The Face of Evil: The Digression of Moral Conscience in America

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Just when I thought I had seen the worst of evil something else happens to take evil to levels I never imagined in my worst nightmares. God help the families of those murdered children….

What kind of cowardice and hate could lead a young man to brutally murder innocent little 5 year old children who have done nothing to cause his pain?

What is wrong with people in this country? How can a human being be so disconnected from moral conscience that he is capable of murdering children in order to make a statement about his inner torment or escape from reality? Surely someone that mentally sick was giving off indicators to the people around him that should have been addressed rather than ignored.

My heart goes out to parents of those young children who will face Christmas without their babies and to all the little children who had to witness the bloody massacre. How will those children ever recover?
Are we at a point in our nation that we have to turn our schools into prisons in lock down mode with full time heavily armed police officers at every door?
How will the remaining children ever be able to walk in the doors of that building again without feeling fear?

I can’t fathom the depth of the grief of the families of these victims. How can I face the Christmas season with joy without thinking about those little children and the horrifying last moments of their lives? How do the families of those victims face another day?
How will they find strength to breathe in and breathe out, sleep, eat, and live again?
How will America address the moral depravity and lack of respect for human life demonstrated in this massacre?
I hope guns will not become the focus. It will be a misplaced focus.
No…. Until we face the real issues in our country that lead to raising MONSTERS with no human compassion or remorse, we will continue to see more displays of insanity at the expense of innocent people.

God help the families of those murdered children. I can not begin to fathom the depth of their grief at this time but I certainly feel despair and outrage at the level of evil and lack of moral conscience displayed by the shooter.
I wonder how many signs were ignored here…

If it is true that it takes a village to raise a child, I ask today, what in our culture contributed to raising a monster? (c) 2012 JAN MORGAN

LATEST NEWS DETAILS OF SHOOTING: Details of this shooting are continuously unfolding by the hour. At this hour 26 people are dead including the shooter, who police identified as 20 year old Adam Lanza and his mother, Nancy who reportedly worked at the school. His mother was found dead in her home. The shooter, brother, Ryan Lanza is being held for questioning.
Police say Adam went into the school with several semi-automatic weapons. An entire kindergarden class is unaccounted for. Reports are that there were over 100 shots fired. At this stage police say there may have been a second shooter. Laza lives in New Jersey, his mother lives in Newtown, Conn.

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  • When ever some nut kills people, everyone always ask why, and want’s to blame everything and everyone but the killer. From the mouth of killer……….if a person doesn’t think that there is a God to be accountable to, then-then what’s the point of trying to modify your behavior to keep it within acceptable ranges? That’s how I thought anyhow. I always believed in the theory of evolution as truth, that we all came from slime. When we died that was it, there is nothing, and I’ve since come to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is God, and I believe that I, as well as everyone else, will be accountable to him.” – Jeffrey Dahmer ’94

    • Independentrd

      To satisfy your own conscience does not require a threat.

  • M Evans

    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! This tragedy is so very sad for these families and for America. You made a comment about hoping that guns will not become the focus, and I wanted to share with you an article I came across that was written by a columnist here in St George UT. http://www.stgeorgeutah.com/news/archive/2012/12/14/on-the-edge-tell-me-about-your-gun-rights-its-a-bad-bad-day/

  • I try to steel myself against the onslaught of evil that seems to continually perpetuate itself in front of our eyes. I reach out to my computer screen when I see the unspeakable anguish in the faces of the parents who’ve found out their child is dead. One cannot help but think, “But by the Grace of God there go I”.

    My grandchildren just started kindergarten this year. My second thought after seeing this unfold was for them.. My heart literally strained in my chest at the thought of someone hurting them or worse. Yes Jan, It is a problem of “EVIL” in our Country. Godless generations are being raised where THIS is the now the “New Norm” for our societies.

    God help us.

