Tyranny: The 2nd is the 1st to Go… Unprecedented Assault of the 2nd Amendment Now Underway

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

How do you fight powerful, foolish, weak politicians, backed by unspeakably wealthy individuals who have a sociopathic vision and personal life mission to destroy the rights and freedoms of American citizens?
Of course, New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, leads a national anti-gun rights campaign, demanding that ordinary New Yorkers go disarmed against violent thugs, while surrounding himself with a phalanx of armed bodyguards. His billionaire, heavily armed high security existence does not include experience living in an environment surrounded by criminals who wish to harm him.

This week’s shooting has provided the ammunition the anti-gun movement needs to push their agenda through with the help of spineless politicians who will blame their gun ban mentality on their desire to protect the nation’s children from evil gun toting monsters.

Never mind the fact that the Columbine shooting occurred right in the middle of our last ban on assault rifles. Did that ban stop or hinder that killing spree?

Criminals, mass murderers, and the government will ALWAYS BE ARMED. The laws do not apply to them nor will they stop them.
Gun Control laws only affect the 90 million gun owners in this country with over 300 million guns, who killed no one and have no intentions of using their guns to harm innocent people.
Gun laws remove law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves and their families.
Gun laws disarm law abiding citizens leaving them defenseless against a government intent on tyranny.
In the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED.
My fellow Americans, it is now or never.

If you do not rise up now and fight for our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms… if you do not call your elected representatives and let them know you are against any further infringements on the 2nd Amendment… if you do not talk to your friends and show you mean business by only doing business with those who support gun rights… if you do not educate your children on the importance of the Bill of Rights and more specifically, the 2nd Amendment… then you deserve the consequences that are certain to come.
The 2nd Amendment is present to defend the remaining Bill of Rights.

The 2nd is the 1st to go… The rest will most certainly follow.

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  • Jan

    We have to fight this! There is NO CHOICE! If we don’t we will have NO CHOICES LEFT!

  • They Will NEVER.. EVER take my guns. In fact, I’m picking up my M4 today.

    • I would like to pick up a few extra myself.

    • They may take mine but they will have to kill me to get them. I will not be a slave to this tyrannical government!

  • It is the 2nd amendment that gives you the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness it is also what ensures that you continue to have it. As far as banning assault
    weapons and anything that holds over 10 rounds…why? Where is the sense in that? In order to effectively be able to defend the right of American citizens, in the event that our government disregards the constitution and becomes tyrannical, we would need comparable
    weaponry to that of the corrupt government, banning assault weapons is not the answer, why not add armed security personnel to the schools? The type of gun is not the issue, the fact of a gun being used is not the issue, the issue is the fact that the children were inadequately protected because of stiflingly laws, that only ensured that they were left defenseless against any attacker armed or otherwise. Demand that our children be protected, either you can shield them with a firearm or leave them defenseless to look down the barrel of the one in a criminals hands.

    ~ Thomas M Conte Jr.

    • in the event that they disregard our constitiution? they have been for years, and it has only gotten worse under obama.

      • Yes Tonya.. you are correct. They have trampled the Constitution for years.

    • Thanks for your input Thomas!

    • Stop calling them assault weapons. They only look like military assualt weapons. They don’t fire automatic and arent even designed the same way. They are not assault weapons. That is nothing more than a label that liberal idiots put on any gun that has a scary appearance so they can demonize them and get our rights removed.

    • Blaine

      Okay, we only have one gun between us, so we go to the school and shoot the armed guard, now we have 2. Now we can really open fire.

  • i called my reps and a few others on monday, said i am pro second amendment and i will not stand for any bans or trimming of our rights.

  • Matt Heyn

    They can have the bullets and slugs first. 🙂

  • David

    Really? You dont think there’s anyone out there trying to “harm” Bloomberg? You also think the 2nd amendment is the only american right that is unbounded, unlimited? You, my dear, are crazy…

    You’re “path to tyranny” spiel is the perfect embodiment of the logical fallacy known as the “slippery slope”

    • liberal troll on sight.. lol..
      They always resort to name calling and attacking the messenger rather than the message. Of course its difficult for liberals to argue against our position because the numbers and history are on our side.

