The NRA Has A Higher Approval Rating Than Obama

In spite of all the negative attacks on the NRA by the mainstream media, a new Gallup poll shows that the National Rifle Association, still has a favorable rating of 54 percent, which is about a point higher than President Obama’s rating.  

One poll of the president’s favorable ratings places it at 52.3 percent.  That average includes favorable ratings of 49 percent in a December 16 CBS News poll, 53 percent in a December 9 Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, and 56 percent in a November 18 CNN poll.

On the NRA, Gallup found that 83 percent of Republicans give the nation’s largest pro-gun organization a favorable rating.  Fifty-four percent of independents view the NRA favorably, and 36 percent of Democrats do so.

Gallup also found a difference between the public’s general favorable impression of the NRA and views on specific issues.  Only 35 percent of those surveyed said the NRA expresses their views on gun issues most or all of the time.  That means there is a significant part of the population that views the NRA favorably yet still disagrees with the organization from time to time.

Read more at The Washington Examiner

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  • marineh2ominer

    If the absolute unequivical truth were to be known instead of the phony product George Soroass MSM were putting out , it would be very obvious that whaleshit would be more popular than Obamass , they are claiming a fiftyone pecent rating for him just to keep from exposing the MASSIVE fraud that put him in the oval office BOTH TIMES .

    • What fraud?? If there was any REAL proof of fraud it would be national news instead of posted in the “back alleys” of the internet. President Obama won fair and square and by a LARGE margin. Sorry about your luck cons.

      • adaynes

        Ya, just like he doesn’t murder, commit treason, change a constitution, purposely bankrupt America for UN contol,like he was a Kenyan born citizen, like he staged sandy hook and aurora, REALLY are you that retarded?!? Remember what I said when your selling your soul for the RFID chip-


        By the symbol by your name, that tells me volumes. When all of the smoke clears. The United States will be more of the laughing stock of the world and be know for the biggest Hoodwinking ever know by the World. Wake up John you are a minority here among Patriots for Truth & Justice. We ain’t getting it right now.

  • Chris

    Jan, I just read an article where Obama is using his executive privilege to overide the pay freeze on Congress and give Joe Biden and some members of Congress a raise??? We’re in the midst of financial collapse and hes giving raises?Wow


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