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During the holiday season, we are thankful for the many gifts we already possess, and the many we are about to receive. We are thankful not only on Christmas day, but every day we are alive and every moment we breathe.

At this time of year we are reminded, as well, that without the the unalienable gift of Liberty from our Creator, not from man or government, all of our most cherished gifts would be suppressed.

We are also reminded of the importance of truth in both achieving and maintaining true liberty.

As citizens of the greatest nation in the history of the world, we are reminded that true liberty starts in the soul. For it is in our soul where we seek truth and the “truth makes us free”. Or, we seek ways to avoid or hide the truth.

As my Christmas wish for all my friends, business and professional colleagues, I wish for you that you will seek and find truth. I wish freedom and liberty for you and your children, and their children, and their children, into perpetuity. I wish this gift for you and yours, as it is in liberty we are able to seek and find our faith, we are able to seek our calling in life, we are able to pursue our personal and professional vision and dreams. I wish this greatest of gifts for all future generations.

Without liberty, without truth that enables true liberty, we are, by definition, enslaved. We may have possessions, property, and what appear to be freedom to us, even though our lives are based on known or unknown false principles, actions, and foundations. Yet, it is only through truth — what is real, what is factual, what is known to work, what will survive the test of time — that we are able to find real answers and act in alignment with them to create real prosperity, real success, real happiness.

My faith has been tested, tried, and honed over the years in my liberty to pursue truth. Without liberty, my faith would be coerced as it was throughout history prior to America’s founding. And even in the 169 years since Jamestown was founded in 1607 to 1776 when our nation was born, the colonists were coerced by the State-approved faith of the Crown. Those with differing faiths than the Crown were often ostracized, tortured, imprisoned or killed.

So, it is in my freedom, my liberty, that I am able to choose my faith, and to have my faith tested — through my own personal journey, and to not have it forced upon me by the State. And, I am blessed that in this liberty, I believe Jesus Christ was born in a manger and was sent by God to give the ultimate gift of salvation to mankind — the true only meaning and reason to celebrate Christmas, to me.

Many of America’s founders and I share this same faith. Yet America has also protected other faiths as our founders were wise enough to know that it is in our individual liberty, in our authentic, self-directed choice, in our free will, that authentic, true faith is gained. And, by protecting all faiths, the Christian faith has been protected, as well.

Today, we have become very focused upon Liberty for one very simple reason — it is being threatened daily in all areas of our lives. And, our freedom to practice our faith, to even say the word “Christmas”, is being threatened, as well.

And when our freedom to practice our faith is threatened, there is no human action or thought that is safe. This is why, today, I’ve chosen this quote to share, to emphasize that true freedom starts in our souls, in our own pursuit of truth, and only in truth. We must return to our basic founding principles, not repeat failed principles of collectivism in their constantly evolving and re-branded promises and lies.

This quote I share, below, is to emphasize we are all guardians of liberty. For if we all individually seek and act upon truth, we are free. We can never be enslaved in our souls and minds even though we may eventually become physically enslaved by another tyrannical State in our future.

And, most importantly, by seeking and acting in truth, we enable and protect real freedom and liberty. By seeking and acting in truth, and taking individual responsibility to know what creates true freedom of the soul, true freedom of the physical being, and true prosperity for the broadest number of people, and then acting upon these principles, we ensure the greatest temporal gift that man can receive — individual liberty — is sustained.

“If one fears speaking truth, they are not truly free. If they speak lies, to remain free, they are already enslaved. If one is enslaved, but speaks truth, they are truly free. There is no retreat from truth if one has integrity. The only true liberty is found in truth.”

May all the blessings of liberty and freedom be yours this Holiday Season and during Christmas and New Years! To my friends of the Jewish faith, Happy Hanukkah! To my friends who do not have faith in God, may you find truth in your liberty to seek it and be happy with us who have a faith in which to believe and to hold on to during this season. Much happiness and many blessings to all!

Blessings and Love,

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