  • So, you find any old Ryan Lanza on facebook, and post his picture. Really? Doesn’t matter if it’s the right guy, doesn’t matter if his life gets ruined as a result. How ironic that you do it while lamenting the digression of moral conscience.

    • Exactly

      • NewsJunkie

        Exactly WRONG

    • Uh.. Dumbass.. this IS the right guy.. Next time STOP and THINK before you post. You’re probably just one of many DUNG EATING TROLLS that camp out waiting for ANY excuse to open your dumb pie hole. Jan, Kick her lousy butt off here.. she contributes NOTHING of value to this page.

      • Sure, because the dead guy who’s lying on a classroom floor still has enough life in him to post on his facebook page. Dumbass. https://twitter.com/Fletch788/status/279668466150166528/photo/1

        • NewsJunkie

          Karen, it has already been reported in the media that someone else had access to his Facebook account and had posted those comments. You should get your facts straight before calling other people dumbasses.

          • More “credible” sources?

          • NewsJunkie

            As credible as CNN, NBC and CBS can get. Reply back to me when you finally realize that this WAS the correct Ryan Lanza.

          • Except the part where they identified the wrong person, and the shooter is actually Adam Lanza?

          • Independentrd

            CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC have not been creditable for quite some time. That is why FOX has a far larger viewership in all major time slots than any of them. In some cases it’s larger than their combined total. (and I’m not a fan of Fox)

        • He deserves to die shooting kids like that, PERIOD!!!

          • Independentrd

            The crazy lunatic already did. No I do not believe in Political correctness!

    • Karen, it is all apparent that, judging by your continuous negative posts, that you simply need to GET LAID! Surely you can find some poor sap in Canada to assist you in this endeavor. But if you would, PLEASE stop trolling this forum. You simply are NOT welcome here.

      • Flagged. DIdn’t realize this was forum for people who preferred sensationalism to facts. Checking out.

    • Are u saying u don’t make mistakes numb ****s???

  • That’s the WRONG Ryan Lanza. You’d better remove that photo before you’re sued.

  • Mike11C

    When I see an incident like this on the news, my first thought is sympathy for the victims and their families but, sadly, my second thought is that now the liberals have another argument to take away our rights. Personally, no matter how many lunitics go out with the intent of taking human life, I will never give up my rights, given to me by God and guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need more “lunitic control” more than we need to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. You can thank HIPAA for the fact that Psyciatrists can’t divulge information on their patients who pose a threat to society. Heaven forbid you violate their privacy when you can feel better about taking guns from law-abiding citizens instead.

    • You’re right Mike, protect their rights till something happens, then they say “Well we knew there was a problem, but since that person didn’t hurt anyone, there’s nothing we can do.” Has anyone noticed alot of these mass killings have happened at “GUN FREE ZONES”, I think these need to be outlawed, they’re dangerous and people die in them.

    • John A

      Mike, you used the word “lunitic”. Since congress and federal agencies are removing that world from rules and regulations at this time, it’s no longer considered “politically correct”. Other than that comment, I agree with what you offer.

      • Bruce L

        Are you freaking kidding me? Politically correct? That is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard. That is one of the problems in this country.. the liberal left is so alarmed about being insulted by mere words that they have no idea what is truly needed to turn our country around. People need to get over their whiny ass crap in this country. We are not a strong country anymore.. we are a country of tree hugging pansies that don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground.

    • Mark

      Mike, the thing that boggles me the most about Liberals and a tragedy like this is that they don’t relate to the constant murders of innocent children that go on in Communist and Muslim countries that they support like Cuba, China, Iran, Syria, Africa, and on and on. These people are so enmeshed in Moral Relativism that they don’t even stop to think about the millions of our own innocent children who have been victims of abortion, thanks to their own agenda.
      Liberals and Atheists have seen to it that God, The Ten Commandments, personal responsibility, and the value of human life have all been reduced to archaic notions that are too restrictive and infringe on their Rights.

