Teacher’s Union Sinks Class Warfare to a New LOW.

Just when you think Big Labor could not sink any lower, they come out with something even more classless than you could imagine in your worst nightmares. Check out this latest teacher’s union video which features the ‘rich’ urinating on the ‘poor’

The new video, produced by the California Federation of Teachers – which will actually be playing in some of California children’s classrooms, drums up the typical class warfare images we’ve come to expect from Big Labor.

“Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale,” written by CFT staffer Fred Glass and narrated by proud leftist actor (and 1 percenter) Ed Asner, advocates for higher taxes on the “rich” as the cure for government’s insatiable thirst for spending.

The video claims the rich got rich through tax cuts and tax loopholes and even tax evasion.
But when the 99 percent fought back, the “rich” apparently urinated on the “poor,” at least according to the video. What a classy way to frame an argument.

The video also claims that when the housing market crashed, the government printed money for “rich people” but they didn’t give any to “ordinary people whose houses and jobs were broken by the crash.”

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  • Sagebrush6

    They are following Obama’s lead by making the rich evil. What a low life. The teachers don’t care because they are on the public dole, but the students will carry this thoulght home and into the future. They don’t realize that rich people are the ones who create jobs for them and the teachers don’t see it as such because they are on public dole paid by the taxpayers and if a business goes bankrupt, teachers don’t care. It has no affect on them.

  • Philip Zepp

    I wonder if the teachers realize how much union bosses make? The union boss of the airline I work for makes about 500K a year.

    • RT

      500k a year that’s disgusting. Yet they are the ones who think they have the right to tell us how to spend our money….What a joke!

      • Philip Zepp

        I’ll also ad that they’ve bankrupted my company and I’m probably gonna be out of work the 15th of December and they claim they save jobs for the middle class. Unions are a joke and they’re taking the country down at an alarming rate!

        • RT

          Union people better wake up. Once they dried up opportunities here, there is truly no other place for them to go. Other countries that are doing well, or “big communist countries”(China), to the best of my knowledge don’t have unions and never will. So basically the greedy union workers here are truly screwing themselves out of work permanently. I feel sorry for the non-union workers and upper management. But for the soon to be X-union workers, I truly don’t feel sorry for them at all. They have brought this onto themselves.

          I hope everything works out for you in the future! I’m sorry the greedy union workers damaging your company.

          • Philip Zepp

            Well I will go out with a guiltless conscience. I didn’t vote them in and I’ve never given them a dime of my money. I just wish people could see how they kill jobs.

  • ATexasGirl10

    This video doesn’t tell you that Socialism is doing great until the government runs out of every one elses money.

  • commanderus

    never heard such a buch of Bull Puckey in my life. Unions are buying Liberal politicians right and left to push their agenda forward, and it isn’t to really help anybody but the Unions. People have to start thinking for themselves, and stop buying what the mainstream media, politicians and Unions are spouting.

  • Bubba

    Is everyone ready to stand in line for toilet paper?

  • HuggyBear

    Listening to this actually made me ill. Couldn’t take it all.

  • Is this a joke? What kind of moron would fall for this garbage?

    • maddog23

      Simply insert Jews each time the idiot spews at the rich. National Socialists of American unions has been seen before. To cartoon this hate is devilish.

    • jaws4316

      Unfortunately at least 50% of the American people are either moronic enough to fall for it, or evil and selfish enough to know that it’s wrong, but not to care, because this socialist redistribution thing benefits them.

  • InTheKnowHoldsBarred

    I used to believe the typical teacher or (member of any union for that matter) didn’t realize the extreme corruption/greed/anti-american sentiment etc. of the upper level bosses. Under this administration it has become apparent that most do know. The hateful, mean-spirited, divisiveness of the president has opened the door to all the radical left to use these underhanded and deceitful tactics. When you watch the person who holds the highest honor in the country resort to downright thuggery… then there are no standards anymore and everyone can and DOES show their true colors. Unions have exposed themselves as destructive bullies!

  • marineh2ominer

    It is amazing how stupid much of our education class is when it comes to communism and socialism . No person that is paid out of tax revenue should be allowed to unionize to hold taxpayers hostage for more money . If you are a teacher thank a veteran for your job , if you work in the private sector thank a rich person for your job . If you thank a union for anything you are a fool .

  • George

    airline ceo average sal last year 3.5 million

    • jaws4316

      And your point is? How do you think the airlines would do if the Government managed them? They would fall apart and air travel would cease to exist. That’s why they pay a qualified CEO a competitive salary to run their business. Apparently you’re one of the mass of moronic sheeple who buy into this class envy propaganda. Get an education, get qualified to do something productive, and then you’ll be able to earn enough money to meet your own needs. Nobody owes you anything, and being jealous of those who have worked hard to earn a high salary makes you a small minded ignorant person. Those like you are happy to put a dictator like Obama in charge and feed off of the crumbs he and his communist cronies drop for you, while they live like royalty. But you believe their propaganda and hate those who have worked hard to be successful and earn a high salary. Wake up and look at the history of every Nation that has followed this path. It ALWAYS leads to mass poverty and eventually to the downfall of that Nation and usually to the violent deaths of many people.

