Obama Demands New Gun Control Measures Immediately

President Obama today demanded his administration create some concrete proposals to reduce gun violence that he says is plaguing the country. He tasked Vice President Joe Biden with leading the administration-wide effort to create new gun control policies.
“This time, the words need to lead to action,” said Obama, who set a January deadline for the recommendations. He vowed to push for their implementation without delay.
In addition, he is pressing Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004, called for stricter background checks on firearms purchases and limited high capacity magazines.

Appealing to gun owners, Obama said he believes in the Second Amendment and the country’s strong tradition of gun ownership. And he said “the vast majority of gun owners in America are responsible.”

If that is the case, why is he punishing responsible gun owners for the criminal actions of irresponsible people.

The president Obama also wants his team to consider ways to improve mental health resources and address ways to create a culture that doesn’t promote violence.

The departments of Justice, Education, Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security will all be part of the process.

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  • Klint Tedder

    Assault; noun- act of hostility, aggression, attack, aggressive action:
    verb- accost, attack physically, attempt violence to.

    Assault weapon? no such thing, inanimate object unable to act, incapable of movement
    on it’s on.
    Assault person- what we need to be discussing after this tragedy. First one was Cain when HE assaulted and killed Able and there have been millions assaulted and killed since then… by all kinds of weapons.

  • The only way to create a society that is free of violence is for all to know Jesus as their personal savior. As long as sin reigns in peoples hearts there will be violence.

  • Please allow me to simplify! Over half of this great nation voted ‘Ol Barry’ back into office for another for years. That’s MILLIONS of people! MILLIIONS of people with obvious MENTAL ILLNESS! Man, those hospitals are going to fill up quick, now aren’t they?

  • marineh2ominer

    One of the demonrats favorite tactics is to rush through immoral and unconstitutional legislation before people can develope a logical and reasonable approach to a problem , just as they did with Obamacare . Solution ? Attache to every piece of gun control legislation a rider to end Obamascare and to cut billions by reducing the size of the government by one third . Do this in the HOUSE and the SENATE , I am sure there are a few democrats that are pro second amendment enough to help in the Senate .

  • “O” is such a liar that it is impossible to tell what side of his mouth he is speaking from. I still say that any action he takes is a prelude to things to come…

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    Obama should ask Congress to push for an investigation into the psychotic meds that are being pushed by schools to children.

    They said they don’t know the full side effects of giving kids adult meds as children… guess what, the side effects are showing.

    Columbine shooter was on meds, Red Lake shooter was on meds, the VA Tech shooter was on meds & the Newtown shooter was reportedly (yet not confirmed) also on…. MEDS!

  • John A

    How dare this moron lecture us on gun control when he and his henchmen like Eric Holder sold guns to drug cartels in Mexico without that nation’s government being made aware of the program and hundreds of Mexican citizens being killed with these weapons. All of this was done to turn the American public opinion against guns. It’s liberal social policies that have lead to increase violence. Mr. Obama himself is the best salesman that gun industry has since people are scared as hell of what he intends to do to this nation.

  • kc

    If you are a responsible gun owner with no criminal record and no history of mental illness this will not affect you. I would think that Americans would welcome this proposal by the President. and see it as a means to at make an effort to stop such tragedies as the one at Sandy Hooks. There is not conspiracy on the governments part to take away all of your firearms. This is a rational and responsible counter measure to stop the madness and continued mass shootings. The loss of those 20 precious little children and the educators that tried to protect them has rocked most of us in the country to our knees. The pain will never end for so many. I own two guns, one is a shot gun my grandfather left me and the other is a .22 rifle I keep for snakes which are many around my area and for protection should I need it. Both are locked in a combination safe and in a room that my kids do not have access to. If my mental capacity ever diminishes I pray someone will come and remove the guns so that I will not have access to them. I ask that each of you stop ranting about your rights to bear any and every gun you want and to pause and reflect on the lives of those lost in an incident that could have been avoided had the mother not had the rifle and such easy access for her son to get to them..shoot her to death, murder 20 children and 6 adults and then take his own life. Gun control is the only responsible and adult thing to do….

    • Wake up. Theres murders every day without just cause. Why are we killing civilians in other countrys? We started a false war. We fund a false war. we elected a unknown president. We are living alie behind our militery.

      • kc

        I am wide awake Leighton. I assume you own guns, if you do not have a criminal record or a history of mental illness, you can keep your guns! Assault rifles are made for getting rounds off extremely fast in order to kill as many as you can at one time..they belong in war zones..not in peoples homes. I would give up my guns without hesitation if I thought that would save even one life

        • Steve j

          Would you fight to keep your guns if it saved 50 lives instead?
          Your argument that “this will not effect you” is complete horse shit.
          Look at several states in this country that have made it impossible to aquire any kind of fire arm and you will see that it was done oh so gradually. Except California. They just did a bait and switch number and the people woke up one day to find that their firearms were illegal and the state would be by in short order to collect them.
          Pollyanna, the places in this country with the most draconian gun restrictions ARE war zones. Illinois was squealing for military intervention at one time in the recent past. And you would have the rest of the nation like that?

