When Disaster Strikes, Where Are the Muslims?


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When disaster strikes anywhere in the world the USA and our Israeli friends rush to help, where are the Muslims?

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  • David

    The muslims are to busy trying to think of a new way to cause a disaster to a Christian country or a non-muslim country to help out.

  • Erik

    The Muslims can’t get very far on their donkey’s.

    • Billy Hill

      They do pretty good in Afgonistank

  • Common sense

    Most are 3rd world countries and can’t support themselves much less help out another country.

    • ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!! You say they ‘can’t support themselves’! Well moron, they don’t have to support themselves, now that they have THEIR President back in the White House. You are obviously one of the mindless, government-sponging morons that voted for Oblammer, and have still failed to recognize or realize that Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barrack HUSSEIN Obama) has been giving heavy financial aid (from American Taxpayer’s Dollars) to the Muslim Brotherhood for quite some time. Yes, our own President supports, defends, and aids the one group of radicals that has vowed to DESTROY our country. God, what idiots we are surrounded by here in America! And now, he wants to disarm our citizens so that, when ‘the brotherhood’ does enter into our doorways, we have NOTHING to defends ourselves with from these perverse, twisted, immoral pedophiles!

      • First, let me say your president is an idiot. I think you need to step back and take a look at what’s been going on for years now. Do you think this just started as Obama came into office? Seriously, who do you think trained al qaeda?

        I know it’s not possible that our government could do such a thing unless we had a muslim in the white house. Of course not, you have to be a conspiracy nut to believe that. It’s not possible that we bomb these muslim countries continuously. We go in and take out their leaders and replace them with dictators just as bad or worse than the previous ones.

        Until the morons that believe that it’s simply Obama and the muslims open their eyes. We’re in some serious trouble. Blaming these muslims is like blaming the guns for the mass shootings that tend to get publicized by the media.

        We have been set on a bankruptcy course long before Obama came into play. The muslims are being used as a front to take away our rights. The New World Order that has been talked about so long now is being pushed harder than ever. I think I’d be more worried about UN and Foreign troops than the muslim brotherhood.

        When they finally collapse the US dollar with the fractional reserve banking PONZI they have put into place. The world starts calling their loans what do you think will happen???

        Do you think it’s by accident that these government sponging morons are being led to depend upon the government? We just go along with the government, they know what’s best. They’ll protect us. The same way they did on 911 and all of these school shootings.

        You need to wake your happy ass up. There’s a reason they want our guns. It’s not because they want to protect the public. They know that once they have our guns we can’t protect ourselves.

        They send our troops off to be slaughtered in wars we have no right even being in. When they come home they are prescribed drugs with side effects such as suicide. They claim that they don’t have the funding to help these soldiers, but they sure have the funding to send them overseas to die. So give me a break on this Muslim BS.

        It’s not the muslims destroying our country. It’s Americans that don’t give a damn about what our government does that sit by and look for someone to point a finger at. Quit whining about the muslims and do something about the government. Start waking people up. We kill more Americans daily than the Muslims ever will just with abortion…… Do you want to get into all the other stuff that is killing Americans???

        Don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the Muslims. However, if we were minding our own business and protecting our own borders there would be a lot less of these muslim attacks on Americans.

      • Porkfat

        I will still have mine,oiled with lard.Hollow points packed with lard.Here piggy piggy,time to feed you a moozie.

  • kim shaheen

    So who is monitoring this site for intolerance. I see nothing but intolerant statements here and nothing that expands communication on any side of religious views, except to condemn other views and religions.


    • Ya…Right

      Monitoring? for what? oh you mean political correctness! i dont think there are any thought police here Honey. Stick your Coexist crap where the sun dont shine.

    • Here is the wonderful Muslim religious philosophy-“If you are not Muslim, you are evil and must die. If you kill a non Muslim you are guaranteed a place in Heaven”. The Muslims are the intolerant ones. I have read the Koran out of curiosity because I keep my mind open. It is not a loving religion. It is based on hate and destruction of all non believers of their religion.

    • See, there are huge differences between “us” and “them.” Our Bible has an Old Testament that shows us that we are all sinners and that sin will send us to hell. The Koran has an Old Testament too – It IS their Old Testament. It was made up from twisted bits and pieces of the Jewish Torah (our Old Testament), and a few scraps of the story of Jesus (their name for Him is Issa), which twist the Son of God into a mere prophet. Mohammed cobbled together what he wanted to use, and made up the rest to gain a political advantage in the 7th Centuiry AD.

      Christians, however, have a New Testament complete with a Savior Who gave himself for our salvation from sin’s penalty. He opened up heaven to “whosoever will,” meaning anyone on earth who believes in Christ and aligns his will to God’s, an action which is called repentance, can be welcomed into God’s heaven. Their God is all about condemnation and anger, and their book is all about political control via Sharia law, Our God is all about Jesus Who loves us and died for us because we condemn ourselves by our own sins. Their book leaves Imams and Muslim clerics in control over them. Our book gives us freedom to choose to live for God.

