Obama-nomics= MORE LAYOFFS

U.S. Steel is laying off more than 142 workers at its McKeesport Tubular Operations plant in McKEESPORT, Pa.
Under the Obama Administration, you can expect much more of this to come.
According to a press release from the company, it appears obamanomics is a contributing factor.

“As a result of business conditions, including the negative effect of the high level of tubular imports (many of which we believe to be unfairly traded), we are adjusting production at our McKeesport Tubular Operations. This adjustment in production will impact approximately 142 hourly employees,” spokeswoman Courtney Boone said in an email. “While we have made every effort to maintain employment levels at our operations, unfortunately we must now adjust our workforce to match our production levels.”


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  • Philip Zepp

    There’s gonna be a lot of people who voted for him who are in for a rude awakening.

    • Boy what an awakening it will be when they realize their messiah turns out to be the devil. the emperor has no clothes

    • amber WEST

      Yea, but the thing is, none of them blame Obama! I am convinced that anyone who still supports him after the first 4 years, will always support him no matter what he does. Its mind boggling to me and makes no sense. But I also don’t believe that he is in office because he was elected. It was a stolen victory. I refuse to believe there are more bad guys than good guys in this world!

    • Sagebrush6

      Most of these people are too blind to understand the implications of thier actions.

  • ben

    layoffs are part of his plan the more who become dependent on the government the more powerful the government will become. everybody that depends on them will be forced to support them. until it all comes crashing down.