        • Yes, well some of us don’t want to be slaves to a tyrannical government. Kinda hard to defend against “assault” rifles with pistols and shotguns.

  • Obama needs to go as Biden does. He is trying as hard as possible to start a revolution. The civilian army is way bigger than all our military put together. There are a lot of Democrats who are pro-second amendment. If he thinks the military or any law agency will try and subvert our rights he is kidding themselves. The take the oath to defend our country from foreign and domestic( like a dictator ) and to protect our constitutional rights. Putting Biden in charge of creating a “panel” to see what can be done to stop the violence in our schools is a good thing. Biden is an idiot. At least 5 USSC are pro second amendment and one other is back and forth. I just hope before it is too late that we get Obama out of office and in jail where he belongs.

  • Ok let me get this straight. Shootings are worse now more then ever? When was the last time you heard of a drive by? I havnt heard of any sence the 80s. Im sure there still going on but come on. the 80s were the worst as far as shootings go. it was on the news every night. I heard the shots from my house while we ate dinner they never stopped untill daylight. The only shooting I hear now is during hunting season. There was a time if you looked at someone wrong you were likley to get shot. Shootins are down more then 700% sence 1985. Its a new tactic to take are right to bear arms. Controll is what your pes wants. I didnt vote for him nor would i ever. Why dont we look at the real problems like our debt. Were owned by china. whys that not a issue? Who is he anyway? He got voted in by the greedy. He paid his way with tax dollars. now were giving our welth to other countrys. Wake up people. watch the documenterys on netflix. the stuff the news wont tell you. Keep watching the news and see what your made to believe.

  • How about we pass a law that requires all criminals and/or psychos to turn in their guns. Problem solved.. right?



  • Oblamr is an idiot…….sorry to say, he is supposed to be my POTUS…My CIC……..not!

  • Lori

    I So Hope Obama Follows Through and Federal Assault Guns Will Be Banned…And Make Laws In All U.S States Gun Laws Absolutely Difficult To Ge
    t! It Is About Time!!!!

  • gepops58

    I just want to know when we are going to impose some laws on obama and his irresponsible nonsense,guns are not the big problem these liberals all think they are but when idiots posess them bad things happen,maybe stronger background checks possibly linked to a mental health database that flags anybody with a physcotic (I hope I spelled that right) background and those who use these mind altering medicienes that have a problem staying on them that could become combative might help it won’t stop them but it might keep a gun out of the hands of somebody that could become dangerous,banning guns will not help nothing,I guess next they will try to ban cars because of DWI’s and killing people in car accidents,the car ain’t the problem the drunk driver is the same applies to guns

  • Scott

    Apparently Obuttmunch doesn’t understand that HE is a major cause of violence in this country. His attitude and blatant hatred for anything that stands in his way is one of the catalysts for how violent our nation is becoming. He and his party are gradually turning citizens into hateful little trolls who will do ANYTHING to get their name plastered across the news, just as their idol does.

  • Obama will not outlaw assault style weapons and accessories. We The People will.

    • Who is “we”, hippie? You got a mouse in your pocket? You are vastly outnumbered by sane people who value their God given rights and will not surrender them.

      Good luck with that.

      • You must be one of those cons that thought that Romney was going to win in a landslide.

  • sagebrush6
  • David

    Why not outlaw drugs and weed while he’s at it? That would sure stop it from coming into the country, huh? That’s the same as the outlawing of firearms. No way and not worth it.

  • Cougar Smith

    Here’s hoping that while on vacation in Hawaii, our Idiot In Chief Obummer is eaten by a shark, or chokes to death on a fish or chicken bone, or smokes some poison ‘mary weed choom’.

  • “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED.”

    • David Jennings

      Obviously most of the country is illiterate…the bill of rights are laws that regulate the the government, the government must comply with bill of (our) rights in protection of we the sovereign people. The second amendment is not written to give the government the right to bear arms. The type arms are what we decide are viable to collectively protect ourselves from tyranny. Might be high powered Phasers at some point in the future.

      • Can you believe one person voted my comment down…must be a Liberal retard seeing that my comment was a direct quote from our Bill of Rights…not a shocker mind you they have already demonstrated they hate this country, so hating what it stands for goes hand in hand.

  • gepops58

    how about some obma control measures immediatly