      David, I never said Bloomberg doesn’t need security. Show me in that article where I said that… You made my point.
      Of course he needs security. He is all for armed bodyguards following him through life yet the rest of us are on our own. Without the 2nd Amendment, we have no way to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
      Second, my “path to tyranny” is not a fallacy. It is factual. History has proven as much. The numbers do not lie. I suggest you do your homework.

      • That’s what bothers me. What makes a politicians life more important than a US citizen’s? They are supposed to work for us! I don’t know, Jan, im starting to feel like revolution is the only way to restore liberty. But the thought of Americans killing Americans makes me sick.

  • James

    Lets not worry about gun control, lets worry about those who have mental problems who are not institutionalized. When those hospitals were open, this sort of thing did not happen. But now that these mentally ill people are running loose in our society, we ban guns? Where is the logic in that? Reopen the mental hospitals and force the issue that those who are mentally ill be there, PERIOD!

    • traitorhater

      I believe most of those mentally ill persons are now leading our nation.

      • I have to laugh to keep from crying at the truth in your comment ..

    • the problem being what they consider mentally ill. ive suffered from depression off and on for years, i am not a danger to anyone except someone trying to hurt my family, or take away my rights. half the country has been on anti depressants, including law abiding gun owners.

      • Tonya, I fear as a result of what has happened, anyone who has any history of taking anti depressants may soon never be able to acquire a gun.

    • exactly.

  • MMASeaDog

    A little lesson on guns for the anti gun folks out there. There is no such thing as an “assault rifle”. The media has created the term assault rifle for a semi automatic rifle chambered in .223 caliber that holds 10 to 30 round magazines that looks similar to a military rifle. You can also go out and buy a gun called a prairie gun or varmint gun. They also can be a semi auomatic rifle chambered in .223 that holds 10 to 30 round magazines that looks like a “normal” rifle and not a military rifle. If Lenza had a prairie gun instead of an AR-15 it is the same end result. There are hunting rifles that are more powerful than an AR-15. Even if you could ban access to an AR-15 the 2 semi auto matic handgns in that same environment is equally as deadly. Same holds true if he used a shot gun.

    The bigger issue no one is talking about is if the mother legally owned the guns and she had a son with mental health issues, why did she allow him access to the guns? Why were they not properly locked and stored so he could not access them?
    And speaking of madness 12,500 Americans died because of drunk drivers. 50% more deaths than those killed by guns (of which the vast majority were killed by criminals committing a crime). Are the 12,500 deaths from DUI any less important than those killed by guns? The issues are people making bad chaoices. Where is the accountability of the media and video game makers that create violent themes that desensitize people to violence. The root cause of this issue is people and not guns. We need to fix the people.

    • Thanks so much for your input SeaDog. Some great points!

    • In the 9,000+ gun-related deaths, how many of those guns were only in the hands of the police? The Brady Group have been putting out bad statistics over the years that have include numbers where only the police where the ones with guns in their numbers.

    • At least 3,000 innocent American children are slaughtered EVERY DAY, with government approval AND APPLAUSE!

      • Where do you get that number?

      • That is an out of date number Jeff. It’s about 4000 per day now according to the AMA.

    • Buzz1234

      If I’m not mistaken, the US Army itself currently uses “assault rifle” as a defined term, MMA.

      As for gun deaths in the US, they’re currently running at about 35,000 a year, about equal to car deaths.

      I agree completely about Mrs. Lanza’s responsibility for what happened; the likelihood is that she knew her son was seriously disturbed, and should have taken strong steps to ensure that he didn’t have access to her cache of weapons. But that logic is extendable, isn’t it? If she hadn’t had an AR-15, he couldn’t have taken and used it. That has to be considered, and weighed against the question, for what purpose did she think she needed a high-capacity autoloading rifle. Was she expecting an assault on her home by Seal Team 6?

      My wife and I are both shooters, both have CCPs. We have several handguns around the house, and all are high-capacity autoloaders. I picked them precisely because they let us shoot and reload faster than would a revolver. If I can figure that out, I expect your average deranged mass murderer can too, which is probably why the shooters in places like Aurora, Va. Tech and Newtown picked them. If there’s no legitimate need for a civilian to have an AR-15, why not try to minimize the chances crazy people can get access to them?

