Terrorist Organization Inherits U.S. War Gear

Jan Morgan

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Our tax dollars hard at work supporting terrorism. The United States is sending more battle tanks and jet fighters to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood- dominated government.
Right now, Egypt is due 200 M1A1 Abrams battle tanks, the same mechanized firepower manned by American soldiers, bringing Egypt’s inventory to a robust 1,200. Also in the pipeline is a squadron of the Air Force F-16 Falcon, a multipurpose warplane able to dogfight and drop ordnance.

The government awarded Lockheed Martin Corp. a contract in March 2010 for 20 F-16s, the last to be delivered next year. That would increase Egypt’s total fleet to 240, according to a company press release at the time. The billions of dollars in U.S. military aid — in annual $1.3 billion stipends — have made the Egyptian air force the fourth-largest F-16 operator among 25 countries. Egypt’s 4,000 tanks, including the 1,000 or so M1A1s, make it the world’s seventh-largest tank army.

All of this despite the fact that Morsi has decreed near-absolute power for himself and his supporters and opponents battle outside his palace.

In addition, Egypt’s military buildup presents risks for Washington — and Israel — with the growing influence of the Brotherhood, whose overriding goal is to establish Shariah, or Islamic, law worldwide.
A Pentagon statement to The Washington Times on Thursday said: “We are always reviewing our foreign assistance to make sure foreign assistance advances U.S. objectives and is being used for the right purposes.”

Thanks President Obama for your undying loyalty and support of Islam and its most devout followers and supporters of terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood. With friends like you in high places and our tax dollars, they are certain to succeed in their mission of world domination.
By the way….. isn’t aiding and abetting the enemy, TREASON?

Read more at The Washington Times :#ixzz2EO8rWiBT

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  • dear God it keeps getting better

  • This is very scary. If …. and it’s a big ‘if’, our Federal Gov’t had any care, concern, common sense, they would immediately halt all military aid to Egypt. Until Morsi is replaced with an Egyptian leader who is not swayed by religious fanaticism and hate of Israel and The West. If Egypt wants to buy from Russia, let them, those weapons will eventually find their way to the Caucuses Islamic fanatics as well. If Russia, China, and the US would quit arming the Middle East, the chance of war just might demise as weaponry becomes obsolete and worn out. But if we keep arming them to the teeth, they will use those weapons. More Obama legacy…..how his Administration armed the military’s that killed thousands of civilians, mostly Israeli’s probably.

  • sisternan

    I keep reading treason. Obama has done so many things that people think call for impeaching. Who can force the issue and why don’t they do it?

    • They all know the Senate will never impeach Obama. The only way it will happen is if their jobs are at stake.. It is a proven fact that liberals are about as loyal as as a thief. So if they feel standing up for Obama will jeopardize their jobs they will bail and impeach him. That is a lot harder to do than it sounds. A long shot but possible.

  • Florida_firefighter

    That, my friends is where the real war on women exists. Why is no one in the media reporting on the real war on women over there? Why is no one reporting that BHO is supporting it? And why is BHO supplying arms to this despot? A gift from one despot to another? Or a gift in order to bring about a caliphate in the Middle East? To arm Israel’s enemies? I say all of the above.

  • I didn’t vote for Obama. Just hope the people who did are happy. I’m not.

  • A veteran

    Seems like that equipment would be utilized better letting our veterans organizations place them at their posts homes. If we are supposed to be Israel’s friend, why are we equipping the Country that aggressed against them – and subsequently had a defeat handed to them – in 1967?

  • Steve Elliott

    Is this something that is done by Obama behind the backs of the Congress?
    Can these transactions be done without Congresssional approval? How come we have to have a background check to buy a .22 Pistol, but a terrorist is given an Abrams tank with no checks whatsoever? This is insane.

  • Archie

    Traitors in the whitehouse, the congress and the Joint Chiefs. Our warriors will have to fight against our own designed and built guns, tanks and airplanes. It just can’t get any dumber or more treasonist than that.
    I recently heard a man saying that obobo has done more for the military than any other president. I wondered which military he was speaking of since he sure hasn’t done ours any favors.

  • Joe in Las Vegas

    This is reprehensable but it is to be expected. The simple fact is that America has always sent aid and arms to the Middle East. The solution to all of this insanity is to stop sending aid to any and all countries. Lets keep the aid where we need it the most…in America!

  • Bullet

    This country is in BIG TROUBLE with the government it has now. In my humble opinion the only way out of this mess is to clean house.Impeach Obama and all of his muslum ans islamic cronies

  • donovan acree

    Wow, there is allot of idiocy in this article as well as bold faced lies. Egypt is getting these tanks because of the 1979 Camp David accords. It has nothing at all to do with Obama.
    For those who don’t know, Egypt has it’s own M1A1 assembly factories. This is nothing new people. Just plain old fear mongering for the uniformed.

  • donovan acree

    The image on this article is a fake created from this http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/04/22/gall.ticket.a.gi.jpg

  • ATexasGirl10

    Obama and Hillary are two of a kind people. Both corrupt. We need to put the two billion dollars on hold to Egypt that Obama wants to send. He supports the Muslim Bros. A shame for our country.

  • I can see obama pulling a stupid stunt like this but the joint cheifs,the last thing we need to do is send any more aid to egypt weather its money or military equipment,just what does Israel have to say about this nonsense,I’ll be willing to bet they are ill-humored about this as every american tax payer that has more than a 1st grade education should be with the exception of those idiots on the left that think ovomit does no wrong,all this is going to do is restart the turmoil with Israel and hamas which seems to be the main goal with these idiots and apparently obama as well, to me it seems that he just has a capacity to just keep trouble stirring between the muslims and the jews a cease fire was’nt good enough between the two now this moron has to send military equipment and tax dollars to these terrorists just to keep trouble with Israel……….traitor I can’t think of a better description for him

  • H.L. Lawson

    there really shouldn’t be any aide going to any foreign country that is not a true ally of the U.S.

  • Let me answer that last question, Jan. When the President does it, it’s not treason(cynical).

  • We are the WAR MONGERS! How are we ever going to have WWIII if we don’t arm both sides?

  • Don

    did’nt they used to HANG traitors