  • RWineJr

    I think when we devalue life, such as we did in the 70’s with Roe vs. Wade, people take notice. If it’s okay to murder a child before or shortly after birth, in their minds, it must be okay to do so afterwards. This act was done by the most cowardly of individuals as young children pose no threat. If he hadn’t died, he would have been the ideal candidate for the death penalty. I can’t express my disgust for this boy who was old enough to be responsible for his own actions. I fear I know his final destination, but I’m not the Judge. I pray for these families and friends of the lost ones. I can’t imagine the pain of having a little one ripped away for no good reason whatsoever.

    I still say they should have never taken prayer out of school. I can’t say that it would have prevented this, but this young man might have found God and never thought to express his pain this way.

    Also, we took discipline from the home and threatened to sue the schools if they dare to discipline our perfect children. They learned that there’s no consequences for their actions, it’s always someone else’s fault. Yes, that is true, it’s the fault of the liberals who took away the authority of the teachers and principals and parents who didn’t care enough to make their children behave. Mary Madeline O’hare who said prayer is offensive and rallied to take prayer out of school. I realize that some parents have to work a lot and can’t always be there every second of the day, and that’s understandable in our economy. I’m referring to those who just don’t care to make their children behave.

    Just my opinion, but I think it to be accurate.

    Robert Wine

    • I am 33. By the time I got to school, prayer had been long gone. I did not grow up in a religious home, not in the least. I am still not religious, but I gladly stood and said the Pledge of alligience every morning. The flag, and country are still important to me. I have 2 flags hanging in my apartment here in Des Moines. One in my window and one on the wall. I grew up with a father that taught me how to shoot, and stories of hunting with my rapidly fading grandfather. I have always loved guns, they are simplicity, and art in motion. I hope to make them a part of my business when I finish school. All that being said, the politically correct life is a big part in the blame game. With children, it is hard to accurately diagnose many illnesses, but by the time someone is a young adult many things become clearer and less question about the thought process is left.
      I feel the political correctness, and lack of faith for many, but not all, is something failing these people. Even some athiests/agnostics have a strong sense of right and wrong. For someone to grow up and act out as this young man did, one has to wonder what made those pieces fall together? Parenting? Drugs? Some as yet unknown trauma? A criminal profiler would have more answers than I do. I do know that no matter what, the answer does not lie with guns. They caused no problems, the problems were there before the guns showed up. So this being said, we will not fix the problem by bans and restrictions, but in knowing why these people keep turning out like this. I find that I cherish my right to carry arms now more than ever, being paralyzed from the waist down, I am 7 times more likely to be a target, so I believe arming techers and certain school officials, and giving them the proper training is acceptable. It wouldn’t hurt to bring back punishments that worked or the older generations, as I know if i screwed up as a child, I got my butt whacked a time or two. We need to stop this idiotic drive towards political correctness, and let people discipline their kids, without the threat of the kids calling it abuse. We should also get rid of this taboo about guns. I find it stupid that army men with guns cant be had in schools, or certain images on shirts, like my friends sons shirt that has the logo of the gun he shoots at boyscouts, they told him not to wear it to school again.
      My thoughts are scattered now, I am still saddened by things that happened yesterday, and the fight ahead for people like me. Coincedently HIPPA and the privacy act being opened up to a background check, yes it might save some lives, maybe. But who sets the standards? Who says who are threats? I am on an antidepressant, well, I did lose the use of my legs, but the purpose of it is mainly to help me sleep and deal with the pain, Otherwise I am perfectly rational unless you put pie infront of me.

  • New update: The shooter is not 24 year ol Ryan Lanza. Its Ryan’s 20 year old brother Adam Lanza. Ryan is in custody right now. .

  • Breaking
    News: Sources identify the Connecticut school massacre gunman as
    20-year-old Adam Lanza, after initial information mistakenly pointed to
    his older brother. – Now slow down and allow the facts to be assembled properly.

    • CHinOhio

      I understand your desire to have things “right”, Randy Kim Brown. Either way though – there is a brother who lost his mother, father and brother today at the hands of said brother. The point does not change. Just the first name – and if Ryan Lanza was not involved, he has my highest sympathies.