      I also agree that the best solution would be to fix the people, but the last time I looked (and I’ve looked at this pretty closely) we didn’t even understand how people like James Holmes and Adam Lanza got to be what they are, let alone how to address their pathology. Pending figuring that out, let’s address the problem in some way.

    • Conservativesniper

      Blaming video games and the media is a specious argument, at best. It seems the reason the psycho was able to kill those innocent kiddos is because the DEMOCRATS back in the 80’s passed legislation that made it almost impossible to lock up an insane person. I remember hearing about this at the time and thought,” Great, now what’s gonna happen?”.

      I heard the little turd in CT may have overheard Mommy making plans to have him committed and that led him to go off the deep end.

      We should also consider that psychotropic drugs have way too many variables to be considered consistently effective. Seems the FDA may be complicit here, as well. But, I’m probably way off base because this governmental agency is clean as a whistle.

  • Jeff Adams

    Congress and the President’s first job is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. If they refuse to do that they need to be impeached. I feel that they now think their first job is to protect the party. We as citizens need to contact our elected officials and express our concerns, even if your rep believes strongly in the 2nd amendment. They will need all the backing they can get.

  • marineh2ominer

    When are they going to ban phsychiatrists from turning overly medicated zombies loose on the public ? When are they going to disarm all feds except the federal marshalls ? When are they going to disband the standing military presence the second amendment was written to protect ourselves from ?. When are they going to start teaching morality in the schools that have abandoned religion ? When are they gong to HANG all crooked public servants whose legislation has made us vulnerable to being attacked with no recourse for self defense ? One last question , why is there no mention being made that medical malpractice kills nine times the people that guns do ?

  • blkfam

    Under normal conditions I would say arm the teachers and the school office people.However, seeing how the teachers in Wisconsin and Chicago have acted, I really don’t know if they are capable of rational emrgency “on the spot” responses. I don’t mean to demean all teachers, but when you arm the citizens the “monsters” seem to run and hide. Even the monster in connecticut when confronted with first responders did the right thing and took himself out. He may not have gotten past the principal if the educator had been armed.

    • pobluck

      blkfam, I get your point, however, the liberal teachers that pulled the crap in WI would not be the ones willing to carry. Just like pilots after 9/11, the choice should be given for properly TRAINED teachers and staff to carry.

      • blkfam

        True, if 50% volunteered it would still be a quicker response to stop these monsters. Thanks.

        • right.

          • JamesBoren

            Obama plans on downsizing the Marine Corps by 20K. Seems like trained security guards to me plus if would allow the children to see what real heroes are like instead of singing songs about Obama.

          • We had these military guards at the airport with their wicked weapons after 911. I thought that was awesome. Lets put them in the schools. They could scare off liberal teachers from brainwashing our kids.

        • Steve j

          50%? Even if 5-10 % volunteered it would make a school an impenetrable fortress.

      • good point

    • yep.

    • You don’t need to arm teachers just allow armed security guards.

      • Bill Frederiksen

        Security guards will be conspicuous by their uniforms….and, if the school is “cased” ahead of time, the shooter-to-be will know where and who to go after first. Teachers and admins with CCWs would be more effective.

    • jeff

      i would have to agree if she went after him with nothing what might have been the out come had she been trained and armed. they may not have lost 1 child let alone 20

  • durabo

    All of us should be joining or forming resistance groups, communicting in person, since the InterNet and the commo media are already monitored by the government’s American Stasi.

    • durabo….. many of us are already doing this.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    I’ve seen it all over the internet and all over the news. Now it’s going to take some intelligent politicians (if there are any left) to realize that there needs to be weapons in schools. If some psycho thinks he can stroll into a school and start blasting away at innocent children, why not even up the odds a little?? Gun control is the answer. To me gun control means hitting what your aiming at the first time. One shot..one kill.

