TWO Shocking Stories in one- Republicans Supporting Illegals Aliens and a Reporter With Guts!

Jan Morgan

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Wow! Republicans jumping off the republican platform to grant illegals drivers licenses and a journalist with some guts! I’m not sure which is more shocking..
I don’t know who this reporter is, but I will find out.
He takes on Illinois Governor Jim Edgar who joined other Republicans for a press conference to support a bill that would permit 250 thousand ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to receive state driver’s licenses.

The Governor keeps calling them undocumented.. rather than illegal.. go figure..

Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington), Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogo (R-Lemont), House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego), Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, and former Gov. Jim Edgar were in attendance.

The press conference question and answer period with reporters was quickly shut-down after media grilled Illinois lawmaker’s about the bill’s specific provisions and whether, given Illinois’ history of corruption on driver’s licenses, lawmakers could be trusted to administer such a program.

The upshot: Illinois lawmakers admitted during the news conference there were “no guarantee” illegal immigrants would be insured to drive, which was the stated basis of the legislation.

Watch this reporter nail the governor on his own talking points..
This is the best tv I’ve seen in a long time!

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  • Archie

    We need about 10,000 more like that fine young man.

  • Jenny

    All they have to do is look at Arizona, and that will answer any questions they have about whether illegal aliens who obtain driver’s licenses will bother to purchase insurance. They don’t.


      BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT REQUIRED TO!!!! MOST OF THEM DON’T HAVE IT!! WE have to pay, for uninsured motorist, or WE’RE screwed, if we are involved in an accident with them!!! They’re SPECIAL that way!!

      • So on Illegal boycott Whittie day, (the day they were going to teach us what it would be like without them) do we get a discount on UN-insured motorist, because we did not need it on those days. It was a nice day, no traffic,not even Ped on the don’t walk traffic. I didn’t hear any of that crappy Rancho/ Mexican opera ( do you listen to your grandpa’s music, I don’t) at work, even though my music was on first. Fine day!

  • Wow he was talking to the Gov of the state?? and A republican to, notice small R. If I elected that official I would be lighting up his phones Demanding why he was kowtowing to the ILLEGALS>The governor must be a RINO.

  • Hey asshole!! They didnt come here to get “legal documents” to be “legal”! What makes you think they’ll get “legal insurance”?

    • CHinOhio

      Tell us how you really feel, John…LOL!

  • Mary

    First Edgar is the former Govenor our current Govenor is a Democrat. But this law stinks we are legalizing an illegal act. The state of Illinois is screwed.

  • Paul

    Jim Edgar WAS the governor about 15 or 20 years ago. He may be the only former governor of Illinois who is not currently in prison.

    • concretedad

      From the sounds of it he may be working on getting a nice cozy cell.

  • armedandsafe

    I just wish people would use the proper term when referring to these people. Not “undocumented” nor “illegal aliens.” They are INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS.

    • Border jumping felons

      Taxpayer supported freeloaders

      foreign welfare recipients

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    I don’t get the issue of calling illegals immigrants, illegals. They are here without the legal documents and therefor are illegal immigrants vs LEGAL immigrants who went through the proper channels.

    “undocumented” immigrants is just more pussification of this country & a term coined by Democrats!!

    • Jeff Brodhead

      Not immigrants. Invaders!

    • The ones that did it properly are stripped of their Americanism, Jobs & Better quality of life that we all deserve. They don’t deserve it. Just like these politicians don’t deserve it. The politicians need to be hauled off in patty wagons along with the Illegals.

  • According to that politician, then drug dealers are merely “unlicensed” pharmacists.

  • glory

    Now that they will have driver’s licenses, that will give them the legal right to vote … because they will have a photo id from the DMV. I doubt if it will say “illegal alien” on the license. These people (the RINOs) truly have no fear of GOD.