  • randy

    Jan…please remove Ryan’s photo. It wasn’t him. Apparently, the gunman was his brother. Thanks.

  • Senseless, tragic, and so scary to think that we are not safe in our schools, or in a mall, or a movie theater. Sad world we live in. Just makes you realize to never take anyone we love for granted. Hug and express your love to your kids, families and friends every chance you get. And know where your final destiny is (hopefuly Heaven, where I know I’ll be) so that when our lives end, we can have peace that we’ll be together again. I know God just got 18 little Angels this morning, which doesn’t lessen the pain, anguish and loss to their families, but hopefully they’ll turn to God for strength, comfort, and an unthinkable ability to forgive the sick gunman for what he took from them – and a peace that their blessed children are amongst the angels in a place of love and joy. The world is full of sin, pain, and evil doers…. We need to pray for God’s protection daily. I firmly believe if God hadn’t been removed from our schools almost 50 years ago, people would grow up to be more God-fearing, loving, and our society would have fewer monsters than we’ve been producing these past 40-50 years. Sigh…. Hug your kids today. And pray for the families of the children and the teachers and staff, who were senselessly killed today in Connecticut. 🙁

  • Rebecca

    I never saw the photo that was here on Jan’s site. So she got rid of it about the same time that the yahoo article with a pic of apparently the wrong person disappeared. Lighten up about it. A few people might have seen the picture here but there had already been 47,000 plus comments on yahoo before the picture there disappeared.

  • Scott

    It’s already started. Obama has stated that he will be MORE active in trying to get an “assault weapon ban” in play soon. It’s NOT THE GUNS! It’s the lunatics, and where they are coming from…………….

  • When you remove God from the classroom, you invite the devil in.

  • Stanton Samenow in “Inside the Criminal Mind” states that criminals are born that way. They have popped up like weeds throughout history and removed as soon as they are identified. We did not create this monster.

    • gestr

      @ Chris Myers, Please do some reading on modern brain research, which proves Stanton Samenow is full of bunk. Criminals are NOT born that way. Children learn what they see, hear and experience. Human beings have no instinct, other than to breathe on our own. Everything else is taught. Everything.

  • Jim

    If you want to see some of what is wrong with this country and one of the reasons we have kids with no conscious, look at how you talk to each other in these posts. Kids are like sponges, the soak up everything around them. The watch how the adults act and will try to emolate them. The same for how they talk about each other and other people, so if you constantly talk smack about other people and say how you would do this or that to them if they gave you the chance, or constantly yell and put down your kids or their friends, eventially they get to the point where they don’t care. Then you throw in the hours of violent video games that parents use for baby setters, it soon numbs their consciounce where they can do violence to others and it has no effect on them. But again violent music videos, and showing pack mentality in sports also has it’s affects, they learn that it is alright to cheat or take shortcuts as long as they win. So parents think about how you act and speak because your children look to you first for leadership and understanding, so spend time with them,play with them, listen to them, they only want a few minutes of your time, and it might keep someone like this sick individual from being created.

    • Richard

      also we can’t discipline the kids or u will be brought up on charges of child abuse, schools r not teach these kids to respect eachother, or that they have to be responsible for their actions, all caused by liberalism.

  • The best part of Adam Lanza ran down his mama’s leg, simply disgusting human being, hope he rots in hell !!!

  • Glory

    Doesn’t anyone else see the pattern with these mass killings. They all usually involve mind & mood altering drugs sometimes in conjunction with violent movies/games. But don’t expect the MSM to tell you … first they have to push their “gun control” agenda. Months from now you will get the drug testing and find they did indeed have prescription (or non prescription) drugs in their systems and were being treated for ……. People, get your children and teenagers off those stupid drugs.