  • John Smithson

    Heres a truth by the #s- 45 million registered gun owners, millions of hunters, 3400 (honest) militia groups, NRA plus many more gun & 2nd Amendment rights groups etc etc, everyone can add to the list, theres not one problem with any of these millions of people. Im a member of all, plus a Tea Party member, plus a Christian member of a church. Collectivyl which we are united for a cause & goal- being protecting our country, Constitution, famlies, freedoms & liberties, we are the mightest army on earth. We are well trained, well prepared, well armed, & well informed. LUV U Jan- God Bless America

  • JamesBoren

    I’ve contacted Senator Cornyn, Senator elect Cruz and my new US house represenative Williams (thank God redistricting got rid of Lloyd Doggett) and conveyed my position on the 2nd amendment,

    As a Marine Veteran I would like to remind my fellow Marines on active duty and all other members of the armed services to honor the oath they took to uphold the constitution and disobey all illegal orders irrespective of Commander in Chief and adhere to the Marine Corps saying that “Honor is in the soul and the soul lives forever”.

  • James Foley

    “New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, leads a national anti-gun rights
    campaign, demanding that ordinary New Yorkers go disarmed against
    violent thugs, while surrounding himself with a phalanx of armed

    Bloomberg is an ass. His constituents should make it a mission to introduce him to the rougher side of life in the city as experienced by citizens.

  • RightInMemphis

    What the whiny liberals won’t point out until AFTER they successfully get their proverbial foot in the door with an(other) “assault weapons ban” is that ANY FIREARM in the hands of someone with malicious intent is an ‘assault weapon’.

    I can assure you that those weapons didn’t jump out of their storage places, load themselves, discharge 20(+) times, then ultimately kill the animal who wielded them on their own – not any more than a hammer built the White House on *ITS* own.

    They’re all *tools* people; results obtained with use are 100% dependent upon intent and skill possessed by the people who hold them.

    Factoids for you to point out to the libtards you know: the country of FINLAND has one of the lowest crime rates on the planet. The country of FINLAND also responsibly *trains and arms* its citizens. Think about that. If all those teachers in Connecticut were packing – and that animal *knew* it…what are the odds he even thinks real hard about attacking a kindergarten class?

    That’s my $0.02


    “True ‘Gun Control’ means you hit what you aim at”

  • We can offer euthanasia as a free service to those who cannot bear the thought of a free and armed People. They seem to prefer the slaughter of innocent lives to the protection of all human lives and as many of them are Marxists. I for one, would have little challenge with providing them their wish – so long as they are first in line ahead of all other Peoples of the Earth. We’ll do a poll, as soon as they are gone, to determine if the program should continue… I doubt it will be necessary.

  • I was just told that one sheriff has said that police officers armed with AK47 rifles, should be stopping drivers and asking (demanding) for I.D.

    Wanna know why the Founders required protection for government gone wild?

    Pitch forks and torches WILL NOT defend us from government.

  • kc

    I have seen endless pictures of Jan holding hand guns and rifles to the point that she looks like she is ready for an immediate outbreak of war on “someone”, her obsession with guns is a little over border line paranoia. There are still 16 children in Newtown, CT that have to be buried and 16 sets of parents that will have to somehow endure Christmas without their children to open the already purchased gifts…I am curious to know if Jan would like to go to these families and argue her point to carry a gun. I hope she doesn’t waste her time saying if the teachers had been armed this wouldn’t have happened, they were too busy saving the precious little souls that they did, You will never achieve peace through more violence, Never. The idea of everyone being armed will stop the mass murders is absolutely lnsane..

    • If it’s so insane, why does history and numbers prove it to be true? You people are way too naive in thinking this administration won’t turn on you and me.

    • KC, you are a moron, and I will tell you why. You would have been in that school that day without a gun and probably tried to protect the children(bravo) but it would not have helped. He would have killed you first and then turned his pistols on the kids.