    • They dont even HAVE to SHOW ID anymore!!! I just about had a FIT on Election Day!!! NOBODY had to show ID (In Bakersfield, CA….I pretty much FORCED the lady to LOOK at MY ID!), but they Sure DID HAVE TO HAVE BILINGUAL “Staff” present at all times!!!! Part of going through LEGAL channels to become a U.S. CITIZEN Used To Be to LEARN THE LANGUAGE!!! It Is DISGUSTING what Politicians are doing to OUR country and what “WE” are Allowing to Happen to OUR Country!!!

  • glory

    Is this politician’s face and hands blood red from drinking?

  • Terryw

    Any one in this country without proper documentation is an illegal alien,undocumented means they are here illegally,no exceptions,..giving them documentation is an illegal act..those that propose illegal acts to document illegals are more than likely dirty politicians that have something to gain or have been paid by criminals that have something to gain..the whole issue of documenting illegals stinks of corruption at every level.. any one proposing that illegals should be documented..should be investigated for illegal activities or connections..anyone who backs those proposing documentation of illegals are just using the liberal platform to cover their illegal activities..wake up liberals..you’re being used for major corruption..

  • Jeff Brodhead

    The reporter should have kneed the idiot in the groin, in a non-violent, undocumented way, of course! 😉

  • Jeff Brodhead

    The biggest issue with INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS coming here, getting a driver’s license and causing death, injuries and property damage, is that they have virtually NO skin in the game. They can scurry off to the nearest border patrol office an ask to be deported – the victims have ZERO recourse.

    Apparently the politicians have no skin in the game either. (poly-ticks: many bloodsuckers)

  • Ponytail Dave

    I’m confused,
    Governor Edgar served fom 1991 to 1999. Why is this video showing up now?

    • Jim Edgar IS the current governor of Illinois! Illinois is the Cesspool that B.O. crawled out of; what would you expect!! pfft

  • That reporter deserves a Grammy or something better! Amazing. That governor is an idiot for even thinking, let alone proposing in public to make illegal legal………Huh?

  • Holy Crap!! Answer the stupid question already!!!! YES THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! Stupid replublicans!!!

  • OldNamWarrior

    I hope Fox lands him

  • OldNamWarrior

    when did you need insurance to have a drivers license in the USA?

  • Mr “C”

    And people still vote these ass hole’s into office !

  • That was one HELL of a job by that reporter. I hope that fool politician gets what’s coming…. What an idiot!

  • What we need to do is replace the WH press zombies with just this one guy… and his questions… Obama may be smart… but I guarantee you.. he ain’t that smart. This guy will have NObama for lunch!

  • ballsbustin

    If he is a politician, then he is human debris.

  • CHinOhio

    So glad I moved from IL to OH for multiple reasons, politically, financially (cost of living in particular), gun control laws… the list goes on. Miss the rest of my family up there, but a higher sense of peace was well worth it.

  • I agree.,..we need many more. I would do exactly like this reporter did.

  • Why are they dancing around this. Who put these people in office Illegals? Okay, why don’t they issue conceal carry permits to criminals that way they would just keep the guns registered. Oh & I love the Baby hotels they can’t do any thing about, $1,500.00 buys your citizenship here by popping out a baby & gets these crooked politicians a new voter.

  • concretedad

    I believe that there is a problem that no one is talking about, is that with a drivers license comes voter registration. Walla! WE have more people beholding to the Kings of welfare. What a way to get more democratic voters. As for Jim Eggar what is he doing hanging around sounds like dementia may be settling in if he thinks having a drivers license will entice people to buy insurance. That is kinda like giving an alcoholic a bottle opener and thinking he will stop drinking.

  • concretedad

    This could be a god idea if each license is clearly marked as the holder being an illegal alien than every time one of them is stopped they can be carted off to jail and deported.

  • Newhon63

    If only the media would be as probing as the reporter in this video. It’s the way it used to be. Most media nowadays are in the tank for Obama, even after the election.