  • Shutter

    The country has lost its moral compass. It is now the mindset of our youth that it is better to receive than to give. We are run by a political party that booed having God mentioned as part of their platform, but caters to a religion of violence. We let celebrities get away with murder. We allow songs filled with violence, bigotry, and hate to freely fill the airwaves regardless of the sensitivities of a great majority of people, but allow a few people shut down Christmas displays, plays, and ceremonies because it offends their sensitivities. We allow innocent babies to be murdered just before they are born, but cry for amnesty for murderers about to receive their just reward by being executed. We have decided it is more important to preach political correctness to our children in schools and ignore telling them the lessons of history. This is why things like this happen…they have no moral compass.

  • Ken Smith

    Jan, your article is right on. The last days are upon us just like it states in 2 Timothy chapter 3.

  • marineh2ominer

    Not that anyone will take anything from it but these atrocities weren’t prevalent when God was welcome in our schools , and not just this school , but all the schools the shooter attended Whether you are religious or not , the teaching and practice of Christian values is NEEDED for this society , so stated by several of our founders ,even the non-Christians among them . The liars that are concerned about separation of church state won’t admit that the separation is to keep government out of religion and has no bearing on religion in government beyond forming a theocracy .

  • Jan, you certainly make sense in asking how this person (ie, shooter) came to be? What kind of family situation could possibly cause/create this, or what contributed to his imbalance? We need to look at society, the various systems in place, and the parents……

    • Independentrd

      The kid (in this case) was mentally deficient to begin and contrary to some posts it appears that “in this case” he was born that way. It was a case of “Nature” with Nurture quite possibly playing a part reinforcing the existing derangement as as he grew older. Unlike those who may suddenly change, according to reports of his nature he was a powder keg just waiting for a match.

  • highlanderjuan

    Why wasn’t anyone in the school armed? Are the idiot libs controlling everything? One armed person in the school could have possibly stopped the madness and saved a lot of lives. Killers, sane or insane, don’t go where there are guns. See this short video of what one old guy was able to do.


    • Independentrd

      Here in Michigan Guns are prohibited in schools. Teachers and even the principal are prohibited from being armed.

  • gestr

    Not to detract from the unspeakable horror of this tragedy, nor from our heartfelt prayers and condolences for the bereaved, but has anyone noticed that these tragedies seem to strike whenever laws restricting our legitimate use of firearms are about to be introduced? I wonder if there is some “Jerry Fletcher” activity going on behind the scenes to produce these monsters at the maximum propaganda time.

    • I had the same thought, under cover mind control used by the CIA to create a smoking gun to get the people to vote our gun rights away.

  • John A

    Personally, I think one of the root causes of today’s event and others like it can be traced back to the break down of the family unit. Prior to the 1960s or even the early 1970s we never heard of things like this in our society. We now have too many families headed by single parents who must work to make ends meet and they give a key to the kid(s) to let themselves into the home after school. They are left alone unsupervised and able to watch any garbage they want on TV. The killer of 26 people is a product of a generation that thinks there are no rules to go by.

    And TV and Hollywood takes me to another issue. If we really look at the crap Hollywood and the TV networks air to the pubic, those programs are indicative of the direction this nation is going; right down the tubes. What’s even worse are the liberals who want a moral break down in our society via Hollywood, drugs and education. Those are the very things Saul Alinsky advocated in his tactics for radicals and the things Obama and the progressives live by.

    Kids see nothing but sex and violence on TV and movies nowadays. They don’t understand the impact or permanence of their actions on others. They don’t understand how people are exploited in movies for sexual gratification. They don’t seem to make the link to the permanence of killing someone when they see a person kill another on TV and then see the person who was killed on another program later that evening. Kid’s are coddled these days and are never reprimanded in school for their actions. Instead the kids rule the schools and many parents think their kids can do absolutely no wrong and do not support the teachers.

    If events like what happened in Connecticut are going to be eliminated or become less common place, then kids need to be taught the consequences of their actions. I don’t see that happening in schools and many homes. Kids need to be taught values of what is right and wrong. Seems as though many kids have no moral compass.

