed in that state. That is troubling.
      Thank God, I’m from a “red” state and I have utmost faith the mighty Lone Star will NEVER submit to compulsory disarmament. I feel most of the true South, if not all. would not cave in that manner.

      It’s the fed (first and foremost),and state (to some extent) cops to suspect as being potential lackeys for a hostile, anti-America “administration”, as readily evidenced by the massacres and terrorist attacks by FBI and the utterly worthless BATF upon Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge and upon the Branch Davidians in Waco. Those were nothing better than death squads (reminiscent of the Ton Ton Makut (sp?) of Haiti and numerous such outfits active all over S. America and Africa, even parts of Eastern Europe & SE Asia, during the 20th century).

      God bless America, praise the Lord, pass the ammo, and may the situations discussed herein NEVER again occur on our country’s hallowed soil.


  • CheeseandRice

    What happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco? The FBI forget about their oath?

  • famousfather

    You usually make a lot of sense but this time Wild Bill, you are not “For America.” Those young urban police and military products of a liberal/progressive education I come across would be more than happy to disarm us. I’ve argued the point with many of them over the years. I’m a collector of firearms and an NRA instructor and the only law enforcement officers I come across who are really pro second amendment are the older officers who teach the “law” portion of the concealed pistol license classes I teach. Most younger LEO’s I come across don’t believe law abiding citizens should be allowed to posses firearms, especially a concealed handgun. Given what happened during Katrina, it should be apparent to all that the next time “they” come to take the guns, a much more robust defense need be mounted. I for one am not of a mindset to let my firearms be taken and then file lawsuit after lawsuit and wait for years for some liberal judge to finally rule that my guns can be returned to me while, in the mean time, I’ve been left without the means to defend me and mine. As for the Oath Keepers, God Bless ‘Em! I only wish there were many more than 100,000 because Lord knows, we need them. Call me a knuckle-headed Rambo if you want but I’m intelligent enough to realize that any who would come to take my guns are not on my side and don’t have my best interest at heart. Would I ever be stupid enough to let any “uniformed” person come in my house and disarm me…call me crazy, but HELL NO!!! If they aren’t smart enough to refuse to obey an unjust, unlawful and unconstitutional order, then Shame On Them!

  • a_browning

    I expect the government to turn on the people, in fact they already have. Remember the 2000 page monstrocity called Obamacare. They are just not pointing guns en masse at the masses, yet. That is a sad statement about the condition of our country.

  • Johnny Geetar

    I normally agree with Wild Bill, but the second half of this video really put me off, and he is WAY wrong on it, I don’t care HOW long he’s been in law enforcement.
    Rambo types fantasizing? Is he out of his mind? I’m 49 years old, with bad knees, COPD and high blood pressure. My wife is a chronic pain sufferer, and I have 2 young daughters. Does he think we WANT this scenario to come true? Does he think we look forward to going out in a blaze of glory, while our family members are huddling in the basement trying to dodge bullets? This is by far the stupidest thing you’ve ever said, Bill.
    We can only digest and plan for WHAT WE READ AND HEAR. What are we hearing? That gun bans, registration and eventually, confiscation are on their way down the pike. Further, if administrative confiscation fails, then the government is going to have to come GET the firearms the old fashioned way; door to door. Let’s be clear here; I don’t care WHAT uniform they are wearing if they come knocking or kicking in doors for confiscation; Military uniforms, local, county or state police uniforms or UN uniforms. If they walk on my property with chambered firearms and pose a threat to my family by sticking guns in our faces ala Hurricane Katrina, They are leaving my property in zip-up bags.
    What does Wild Bill expect us to DO? Just hand them over because they are OUR military? Hand em a coke and a towel to wipe the sweat off their foreheads? HE says they are NOT coming……. We have NO confirmation on that but his word, and his word took a HUGE hit tonight with this little piece of bull$hit. What he’s expressing here is his opinion and HIS OWN fantasy wish list. I hope to hell he’s right, but unless & until we have confirmation STATED PUBLICLY FROM THE MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT that they WILL NOT follow these orders, ALL bets are off.
    Trust me; the thought of turning a firearm on my own brethren, be they in uniform or NOT, is quite unpalatable and horrifying to me. But i will do what is necessary if they come a-door kicking. My family’s safety comes first, and that’s it! NO chambered firearms in my home EXCEPT my own! That’s that, and non-negotiable.
    Rambo, I ain’t. Nor do I want to be. But understand; the military and law enforcement have been MUM thus far on where they stand on citizen firearm confiscation short of Oathkeepers. And Oathkeepers are still just a small sliver of the total number of military and law enforcement, both currently serving AND retired. Wild Bill conveniently forgot to mention that………
    I love our military and law enforcement. I even donate to their various causes. I back them, and I believe in them. More than that, I trust them. And I will continue to trust them, UNLESS they give me a reason NOT to trust them. Personally, I do not think they relish the thought of kicking in the doors of their own mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, friends, neighbors and grandparents. That’s law enforcement and Military. How about Homeland Security? Do you trust THEM? How about the growing army of TSA agents, who are now taking to the road with their VIPR squads? Do you trust THEM? They just bought up 2.2 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo. Can Wild Bill tell me WHY?

  • jerry sweet

    they did in Katrina.they will,maybe not all, but a bunch will in the coming battle.since we kicked Christ out,america has brought up a couple of generations of aimless and angry people.don’t count on much help.i believe we are under full blown judgement by GOD.we showed HIM,we would rather be slaves to STOOGES than to be free in Christ.

  • Chris

    Wild Bill, put your microphone lower when you speak, listening to you suck in air is annoying.Other than that thanks for everything you do.