      • George

        Jaws…simple fact my man, no point. Chill out. Don’t want govt running airlines. Believe me I don’t envy you, your an arss. I got an education and a good union paying job that more than covers my needs and that of my family. I didn’t vote for obama and I will shoot the first commie SOB that shows up on my front porch. So take your meds and get some sleep. PS get a little education in reality yourself.

  • Why aren’t these people being sued? This is flat out slander, lies and abuse of our educational system to indoctrinate our children.

    • SS

      I agree. Somehow this false info has to be stopped from going into the schools to be taught. How Jan???

  • I’ve developed high BP over all of this, seriously, so I did not watch the video. I am an educator (retired) and this disgusts me. Unions have morphed into corrupt groups of thugs, infiltrated by hardcore marxists. Beware of the big labor unions as they are the worst and the teachers unions are not far behind if they are behaving like this.

  • The MOST dispicable thing to come out of the Marxist propaganda machine to date! If these people have there way there will be NO rich people except for those that are in charge of taking and distributing the money. We will have a land full of the poor. If you doubt this you only have to look at the old Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, and now Venezuela.

  • Don’t these idiots know that Rich People are the very people that employ people to work. What’s wrong with getting a good education, working your way up the ladder, or saving your money to start a business of your own. I’m in no way rich in fact I wouldn’t even fit the middle class but I don’t hold it against people that can better themselves. I get so sick of Democrats using this argument that the Rich are evil but Democrats are the saviour of the world, think they need to reseverse that. Democrats have brought our morals down into the gutter, they will use any means to get what they want even if it means double crossing your own mom or dad

  • Alex

    Appropriately done in cartoon fashion for those that have a disdain for true education and learning. A fable meant to manipulate the simple-minded into blaming the rich for their financial problems… After all, doesn’t somebody OWE you a job? What happened to the days when YOU were responsible for doing or producing something that someone else thought was worth paying you for? I guess those days are now passed. Sad really…

  • Sweets

    It’s bad enough that this video was produced but that it was shown in classrooms is even more appalling!

  • The War on Wealthy.

  • Susan Henke

    These cretins are taking their talking points from Nazi Germany- have to have a scapegoat to blame for their own inability to govern. This administration is dangerous.

  • Lower than low. The problem is laziness, envy, and the entitlement mentality. It is not hard work, success, and wealth. But that is what the left and the unions want you to believe.

  • how is it that congress and the president overlook they are the rich, and pretend they are middle class . 250 plus millionares in congress , these guys are making the rules . i dont think they are ever going to make a law that takes their money away. Kinda like the obamacare crap, they made all these rules however made themselves all exempt. ……the government /wallstreet they are all the same.

  • I’d much rather work for someone who can afford my salary. If I were the same as my employer, instead of me being rich like them, we’d both be equally miserable.

  • CHinOhio

    While I realize the importance of our teachers with regard to the education our children receive, it is just downright pathetic what is being taught outside of the reading/writing/arithmetic arenas. And the writing part is questionable as well due to the materials provided that they are writing about. The poor teachers – work a whole 9 months a year for 12 months pay. I am not saying it is an easy job, but when we are being taxed to death by our government at all levels, and then they hold a community hostage in order to get even more money (the average salary of a teacher in our local district is over $70K) through a levy, well…. you can see why our education system, ranked #1 in the world 30-40 years ago, is now falling down the proverbial crapper.

  • tired of trucking

    two sides to every story— union truckers (teamsters) run by the govt. regulations, hours of service drug test, and make a decent wage. Non union drivers like me take pills on end –drive day after day with no sleep because non-union pay is so low.. When I can join the Teamsters i’m going to.

  • George

    OK.. here it is….the video is typical California liberal BS. However I have never seen so many people so ignorant as to what a union is, can and cannot do. To listen to you folks it is the unions that have destroyed the economy of the US. What a joke. Its only about 11% of the entire US workforce that is unionized. Down 50% since 1983. How much power do you think that amounts to? Unions can demand all they want, but remember this they can only get what has been agreed to. Thats today and yesterday. If you dont want o give the teachers union or any other for that matter simply dont agree to it. Get a grip people…get an education on unions and economics. Dont blame unions for your misfortune…look in the mirror for the answer to your problems.

  • Turfguy

    boy go thru the comments on the youtube page for this video; the libs & socialists are fired up & bashing anyone who dare speaks against this utopian video. Boy that must be some good kool aid………

  • IDontMiss

    Absolute commie BS. Remember, folks, “Make the lie big, tell it often enough, and people will eventually believe it”. Remember who said that? Nuff said. Keep your powder dry.