      Tolerance? Jehovah has tolerated us a long time. He is very patient. Monitoring? That sounds like another form of intolerance to me.

    • Monitors! Seriously? Kim, it’s those like yourself that have created such a paranoid, perverse, immoral, anti-social, uneducated, unimaginative, non-motivated, self-serving, narcissistic, unemployed, government-sponging, communistic society, that we call America. I can still remember when traveling overseas on vacations (and while in the military) how, when you disclosed that you were American, you were greeted with smiles and open arms. NOW, when you say you are American, you get laughed at, harrassed, mocked, and sworn at. WHY you might ask? Because of politically-correct a$$ kissing individuals like YOU Kim that want ‘every little thing to be perfect’! Hey, this is the REAL WORLD Kim! It never has been and never will be PERFECT! That’s life! Deal with it, you liberalistic moron!

    • Irene

      Hi Kim, just so you don’t feel overwhelmed by hatred, I am with you. I’m a bit shocked by this site and the posts. Jesus had a totally different message.

      • arealpatriot

        Then go drink the kooade and put your head back in the sand.

    • arealpatriot

      Take your libtarded ignorant troll ass away from here and go where you belong-moveon.org. Moron.

  • jagged edge

    Tolerance? Come on, muslims are the MOST intolerant of all peoples and just to make it clear, we don’t CARE what you think or what you whine about.

  • Mr. Incredible

    Cue the theme from “The Good, The Band and The Ugly” with dust and a lone tumbleweed blowin in the desert.

  • kenndoggMC

    how is it intolerance K. SH.??? where are the muslims when help is needed? its a question? what is your answer?

  • kenndoggMC

    the most intolerant people ARE mUSLIMS & lIBERALS

    • Brian

      Never more true word said!!

  • Islam should be monitored for the well known intolerence it displays towards everyone. Why should we be tolerant of the death cult Islam? They are not to be trusted let alone mamma coddled. Wake up and understand they are the enemy. We owe them nothing. And I cannot respect anyone who is taught to deceive and lie to be accepted by others so they can destroy us and our nation.Obama is a liar and murderer.Benghazi ring a bell? Or Fast and Furious? Facts are stubborn things. Oh,by the way,Islam is not a religion. it is a political agenda based on the ideology of Mohammad.

  • Israel.

  • Mr. D.

    What has been said here that is a lie, Bad behavior over good behavior …So what has to be monitored,…the truth, I think not , If you don’t like the way we think, Our actions, our religion as a people of America, Go back to the land of the Sand. Stop selling us oil, I hope you have a lot of storage drums , good luck with that.. (Communicate that Miss. Shaheen).

  • Brian

    I personally don’t tolerate people tjat want to destroy me and my way of life. We allow them to practice their religion and build Mosques. They allow no Christianity and cut our heads off on video. So Fuck You Kim…. and your tolerance. You can stick your tolerance up tour ass as far as you can tolerate it. I hope I have offended you as much as your libitard mentality offends me. And stop being such a useful idiot to your King Obummer.

    • I guess you got your Christian point of view across. Of course you tolerate it. What have you done to change any of this??? If you fly, you’re molested by the TSA. Why because you might be a terrorist. Well, maybe you don’t fly but you get the point. Do you agree to warrant less wire tapping and invasion of your privacy? Need I go on?

      Kim is right, and you pretty much just confirmed it. Your right up there with the WBC.
      How old are you anyhow? Yes, we need to get rid of obama, but you need to understand that the muslims are being used to create terror here. If they allow no Christianity it’s because we let them.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    The time is long overdue to play Cowboys and Muslims.

  • As I recall, Iran DID send a search and rescue team to New York City after Hurricane Sandy destroyed portions of the coastal areas. Where were the reporters? Associated Press picked up the story. Everyone else chose to ignore it.

  • Ted

    The media reports what they want us to know, which is generally a fraction of the truth. For all we know, there may be many Muslims who help out in times of need. I think it’s important to remember that many of the Muslim people are very similar to us. We don’t all agree with the policies our government chooses, the Lutherans don’t necessarily agree with the Catholic or Jews, and the Muslims might not agree with the extremists that have given Islam a bad name either. The problems in this country stretch farther than many realize, and certainly farther than you’ll ever hear about on the evening news. This country stands on the brink of financial collapse, the constitution is being crapped on daily, and our government is in survival mode. The only way the government will come out on top when everything falls apart, will be if they are in total dominance, meaning we the people will be unable to fight back. It’s crunch time, people.

  • trey

    They’re usually the ones behind the devastation