  • jerry sweet

    normally i would agree with you Wild Bill,but there is no normalcy left in America.i’am 64.born free,die free,and yes a gun handler for,well since i was a kid.Any leo,or military come to my home I WILL KILL AS MANY AS THE LORD GOD ALLOWS ME TOO>they will no longer be Americans in my eyes,but filthy (traitors).i also am ex leo and Navy vet my dad was an oregon state cop.i have two brothers in law. retired California highway patrol and the other retired deputy with the S.O.WE Christians have a God given responsibility to provide/protect our families.at least 5 scriptures come to mine.i have asked God to give me the Samson option.a thousand fall at my left side,ten thousand at my right side.i have that kind of faith in my LORD&SAVIOR whether He allows that ,i guess the time will tell!.the America i grew up in, is the most immoral,sadistic,God hating ect country in the world.oh we are way worse than China,Russia,why.WE at one time Had Jesus Christ.well that is over and we now are entering into the last part of time on earth.maybe not tomorrow but sooner than later.So yes.come to my house to hurt me and many will die.i have lived my life and traitors will find out they chose the wrong side.btw look at all the filthy dirty sadistic cops caught on tape,and the equally filthy prosecutors and Godless judges who say, oh you feared for you life CASE CLOSED.i hate BULLY”S especially those who took an oath to protect us.these are now becoming the very ones to fear the most & our worst enemies.besides they have already declared war on us and have a listof those deemed unfit to live & to eliminate..I never ask for this but i will not retreat.i always attack.hey i may get it with the first round.i get to live with Christ,so they lose all around

  • jerry sweet

    you know what i just realized bill its this.i used to respect the things you have said in the past.but this time you are out of line.you sound like one of them.if this is what oath keepers are like i am so glad i never joined.I will not lick the shoes of this administration ,but will allow any who come for me to BLEED on mine.i have no fear of death at all.i have been ambushed and hit with a 41 magnum.i know the one that kills you won’t even be felt.for all of the true patriots on this site,remember this.once you start dropping these traitors,just pick up all their fancy high tech weapons and ammo.now lets dance.oh how i hate bully’s.the one thing the Lord has had a hard time of changing in me.look at all the hundreds of you tube videos of police sadistically ,even with demonic joy beat and torture and kill handcuffed individuals.how about a couple of months ago a double amputee with an ink pen shot dead inside a care facility.these are the worst kinds of pus cowards i have ever seen in my life.i would have just walked up and removed the the terrible death causing ink pen.no honor.just killers in knee high pants,who have a blood lust.don’t stick up for any le’s to me buddy.i was one ,back when we had MEN of courage.not breast feeding brats.

  • Lonerinalaska

    The department I retired from would stand with the citizens in a heart beat. I think it comes down to location. I think liberal areas will have police departments turn on the citizens and conservative areas will support the citizens. I also agree with another poster: citizens greatly out number cops with weapons and if they ban together, they can easily defeat those constitution hating departments


    I think some of you are living on a different world then I am. Of course the military, Police, ATF, FBI, and all the rest will turn on us. Not 100% of them but I would bet over 75%. They will be threatened with losing their jobs or they will be convinced that that illegal order is for the better good of all or they will somply be lied to and told that the citizen whose home they just entered and searched illegally was a threat to someone. When you try to hold them responsible they will spout off with ” I was only doing my job!” While I beleive that over 75% will obey the illegal orders of their leadership I also believe that over half of the military or police involved in the event will not want to do it and will hate themselves later but at that moment they will just go along. When a civilian is falsely arrested in his own home is any Cop held responsible? How many times have the police kicked in the wrong door, beat the crap out of the people in the house, and shot the dog only to discover that they were on the wrong street and these people had never done anything wrong. Someone looks around and says “Oops, Sorry” but no one is held responsible. The sheriff’s deputies run alone in my area and I am more than willing to come to their aid if they get into a bad situation but I would appreceate just a little consideration back my way as well. Wave back as we pass by, be friendly to my kids rather then trying to bully them, be civil to my wife. I just want the police to remember that they are just as human as we are.

  • Obama doesn’t plan on using the police or the military, he is going too use the UN from mostly arab nations.

  • trapchain

    Anybody that tries to take any of my rights away from me will not be considered an American,and will be delt with accordingly.

  • Oath Keepers + Religion = Nope!

  • JD

    Scripture tells us that in the “End Times” people will turn on people – son against father, neighbor against neighbor, family against family, etc. We are in the “End Times” NOW!!!! Bill, God said it will happen. I believe His word, not yours. You are wrong on this one!!!! God have mercy on all of us on this planet! Fortunately, the Lord will come back to end the slaughter!

  • my family came to this country in 1636 and most of the males have served in the military as far back as i can remember. i fear that most of them will side with obama and that i may be forced into a confrontation with my own brother if he comes to take my guns away from me. i am a III% er and proud of it. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY GUNS WHILE I STILL BREATHE!!

  • ineedthetruth

    OK, now for a little taste of reality. There was an officer that questioned Obama’s authority to send him to a war zone. He didn’t believe Obama was legally president and decided to take it to court. He was arrested, denied access to Obama’s records, sent to prison and thrown out of the military and lost all of his military benefits. All of that because he refused to follow what he thought to be an unlawful order. That sent a message to everyone in the military. Don’t question the authority of the government or you will get the same. When given an order in the military, you are expected to obey immediately and if you have problems with it, bring it up after the orders have been obeyed. That tends to be too late. When it comes down to making a choice of going to prison, losing your pay and putting your family on the street or following orders, ninety nine percent will follow orders. The other one percent will be put in prison and face court martial. The reason I say only one percent is, that is all it would take for the rest of the military to go along with the orders.