    Just my $0.00000000000000000000000000002 worth of opinion considering Obama hyper inflation.

  • Richard

    You asked a question, the question was if a village could raise a child, who could raise a monster, the answer to that question is liberalism, they teach people u r not responsible for your actions, and show no respect to anyone either, plus they took God out of our schools.

  • My heart goes out for the victims and to their families whose lives will be forever changed by this tragedy. These type of incidents are happening at very alarming frequency and something has to be done however banning weapons is only treating a symptom of the problem not addressing the root cause of the problem. How many people advocate banning cars to prevent the many accident related injuries and deaths that occur this year? or advocate cutting off every man’s penis to prevent rape? In both these senarios most people are reasonable enough to realize that the instruments used that left people dead or injured in these two senarios were merely tools (pardon the pun) yet when we talk about gun related fatalities so many are quick to blame the tool instead of what drove the person to this act of desparation. We live in a complex society where the teachers are no longer allowed to reinforce morality, or punish students that act out or intervene when they see kids on the edge. We potentially have thousands of these killers in this country just waiting for the right senario to set them off and all our lawmakers have to counter this is stronger guns laws??? These people are sick and need help yet stricter gun laws don’t help these people at all nor do these laws make this nation any safer from violent people. It’s time this country start trying to address the root cause of these senseless killings instead of trying to put a band aid on it by jumping on the BAN bandwagon.

  • yosef

    They government has taken discipline out of the homes and schools, taken the jobs andf exported them and instead imports our enemies. Pro. 29: 18. Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint; but he who keeps the Torah is happy.

  • Sanguineri

    “Police say Adam went into the school with several semi-automatic
    weapons. An entire kindergarden class is unaccounted for. Reports are
    that there were over 100 shots fired. At this stage police say there may
    have been a second shooter.”
    Hmmmm. Jan, can you hazard a guess, at the weight of, shall we say, “several semi-automattic weapons”, plus, at least 100 rounds off .223? Oh, and also several magazines?
    This puny little kid must have struggled to carry even half of that ‘guesstimated’ weight, and then squeeze-off at least fifty of those rounds, with deadly accuracy? Another shooting stinks.

  • Ted

    Unfortunately, when our federal government thought it was necessary to take over education in this country, the ability to provide a nurturing environment disappeared in the process. God would still be in the schools if the government was not involved. This country needs to move towards church sponsored schools, and home schooling. Americans have been tolerating public schools far too long.


  • Listening to CNN news, praying viewers reason out how often the media propagates their own agenda. At every tragedy of another mass shooting, the media actually promotes the weapon used as some sort of entity with its own mind? The deranged person pulled the trigger not the gun, in the U.S. Military, incidents happen all the time involving serviceman who for one reason or another, who are perfectly sane one day are not the next, using their weapon on themselves or someone else. Thank G-d it isn’t mass shootings but it happens enough, to be documented locally and might be news worthy to that local media. But it isn’t news worthy enough to make the national news in every incident, just as it is in civilian societies across the country. It might make the local news if someone is killed but in most cases never reaches the National level. Here is the issue, a country that gives up the right to bear arms becomes a people more likely to be abused by its own government, other criminal factions that raise up in that country (see & Google “Cartel” in Mexico) or becomes a country more likely to be over-run by another country. It is sad and horrifying when a tragedy like mass shootings happen; however, I sincerely believe that it is a human heart condition described in the bible: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). Also, a mental health issue deriving from (Romans 1:18). The Bible says that people suppress the truth through unrighteous behavior that begins in the mind. (I am not including all mental health issues, just those arriving from a person being denied or denying their G-d consciousness). And the spear point of this behavior, left unchecked, manifest in one of many horrific atrocities such as mass shootings and other terrorist violence. Flying airplanes loaded with people into buildings filled with people and now that same heart condition with a deranged mind, claims the action of such evil as an act for G-d or on behalf of G-d? These types of horrific, tragic incidents in no way should be considered or valid reasons for more gun control. Nor, should Airplanes that are flown into buildings “killing” thousands of people be removed from public, corporate or private operation because they can be used inappropriately for evil. Guns and airplanes in themselves are just things….and for that matter cars too, but like those things have been used in mass killings, we still drive cars, fly airplanes and have & use guns righteously, safely & appropriately. Government control of all these things is necessary to a point of responsible use, after that, it is irresponsible for the people themselves, like the deranged persons committing the atrocities to surrender the property, freedom or livelihood to protect oneself from such terrorist violence, from another through their own inappropriate use of a G-d given free will, to choose in their agency as a human being, to vote for, encourage any public official to mandate another law that would hinder our 2nd amendment right in any way. This is not a gun control issue to target, it is a societal, cultural & mental health issue that has its answer in Faith, balanced psychotherapy & psychiatric medicine combined to a National repentance in prayer by its people for hardened hearts, not its government. – Bobby Barnes BBC BARNES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

