When Was the Last Time?


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Do you remember that wonderful time when we were teenagers and about to gain our freedom? The anticipation of buying our first car, leaving for college, or renting our first apartment? Personally, I couldn’t wait to leave the nest and to gain my freedom. I wanted the freedom to succeed or fail on my own.

And, as we started in the work force, in our professions, didn’t we seek more freedom to express our creativity? Didn’t we seek more responsibility to gain promotion? Didn’t we do everything within our power to gain more liberty to do with our time and resources as we pleased? Didn’t we do our best to achieve our dreams?

When was the last time we asked our bosses to restrict our job responsibilities and freedoms to use our creativity? Or, to take more deductions from our paycheck? Or, to give part of our paychecks at their discretion to anyone else they desired? Or, to create more and more rules and regulations to restrict our freedoms to make our own decisions?

For those of us who started businesses, or are thinking of starting a business in the future, when was the last time we asked for our freedoms and liberties to create ever improving solutions for our customers, to be restricted? When did we ask for random bureaucrats who do not know our customers or their needs, to decide what we build, and where and how we build it?

For those of us who grew up in the sixties and seventies… didn’t we sing, write, and hope to be “Born Free”, to “Live and Let Die”, to have “Freedom, Man”… to have complete freedom and liberty to pursue our dreams without interference from the State?

So, what is it that has spun so many of us who love freedom and liberty on a dime and convinced us to completely reverse the dreams of our youth, to accept the State as our absolute parents?

What has convinced us to allow the State to box in our futures, steal our earnings, start unconstitutional wars, devalue our money, restrict our liberties, control our dreams, and steal the dreams of our children?

What has convinced us to completely reject the desires and demands we had for liberty and freedom in our youth only to give it over to the State in our adulthood?

Aren’t we, in fact, when we really think about it, contradicting our youthful dreams and desires for unlimited freedom and vision, and that of our founders who had the same vision for generations to follow them?

You see where I’m going with this? Unless one is a child, isn’t what we all want — more freedom, more liberty, more self-determination?

Don’t we all want more individual liberty to pursue our own dreams and happiness?

Yet, aren’t we in fact asking our elected representatives to do just the opposite?

Why, after we gain our adult freedom and liberty, do we turn right around and elect officials to take them away?

What deception and programming are we buying into now as adults that is convincing us we cannot be free?

Think about this for awhile and then ask yourselves, when was the last time our elected representatives passed legislation to increase our liberties and freedoms? No, not to give us more liberty than those unalienable rights already granted us by our Creator and intended to be protected by the U.S. Constitution — our American birthright — but to simply restore those liberties and freedoms stolen since our founding. When was the last time?

When was the last time our representatives passed legislation to permanently eliminate inefficient, outdated, or intrusive infrastructure, policy, regulation, taxation, or agencies?

When was the last time we saw debate between our elected representatives where their clear dominant intention and contest was to see who could more completely restore that which has been stolen from us?

Ask yourselves, when was the last time our representatives voted to restore founding principles of liberty and freedom we know without a shadow of historical doubt made America great?

When was the last time we felt truly free? When will we wake up to stop the leviathan? Isn’t it about time we were free once more?

David M. Chaney (C) 2012


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  • I guess not many cherish their freedoms! If they did, they wouldn’t have voted Obama back into a 2nd term of office. We wouldn’t be sweating the fiscal cliff because more people would have been involved with their government picks for Congress and Senate. I’m constantly amazed at how many people really just want to live their lives and let someone else take care of them from cradle to grave! If we can’t regain control of the runaway train in Washington, D.C., we will find out what it’s like to live in a Communist country, and I guarrantee that the entitlement crowd will not like the results either!

    • Agree, Cheri. What is key is that only half of the eligible voters, voted. This leaves a large number of historically conservative voters — who tend more, although not completely, to understand the drivers of freedom — out of the decision process. A little over 25% of the eligible voting population voted for Obama. I am sadly convinced that the only thing that will wake Americans is the disaster of tyranny. If we follow our current trajectory, we will be enslaved… and it will not be pretty. We already are, to a great degree, enslaved — many just do not realize how much.

      With regards to those who “let someone else take care of them from cradle to grave “, here were related thoughts this morning from my Facebook page:

      “We either choose a society of individual or government responsibility. The former yields freedom, the latter, tyranny. There is no sustainable middle ground. Just as individual irresponsibility produces failure in any profession or life role, a society that coddles irresponsibility can only fail.

      The real impact on this choice, however — individual or government responsibility — is not truly driven by the deceptive and usury tactics of the few who manipulate others into irresponsible behavior to enable their own rise to power and tyranny — the media, bureaucrats, politicians, educators, entertainment, unions, crony capitalists, or the global elite.

      The only real, long-term, sustainable impact is driven by the aggregate of all individual choices.

      We must decide, therefore, to use our individual responsibility to act… until we return our nation to one that, by a large majority, rewards individual responsibility, successful thinking, leadership, and action.

      The power of tyranny is either given or taken. To this point, Americans have foolishly given this power away. We must take this power back.” David M Chaney (C)

      Keep up the fight, Cheri!

  • It’s not us as TRUE Americans that have forgotten this and changed our views, in general. It’s all these minorities, blacks, Mexicans, mid east descents, etc…. That live here on American soil yet still identify themselves as were they or their families came from and don’t view themselves as American. Then of course there’s the white trash element also. All of them want to be taken care of, given their dreams, rather than working for them, then even as they’re given what they want they turn around and are anti-American, American hating, white hating, Christian hating pieces of ignorant fools that tout how grand and great “their countries” are. If they’re so freakin great go back there. They won’t though because they’re all a bunch of welfare loving entitlement lazy freakin bums. They want to continue trying to make Americans, specifically white Americans, feel guilty and to get handed a living and medical care. This whole presidency and state of affairs is the largest example of mass manipulation and reverse discrimination to date in the history of mankind let alone America. This is the only reason that POS Obama is in there. Minorities being useless bums and leeches on a society they despise and misplaced guilt felt by so many whites for something WE never did!!!! All threats, both foreign and domestic… If someone spouts off anti-American rhetoric and takes a stand with another country against America, including the president, that’s called TREASON people, PUNISHABLE BY DEATH and rightfully so!!!! Give me a gun, I’ll be the executioner if no one else has the balls. I know there’s a lot out there that believe the same as I yet they’re too scared to say anything because they’re afraid of being labeled a “racist” if they say anything against Obama. This isn’t racist, it’s pro-american. The only racism is against whites and bigotry against anyone that is pro-american, even though we’re on American soil!!!! Hell ya, civil war here we come again. Though this time we drive out or kill ANY anti-American regardless of creed color ethnicity or nationality. Our nationality is American, if you don’t support her get the hell off her soil. If you don’t, you deserve to die, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!