  • Nightstar

    We need to educate the Public that the AR platform may be .22 caliber as well, not to mention even the M4 style BB guns. YES, I live in an area where even the Police Dept. is stupid enough to try and apply Firearm Laws to BB guns. We need to push a common sense solution, like; provide armed guards while hardening the school buildings. After all, they usually double as Shelters, so why wouldn’t they have steel doors, bullet/hurricane proof windows, escape capabilities from each & every room? Instead of wasting tax dollars on 82 useless Dept. of Education or GAO spending money on hot tub w/champagne rooms, eliminate the GAO, return back to one Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare and spend that money on School buildings….NOT soda machines in schools, etc. Common Sense….not taught, rarely discussed, at least by Politicians.

  • AllOverButTheBleeding

    Dear Friends (and liberal weenies alike),

    This isn’t about safety, or protecting children, or you and me. This is the classic Rahm-bo “never let a crisis go to waste” garbage so often foisted on us by the American left. They are exploiting the deaths of these innocent children in order to advance their overall agenda of destroying the country as we know it and remaking it in accordance with their marxist belief system. Despicable, to say the least.

    Just today I heard the term “Weapons of War” aired by the MSM over and over in reference to so-called “assault weapons”. It’s already started – they are manipulating the language, and soon, the grab is going to come. One of the steps the marxists need to take is to disarm any Americans who may stand in the way of their advancement of their agenda. The first step toward that end is to change public opinion, and to do that, you start by changing the language. Classic Alinsky.

    I believe that once again, Obama is going to rule by executive fiat and impose a moratorium on all firearms, not just so-called assault weapons. He and his hench-people are going to use this to draw us out as we stock ammo, mags and guns in preparation for his tyranny. Did you hear the mention of flagging large ammo purchases? Does that mean that the last 1,000 rounds I bought made me into a nut-bar mall shooter? I think not, but just the same, how much do you want to be I’m on several watch lists over that purchase, and the many preceding it?

    Obama knows that as soon as this gun-grab happens, as soon as he tries to disarm the populace at large, the patriots in our society will exercise their second amendment rights and defend their freedom, the shooting will start and the second civil war will be on. He does not fear that eventuality, he’s counting on it. He welcomes it. It’s part of his plan. Obama sees this as more than a tragedy or some terrible mandate to “do the right thing”. He sees this as a golden opportunity to bring about the wholesale collapse of America, and then to remake it in his own image once the blood ebbs and the dust settles.

    Indeed, friends, on all sides of this tragedy, we are dealing with the pure incarnation of evil on Earth. The shooter, and our leaders, are all worthy of that very description.

    Pray, prepare, and practice, ladies and germs. It’s coming sooner than you think. The night of long knives is upon us.

  • AllOverButTheBleeding

    Where is my post?

  • Brian Murphy

    If the liberal gun grabbers can’t understand how guns make us safer, then I think they should all publicly proclaim their hatred for guns and y placing a sign in their yards saying “This is a Gun-Free Home”.

  • Hi
    Jan, I just sent an email to my congressional representative, Congressman Rick
    Larsen WA District 2. I voiced my thought on this appalling proposal and attack
    on responsible gun owners like myself. I also reminded him that these actions
    are un-constitutional and are in violation of “The Dick Act of 1902”.
    I also encourage everyone that might read this post to research “The Dick
    Act of 1902” like I have and remind their own representatives that if they
    go along with this proposal then they too are violating the US Constitution.
    That’s my 2 cents worth. Thanks for your attention.

  • Rebel With A Cause

    2nd amendment reads like this… “A well regulated Militia, being
    necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to
    keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It was written not for the
    purpose of allowing citizens to kill each other, but to defend
    themselves from a tyrannical government, such as we have NOW. We have
    slowly been losing our freedoms people, and it’s getting to the point
    that we won’t be able to wipe our asses without a camera in the shitter.
    Big Brother is HERE..Our FREEDOM is GOING..

  • Blaine

    Next time a cop asks for you identification tell him no. While you sit there in handcuffs you will be a victim of the first constitutional right to be taken away. Thank George Bush. Homeland Security gutted our rights and you all felt smug and secure. Now a false rumor mill is spitting out lies and you are biting into it. Did you read anything about taking away our guns? Did you? Read close. Did you? There are no efforts to take away your right to carry a gun. There is an effort to mislead you and shamefully lie to you, it is your right and responsibility to see the truth as it really is. We dont like dead kids. You dont like dead kids.