  • The solution, and reason is really very simple. We did away with involuntary commitment for the mentally ill in this country.

    Think of the number of times these mass shooters had family and friends say they were not surprised by their tragic actions.

    Blaming guns, video games or moral decline is like blaming cars for car accidents. As a country, we have allowed or mentally ill to roam free, and tragedies such as these are the consequences of it.

    A simple solution would be to re-open facilities and half way houses to ensure that people like this are cared for, and that we are protected from their delusional and dangerous behavior.

    My point is made simply by winding the clock back by about 40-50 years. Before the facilities were closed, and prior to 1969, military surplus guns could be purchased through mail order.

    Number of mass shootings between then and 1920? Two.

    Post release of mentally ill from institutions has not only caused these massacres, I would also be willing to include serial killers, and the Oklahoma City bombing in to this list, it has also created the homeless population.

    As tragic as this is, it will continue until, as a society, we decide to take measures to remove these dangerous people from our population base.

  • marineh2ominer

    This is an atrocity of vast proportions so heartrending that nothing can be said to make it acceptable , yet the progressive communist motto of never letting a good crises go to waste has the mainstream and the demonrat machine working feverishly to blame the availability of firearms instead of looking for the real problems , that of our society producing monsters . Without the monsters our society is producing this problem would not exist .

  • Roger Halstead

    It is not cowardice, but a child mentality with no moral compass or conscience. In other words one who is mentally ill, or in plain language, “just plain crazy!”. This is partially the fault of a society where neither the individual or group is capable of taking responsibility for their actions. Our leader (Obama) is the epitome of this, “Taking credit for others success while blaming others for his own failures which he is incapable of recognizing.

    Unable to admit responsibility this kind of individual finds it easiest to blame objects rather than society for these atrocities.

    Think how many blame the cop for their speeding ticket rather than admit even to themselves they were speeding? How many blame the teacher when caught cheating, or how many blame the system when some one has a higher standard of living than theirs?

    How many want a portion of the earnings of the successful because the hard working earn more, or took more difficult classes in school to prepare themselves for success? They can’t admit that they aren’t willing to work as hard as many who succeed. It’s all part of a malady endemic in today’s society that is related, but their are crazy people out there. However those who think of this as the ultimate evil, should look up the “Bath School tragedy,”i n Michigan, or the recent school massacre in China. Larger tragedies and no firearms were used.

    It’s cowardice to blame objects instead of society

  • this wasn’t a law abiding gun owner. the guy killed his mother, a legal gun owner. Aurora CoLo., the kid had NO job but could afford thousands of dollars in firearms, body armor and ammunition?the sihk temple..multiple witnesses stated they saw atleast 2 or 3 perps total but the liberal media hid that fact. Fast and furious; Obama and his people couldn’t even sell out a bunch of gun shops to set them up without getting caught and a US agent got killed in the process as well as countless mexican people who can’t protect themselves.

    “All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

    “At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” ~Abraham Lincoln